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cookbook club | designlovefest

last month we had our second cookbook club meet up and this time the book we selected was and let me tell ya it was a hit! (you can read about our cookbook club here and what we made last month) every dish we made this time was so good, full of flavor, fresh and interesting. i really love his book and the intro is especially beautiful on his appreciation and understanding for Jerusalem and the rich history it carries for many people of different religions and backgrounds. victoria actually selected the book but it was pretty perfect timing as i had just returned from israel two days before and was able to pick up some spices for my dish during my time there. (ps, i am still putting together my israel travel post for you guys!)

cookbook club | designlovefest
cookbook club | designlovefest

here are the dishes we made/tried: 

victoria made the braised chicken and it was unbelievably good. she said it was time intensive but the chicken was fall of the bone tender and so flavorful. it called for chicken thighs and to be marinated over night and cooked with whole lemons. it was a real win! we gave her the grand prize.

elizabeth made the cauliflower with hazelnuts. it was the perfect weekday side dish for dinner. and she said it was very easy.

turkey meatballs – i (joanie) was really impressed with the ease of this dish. i love how many fresh herbs it used and also the grated zucchini added a ton of moisture and upped the veggie count! i ended up having to add bread crumbs because i didn’t let the moisture out of the zucchini well enough. really what i should have done and would do in the future is grate it, put it in a colander, sprinkle with salt, let sit for 15 minutes and then push the extra juice out of it. it’s amazing how much liquid they hold! the sauce that this recipe calls for is amazing and really makes the whole dish. i feel like this one is really family friendly. – joanie

bri – i made the squash with pine nuts, tzakiki, and za’atar. hardest part was cutting the squash (but i’m weak). the rest was a breeze. it gives more specific instructions on roasting (skin side down etc) but i just threw them in a cast iron pan and gave it a stir once or twice and it came out great. will definitely make that again!

cookbook club | designlovefest

jesse is hosting the next one on monday and the book is . if you’ve made something you loved from her book let me know!

cookbook club | designlovefest



fall is here and i’m thinking about sipping hot chocolate in a cozy living room. the essentials for a cozy living room: a soft shaggy rug, comfy couch, some throws, and good books and magazines to read and relax. what are your favorite things to add to your living room to make it feel cozy when winter comes around? happy decorating this weekend! –

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STYLED | designlovefest
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it’s fall which means it’s time for boots and i’m here to solve all of your boot issues this season! it’s nice to have a good pair that you can throw on with jeans, wear with a skirt or dress. maybe something that makes a bit of a statement or keep it neutral. i’m a big fan of the bootie, especially since i live in southern california where it is rarely appropriate to wear knee high boots. but i also find them so easy to wear and for the most part very comfortable. i think they are a crucial part of a solid fall wardrobe. every single boot that i’ve included below is on sale and from . this isn’t sponsored but i find some pretty amazing deals on their site and if you know what you’re looking for you can really score. the site is easy to navigate and since Saks carries a good variety of brands it’s easy to find things you love. it’s my shopping secret that i’m passing to you, enjoy! – joanie


– if these are available in your size, buy them! i think they super cute and totally wearable. a little flair for your feet with a laid back denim look.

 – this green/grey color is a favorite of mine. these have the perfect heel height for running around but still giving your leg a little lift.

– cool looking rain boots that don’t cost a fortune, need i  say more?

 – i’ve had my eye on these for awhile and i was very happy to find them deeply discounted. this is a wear with everything color that you’ll keep reaching for.

 i find Cole Haan shoes to generally be very comfortable i love the slight western feeling of these and that dusty brown hue.

 – some people consider leopard print to be a neutral and i don’t disagree. i think these boots are very chic, especially when worn with skinny black jeans.

 – silver is the new gold and these metallic grey boots are where it’s at.

 – another LR pair that i love. true story, i saw a girl wearing these in the airport and i did a lot of research to find the origin of them. they look very fancy in person and i love the narrow foot!

styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest

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true botanicals | designlovefest

i’m almost low maintenance to a fault when it comes to self-care and taking care of my skin. for years, i barely washed my face or moisturized on a consistent basis. i know, that’s bad! it never really felt worth it to me because i didn’t notice that much of a difference and sometimes my face would even break out if i did anything to it. i was always bummed about the dryness but never took initiative. that all changed when about 8 months ago i started using the line. i have really dry skin and sort of just thought that was the way it was for me but i can honestly say that my skin has changed so much since i started using their line. in particular,  and . people have even commented on my skin, which neeeever happened before.

that’s why i’m so excited to be able to do this giveaway where one person will win four of my favorite products from the line! and they are also offering a 15% discount off orders* between today and October 2nd so stock up while you can because they almost never do any discounts!

true botanicals | designlovefest
true botanicals | designlovefest

the mask is something that i really noticed a difference using. i use it about 2-3 times a week. you just apply a layer to your skin and let it sit for 2-5 minutes. just leave it on while you brush your teeth or something and then use a warm washcloth to remove it. you can start to feel it tingling closer to 5 minutes and can feel it really working on that dry outer layer. apply the oil and serum after and your face feels amazing!! especially with a final mist. it has become my new obsession/routine. and all of their products have NO added toxins in them, so you can feel great using them.

true botanicals | designlovefest
true botanicals | designlovefest

i brought the line with me during my recent trip to europe and it really helped maintain my skin quality with all the travel. the mist is one of my favorites, it’s an instant refresh, smells SO good and is very rela. i actually use it as one of my daily anxiety relievers and it helps me a lot. seems silly, but works for me!

true botanicals | designlovefest
true botanicals | designlovefest
true botanicals | designlovefest

i totally understand that their products are pricey. if you’re looking to try the line but want to start small i’d suggest beginning with . and using almost a full dropper 2 times a day. if you have dry skin like me, i would say the moisture mask is next inline in terms of changing my skin and helping with the dryness.

true botanicals | designlovefest

joanie: “i just use  and it lasts about three months which works out to a little over a $1/day.  for me, i’d much rather take good care of my skin than get a new bag or pair of jeans because when my skin looks and feels good i feel so much better.”

true botanicals | designlovefest

my four favorite products and the ones you can enter to win are the , , and (a $375+ value!). 



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