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i’ve recently rekindled my love of yoga and i’m really enjoying getting back into the rhythm of my practice. when i lived in pasadena i used to go all the time because i had a teacher i loved but i moved around a bit after that and stopped making it a priority. yoga is a beautiful thing to add to your life and if you’ve never tried it, i’d highly suggest giving it a shot. try to go at least 5 times before deciding if you like it or not, the first few classes can be really challenging and awkward as it’s a much different way to move your body than most other workout classes. but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a nice break from life for your body and mind. i usually love working out in cotton t-shirts but that doesn’t really work with yoga as you’re upside down and your shirt ends up covering your face and getting in the way. it’s really best to practice in tight tops. i found a few fun pieces, because who doesn’t love cute gear to workout in?! another thing i love about yoga is that (at most studios) it’s a really judgment free, welcoming place. everyone is trying their best and moving at their own pace and it feel really free and light. and if you wouldn’t normally wear a crop top to work out here, yoga is the place to try it.  – joanie

 $70 – cropped but not too cropped, love the fun back detail on this one. a little more money than i like to spend on workout gear but still very cute.

 $48 – same style as the one above but a little longer, could be worn with jeans or a high waisted denim skirt post yoga class.

$17 – i love the joy lab collection at target and this is such a pretty color, a cross between lavender and blush.

 $25 – i also take an adult beginner ballet class and this would be perfect for that.

 $30 – a classic ribbed tank but workout style, comes in loads of colors!

 $55 – i love outdoor voices clothes and also their mission, it’s just about showing up and doing things that involvement movement, whatever that may be.

  $88 – high rise leggings are a must for me. i hate having to stop and pull up my pants half way through class.

 $35 – this summer i’ve found myself reaching for my bike shorts more than my long leggings. it’s nice to let our legs breathe every once in awhile!

 – $68 i’m a sucker for anything dancer inspired and this is chic and practical.



the colors in this mary oliver excerpt are inspired by a ensemble. –

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summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest

we’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different color stories this summer, taking a theme and running with it and make all the props and food center around those colors. the colors are the first thing you notice in an image and i like making a little magic for people’s eyes. we’ve been working with all summer, creating content around their and we really wanted to make it feel like having a summer dinner on the italian coast. it’s no secret that i’ve been getting way more into cooking and hosting at my house. for about the past year i’ve been hosting a sunday supper where i invite about 6-8 friends to come over to my place and share a meal together. it’s a fun way to wrap up the weekend and i enjoy prepping the food and seeing everyone enjoy it together. since the heat has been unrelenting in LA these past few weeks i wanted to make the theme of this meal things that can be enjoyed with little to no heat.

summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest

and here’s what we served! i like a table that’s filled with little dishes and bowls so that everyone has something next to them and doesn’t have to keep asking for things to be passed. we put bowls of both the and flavors of the Crafted Gourmet Almonds. the Black Truffle has a really powerful flavor so it’s nice paired with simpler things like a mild cheese or a salty olive. the Pink Himalayan Salt flavor pairs well with almost anything and is nice to snack on while drinking a glass of sparkling wine (i love them paired with beer but we didn’t serve beer this time!). i like to have drinks out and ready for when guests arrived, if i’m serving wine, i make sure it’s open, so people can easily access it.

summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest

the only food that required heat was the green beans which we blanche for 3-4 minutes and the corn which we cooked for 4-5 minutes in boiling water. i like green beans served with a squeeze of lemon and a side aioli. corn, in my opinion, requires lots of butter and salt for serving. we rounded out the meal with cured meats, three different cheese, melon (which is a summer favorite!), and an assortment of crackers. we also brought out a rotisserie chicken we bought and just shredded it up. so easy!

summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest

we hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our Blue Diamond Almond series this summer! they are truly an office fave, and a go-to snack for us and we’ve loved creating fun entertaining ideas with them the past few months. if you haven’t tried them you can order all their flavors !

summer supper | designlovefest
summer supper | designlovefest

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i’m starting to feel anxious that summer is coming to a close and with that, the end of tomato season! tomatoes are one of those foods that you have to eat ripe and in-season because the out-of-season ones are just so blah. they lack flavor and texture but the ones you can get during the summer months are flavorful, juicy and brightly colored. i’ve been wanting to try  my hand at homemade mayo. ivan and i tried it a couple years back and it didn’t turn out at all, so this time we really focused on adding the oil super slowly, 8 minutes in total, drip by drip with the food processor. and it was delicious, light and the flavors were bright. a  tomato sandwich in summer is a wonderful thing, toasted sourdough, mayo, romaine lettuce, slices of tomato with salt and pepper has been my go to meal as of recently. we added bacon this time because who can resist a BLT! make this at home, with or without the bacon, you won’t be sorry! – joanie

BLT with homemade herb mayo

• 2-3 heirloom tomatoes sliced
• sliced sourdough bread
• romaine lettuce
• bacon

for the mayo (make ahead, it needs to chill):
• canola oil
•1 egg yolk
• 1 lemon
• white vinegar
• 2 teaspoons fresh chopped dill
• dijon mustard
• salt + pepper

•we used for the mayo. and used canola oil. make sure you add the oil supppper slowly. they say you can make this with just a whisk but i think your arm might fall off after 8 minutes. once the mayo was assembled and chilled we added the chopped dill and stirred. i also think it would be good with no dill and a really strong hit of pepper.

• pre-heat oven to 350. line a baking sheet and evenly layer the bacon. bake for 20 minutes or until crispy. you can make the bacon on the stove but baking it is so much less messy.


• remove from oven, set bacon aside on paper towels. brush the sliced bread with the bacon grease and toast on a skillet

• while the bread is toasting, wash the tomatoes, slice, sprinkle with salt and set aside.

• to assemble, start with the toast and spread the herbed mayo, i like a lot, but do as you please. add the lettuce, bacon and heirloom tomatoes. i also like to add a little drizzle of olive oil and a crack of pepper on top but that’s just extra credit 🙂

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green interiors | designlovefest
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i recently moved into a new apartment which is bigger than our last by about 500 square feet. and i’m shocked by how much more furniture we need just by adding a little more space. we’re in that weird in between where we want it to feel done but we don’t want to rush any big purchases and want to make sure everything is going to look right together. interior design is not my strong suit so it’s not the easiest thing for me to envision each piece and how it’ll all come together. but one thing for sure is that’ve been strongly feeling a pull towards green. i love all these interior shots below, especially the strong paint color choices and tile. – joanie

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

we already own two green velvet chairs so i’m not sure how much more green our living room can handle but i love by . and also this from CB2 (their is so good!). from is also gorgeous.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

also debating the pros and cons of getting a bed that’s really low, like from blu dot. worried that it’s going to throw the room off and how do you clean under it? that bed also comes in lavender which is really fun. throws some really fun colors into the interior game which is cool.

feeling green | designlovefest
feeling green | designlovefest

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