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what have you been wearing lately? i’ve been slacking on the style posts on here lately because i haven’t really been inspired by a lot of what i’m seeing and i think i felt a bit burned out on shopping after the holidays and needed to take a little break. i find myself gravitating towards my wardrobe staples and wearing them over and over again. there is something so nice about putting something on and knowing exactly how it’s going to fit and feel. i am excited that i’m seeing so much color coming in for spring. i bought a fuchsia shirt and plan to add more hot pink to my wardrobe in the near future. i’m definitely in the mood to update my denim and have my eyes on these two pairs of AGOLD jeans, and as well. they both very well reviewed which always seems to be an indicator to give them a try. – joanie

i’ve been wearing like crazy, i’m always on the hunt for something classic like this that i can tuck into jeans and this one is perfect because it’s lightweight and doesn’t add a lot of bulk once you tuck it in. and of course, never taking off that is the perfect dainty piece to wear every day.

this might be the spring/summer of the button down for me. i’m loving the fresh on the one above and also so into that . i love that they style it fully buttoned with nothing underneath and how cute would it be with a simple dress under it. i’ve seen several people wearing that sweater out in the real world and it’s always chic. those are from zara and are very similar to a pair i’ve been wearing for years. somehow they go with everything and are a great purchase.

i’m drawn to the clean lines and simplicity of above. it’s the perfect thing to pair with something that you don’t want to detract from, a statement skirt or the perfect pair of wide leg pants. it’s there but just barely. and also really loving her hair cut and single necklace.


also, always into something ribbed, especially in white! that above has the perfect 90’s feeling (and it also has a nice hang and weight to it which is very important for shorter pieces), a very chic version of a cropped hooded sweatshirt and also verrryyy into .

digging but also really into the blue nail polish and copper orange color combo!



i used to work in vintage, buying and sorting tons of pretty pieces and one thing i was always always on the hunt for was anything bias cut! originally seen in the 30’s, bias is when the fabric is cut at a diagonal which means that when worn is lays completely flat against the skin and sort of moves with you, like how when you’re wearing a slip and it hugs your body so closely it can go undetected under clothing. it heavily reappeared in the 90’s (think all those floral dresses we were wearing) and it’s still a style i love today.  it’s insanely comfortable to wear and it’s also very flattering as it hugs your curves. i highly recommend hunting down and trying something bias cut if you haven’t already. i currently own three bias cut skirts, this one from , a yellow version of this from , and  (currently 20% off with the code weekend), that i’m wearing today from LACAUSA. they’re the perfect thing to wear with a simple t-shirt and denim jacket, or with a sweatshirt. they normally come in either silk or rayon, lots of fun prints out there, maybe start with a solid color (love !) as it’s easy to wear and move on from there! – joanie



i’ve been loving following lately, em (the owner and designer!)  just launched a new collection and it’s full of the prettiest easy breezy silhouettes that i want to jump into. i love how imaginative she gets with the cuts of the clothes. she designed everything to be comfortable, flattering and extremely wearable. you can layer them up or wear them on their own. it’s also all fair trade and slow fashion, each pieces is created with love and care! here are a few of my faves. – joanie

bri has and i feel just a little jealous every time i see her wearing it.

the blue dress above has the coolest pleating on the sides and i’m loving that she’s designing in hot pink. it’s such a flattering and fun color, you basically can’t be in a bad mood wearing fuchsia!

and these glowy shots in all white! how cute is that ?! you can shop her whole line !



my is 40% off today only with code TOP40! ethically made, 100% cotton, the perfect length to wear tucked or untucked with a slightly worn-in vintage feeling. i’m between a 2-4 and i wear a size small which isn’t too fitted and drapes nicely across the waist. i have it in 4 colors and want more, not joking when i say my dream tee!

so many colors!



hair twist | designlovefest

i’ve seen a few hair bows walking around town and i’m into. definitely more of a fan of the undone/messy look but that’s totally possible with these styles. i like the idea of a sweet bow and slightly messy hair. and i’m also really into the simple addition of fancy bobby pins. i found some very cute options below and all at an amazing price point. so very gucci feeling floral prints including that blue and red scarf that is the perfect hair or neck accessory. stock up and mix up that hair routine! – joanie


hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest

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