rug giveaway! | designlovefest

today you can win any rug from  up to $700! they have so many pretty vintage moroccan rugs (there are hundreds to choose from!) and they’re all one-of-a-kind! love the pretty colors and textures on these…

rug giveaway! | designlovefest
rug giveaway! | designlovefest
rug giveaway! | designlovefest
rug giveaway! | designlovefest

isn’t this alphabet design cool? so many unique rugs…click through below to enter, and good luck!

rug giveaway! | designlovefest
rug giveaway! | designlovefest
rug giveaway! | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the pink rug co  and take a look around!

2) follow , pin 1 of your favorite rugs from their  board on

3) leave a comment on the blog post with a link to your pin of the rug!!

one winner will receive a rug of their choice valued at up to $700. the winner will be chosen on august 17th at 10am PST. open to international readers, yay!












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    Catherine says:

    Such pretty rugs! I love the alphabet one

    Lauren says:

    Fingers crossed. .move into new pad in 3 weeks!

    Chelsea says:

    Umm hello! These rugs are amazing — would love to win one.

    Maaike says:

    Wow, this is awsome! And my oak floor can you use a nice snug rug 🙂

    Caroline says:

    Love those rugs!!

    Urska Blejec says:

    … Love this one! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Chloe C. says:

    So hard to choose just one, but the Joie de Vivre is a fave!

    Anne says:

    So many great options!

    Joanna says:

    this would finish off my new bedroom gorgeously xxx

    Sara Anne says:

    These are too beautiful for words! I would be so delighted to win one!

    Priscilla says:

    Just moved into a new place… Need a new rug for sure!


    Dying for a new living room rug

    Abigail says:

    which I could afford a house full of these but just one would already be wonderfull, but this one beats them all!!!!!

    Amanda says:

    I love this rug!

    Esther says:

    Actually I love all of them! Hard to find a favorite, but probably this one would fit perfectly into our new appartment:

    love this rug! it would give my room a pop of collour.

    Zoë van zuijlekom says:

    This rugs are sooo gorgeous! I would LOVE one in my new home. Here’s one of my pins (couldn’t pin just one haha)-

    Melissa says:

    I thought this rug would look great in our nursery.

    Melissa says:

    I thought this rug would look great in our nursery.

    Sara says:

    NO better way to add lots of color than a rug like this!

    Erica says:

    I love the combination of darks and neons in this rug

    laura says:

    I love so many of these rugs! would be amazing in the home we are trying to buy!!!

    shannon says:

    Obsessed with all of them!

    Cecilia says:

    I love the texture on this one!

    Anonymous says:

    Pinned! I love how soft this one looks!

    Ashley Lee says:

    Pinned! I love how soft this one looks! ( And in my excitement, I posted this anonymously too haha)

    Katy says:

    Was pretty hard to choose as all beautiful

    ashley says:

    would look so great in my new space!

    Sarah says:

    This one is beautifully neutral:

    but really I fell in love with AUGUST MOON when looking through the site!

    Amy W says:

    So hard to choose one but I think this is my fav:

    megan says:

    such a cute shop!

    Martha T says:

    Would love for this to be the first thing under my feet as I wake up in the morning:

    Marie says:

    Just moved into a new home and would love to see this one in there.

    Greta says:

    What a great giveaway. So many great rugs. I like this one a lot.

    Emily says:

    Ugh, they’re all so gorgeous! This one tipped to the top because of the name…

    Amanda P says:

    A beautiful rug perfect for the end of the bed!

    monica artre says:

    Omg!These are great! Thanks for the chance!

    Maeve W says:

    Beautiful colors aside, this one is called “Living In The Sunlight” … so,yeah, I’m obsessed.

    WhitneyP says:

    Very much need a rug in my bedroom! It’d be fun to see such beautiful colors first thing in the morning.

    Kate says:

    Love them all.

    Tracey says:

    Oh, it’s so hard to choose one. I really love the black and white rugs the most – I could use them in multiple rooms in my house. Here’s one of my favorites:

    Daniela Galarza says:

    I love this Song for the Blue ocean rug. I just moved into a new apartment that is in desperate need of some cheering — one of these rugs would do the trick!

    Maddy says:

    love this whole look

    jennette says:

    Love this one!

    Courtney Deyle says:

    I absolutely LOVE all of these rugs!!! One of my favorites is this pink beauty:

    I love this one! “A Little Stardust Caught” – soooo gorgeous, all of them – it was so tough to pick!

    Olivia says:

    I’m in love with this one!

    Love this one, perfect for my sons room. We lost his rug during a move so it’s been impossible finding a replacement, we’re picky!

    Nana says:

    Love all of them!!!

    terri says:

    i found many that i loved!! thank you for letting us know about this etsy shop!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my favorite…

    Love these rugs! Moving in the end of Aug- this would be PERFECT!

    Kristina says:

    Dreeeeeeam rugs!

    Kristy Allen says:

    Oh my stars, I LOVE these rugs!! It took me forever to choose my favorite one to pin. Such a fun giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

    Ashley Clark says:

    So good!

    April says:

    Would love this one:

    Emily Sanborn says:

    Very hard to pick a fave!

    Chelsea Andrews says:

    Love the black and white, but also loving this color pop!

    Megan says:

    Love how bright and vibrant this rug is! It would make an entire room pop and I love that!

    A textile designer’s dream! Love this White Tiger guy like whoa.

    Caroline McKendrick says:

    Are you kidding me?!! OBSESSED. Need them all 🙂

    Pamela says:

    There are way too many rugs here to fall in love with!

    Suzanna says:

    love the black and white rugs.

    Maggie Greene says:

    These rugs are so dreamy and whimsical! <3

    Leah says:

    Love these rugs!

    Maggie Greene says:

    So dreamy!

    Dana says:

    love this one:

    Melissa says:

    I must love them already because they’re one of my favorite stores in Etsy! I’m in love with the one labelled “Flower Market in Paris.”

    MarinaPM says:

    I’m totally in love of this rugs.
    I have posted a lot of them but this is the link to the pin on Pinterest:

    Taylor Weakland says:

    They are all divine!!

    Kristin says:

    I adore the pink ones.

    HB says:

    That Moonflowers rug is to die for. Love the bright colors…

    Amanda Gaebelein says:

    I am moving from Cleveland to D.C. in about a week and have been on the hunt for rugs for my fully hard floored apartment. Those light pink rugs got my all heart eyes emoji.

    omg these rugs, these colors! THE TEXTURES.

    Leah says:

    The Mountains Are Calling, wut. Amazing.

    Kristy E says:

    OMG I love all their rugs, but love this best for my home:

    Sarah says:

    Beautiful rugs!

    Tiffany says:

    Beautiful rugs! Crossing my fingers 🙂

    Sarah Beth says:

    These are gorgeous! Love beach picnic kises!

    Kelsey says:

    These are so beautiful and unique!

    Andrea says:

    These are beautiful! Fingers crossed!

    Erin says:

    I love the simplicity, modern feel of the WINDOWPANE 7’2 x 3’5 Boucherouite Rug. Beautiful!

    Caroline says:

    Love this beautiful one!

    Fingers crossed! Loving this one: thanks!

    Bryony Steel says:

    Love them ALL! So hard to choose, but the faded blues and pinks in this rug would be perfection in my ice on view apartment 🙌🏼

    Erin says:

    Subtle yet totally charming. Would love this in my home!

    Michelle says:

    Why hello there ‘White Tiger!’ Love this one!

    Carole says:

    Looking for a unique and beautiful rug for a nursery and winning would be amazing!

    Bryanna says:

    Wow, wow, wow!

    Lori says:

    Very unique!

    Carrie Kato says:

    These rugs are so beautiful!

    These rugs are the most wanted!!
    Would love to have this in my home but also share with clients!

    Olivia Williams says:

    Love this giveaway! So many pretty rugs. This one would work great in my new house!

    Xo, Olivia

    allison says:

    i love this one!

    Eva-Marie says:

    I love them all!

    Nicoel says:

    So many beautiful rugs. I love the unusual pattern on this one:

    Reema says:

    These are just beautiful! So tough to choose.

    Mariel says:

    I just moved back from Morocco and didn’t have enough space in my suitcases to bring back a rug…fingers crossed this is a chance to get one of these great rugs…

    Laura Gwinn says:

    That was so tough to pick! I literally could have any of them in my home. I’m going with this one because it would be perfect for the room that needs the current rug to be retired:)

    LaTanya says:

    I love this one

    laura says:

    So many amazing rugs to choose from but I’m SMITTEN with this flower market in paris one:

    Brandi Johnson says:

    I love Pink Rug Co! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

    kaylei says:

    I really like this one…

    Chandra says:

    Pretty rugs! This one reminds me of the rugged PNW where I grew up!

    Sabrina Klomp says:

    Oh these are amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love this one:

    Mariah Topel says:

    Such great rugs!!

    Love this one!

    Nichole says:

    These rugs are beautiful pieces of art!

    megan says:


    nora says:

    we’re moving to our new home in a few weeks, this would be perfect!

    Jantine says:

    Oh wow! I’m in love with ALL the rugs! I looove the textures and color combinations… Would really like to brighten up our living room with a nice, colorful, snuggly rug 🙂 I’m from the Netherlands. I pinned a rug on my board ‘Let’s stay inside!’: . All the best! Jantine

    gbuckley says:

    Obsessed with this for the early California hacienda we just put an offer on!

    Hannah Marion says:

    How fab would this be under my vintage wooden table and benches?

    Jacqueline M says:

    Love these rugs, look so comfortable while also being unique.

    Kayla Mosel says:

    My fiancé and I are building a new home and will need a big beautiful Moroccan rug for out living room! These rugs are perfect & gorgeous! This is the one I have my eye on –

    Rachel says:

    Such an incredible collection! Thank you for the opportunity! Crossing my fingers and toes!

    Vanessa says:

    Love these rugs!

    Jessica Beerman says:

    Will be perfect for my new living room! Love it!

    stephanie says:

    i want to buy a rug for each room! they are so beautiful. especially love this one –>

    Hannah Marion says:

    How fab would this be under my vintage wooden table and benches?

    Stephanie says:

    Beautiful Rugs

    Sara Sexton says:

    Love the white/black patterned rugs

    Lauren S. says:

    I picked 2! The Possibilitarian () and the White Tiger () 🙂

    Jocelyn says:

    So many beautiful rugs!

    Amelia says:

    I love them all! but I think this one is my favorite

    Sarah Singer says:

    I love this one!

    Nicole Reese says:

    ahhh this is my heaven – pleaseeee

    Georgiana says:

    This one is so pretty, love the blue

    Chelsey says:

    Loving so many of these rugs! This one really caught my eye

    Syd says:

    I’ve wanted these style rugs for a while now. I pinned a couple, but here is one: what an amazing giveaway, really!

    Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have the White Tiger in my house!:)

    Caitlin says:

    All of these rugs are amazing… I love the colors in this one:

    Andrea says:

    Love this PinkRugCo rug!!!

    Sarah D says:

    love the color!

    Kelly says:

    loving this rug:

    I’m not in the UK by the way.

    Becca says:

    so many great choices!

    KImberly says:

    I adore these all, would be so hard to choose!

    KImberly says:

    I adore them all, so hard to choose!

    Haley says:

    Absolutely love the neon colors of this one!

    Jessica says:

    I would love to make a roman blind out of this beauty!!!

    Christa says:

    They’re all so amazing!

    Susanna Francesca says:

    I am absolutely in love with these rugs! This would be a perfect accent piece for the all white home I am creating as a fresh start after a tough break up.

    I love them. I went to follow and I already do. Would love love to win.

    Scout says:

    Ooh! I love those!

    Katiuska Padrón says:

    Oooh definitely this one

    Trisha Hulse says:

    These rugs are absolutely amazing! The color and design would give a breath of fresh air to any room. I had such a hard time picking my favorite so I pinned several that would go wonderfully with my vintage craftman desk and a the most ridiculous wonderful oil painting of an old man I found at a flee market.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Trisha Hulse says:

    Oopsie! Here is my pintrist link!

    Phoebe Male says:

    moonflower is so lovely- they all are- but this one is just super cute!

    Marion says:

    This one is simply amazing!!

    Sheri Eyre says:

    AND the WIND WHISPERED 9’7″ x 4’7
    These are beautiful!

    Abigail Monico says:

    I love the colors and shape of the Sleeping in the Forest rug !

    Abigail Gronberg says:

    Those rugs are incredibly beautiful. I feel like if I am fortunate enough to win one, or own one some day I could lay and stare at it for hours.

    Patricia says:

    “ETERNITY is the OTHER POSSIBILITY” — has there ever been a better name for a rug? I want to give this one a good home.

    Obsessed with this one that would go perfect in my new office! LOVE the colors and the size is unique and lovely!

    Patricia says:

    “ETERNITY is the OTHER POSSIBILITY” — has there ever been a better name for a rug, or anything, really? Lovely.

    Aly Thompson says:

    OMG I love when you do these!!! This rug would be PERFECT for the landing at the top of my stairs! <3 <3 <3

    Loving the We are the Wild Roses rug!!

    Nell Deutsch says:

    How cool are these rugs??!! Hard to pick but moonflower grabbed my heart!

    I would diieeeeeee for this

    Elisa Leone says:

    I love every rug in their shop!!
    This rug would be perfect for my living room!

    Ellen M says:

    hahaha I hope I did this right. love these rugs

    Jade Sheldon says:

    We moved into our new home 2 months ago & one of these beautiful rugs would look so beautiful in our new space!

    Stefany says:

    I fall in ❤️❤️❤️!!

    Jen O says:

    Gosh, it was hard! I wanted them all!!

    love them all – but my favorite is winter’s valley which i added to at
    Pick me PLEASE pick me!

    Veronica says:

    So hard to choose a favorite, but I loved the Ways of Woodfolk rug–the yellow pattern looks like wildfloewrs!

    Heather says:

    Love the colors in this one!!! We just bought our first home… closing in Sept. This would be beautiful on the wood floors!

    Lauren K says:

    I absolutely love all of them, but this multi pink is my fave 🙂

    Amanda says:

    They’re all so good, but here’s my favorite.

    Rudi Petry says:

    Oh BABY this rug is delicious!!! <3 <3

    Lucia Moore says:

    It is not easy to pick only one! They are so pretty:)

    Casey Bell says:

    I just love these rugs so much! Would love to walk barefoot on one soon.

    Keagan says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    Abigail Stephenson says:

    Such stunning rugs! So beautiful! I adore the colors!!

    Brianna L. Wilson says:

    So cute!

    Sara says:

    Stunning. 😍😍
    Just want my house has been missing.

    Bianca Q. says:

    I wanna feel the SUN OVER the SAHARA in my new, tiny apartment…each of them looks like holiday @home…

    Alicia says:

    Love the colorful selection!

    Ashley Beyer says:

    Would love to win! We recently bought a fixer upper and are slowly making progress on each room. Any one of these rugs would make a beautiful addition!

    Crystal says:


    Karyssa says:

    Morrocon rugs are the best rugs 😳

    I have 2,000 square feet of loft to cover and would DIE for one of these!!

    Marit says:

    LOVE that each one is unique!

    Lily Walton says:

    the kind of rug I dream about making everyone take their shoes off to walk on

    Emma Kepley says:

    This purple one is everything. Unexpected color choice and PERFECT for photos.

    Dying to win one. Pick me, pick me! Such gorgeous rugs and I’m in the middle of redecorating my home right now!


    Abby Baker says:


    Janellica Ohanian says:

    Fingers crossed!! Redoing my babe’s room and transforming into a little girl room.

    Lauren says:

    This is amaaaazing.

    Sara Kiter says:

    Crossing my fingers, my new place still needs the perfect rug!!!!

    i would give this rug a hug if i could

    Ashley Kron says:

    Oh my goodness, these rugs are gorgeous! I want all of them! This one is gorgeous!

    rachel says:

    these are all so swoon worthy!!! xx

    Kara says:

    obsessed with this rug for my new move cross-country! : )

    Alyssa McMullen says:

    So exciting!! I have wanted one of these beauties forever <3

    kara biondo says:

    just bought a house, and am looking to finish off the spaces. any of these rugs would be an amazing addition.

    love! xo

    Maura says:

    Sooooo many good ones to choose from! That was difficult and I’m sure I won’t win but what the heck!

    Megan says:

    These are just amazing. In love and now obsessed!

    Irena says:

    Beautiful rags 🙂

    Natalie Norred says:

    In love with so many of these rugs!

    Love the rugs and love your blog! Love from Mexico City

    Meagan Smith says:

    LOVING this rug! Would look amazing in my very first apartment I am moving into in one week!

    Joy says:

    This would be so bomb for my dorm room!

    Dani Nagel says:

    Went a little crazy pinning!
    I’ve been dying for one of these rugs for years. Would DIE if i was chosen and promote them a ton <3

    Dani Nagel says:

    So inspiring, love the colors!!

    Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous rugs!

    Dani Nagel says:

    What dreams are made of 🙂

    Natalie says:

    Gorgeous rugs!

    Dani Nagel says:

    Sorry just a few more, they matched my home Pintrest board perfectly!!

    Dani Nagel says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE please pick be lovelies!!

    Allison Johnson says:

    Kari says:

    Really loving these rugs!

    Lauren Blatter says:

    We just bought an apartment and I am DESPERATE for an awesome rug in the new guest room!!

    Jasmine says:

    “Unique and fabulous” for sure! This was such a fun board to scroll through.

    daniela says:

    need all of them! <3

    Amanda Lensing says:


    Kate B. says:

    Would love to win this one for my master bedroom!

    Mandy says:

    The perfect focal point for any room 😍

    Haley Sherif says:

    Such pretty rugs! I’m sort of in love. Dreaming of one in my apartment.

    Heather says:

    Dying over the Icelandic poppies rug! Choose me!

    I LOVE these rugs! So beautiful!!

    Erica says:

    Such yummy rugs!!

    Elise says:

    Oh my goodness I love them all but if I have to choose…

    Lydia says:

    Mad Dreamers – love the name (and the rug of course!).

    Amanda says:

    My favorite is definitely the one called “Been GAZING OUT over SUNSHINE.” Stunning colors.

    Nicki says:

    Love this rug to go under my Danish dining table 🙂

    Rebecca says:

    Oh love these rugs!

    Heather Holden says:

    Love these!
    Moving into out first home so I have my fingers crossed. 😉

    Josie says:

    I LOVE the “across the evening” morrocan rug. The perfect mix of white space and color. Would be so cute in my dining room 🙂

    Nina says:

    Love them all <3

    Annie says:

    This rug would look amazing in my living room!

    Caitlin says:

    too many pretties to choose from! but landed on this gem:

    Sarah Cauble says:

    I’m obsessed with all of their rugs!!

    Alexa says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for weeks for a new rug and have even been eyeing one or two up from pinkrug co!

    Hannah Cady says:

    Dreeeeeeaaaam, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, when I want you in my arms, when I want you and all your charms, whenever I want you, all I have to do is dreeeaaaam, dream, dream, dream.

    Julie says:

    These are beautiful; here’s my fav.

    Coline says:

    Oh man, I’m overwhelmed at the idea of choosing one, because they’re all beautiful. I love the warm colors of this one, though!

    Jo says:

    My dream…

    Kelly C says:

    Love all the cream and black options!

    Vanessa says:

    So so so much yes please!! These all look incredible and I’m dying for a fun rug that makes a statement for the bright, open living room in our new townhome!

    Claudis says:

    The rugs are so unique! Truly creative, yet gorgeously reminiscent of traditional designs. Perfect for the look Im going for in my house.

    Stephanie says:

    These rugs are gorgeous! I love them. So beautiful! Would love this for my new place in Seattle 🙂

    Whitney Pilzer says:

    love all of these rugs!!!!

    Hannah says:

    So many to choose from! This one would look amazing in my bedroom 🙂

    Allison W says:

    I love all of these! but here’s such a cute one

    Jessica Maclin says:

    Oh my!!! What a dreamy rug…🙆🏼. My husband and I just got married and we’re buying our first house — this rug would look uber pretty in a hallway and make us cooler by proxy! I adore it

    Jenny says:

    They’re all so beautiful!

    Vania says:

    I’m so in need of a rug and these are amazing!!

    Holy moly!! So hard to choose. They’re all so beautiful! Love love love this one:

    nicolette says:

    now sooooo many people have entered, and i never win anything anyways, but STILL these are pretty and i’m redecorating my place in brooklyn and a rug is fully necessary.

    i think this might be a favorite, but really, they’re all beautiful and add a lot of warmth to the space.

    Jocelyn Coffin says:

    Thank you Design Love Fest and Pink Rug Co. for bringing so much beauty and inspiration into this world. This rug reminds me of a rug in my grandparents home that made me fall in love with design as a young girl. The connection between memories and art is a magical thing!

    Simone Anne says:

    So many good rugs! And we are just trying to find the perfect one to replace ours. Love these! Here’s my pin:

    Jean says:

    Adore these rugs and your blog! Love following you on Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest!

    This rug is amazing. <3

    Chelsee says:

    love, love, love all of these rugs! so hard to pick just one but here is my favorite

    i would die if i was lucky enough to have one of these in my home!

    Carolyn Robertson says:

    Enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous rugs. So much fun to imagine in my boho living room.

    Emily Dauria says:

    All of the rugs from Pink Rug Co. are so stunning!!! Am absolutely loving this one: .

    These are so beautiful! I’m just about to move into a new place and one of these would be perfect!

    Andi says:

    Crushing hard on those pale pink rugs!

    Kallie B says:

    This is tough, because I’m always drawn to the more neutral rugs, but would really like to bring in some nice color! We’re shopping for a rug right now to go with two new West Elm chairs upholstered in oatmeal. I would love to win this to make the room complete!

    Wow this company has such a great selection! I love them all, I can’t pick a favorite so I pinned a few.

    Hannah Davis says:

    Love these rugs so much <3

    Heather Neale says:

    LOVE! Especially that amazing alphabet rug.

    Jessica S says:

    Love the neutrals in this rug! *fingers crossed* thanks! xo

    Erin says:


    Emily says:

    Absolutely LOVE their rugs!

    Shannon Cant says:

    What a beauty! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

    This is such a great contest!

    These are seriously the most beautiful rugs I’ve ever seen!
    need it all in my life!

    thanks for a great giveaway! <3 hard to choose just one favorite rug. link to my pin:

    McKenna Colvard says:

    Love Love Love me some Moroccan rugs!! The colors in this one are just perfect for my house. Bright but not to over powering.

    couldn’t choose – had to pin multiples. these rugs are out of this world. one of my favorites:

    the name of the rug is perfection too — Getting Lost is NOT A WASTE OF TIME <3

    Korin B. says:

    I’m loving the darker colors here! So pretty. Here is my pin:

    Although I’m pretty sure I would feel guilty stepping on such gorgeousness.

    Chloe says:

    These rugs are AMAZING! Def would love to see this every day!

    Tara says:

    Neon Moroccan? Done!!

    morgan lael says:

    i wuv dis

    Connie Lyu says:

    love them all!!!!

    connie chang says:

    dream come true!!

    Samantha Leinberger says:

    These rugs are beautiful!

    Sandra says:

    These rugs are so gorgeous!!

    Stephanie D says:

    OMG, They’re all so pretty.

    Jennifer K. says:

    Colors of happiness!

    Susan Lawson says:

    Circus Tent–Love the names of these!

    [email protected]

    Kiley says:

    I love all of the colors and textures!

    Kathryn Torres says:

    Love it!

    Beautimous, beautiful, unicorn happiness!

    Ashley Garcia says:

    beyond gorge and so unique! Rug FOMO now.

    Ariane says:

    I just love them all!
    but this one is beautiful:

    Martha Gabriela Espinoza says:

    Wow! Love love love them all!

    Angie Ansbergs says:

    These are truly amazing.

    lindsey says:

    love, love, love these. moving next month and would love to have one of these in my new living room.

    Jackie says:

    would love to win this! my birthday is tomorrow so maybe that will bring me some luck 😀

    Katie says:

    Hard to pick just one. Love them all!

    Amy says:

    I am getting married in two months and my husband and I are in desperate need of a rug for our livingroom! This would be a HUGE blessing!


    catherine says:

    such lovely rugs but i love this one!!

    Monica says:

    Dreamiest giveaway. Ever.

    Libby says:

    A tragedy that this is out of stock – it’s stunning:
    Have ordered from Pink Rugs co. in the past!

    100% OBSESSED with these rugs!

    I would love to have this in my sweet babe’s nursery!

    Corinna Lentz says:

    Ella Lambrix says:

    So beautiful!! Makes me miss Morocco!

    Miranda says:

    These beautiful rugs make me think happy thoughts. I needed that.

    Lauren says:

    All gorgeous, I agree with Miranda the beauty and happy vibes were just what I needed !

    Caraline says:

    These rugs are so fun! You couldn’t be sad in a house one lived in. 🙂

    Hey Bri! My partner and I just bought our own home here in Australia! Ive followed you for a couple of years now through and your blog. I love EVERYTHING about your style! What an awesome giveaway! Have a LOVELY week! x


    Valentina Tosca says:

    Fingers crossed!

    Monica says:

    Love so many of them!

    Erin Brady says:

    This rug is what DREAMS are made of. I know exactly where I put it and can totally see my kitten cuddling up on it.

    Sara Combs says:

    They have such a beautiful selection of rugs!!

    It is impossible to choose only one, these are incredibly beautiful! Would love to win a rug like this with!

    Love these rugs! I am doing a bohemian vibe with bright colors in my studio and this would be perfect in it!

    Alicia says:

    they are all beautiful! love this one!

    Karlie says:

    So excited about this!

    I’m dying to see my cats sleeping in one of these rugs!

    Michelle says:

    Love this one!!! 😍💃🏼

    Cassandra says:

    ah I would be so excited to win!

    Alexis says:

    I’ve been drooling over the Pink Rug Co. for months!!! <3 This one is exactly what I need in my life!

    Mallory Strawn says:

    This rug give me lyfe and My new flat is still rug-less!

    Samara says:

    dream rug!

    Nena says:

    Ahhh these rugs are amazing!! I absolutely love the little pops of color they have in them!

    Erin Sims says:

    This rug will look AMAZING in my apartment 🙂

    anna says:

    I need some prettiness for my new apartment!

    atenas Campbell says:

    Wow Amazing

    Ruth says:

    These are all so gorgeous! Here’s one of my faves:

    rita says:

    Love!! Seaweed colored eyes is beautiful!

    Heres my pins

    Micky says:

    They are so colourful and cool! really like this one, especially paired with the pink berber shoes:

    Olivia M. says:

    One of my favorites:

    Beautiful rugs!

    Olivia M. says:

    My other favorite (sorry if it’s against the rules):

    Eryn Ramirez says:

    I recently visited Marakech in April and fell in love with the city, people and craftsmanship!

    I was so excited to see this contest!

    My favorite rug: “ALL the DAHLIAS in Her GARDEN Undulated in Red Waves 11’x7′ Atlas Rug. Mid Century Modern. Danish Design Compliment”

    kelli says:

    i pinned here:

    officially obsessed with these rugs! 😍😍😍😍

    Elizabeth Harvey says:

    Perfect for our new living room!

    I love they have always lived in a castle

    Claire says:

    The perfect rug to be the centerpiece of the living room decor in our first house.

    Valerie Ouellette says:

    Wow, beautiful rugs!

    Jill says:

    It’s my new spirit animal! The chi in my house approves 😉

    Emily Kent says:

    Literally, Every single rug is gorgeous! So many options!!!

    Margaux Perrier says:

    So hard to choose…!
    Absolutely obsessed with this divine piece:

    Ariel says:

    Soooo in love with the Pink Rug Co’s Moroccan Rugs 💕

    Sylvie says:

    yay! love this one:

    Oh man crushing so hard on these! Nothing like it in NZ! The colour palettes look just like my illustrations!

    Jessica Hellmer says:

    Colby Black says:

    I freaking love pink rug co. I couldn’t decide on just one!

    Jessica Hellmer says:

    Please delete my previous entry from 8/10/16 at 6:22PM! I messed up the link! Thanks! Here’s the correct one! 🙂

    Beth says:

    Love the colors in this one.

    Luisa hernandez says:

    This is my favorite! So simple
    And the organic lines makes it perfect!

    Janine Stolper says:

    Love this rug! Beautiful and would put a smile on my face every time I’d see it. Little things in life like rugs to bring happiness to one’s day <3

    Taylah says:

    LOVE this rug! The pink pattern through it is gorgeous 💕https://au..com/pin/377246906269174798/

    Berenice says:

    So many beautiful rugs to chose from, but I love the one called Living in the Sunlight.

    Chloé says:

    In love with “The SMELL of PAJAMAS” with all the berber symbols

    Jess D. says:

    I’ve been dying to get a rug from Pink Rug Co. for some time. I’ve been saving up money for a big area rug from there because I love how colorful and vibrant they are. Saw you post a rug of their’s on your IG a while back and have been in love ever since!

    This is one I really love:

    Sarah Zowalki says:

    so many good choices!

    Ondriana says:

    . lurve it like 😍😲

    maddie says:

    I will take all of them, but specifically, this one:

    Erin says:

    I love so many of their rugs…it’s too hard to choose!

    Norma says:

    Amazing rugs! Such a great selection!

    Meg says:

    Love these rugs! Moving on the 20th and would love something fresh and bright!

    shannon says:

    Love this dusty fuchsia rug!

    There are so many pretty options to choose! Loved the colors <3

    Ashley Paul says:

    Love this rug and this company!

    Shannon D says:

    So many to love!

    Allison F says:

    So many rugs, so little square footage!

    Lauren says:

    SO many dreamy rugs!

    Cameron Robb says:

    I just got my first apartment post-grad in LA! Any of these would look amazing in my (so far empty) room! Im a designer, and the simplicity of this one specifically caught my eye 🙂

    Erica says:

    Absolutely in love with these rugs!!

    Jen says:

    Would love love love to have a rug like these in my brooklyn apartment…thank you for the opportunity!

    Jayme says:

    How does a person pick just one of these to pin?!? Love all the different plays on texture and color. Gorgeous!

    Jenn heartsy says:

    I am loving their site! I’ve pinned a couple of them but this one is my favorite…loving the pop of blue!

    Lindsey says:

    Such beautiful rugs! My favorite is the cloudbreak tavarua island rug.

    Aubrey says:

    OMG!! So stoked it’s open internationally! Pinned my favourite two and made the second one my Board Cover ♡ >>>


    Emily Manley says:

    Gosh, every single one of these rugs are so gorgeous. Passing this site on to each of my design and architect friends for sure! If I win win I would be the envy of them all 😈 And more importantly, have the rug of my dreams!

    Amanda says:

    The question really is….how do you even just pick one favorite?! I love too many to just choose one. So lovely!

    Hannah Feeney says:

    Such beautiful stuff! Thanks x

    Lissa says:

    I just adore her shop, and would love to have a few of her rugs in my home!

    eva says:

    I need more colour in my life! Just love this rug:

    Susie says:

    So hard to think of choosing just one of these gorgeous rugs, but this rug sings to me:

    Mary Kate says:

    Love this rug for my new apartment!

    madeline says:

    this rug is so perfect I almost cried

    Tara says:

    Perfect timing!! I just moved into my first home and it’s tragically bare…

    Torey says:

    Loving all of these.

    Elizabeth Romer says:

    They’re all so beautiful!!! I love

    Katie Wohl says:

    I am in love with this beauty –>

    Vanessa says:

    So many amazing patterns but I love this one, especially with the pink accents in the room. 💕

    rossana says:

    done! beautiful rugs!!

    Tal Margalit says:

    they are all so beautiful, but i am a sucker for typeface 🙂

    Elayna Schranz says:

    These gorgeous tapestries are my favorite – especially those with colors like Impressionist paintings!

    LOVE these rugs. 😍

    Olivia Miller says:

    they are all so great!

    Liana Lydia says:

    Wow I just looked at every rug ever posted on the Pinterest board! I love them all! I have a tiny non authentic one from world market. It would be a dream to have one of these beautiful rugs! I would cherish it and lay on it and Instagram it…sorry daydreaming.

    Alyssa says:

    this one’s a little out of the winning price range, but it’s so beautiful…. a girl can dream!

    Just moved into my new home and would love this!! so beautiful!

    Bea says:

    An amazing giveaway that is open to international readers, count me in! They are all lovely but this one really stole my heart <3 :

    Anja says:

    Beautiful pieces of Arts … They are unique each … Different Styles that are representing our diverse sides of personality … So which one to choose? I’d take any … As many as i could … And put a Special Spotlight in a little playful Design … A Little Space at home that doesn’t have to be tidy and is inviting to sit on and smile … Rug’n’play …

    Lisa says:

    Beautiful rugs! I need on of them in the cold Sweden!

    alina says:

    such amazing ruuugs! awesome indeed

    Madi says:

    We get married in a few months… Wouldn’t this be a spectacular wedding surprise!

    Grace says:

    Loving the whole marine vibes of this rug!

    Hannah says:

    They’re all so lovely. Especially this one:

    Lori Kirchen says:

    So hard to choose!

    Alix says:

    Love so many it’s hard to choose!!!

    Amanda! says:

    I love seeing expat businesses!

    Alex C says:

    These rugs are so gorg. I would love one for my new home office.

    Lydia says:

    I love this one!

    Caity says:


    vicki magnis says:

    I love this one

    Jaclyn says:

    I CANT EVEN!!!

    Amy Johnson says:


    Savannah Mills says:

    Love this!

    Lydia Sellers says:

    I am in love with your colorful and inspiring blog!! I am also adoring this sweet Moroccan Rug from Pink Rug Co. And moving from NYC to CA tomorrow! It would be perfect in my new home. Xoxo

    Allie K says:

    so pretty!

    Stefi says:

    those are gorgeous! i would love to decor my new home with my fav rug! <3

    Tanya says:

    Such unique pretty designs, one of many of my pins from their board

    Hatti Bailey says:

    The beautiful simplicity is something that instantly struck me about this one! 😍

    Roman says:

    Pink Rug Co is amazing!
    I’m in love with the Boats Agains the Current and the Pace of Nature designs.

    Mallory says:

    Pink Rug Co is my favorite!

    Nikki Unwin says:

    Gorgeous rugs! They all seem to have such great character!!

    Jai says:

    What a cool site! I love the look of Queen of Flowers and have pinned it to my “classroom” decor board. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Zoë says:

    the alphabet rug is a stunner

    Diana says:

    The colors in this rug are so gorgeous

    Anonymous says:

    Forager’s Harvest harvest, yes please!

    (okay, but really I just want them all)

    karianna says:

    come to my home, beside a sandy lake

    Heather S says:

    Giveaway of the YEAR! My fav is pinned here —>

    Thank you & cheers!

    TinkerMess says:

    They are all amazing!! But I love ON FRENCH RIVERS the most <3

    Kayla says:

    here’s my pin, i love these rugs!

    Tabitha says:

    I want ALL the rugs, but here’s one that I pinned:

    Jessica says:

    these rugs will make any pair of feet happy –

    chelsey says:

    i love these rugs!!

    Theyre all so beautiful!

    Catherine says:

    Amazing rugs and such great inspiration on their boards!

    elizabeth says:

    so many beautiful rugs!

    Meagan says:

    Awesome Etsy store as well. Beautiful rugs!

    jessica says:

    Seriously!? I had to pin more than one! So many beauties 🙂

    Deidre says:

    here it is! love them all. i’d love to replace my generic rug in my baby’s nursery with one of these gems!

    Elizabeth McCown says:

    These rugs are awesome. I love their uniqueness.

    The Encyclopedia of happy thoughts rugs is so fun with its colors and design, but each of these would be a pick-me-up in any room.

    Heather says:

    So lovely!!

    Aja says:

    Paradise is right!

    This “Beach Picnic Kisses” rug is #goals!

    Kate says:

    Joy Blossoms, that’s my fave.

    Obsessed with these rugs!!!

    kaitlyn says:

    So inspired by the rug ‘Many a Sweet Thing Said.’ As a type and font lover, I can’t think of a better rug to warm up the floor in the winter and bring some joy inside.

    Elyse G. says:

    The rugs are all gorgeous but I particularly love the windowpane rug. *fingers crossed*

    Jessica S. says:

    Love this minimalist rug!

    Jessica S. says:

    Oops, I definitely forgot to add the link:

    Jonna says:

    I can’t even describe how happy I’d be if I would win a Moroccon rug! They’re so beautiful. <3

    Anna says:

    I love how warn these rugs and at the same so chic that they were so ahead of their time when they were woven!

    The “Island Born” Rug is definitely one of my faves.

    Lily Allen says:

    These rugs are beyond gorgeous and would MAKE any room instantly feel worldly, cozy and chic- and while it took me ages to pick just one, here’s one of my favs:

    Meegan says:

    There are so many great options! I just moved into a new house two weeks ago and I think the below would make the best addition to my new space!

    Martha says:

    they’re all lovely… so hard to choose, but this is my favorite

    Mariana says:

    oh, man…

    Irina C says:

    They are cool:

    Such dreamy rugs and the presentation/photography is on point!

    Mary Hendon says:

    This rug would look so good in our new apartment!

    So beautiful!! I want one for my room, I’ve been rug shopping.

    Meg Shaw says:

    Could a rug change my life?? pretty sure that this one WOULD! Love.

    Dani says:

    Would love to have this hall rug in my new apartment. So when I enter this beautiful rug is what I see first.

    Kelci Smith says:

    Yes yes yes!

    Briana says:

    What an amazing collection of rugs!

    Kate says:

    Impossible to pick only one!

    Kris says:

    OKAY OBSESSED 😍 Gorgeous rugs!

    Christina Jones says:

    So many good ones

    StaceyC. says:

    Hard to choose just one since they are all so gorgeous.

    Melanie Love says:

    Love these rugs! I’m happy to have a new resource for projects. This gorgeous mid century Moroccan rug caught my eye. The graphic pattern is perfect with the pops of color around the border.

    alex says:


    Liz says:

    So pretty and they have the best names! My fav has to be the vintage, “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

    Allie says:

    So many beautiful rugs!

    Kim says:

    they are all so lovely. and the shoes are all lovely too! 🙂

    Meg says:

    Beautiful rugs! I’d love this cozy one for my new home!

    Carly says:

    I’m pinning one for my living room!

    Carly says:

    AND one for my bedroom! 🙂 I could float away in dreams for hours on one of these magical rugs.

    Diana Borges says:

    I love this one

    but also this!

    Madi says:

    Holy crap, I’ve been window shopping for beni ourain rugs for weeks and crying because I can’t afford them, so my fingers are very, very crossed. I love them all, but this one is my favorite:

    Ali says:

    love the pink!!

    Bailey Weills says:

    These rugs are so beautiful, it was way too hard to just pick one! But, this one is my favorite! I love how bright it is, I can already picture the decor that would go with this!

    Clare says:

    Adore these rugs! So beautifully curated. It would be hard to choose which one.

    Bianka says:

    I love these rugs! Unfortunately in my country we can’t by such beauties, so im very excited! 🙂

    Elif says:

    dreamy delicate rosé


    Carlotta says:

    Would love this for my boys’ room

    Erin C says:

    Love all of these, what a statement piece:

    Joanne says:


    natalie says:

    This is so exciting! I can’t possibly choose just one 🙂

    Blythe says:

    These are all so beautiful and just what I’ve been looking for to style my new home!


    jenn says:


    Vanessa says:

    Too many to choose from! So lovely…

    Hadass says:

    I want this one!

    Lindsey Stecker says:

    I’m working on updating my entry and this rug would be perfect!

    Clementine says:

    These rugs are beautiful!

    Morgan Cox says:

    Great shop! Beautiful rugs. Got my eyes on this one

    Emilia Rudulph says:

    I love them all!!!

    Nicole says:

    I love the Joy Blossoms rug, but they’re all gorgeous!

    Kirsten says:

    It was so hard to choose. I’m pinning several on my boards…I love this one the most..I know it’s over 700 and I can’t pick it but it’s beautiful.

    Elizabeth says:

    this one for sure!

    Kate says:

    The Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rug is my favorite! I’ll be taking a look at their Etsy shop – for sure. The rugs are so unique (and pretty)!

    Kate says:

    Specifically, the Days Run Away Like Wild Horses rug.

    Can my whole house, be “carpeted” with all of these?!?? <3

    Mandy says:

    Would love a new rug!

    Banner says:

    love love love these muted colors!

    BB says:

    so beautiful!!!

    Evelyn Patino says:

    I love rugs.

    Kristin B says:

    I feel like I’m always stalking their Etsy page! haha. So much gorgeous inspiration!

    Amy says:

    So glad to follow their pins.

    Karli says:

    This is a crazy generous giveaway. I opened the tab on the hope it might ship to Australia and HUZZAH! INTERNATIONAL READERS. How bloody gorgeous is this one:

    Laura bredeson says:

    Love them all!

    Kristina M says:

    This one!

    Bailey says:

    Cozy bedroom rug…mmmm

    Christa says:

    Ahhhhh. They are all so beautiful and the names make me love them even more. I would do a total room remodel around the rug!

    Ashley says:

    Beach, Picnic, Kisses

    Megan Lecy says:

    near impossible task choosing just one but I have to say this light blush toned one if my fav!

    Breanna says:

    All so so so lovely! I’m a sucker for a classic, and I love the sense of play in The Pace of Nature rug.

    Love all of them! Especially the ones with red tones like this one:

    Sarah Tinken says:

    I’ve been a long time admirer of these–would love to finally have one to call my own!

    Leslie Chang says:


    Lorelei says:

    Ooooh, so many to love!

    Bruna Costa says:

    Me and my fiance just bought our new house and having a nice rug would be a really nice way to start decorating it! <3

    Erika says:

    They have such a good collection of rugs and I love the names. It’s like each rug has a story to tell…

    Under the Jeweled Sky is probably one of my favorite rugs (and it seems appropriately timed with the Perseid meteor shower too) …

    ashley says:

    I want all the rugs!!!!!

    Here is a link to my pin!
    Fingers crossed!

    Linda says:

    I love these rugs. I could really use one for my apartment – .

    Mariló says:

    They’re beautiful!! In love

    Juni says:

    These rugs are all so stunning!

    Sybille says:

    Un petit coucou de France !
    Dans ces tapis, c’est tout le Maroc que l’on retrouve : la chaleur des habitants, les couleurs des paysages…
    J’en veux , alors J-7 avant mon départ pour Marrakech…..

    Amy Rist says:

    I absolutely LOVE these rugs! It was so hard to choose just one. Here is one that I pinned – loving the colors and the stripes. It would look beautiful in my 2 bedroom city-style loft. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    Fariha says:

    I’m a pakistani girl living in the Netherlands and i am OBSESSED with evrything moroccan! Thankyou designlovefest for introducing me to pinkrugco. This one here would beautifully complete my house. Even though pakistani carpets are well known around the world, I am a big fan of colourful morroccan rugs. How great would it be win one!

    Imperiosk says:

    Beautiful rugs, i like this one a lot.

    sharon says:

    SO many beautiful rugs!

    I like the

    Michelle says:

    Loooove this rug, it’s exactly what I’ve been hunting for

    Michelle says:

    Lop poor this rug, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!

    Monique says:

    Would be a beautiful statement piece!

    Olivia K says:

    Oh my gah, I’m obsessed and their is so inspiring!

    Starla says:

    This would be such a dream come true! I LOVE them!

    Ayelet says:

    wow! so nice.

    Arielle says:

    Beautiful rugs!!

    Gretchen says:

    I love the colors and textures of this one:

    Trinh Quinonez says:

    I followed and this is the rug I posted

    Penelope says:

    They’re so beautiful! Great work!

    Avery Gore says:

    I love this rug! It is perfection.

    Elizabeth says:

    these rugs are beautiful!

    Emily Love says:

    love love love this one!

    Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Alivia G says:


    amanda says:

    they’re all gorgeous!!

    marjorie woodbridge says:

    sooo many great rugs

    Cho says:

    Moving to a new house in Sept! This is so ideal:

    Rem says:

    Gorgeous! Would love this one:

    Vicky Reyes says:

    I’m so excited!! whoop whoop yipee hoo

    Rebecca says:

    Love this one so much! xo

    Jenny Ham says:

    Lots of beautiful rugs.
    I love this one.

    Monique DeZarn says:


    Saralynn says:

    Always wanted a pretty rug!

    Carmella says:

    Checked out all of the rugs and I am obsessed!!

    annie says:

    Oh wow, hoping to win this giveaway like I’ve never hoped to win one before!

    Alecia says:

    my favorite!

    Sarah says:

    So so pretty!

    Julia says:

    These rugs are awesome!

    Samantha says:

    New Obsession!

    Samantha says:

    New obsession!

    jennifer says:

    Great rugs! I love this runner

    Gabrielle says:

    I think I like this one best.

    China Mykal says:

    My lonely wood floors have been really cold this summer and they really want a rug to snuggle up with. Particularly this one or something of the like!

    Anna Russett says:

    This one is SO fun!!

    Ines says:

    My oh my it was so hard to choose only one rug! In the end my heart settled on a black and white rug called “Seaside Poetry”: it has kind of a wavy pattern which really does remind you of sea waves washing on the sand.. so soothing! The shop has a stunning selection of rugs, fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win one! Thanks for the great giveaway Bri (and for opening it to international readers!) Ines Find my pin here

    Katie Fritz says:

    Gah! I love this style of rug. This was one of my favs, love the rich color:

    Madalyn says:

    Out of stock but not out of the question!

    wildatheart says:

    I would love to have one!
    happy dayhttps://www..com/pin/335729347205471864/

    Asli Bildirici says:

    They are all so pretty. It is hard to choose.

    Man it was hard to choose just one! They’re all stunning.

    Naomi says:

    LOVE these guys!!

    Jana Komatina says:


    Jana Komatina says:

    Lorraine Bond says:

    Josie Trapp says:

    So in love with this one:

    Laura Nice says:

    This one is stunning but i love all of them!!

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