our heiday giveaway | designlovefest

we’re excited to be giving away a bunch of goodies! they have the cutest illustrated cards! one lucky winner will receive a bundle of cute cards, cool prints of their choice and a cell phone case. which are your favorites? we love the cactus prints. let us know your picks in the comments!

our heiday giveaway | designlovefest
our heiday giveaway | designlovefest
our heiday giveaway | designlovefest
our heiday giveaway | designlovefest

i love this cell phone case so much! click through below to enter!

our heiday giveaway | designlovefest
our heiday giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the our heiday  and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite items!

one winner will receive a set bundle of 30 cards (valued at $150) the winner’s choosing of 3 prints and 1 phone case (valued up to $144) for a total value of about $300. the winner will be chosen on april 6th at 10am PST. use the code LOVESPRING for 15% off through april 27th. open to u.s. readers only, sorry!


Add your own

    Elisabeth says:

    I love these!

    Cherie says:

    LOVE these items! All about the fresh feel and bonus points for totally matching up with my business branding. Is it ok to beg? Because I’m totally begging your to pick me!

    Phone Case heart eyes for days….

    OH shoot. Arrangement love!

    I’m already imagining the gallery wall and it’s perfecct….

    And one more for good measure…because who doesn’t need gifts hugged in leopard…


    Anna says:

    Um, these: , , .

    The florals dazzle me!

    Amanda U. says:

    Obsessed with this phone case!

    Mel says:

    These are so cute:

    Leah says:

    i am obsessed with heidey’s cards, especially this one:

    and this one:

    Leah says:

    love this print!

    Kathryne says:

    Their products are just gorgeous!! I especially adore the prints. I would love to have a set of three hanging in my bedroom! There’s not enough light in there to keep cacti alive, so these prints would be perfect:

    Isabel says:

    Love this card!

    Josette says:

    Love the assorted bouquet cards!

    The flamingo print! Too adorable!

    Ashley Lee says:

    The floral phone case is so cute!

    These bouquet cards are also so sweet:

    jennette says:

    First item on the site! I love dark florals, and have been looking for an iPhone case just like this! Great contest!

    Julie says:

    Love this cute case!!!

    Daniela says:

    lovely and perfect for my new home

    Kayla says:

    These prints would be great in my windowless office to have a little extra green:

    Tara says:

    Love the daisies phone case – so spring. wish it came in the new iphone se size!

    Laura says:

    AH! I’ve never heard of these guys – they’re great! I love the House Plant Series.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Allie K says:

    Love the Flamingo print and it would make a great bday gift for my BFF’s new apartment!

    Jen says:

    I love so much of their stuff, but my favorites are the poppies thank you card and all the house plant prints, like this one

    The prints don’t need to be watered, right? I can handle that

    Nicole says:

    My favorites are below!

    I love this print:

    And this card:

    Lauren R. says:

    Love this card-

    And this case-

    Lindsay says:

    I like the cactus prints.

    laura says:

    the bouquet series cards are my FAVE

    Becky says:

    I love the Skyline Series:

    And the tulip field phone case <3:

    Love everything on this site!


    Kelly D says:

    I’m a sucker for nice cards, my friends think it’s weird (but charming) that I send them thank you cards after visiting for their hospitality.

    Lindsey says:

    This card!

    This wrapping paper!

    This print!!!

    Sarah Ellefson says:

    I am really loving this print!

    rachel keaveny says:

    i love this print! would look perfect above my bed – revamping my room for spring!

    Erin J. says:

    Always need birthday cards and both of these are so adorable!

    stef says:

    because i love to eat

    Jaci says:

    The Tulip Fields Case is so pretty! I also love Flowering Cacti VI Print, Flowering Cacti II Print, and Flowering Cacti IV Print


    Taylor Weakland says:

    Love all the detailed and delicate printed cards, especially on pg 3!

    Marie says:

    Oh wow, I love it all! Especially this wrapping paper: . I just love a well wrapped gift. And that sweet “oh those baby toes” card because it’s so true!

    nicki says:

    I love this phone case!

    Jacqueline M says:

    The skyline is perfect

    Loving this case

    Isabelle says:

    This one is my favorite!

    emily says:

    Hope I can get this sweet case!

    The By Your Side card is gorgeous!

    I love the Black Magnolias phonecase:

    And the Flowering Cacti prints:

    nora says:

    i love love the flowering cacti v print!!

    Chanel says:

    oh i love this print:

    Ainsley says:

    I love the simplicity of this iPhone case!

    chelsea w says:

    This phone case is adorable.

    Kara says:

    I love the bouquet IV print

    Iris Borgers says:

    The past is the future!!
    Carl Linnaeus would have loved the botanical phone case and prints 🙂

    Rachel Smith says:

    Flowering Cacti IV Print and the Tulip Fields Phone Case!

    Shana says:

    This soothes my soul:

    And this case with the rose gold phone is the best:

    Amy says:

    Lots of goodies!


    Cecilia says:

    I love all the cactus prints!

    Steff says:

    I love the house plant prints!

    Allison says:

    Come to work every day with this print as my screensaver –
    Absolutely love it! Along with the flamingo and fig tree –

    Cheryl says:

    I love this geometric cheers card!

    Megan Lecy says:

    plants i can’t actually keep alive!

    Laura says:

    Their cactus prints are so great! Would love to display the whole collection in my home.

    Stephanie says:




    Jamee Sailor says:

    Loving this card for Mother’s Day!

    Majel Montano says:

    Love this!!

    Tania says:

    Wow, how beautiful!! This is my favourite set! <3

    Nothing gets me a like a good flower print, ugh.

    Since I can’t seem to keep REAL plants alive, I would love to get a few of these to “green” up my area –

    Melissa Afable says:

    LOVE this flamingo one:

    Totally love this one:

    And who can resist these avocados?!

    andie O says:

    I mean is it okay to say they are all my favorite?! Such a talented group of people that make beautiful items!

    This bouquet print has to be a favorite:

    As well as this flowering cacti :

    And I’m pretty sure this phone case was made for me! :

    And last, i love all the cards.. but avocados always win:

    Dana says:

    I love these thank-you cards, especially since I’m on the lookout for some for my wedding! I also adore these cactus cards and that they come in bigger art prints! Honestly, who doesn’t love a cute cactus?

    Shirin Salari says:

    Obsessed with this phone case!!! It’s so me.
    Gorgeous items!!!

    Kaoru says:

    I love the bouquet card set!

    Andie Szyman says:

    Okay what! This is my favorite giveaway ever.I make cards & therefore LOVE CARDS and phone cases, because duh. But I have never heard of this artist until now so I am so excited and just having a field day over at this cite. I am going to try to keep it concise so this comment isn’t years long, but I can’t promise anything! Everything is soooooo cute!

    First, this brush stroke congrats, love it!

    Next, this case because we just entered into spring and it is too perfect for words!

    Next, this print because my Arizona self just can never have enough cactus! I love this cutie & want it in my room.

    Next, this wedding card because God knows I go to way too many weddings and this one is just absolutely perfect. I am always searching for a card that if I got it, I would want to put it on my fridge or a corkboard, and this definitely exceeds that requirement

    Okay I am freaking out at how beautiful these are and how they make me want to tell all my friends how much I love them and put one in the mail for everyone today. haha but seriously these are gorgeous & I love blank cards more than anything!

    Finally this, because i want to frame it therefore it is the best blank card you could ever send & I want 20000 to send to my people.

    Just want to say your stuff is beautiful and I love it, I will 100% be purchasing some beautiful items from you no matter what and I am so excited to have seen your cite!

    Jessica B says:

    Love these cards! My favorites:

    Mallory says:

    Wow! I LOVE everything! I recently found out I am pregnant so I am partial to all the baby cards, especially this one –http://ourheiday.com/collections/baby
    I would love to make a wall collage of all the beautiful floral art prints as well —

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Jordan Welty says:

    I am head over heels in love with this collection! Cactus-es are my favorite plant/flower ~ I’ve been dying to get my hands on any of your phone cases but never had the funds to get around to it since I will be going to London this summer (um hello thank you for your guide!) & these card prints are a must need when I am abroad to send home w/ some souvenirs to the fam of course!

    Bridget C. says:

    I love the abstract phone case!

    + the mother’s day/father’s day cards! all the cute, none of the cheese:

    Maria Sanches says:

    LOVE this one!

    Love tea, love cups, love colours, love patterns, love print, love design love beauty and love a nice humorous message!

    Leslie Robinson says:

    love the graphics on everything!

    mia says:

    Love these cacti prints:
    AND all the wrapping paper too!

    So cute! I love them all but these are my fave

    Amanda says:

    This case is a thing of beauty. I might look at the back of my phone more than the screen

    Michelle says:

    In love with…

    This lil art print –

    This sweet phone case –

    These cute cards-

    Seghan says:

    Oh my goodness, where to begin??
    These are amazing!

    And this card is perfect for Mothers Day

    Such a pretty print!

    Sara says:

    The most lovely phone case:

    These bouquet cards are adorable!

    Gwynne says:

    The tulip fields case like yours, the flamingo card set and the falalala card.

    Jaimie says:

    I love-love-love this card:

    I think handwritten letters are a lost art. I’m personally trying to write more hand-written letters. It helps when written on exceptionally cute cards 🙂

    Also, I’m DEAD over this phone case. NEED:

    Paige says:

    This Tulip Fields Phone Case is to die for!!

    Amanda says:

    I like the fiddle leaf fig print () and the house plant card set ().

    Lindsay says:

    My best friend and I became obsessed with flamingos in high school and have collected flamingo things ever since. I would absolutely love to win this so I could send it to her for her birthday!

    (I would also give the palm print to myself 😉 I already use the “hustle” version as my screensaver!)

    Erica says:

    Absolutely love everything! My favorites are:

    Blue floral phone case:
    Mom Cards, especially this one:
    Cacti prints:
    Adorable Poppies thank you cards:

    Rcshao says:

    All the assorted box sets are super cute! (Botanicals, cacti, & house plants) — also the Tulip and blue floral phone cases are pretty!

    michelle flook says:

    So darn cute! I love all the flowery cactus prints

    Lindsay R says:

    I have loved their shop for a while! I want this Julia child quote in my kitchen

    Madison says:

    So so many lovely things to choose from but these are a few of my favs.

    Reyna says:

    Okay this is my fave dress your tech so I’d LOVE the case!

    And my mom loves citrus so I’d like to send her this sweet card:

    Bree says:

    Love the black magnolia wrapping paper. So beautiful, while also simple. ()

    And absolutely adore this quote and the beautiful script. ()

    Lauren B says:

    This ZZ plant print is the cutest!

    Crystal Yim says:

    Would love these!

    Very cute everyday celebration card

    and I also really like the box sets like these Thank You cards – you never can have enough!

    Sarah says:

    Love the Palm Print & Flowering Cacti Series Assorted Card Set!

    Alissa says:

    I love, love, love the Love to Eat print!

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Jillian says:

    I love everything on their site, but these are my favorite!

    Ashley Jenkins says:

    This would look great on my art wall:

    I live in Richmond, VA and I need to go check out Quirk Gallery to see what they have in stock. 🙂

    Amy says:

    I especially love the Blue Florals phone case, the Palm print, and the Flowering Cacti IV print…but really, everything on the site is beautiful!

    Lacey Terry says:

    This is so exciting! I absolutely love this phone case and have been wanting it for ages!

    Also, this card perfectly describes my boyfriend and I’s relationship. I want to give it to him for our anniversary this summer.

    I would love to put two bouquet prints side by side in my new kitchen!

    Ah, I really love this idea!

    April V says:

    I love the In This Home print & the Tulips Phone Case

    Jocelyn says:

    Phone cases, stationary cards, & prints are some of my favorite things! So fun. Cute shop!

    kelli says:

    i’m loving this phone case!

    this print is perfect:

    this card is perfect for our anniversary:

    love this shop!!

    Zoe says:

    As a New Mexico native I gravitate towards everything with a cacti print! I love these especially

    I’ve also been searching high and low for a new phone case for Spring- this one would be perfect!

    Alexa says:

    Our Heiday is one of my biggest inspirations! I love everything they do and would love to have more of their work in my home.

    These are my favorites:

    phone case:

    prints: and all of the house plant prints (so hard to choose!)


    but let’s be honest… I LOVE it all.

    Rebecca says:

    The Flowering Cacti V Print and the Tulip Fields case are by far the cutest! What a lovely shop!

    Adrienne says:

    I’m a huge fan of Our Heiday! I love their wrapping paper and have bought some in the past. I used the Navy Leopard for a graduation/birthday present and the Blue Florals for a wedding present. I love when the wrapping matches the beauty of the gift!
    Blue Florals:
    Black Magnolia:
    Navy Leopard:

    Elise says:

    I would do a triptych of the cactus prints. Love them! Particularly this one…


    Roxanna Seyedin says:

    these are my favorite items 🙂 beautiful!!

    Liesel Wiscombe says:

    I love so many things!
    these are just a few!

    I am obviously in love with cacti!

    carol lee says:

    I’ve been following Heiday from Day 1 because of the pastel colors & thoughtful words.

    Here are my favorites:

    my ultimate fav.-

    SO Thoughtful-http://ourheiday.com/collections/all-1?page=9


    Cynthia Sari says:

    Love this phone case from them!

    CAROL! says:

    absolutely delighted with Our Heiday products!

    These tug at my heart:

    Hope to win! :)<3

    Erin says:

    I love all the cactus prints, but I especially love this one:

    Also, an iPhone case!

    Dawn H says:

    I love your products so much! Especially this phone case!

    I grew up in Southern California and the lady next door had a big cactus garden and your cards remind me. Love, love, love!

    france says:

    This has been my laptop background for a bit now and I love love love it!

    Also I want to wrap my house in the wrapping paper

    Kelly says:

    Looove Our Heidey and DLF! Been following you both for forever. Love the house plant and cactus card packs and prints. Also, love the palm print and black magnolias phone case!

    Namrita says:

    these are just the cutest!!

    Abbey says:

    Definitely crushing on all of the cactus prints <3 and this pretty phone case!:

    Kayla says:

    I’d take this cool cactus print:

    Kerrie says:

    These are so darling:

    Megan says:

    Come on! Who can resist a great cactus print!

    Nicolette says:

    OMG! I have seriously been obsessed with buy/sending greeting cards lately! these are some favorites

    and who doesnt love a new phone case 🙂

    LD says:

    My very favorite is this print:
    The combination of the beautiful lettering and the unique saying = LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    I could also see this flowering cacti print on my current gallery wall:
    I’m trying not to post everything in the shop so I’ll wrap up with this gorgeous marbled/watercolor card set:

    Thanks so much to both companies for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

    Hayley says:

    Just bought the whole Cheeky set at Target so obviously I love me some DLF and now I am following(obsessing over) Our Heidey!
    YES PLEASE!! >>>
    I would frame these cards!! >>>
    NEED NOW >>>

    Paulina Rodriguez says:

    There are far too many amazing items to choose from but here are several I can’t live without!


    Nicole P. says:

    I adore everything but the cacti prints are amazing!

    Priscilla says:

    Love these so much! Especially the cactus cards!

    Colleen says:

    Love her stuff!

    San says:

    After 26 years of not having the opportunity to decorate my own space, I finally will soon! And I am dying to have these to decorate!

    Amanda says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a new phone case and this one is just lovely!

    This art print is also amazing!

    Madeline says:

    Such beautiful patterns and prints! So hard to chose just a few.

    katie B says:

    Love everything about this, favorite items are the “You’re Amazing” card set and the “Poppies thank you cards,” but I love the phone cases too, great stuff.

    Kaitlyn says:

    How do I pick!?

    Amazing stuff

    Emily fisher says:

    obsessed!!! love these little prints 😊

    Selena says:

    Our Heiday is one of my favorite brands. Patricia is very talented. I love the cacti series and already own two prints so adding a few more to my home would be perfect! Love these:

    favorites (so many beautiful items!):

    Tassya says:

    I love these phone cases and think they are perfect for Spring and Summer!

    This flowering cactus print is also gorgeous:

    Mattea Columpsi says:

    I love the patterns, designs and colour palettes!

    giulia says:

    the flamingo print <3

    Jackie Chakar says:

    I absolute adore these sets!

    And I’m with you on this being my fav phone case

    Selena says:

    i love the the flamingo card!-

    Rebecca says:

    I love their cards!

    They are all gorgeous but I love the colors of the citrus card

    Suzanna says:

    My favorites are the flower arrangements 1, 5, and 6 prints!!

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love these:

    Sara says:

    Love the palm print, the Chicago skyline and this gem…

    latanya says:

    I like this one

    Loren says:

    Cute sotre! My favorite case is the Blue Abstract: and I love the houseplant cards and prints:

    Jody says:

    I love and ! So fun.

    This phone case absolutely SCREAMS “Spring” to me, I love it!

    This quote is like a Bible verse to live by EVERY. DAY.

    I enjoy your prints very much and I am so happy to have found your site 🙂

    These cards are just a classic for the holidays!

    Your site is incredible!:)

    Madi says:

    I love the art prints! Especially


    Ann says:

    i love all their products!

    Zoë says:

    So many beautiful things! I want all the phone cases:

    The leopard wrapping paper is also too cute!

    karly says:

    I am obsessed with this phone case!

    Joey says:

    I love nearly all the cards! The florals are so gorgeous and the statements are so sweet.

    eva says:

    I love this birthday card:

    And the cactai prints are just so cool:

    Johanna says:


    Lissa says:

    This, because I have a hard time keeping a real one alive (heh).

    And this, because my husband and I leave type written notes to each other often. 🙂

    June says:

    I love this phone case:

    and this print!

    isabel says:

    all beautiful,

    Christa says:

    I love this!

    Those cactus cards are the best!!!

    Caroline says:

    Seriously all so beautiful!

    Emily says:

    I love the flowering cacti set and the by your side card! Amazing work!

    Ruk says:

    This is basically what I live by so my favourite is this:

    I love this art print:

    Holly says:

    Loving this phone case:

    and this print:

    Stephanie S. says:

    I like these for wedding cards:

    and these prints:

    Kylie says:

    This card (along with everything else Our Heiday makes!) is gorgeous:

    Cynthia says:

    I love this flowering cactus print!

    as says:

    The flamingo print

    Dana Moss says:

    Love these:

    Leslie Einhaus says:

    I love the flowering cactus print, the no grit, no Pearl print, and the tulip phone case.

    Brenna says:

    Love love love the flamingo!

    And this phone case is made for me – bright tulips? Yes, please.

    Mackenzie says:

    I have a SERIOUS obsession with stationary — but not like the J.Crew loving chic, but the chic that likes surprising her friends with a REAL handwritten card every now and again — I mean who doesn’t love receiving mail? I love “just because” cards, especially the Dance It Out card!! Dancing never goes out of style.

    The house plant series is another one that is perfect for any occasion!

    Eduarda Verrino says:

    This is amazing

    Or those!

    Jessica says:

    This is cute as pie!

    Tiffany says:

    I love all the cute prints. heres one

    Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love these box sets and this print <3

    Ellen says:

    I love the fiddle leaf fig print since I don’t have room for plants in my home (and can’t keep them alive).

    Mary says:

    I like the You’re Amazing cards
    and the Houseplant cards
    and the ZZ Plant print

    Diana Cote says:

    I love these:

    Gabrielle Mizrahi says:

    I am obsessed with cacti lately and am the biggest fan of handwritten note card. I would love these cactus “Just Because” cards

    Kimmie says:

    I love the palm print!! All their stuff is lovely!

    laura says:

    love everything! especially:

    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE:
    the Blue Abstract Phone Case
    the Black Magnolias Phone Case

    (clearly I’m in need of a new iphone case)! 🙂

    Clara says:

    I’ve been following Our Heiday on for a while now…I can’t pick just a few favorites; her lettering is so beautiful on every single product!

    Allegra says:

    So hard to choose! Would be obsessed with a gallery wall including this stunning print: what a gem!

    sina says:

    i am OBSESSED with this!

    Katie says:

    I love this flowering cactus print…

    Nana says:

    obsessed with the wrapping paper

    and the phone cases!
    fingers crossed

    I just can’t choose one; I’m loving these items!:

    Anne says:

    Love these products! 🙂

    Romie says:

    We need prints for our new apartment so badly!

    Love this:

    and this:

    and this!

    Kelly René says:

    I love me some Heiday – this giveaway is so incredible! I dream of opening my own print shop one day and truly appreciate quality print work and the incredible design that makes it all possible.

    My top three tropical prints would make for an inviting oasis right on my walls:

    1. The lush botanical print here:

    2. The incredibly festive, yet simplistic, flamingo print here:

    3. The stunning cactus illustration with an pop of pink in the flower detailing here:

    Obsessing over these card sets, too! I imagine them even clipped up with clothespins across a string of copper LED lights decorating a wall with hand-drawn charm.

    Svetlana I says:

    Love this card set:
    and this wrapping paper!

    cassidy r says:

    that phone case!!

    Rachel W says:

    I’m kind of in love with this:

    I’ve been wanting to far more into letter writing lately and these would be perfect!!

    Colleen says:

    this palm print:
    & these cards:

    Aida says:

    Oh I love this case:
    And this print!

    liz says:

    Love this! I live in New Orleans, and the magnolia tree in front of my house will begin to bloom soon!

    These colors! heart eyes emoji

    I’m tearing up because I know this card would make my mom tear up…!

    Sharon H. says:

    Their “imperfect” card is so lovely.

    anna k says:

    i love everything in her shop. my favorite is the cacti series print.

    Amy in KC says:

    The Blue Forals phone case is to die for:

    And I love all the botanical prints, but this flowering barrel cactus is probably my fave:

    Abigail Hortegas says:

    ummmmm this is the best: And this is beautiful: And Ah! And this:

    Bernadette Matthews says:

    my upcoming wedding in palm springs has a definite cactus vibe, so these are my favorites!

    Shannon Ling says:

    Wow really beautiful items! I love this cactus print!

    So beautiful! As an architect, I love this blueprint card:

    I also love the black magnolias case

    Rachel Leibson says:

    I loves these!

    Good for every occasion and beautiful 🙂

    It’s so hard to choose some favorites! But, alas, here are my choices:

    Tessa says:

    And the flamingo print!

    Erin A says:

    I like these:

    kirsten says:

    I love these two:

    Melissa says:

    I love the blue floral case

    Kristina M says:

    I love the “choose kindness and laugh often” print!

    Berty Ayliffe says:

    they are all gorgeous!

    Jessica says:

    I absolutely have fallen in love with all the prints and they are all so inspiring!!
    I love all the card prints: these are amazing

    thanks so much even for the opportunity to win :)!

    Yoshiko says:

    I love this cactus print:

    Rin says:

    Loving the cacti prints, zz plant print, and fiddle leaf fig print!

    Annette says:

    I love the phone case you posted

    And this cute wrapping paper

    Everything is so cute, I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite a while and I’m redoing my bedroom with a gallery wall now and those prints would be so perfect! My favorites:

    Jessi says:

    A few faves:

    Delia Arce de las Heras says:

    Emily says:

    The blue floral phone case is bonkers amazing!

    And the flowering Cacti V Print

    Alexandra says:

    Bouquet 1 Print:
    Flowering Cacti Cards:

    Becky says:

    I love this cactus print!

    Michelle says:

    I started a New Year’s resolution to send real birthday cards in the mail to all my friends this year, and these are totally the sweet and unique style I’m always looking for:

    TIFFANY HAN says:

    So fun!

    These are my faves:
    (I’ve bought and sent this many-a times!)

    Erin A says:

    Love the tulip fields case!! Just visited the tulip fields outside of Seattle this weekend 😊

    Allana Dente says:

    I cannot get over their abstract phone case!

    Raquel Running says:

    my mom would love this card for mothers day!

    Bobbie Jane says:

    Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Print
    Palm Print
    Flamingo print

    Joni says:

    All so pretty. I could really use some beautiful thank you cards.

    Irida Mete says:

    How SUPER CUTE! These are my faves!


    I love the designs and colorful play!!!!

    Amy says:

    I love all the birthday cards, especially this one-http://ourheiday.com/collections/birthday?page=2

    Maggie says:

    I LOVE the tulips fields phone case!

    The cards are also amazing….

    Sarah H. says:

    love this beautiful phone case

    Jen says:

    love this phone case

    and these cards!!

    CD Thibaut says:

    My favorite:

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