enter to win $300 to spend on home decor at ! they have beautiful handmade goods that are crafted by artisans around the world. their handmade baskets and bowls are really pretty. you can make a wall arrangement with them like this one…

home decor giveaway | designlovefest
home decor giveaway | designlovefest

what would you choose if you won? we’re really into their colorful baskets and blankets. let us know in the comments below to enter to win!

home decor giveaway | designlovefest
home decor giveaway | designlovefest
home decor giveaway | designlovefest
home decor giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the local & lejos  and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite items from their collection!

one winner will receive $300 to spend. the winner will be chosen on february 17th at 10am PST. open to u.s. readers only, sorry! use the code DLF15 for 15% off through 2/17. 


Add your own

    Elisabeth says:

    Wow I love their stuff! Here are some favorites:

    I just love the beautiful colorful blankets!! Each one is prettier than the next! =)

    Amy K says:

    What colorful and beautiful pieces!

    I would love a blanket:

    Or these gorgeous tea towels!

    Gabriella says:

    Oh I love their store so much! I’m in need of new pillows and blankets for our bedroom and living space, so I’d have to go with the:
    Neela Pillow:
    Rosado Serape Blanket:

    Preeti says:

    LOVE the baskets! Especially this one:

    Alessandra says:

    I just love the Atsi Basket in Burnt Orange

    Elizabeth Fever says:

    I’m loving the bowls and baskets! This set of nesting bowls is so beautiful!!!

    Abigail says:

    Love these bowls and trays. They remind me of some my mom has as gifts from friends in Africa and South America.

    Hope says:

    These are lovely products which go to wonderful causes-I’m glad to hear of this company.

    Amanda U. says:

    I love this blanket!

    Sonja says:

    I love the striping on the San Marcos and La Lagunas pillows!

    Chloe N says:

    I love all of the baskets but especially the Atsi basket in burnt orange!

    Erin says:

    I love the large baskets:

    And these bowls:

    Maria says:

    I love and need this basket
    I love this pillow as well

    Rachel says:

    love the Atsi basket in black:

    Leah says:

    My bare walls need this!

    jennette says:

    I want the neela pillow!

    April V says:

    I really want one of the blankets!! Especially this one: !

    Cynthia Bell says:

    Definitely one of the baskets! I just moved into a studio and need something to pull double duty as functional, yet attractive hamper.

    Rin says:

    This would be great as pillow storage in the living room:

    Kelley King says:

    Love the small Bariku bowl:

    and the Heera Pillow:

    So beautiful!

    Haley says:

    Love all the patterns! Especially the tea towels and napkins sets. Thanks for sharing these!

    Megan Lecy says:

    give me alllll the baskets!

    arin says:

    me me me me me! love all the color!

    Nicole says:

    I love the vibrant colors of this blanket!

    Jordan says:

    Would love to add this basket to my collection: and this blanket would brighten up my apartments cool palette. Love local and lejos!

    emily says:

    Love all the baskets, especially this one:

    mary says:

    I love all the pillows! Especially this one

    Cecilia says:

    the tea towels are so cute!

    Katherine says:

    I am smitten with the beautiful woven bowls. We always need more storage too 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    I absolutely love all of the products on here, and especially love the cause!

    My favorite item is the burnt orange basket. Looks amazing and is functional!

    Lindsey says:

    What a fun shop! The colors and style are a perfect match for my home. Thanks for sharing!

    Some of my favorite items are:

    Andrenna says:

    Those baskets! Heart eyes emojoi!

    Janet says:

    the blankets!!! amazing colors and I would want them all!!!

    Amy W says:

    Everything is cute and colorful! Especially this blanket:

    Julie O. says:

    What an awesome site – and the products fit so perfectly with the decor already in my apartment. I love this basket (all the baskets, really) and it would be perfect storage for my small space:

    Danielle says:

    We are big readers/writers in our home so I would love the baskets to put journals, magazines and books in – but kind of conceal them at the same time.
    The bowls are also perfect for our entryway table!
    Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂 My fingers are crossed!!

    Chelsea says:

    I am particularly LOVING Local and Lejos’ Muhanga nesting bowls () and the Rosado Serape blanket ().

    Caitlin says:

    would love to add a few baskets and blankets to our casita!

    Isadora says:

    These nesting bowls are great!

    Obsessed with all the baskets – like this one

    maggie says:

    All of the blankets are beautiful, but this one is my favorite:

    Liz says:

    The small boga baskets are amazing – just what I’ve been looking for

    Natalie K. says:

    I want those bowls and baskets! Annual health insurance for one of the artisan’s family members, that’s the best!! Hats off to Local + Lejos <3

    Natalie K. says:


    Angela says:

    I love the handblock printed napkins!

    Marie Taylor says:

    The napkins! and the nesting bowls!

    Sara says:

    Beautiful! Everything in their shop is like a work of art.

    Nina says:


    <3 <3 <3

    brookstar says:

    I love the atsi basket!

    Kristi says:

    This pillow is exactly what my sofa needs.

    Eva-Marie says:

    Wish this basket wasn’t sold out!!

    Love this tray:

    Susan Miller says:

    These baskets would be perfect for my house!

    The Serape blankets!! <3 We would put them everywhere!

    Rachel Brown says:

    I love their baskets, especially the Atsi Basket!

    Yoshiko says:

    This Neri Tray is so gorgeous:

    Brenda says:

    I want all the baskets- I could find a place for them all!!!!!


    All the bowls are beautiful, but I really love the Muhanga nesting bowls:

    Taylor Davis says:

    Dying over this basket!!

    Fingers crossed!

    Rachel Smith says:

    Beautiful pieces!

    Staci says:

    I would love any of the blankets or baskets – color color color!

    Meara says:

    I am in love with these pillows!

    Sidney says:

    I love this basket:

    And this pillow:

    Danielle says:

    You can never have enough baskets!

    Joni says:

    All so beautiful! I love the Sisal Peace Basket.

    Ashley says:

    These are gorgeous!

    Beth says:

    Great company! I’m picturing myself on a beach with one of the Rosado Serape blankets (even though it’s freezing in NYC and I don’t have a beach happening soon):

    Sydney says:

    I love the Bariku Bowls
    and the azul serape blanket!

    Janel A says:

    Great company! Can see me living with tons of these products

    Katie says:

    I love the Heera pillow!

    Michelle Pfaff says:

    I love the Neri Tray!

    And this blanket is so bright and fun..

    Meegan says:

    I love all the colors! Below are the items I would love for my home!

    Rebecca says:

    The ATSI BASKET is my favorite!

    Johanna Miller says:

    Love the Sama basket!

    There are so many great things! I love the Atsi basket and the Marino Serape Blanket, about a dozen other things.

    mia says:

    These napkin prints are gorgeous!
    Love the pillows too!!

    Lisa says:

    I would love to have the large Sama basket and LOVE the Cerceta serape blanket.

    Rachel says:

    I die over this basket!
    And would love to hide extra linens in here!

    Stephanie says:

    A wide assortment of baskets!

    I love them all!

    Amelia says:

    so many beautiful things: , ,

    Rachel says:

    Oh I love all the blankets. But this might be my favorite!

    alexis says:

    I love the baskets – this pink one is too cute:

    Donna K says:

    Yes! I love Local and Lejos!

    Betsie says:

    I love the Oaxacan plates!

    Chanel says:

    i would love to purchase the boga basket:

    thank you!

    Mel says:

    I would love to make a wall arrangement out of these neutral toned baskets!

    Tessa says:

    Love this site! Here’s what I loved most:

    Pretty much anything would be fabulous!

    Cheryl says:

    My favorite items are the Banana Leaf Rectangle and Marino Serape Blanket.

    Alyssa says:

    ALL of their blankets + pillows! Very neat stuff!


    Brittiny B says:

    These baskets are lovely.

    Val says:

    I’ve been looking for a large basket to mask an ugly flower pot. One of the large baskets would be beautiful!

    Mary G says:


    Mandi says:

    Wow! What’s not to love?!

    I have a long hallway upstairs freshly painted glossy white and begging for something beautiful. I can imagine several different baskets on the wall hung a bit haphazardly . There’s a window and alcove in the hallway. Perhaps some hanging plants and pillows under the window as a meditation spot!?

    This basket is gorgeous!

    And this blanket would be perfect for today in that spot

    Maggie says:

    I love the pillows and the colorful blankets!

    Erin says:

    I’d love some pillows:

    And a basket:

    I’ve been looking for a pretty basket to store all of my blankets in. The large Sama basket would be perfect!

    Alejandra says:

    Absolutely in love with this blanket’s bright colors!

    Allysen says:

    this blanket:
    this basket:
    this pillow:

    Kaylee says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Boga Basket!

    I just moved to a new place – and though it’s bigger than the previous space, it has much less built-in storage. I’m looking for ways to creatively (and prettily) create my own storage systems. Baskets are cute and functional!

    Jessica says:

    The Asti Basket is a gem! The Rasi baskets would make great storage !

    Katie says:

    I LOVE all of their serape blankets!!!

    Svetlana I says:

    Gorgeous items!
    I love this basket:
    and this bowl:

    Wren says:

    I love the Lari Tea Towel and Neela Pillow!

    Lindsey T says:

    Those baskets are my fav of favs!

    Alyssa says:

    Love these items!

    This blanket is gorgeous!

    Lily Higgins says:

    Love this basket…

    chelsey says:

    love local and lejos! i love all the serapes and especially the bowls!

    Bernadette says:

    Acquiring something beautiful for the best of reasons. I will definitely purchase from this wonderful site. Hope they get more table linens soon but in the meantime, love their blanket/serapes, like this one

    Thank you for the new lead and for the chance!

    Caroline says:

    Definitely hard to choose, but I’m crushing on their blankets now!

    Christina says:

    I’m loving the Sama Basket and Akazi Bowl!

    Melody says:

    Yay! I love social enterprises that are about the triple bottom line! My favorite is the Sisal Peace Basket:

    So earthy yet poppy and joyful at the same time 🙂
    Thank you, Bri and Local and Lejos!

    Michelle says:

    beautiful items!
    this bowl belongs in my house!

    i also love these tea towels

    Morgan says:

    Lovely products. Love a company with a soul! Be mine beautiful blanket…

    Denise says:

    Baskets baskets baskets!!

    Tiffany Banks says:

    Ahh so many I love!! Here are a few 🙂

    raq says:

    love this striped pillow!

    I love this Sama basket

    Emily says:

    Love the Zera tray!

    Kacie says:

    In love with all of these!

    Eva says:

    Love the neela pillow as well as the baskets!

    Maria says:

    love their products!

    both of these would be wonderful!

    Eva says:

    I love this basket:

    Niniane says:

    These tea towels are perfect:

    And I love the teal in this bowl:

    carly G says:

    Love the soorya pillow,

    Jen says:

    Love this super cute little basket, it’s got a hat!

    Andrea says:

    Love this basket and this bowl is really pretty too

    emilie says:

    oh wow, what a cool website ! I love the indian napkins, too bad they’re sold out 🙂

    Perrin says:

    Love these bowls!

    coral says:

    my new house wants these pillows and basket so badly! 😉

    Noel says:

    Love the bowls!

    Lolita Hill says:

    I love the blankets and the drink cart glasses.

    Megan H says:

    Well everything is lovely, but knowing what I need to complete my vision of my home, I would say these are my favorites:

    (I am loving the shape of this one)

    Jessica B says:

    Love the bowls!

    Lauren says:

    The designs and concept of this entire site are beautiful.

    Rachel W says:

    This blanket is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Catina says:

    Absolutely in love with the Bariku Bowl!! I want to fill a whole wall with these beautiful bowls!

    lisa says:

    I will take this delightful basket gem:

    Meagen says:

    Love Local + Lejos!

    Hillary says:

    all about the zera and neri trays right now

    Taylor says:

    I love the story behind this company!
    This bowl is amazing:

    And this dish towel set:

    Sharon says:

    Love the blankets!

    sydney85 says:

    Love the Atsi baskets. It would be great to have in the entryway to deal with scarves, hats and gloves.

    Zoë says:

    So much good stuff! I love the blankets:

    Talitha says:

    I love their products and even more than that, I love their mission. Seriously, it means so much to see a brand with a great cause behind it
    This pillow is adorable and would look great in my place
    This tray is killer too

    Melissa says:

    I love local and lejos, I follow them on Instagram! These plates are my favorite…

    Eryn says:

    I love the zera basket. And all the blankets.

    Holly says:

    Loving the Sama Basket:

    and this gorgeous blanket:

    Anne L says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! I really love the baskets and specifically the smaller sisel baskets.

    irena says:

    I can see how the blankets and the baskets can make my home much prettier

    Rosa says:

    I love the Neri tray and the San Marcos pillow. I love this shop been following them for awhile.

    Lea says:

    So in love with everything!

    Amanda H. says:

    here are some of my favorites.

    Stefani says:

    Love the banana leaf baskets and the tea towels! You can never have enough tea towels!

    Kirsten says:

    The minute I saw the brilliant colors of the Verde Serape Blanket I knew it was for me:

    Kimberly R says:

    I love

    A Green says:

    Everything on this site is wonderful but These 4 pieces are my absolute FAVORITE as both can be blended into any interior scheme, especially my classy coastal/surf chic themed living room!

    Erin J. says:

    I love this basket!!

    HB says:

    Ohh! That basket!

    caroline says:

    my husband is guatemalan… so I’m kinda partial 😉

    although those baskets are gorgeous!

    Ansley says:

    Love all those baskets! But this bowl is my favorite thing on the site:
    That green and tan basket is a real close second though.

    Erika says:

    I love the sama basket!

    Everything is just so pretty!

    I really love the Marino Serape Blanket, it reminds me of being home in Santa Fe.

    Hannah says:

    I created a very similar project for design school recently and I love her mission!

    Some of my favorite pieces are:

    Haley says:

    in love with so many things, especially the bowls!

    c grove says:

    The napkins and sisal peace baskets are to die for 🙂

    Tori says:

    this blanket:
    and this beautiful basket:

    Savannah says:

    This basket is so beautiful! I had a hard time choosing my favorite thing. The world is full of so many talented and creative souls.

    Devin says:

    Really like the Akazi bowls!

    Ervina says:

    The tea towels!

    Lindsey says:

    These are my faves!!

    alexis says:


    Jamee Sailor says:

    Dying over this!

    megan says:

    This pink basket!

    Laura says:

    Love the Soorya Pillows, but love the goodwill and hope that they are promoting more!

    Christa says:

    I love the bright colors of this blanket. Picnic time

    Loren says:

    I would totally get some pillows, like this one, , to refresh my couch. And a cool basket () to store all of our dog toys in!

    Mish says:

    Definitely these:

    Francine says:

    The serape blankets are the best! I think I like Arco Iris the most, but any of them would be lovely.

    I love all the blankets and bowls! *heart eyes*

    Alicia says:

    I would get the large Sama basket!

    Anna Meacham says:

    Ive had my eye on these!!

    Kayla Krantz says:

    I’ve been DREAMING of having some of these bowls:

    Josette says:

    In LOVE with just about everything on this website!! I need it in my life!

    Lindsay says:

    Gah!! I’m in love with this stuff!! These are my faveys

    Kimyee says:

    I love the Neeka Tea Towel Set.

    Thank you!

    Francesca B says:

    I am in love with this site!
    Cerceta Sarape Blanket

    Navy/Orange Muhanga Nesting Bowls Set

    Sisal Peace Baskethttp://www.localandlejos.com/collections/baskets/products/karongo-basket-1

    Ashley says:

    These nesting bowls:
    This basket:
    And this blanket:

    Lindsay says:

    i love this morado serape blanket:


    Rebecca says:

    Love the simple design of this, it would be great in the guest room to leave a few welcome treats in when we have visitors:

    All of the serapes are gorgeous. I have always wanted one for my bed for chillier nights.

    Aida says:

    Lovely shop! I like this bowl and these napkins too

    Aimey says:

    I’m a huge fan of their blankets. They would add so much color in a small piece to my modest living room.

    Megan says:

    I love these:

    LowMe says:

    These bowlsssssss 😍

    Alicia says:

    This pillow!

    ariel says:

    wow, one of each, please!

    Lauren says:

    This neutral bowl!

    maegan hall says:

    How awesome! I love their products AND the heart behind them! The baskets are probably my favorite, including but not limited to…;)


    Thanks for this giveaway, Bri! xoxo

    Can I just post all the things?! Se b-e-a-utiful 🙂

    Jaclyn says:

    Can I just post all the things?! b-e-a-utiful!

    Lauren K says:

    The Rosado Serape Blanket is stunning!

    Courtney Hilow says:

    I immediately fell in love with this blanket when I saw the photo on this site:

    I also love a good basket. Perfect for laundry, clothes for another season, or linens in general:

    This bowl is great too, it reminds me of American Indian art seen in my hometown, Flagstaff, AZ:

    Claire says:

    The boga basket is great!

    Shadia says:

    LOVE those blankets! The Azul Serape blanket is my fav. Reminds me of the Texas desert.
    Also Atsi Basket and Sama Basket are the best <3
    Thanks for sharing.

    Kayla says:

    Loving all the table linens! I’m in the process of buying a house, and these black and white details would fit so nicely!

    Erika says:

    Love the large Sama basket!

    Shannon says:

    with a house full of kids these baskets would be so useful!

    melanie says:

    Love the baskets!

    Jody says:

    I love this basket: and this blanket:

    ELIZABETH P says:

    I love baskets of every shape and size

    kelly says:

    I love the nesting bowls

    Romie says:

    The Akazi bowl would be amazing for fruit in the kitchen!

    Bethany says:

    Such beautiful handcrafted goods. I’m fond of the small zera bowl for a catch-all on my bedside table.

    I love the colors of the Akaki bowl.

    Lauren B says:

    I love so many of the things!

    Camille says:

    The napkin sets are so pretty !

    melbajo says:

    i love everything! but especially:

    Lea Anna says:

    I like their pillows, especially this one:

    Jaci says:

    I love all of the blankets! esp this one:

    Mary says:


    Mel says:

    So in love with these:

    theresa j says:

    I would love the Sama Basket

    Chantelle Walker says:

    I love the bowls! I would get a few to decorate my wall like they show 🙂
    Buuut I also love this pillow:
    choices choices! lol

    Sarah says:

    Love love love! I’m currently draining my daughters room… Her 6-year old self NEEDS this colourful, not too sweet throw… Ps.. Might steal it for Saturday morning cuddles ;)http://www.localandlejos.com/collections/blankets/products/arco-iris-serape-blanket

    Vanessa says:

    LOVE IT!

    Eryn Matheny says:

    Here are are a few of my favorite things

    Amy says:

    I love this basket!

    Sarah says:

    Perfect blanket for the beach –

    Becca says:

    I have been dreaming of making a wall collage with these baskets, but they are sooo expensive and not as beautiful in ny!

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