inspiration vibes | designlovefest
inspiration vibes | designlovefest

something happened to me this year. it’s honestly beautiful and exciting and i’m so happy about it. i have never felt more creative, maybe ever. i’m not sure if it’s the new year’s good vibes, the not drinking and eating healthier, my shift on the blog, or the fact that i finally feel pretty content with my life. usually my creativity comes in spurts. very all over the place and sometimes not there at all when i’m reaching for it. i feel like i used to be most creative when i was sad & moody. but for the past few weeks it has felt like nonstop inspiration, ideas, and happiness. gosh i hope that’s infectious because i want you all to feel what i’m experiencing!! it feels like anything is possible.

my hope is that i can keep it up. i’ve been trying to just stay in that creative mindset by nonstop research, planning creative shoots just for me, thinking about traveling, making positive personal choices, keeping a good attitude, lowering my stress and realizing that worrying is most of the time just POINTLESS. how do you guys usually stay on a creative path and not stray from it? i feel like the trick is really focusing and feeding it.

i’m just going purely experimental. i started a hashtag last night on that i hope you join in on, where i showcase people’s dreamy photos before bed time.

it’s been so invigorating hearing all of your comments and emails and snaps about how much you like the new direction of the blog. it’s a HUGE part of what is keeping me in this headspace, so thank you. lots of love, bri

inspiration vibes | designlovefest
inspiration vibes | designlovefest


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    I did go through a really low phase creatively in the last 2 months.. But your blog always gives me a positive boost and make me want to try new new things.. And I LOVE the new blog direction. It feels more relatable and natural. This space has always played a huge part in putting me that positive head space. I always leave feeling Inspired!!
    So thank you Bri 🙂 and the whole DLF team. xoxo

    so good that you’re feeling inspired! we’re the lucky ones, for we can see what’ll come out of it! keep up the amazing job you’re doing here 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    The new blog direction is on FIRRREEEEEE!
    Love it!

    Becca says:

    loving all of this. have you read elizabeth gilbert’s big magic? it’s ah-mazing and absolutely addresses the idea of celebrating your creativity from a healthy, happy, grateful place rather than feeling like you can only access that part when you’re tortured. highly recommend! (and it’s probably the perfect plane book for your upcoming travel.)

    bri says:

    cool, becca. i’ll check it out!

    Sammie says:

    I keep meaning to comment every day, but better late than never: LOVE the new (or return-to-the-old) style and direction that you’re taking DLF! 🙂

    Jessica says:

    This new direction is on point! Keep going, keep being creative and keep getting us inspired 😉 x

    Sarah says:

    I’m so excited to see what you dream up, next! I love your work, spirit, and soul!

    Nancy says:

    Great to hear you’re feeling so inspired, I find that feeding my creativity with brainstorming, browsing through images, listening to new music, and daydreaming helps to keep it going for me. I’ve recently started dabbling in brush pen calligraphy and even though I feel my writing is by no means perfect, I get out my pens and paper every day to doodle and try out different things, and I always become more inspired by it, so I’m definitely keeping that up 😊
    Also, I absolutely love what you’re doing on here, and on Instagram and Facebook, keep up the good work 😁🎈

    Stephanie says:

    Loving the new direction. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come!

    Vanessa says:

    It’s funny what can happen when you stop worrying and start moving at the pace of your own happiness. Some people think that means slowing down but thank you for sharing that it can actually move things along. So happy for you, keep it up!

    Evan says:

    Your decision has really inspired me as a begin planning my blog’s theme and content. Thank you for being you in the wide world of the Web. It matters.

    Beryl says:

    This resonates with me so much! I think it’s fantastic you’re feeling so creative– I hope it’s infectious too (:

    Frances says:

    You’re so inspiring, Bri!

    Laura says:

    You’re amazing. I’m not much of a commenter but I’ve followed your blog for years and love your desktop images. I always have one of yours on, and switch up when I find something that calls me to do so! Everything you post is so inspiring and lately I’ve been scrolling through loving everything you post. Keep doing what your doing, your style is amazing and inspiring. LOVE!

    Jessica says:

    Yaaassssss!! So exciting!!!! Congrats!


    Kelly says:

    I can feel your inspiration and it’s inspiring me! I don’t usually comment but have followed you for years and have just gone on a commenting frenzy 🙂 Love what you are doing, thank YOU!

    Alexa says:

    So excited to see your blog head in this new direction. As a novice to design, sometimes I would be intimidated by your blog content but this new phase opens my novice mind to design in more non-designer friendly ways. It’s way inspiring!

    I’m just so, so happy for you.

    Jordan says:

    I genuinely believe it’s the lifestyle changes! I’ve been using class pass consistently for the past year and I feel the same! My stress is lower and I’m so much happier.

    A lot of the classes remind me of everything I’m capable of rather than what I’m not. 🙂


    Gladmama says:

    Oh girl! You got this!

    Susie says:

    This makes so happy. Thank you for all your creative energy!

    I looooove your new direction! Seriously, I look forward to every single one of your posts and they all inspire me so much!

    Amanda says:

    Like so many others, I am LOVING the new direction. It feels like when I first started reading your blog! More authentic, more inspiration, more random, more love!

    I noticed on this post and one or two other recent posts that there weren’t credits for the images (unless I’m just missing them?). That’s disappointing, as I would love to know the source, and I’m sure the photographer/creators would love their work to be credited.

    Denise Netzley says:

    For me, creativity is best when: I don’t feel like I’m running in front of a freight train. That means not being overbooked and over stressed. It’s also imperative to have time outside or at the least in a place where your mind can wander. Bri, you’re amazing

    m says:

    Love that the blog is back to it’s original spirit AAAAND on a new direction. I’ve been following you for site for years and was missing old Bri. Thanks for bringing it back.

    Katia says:

    I used to be most creative with my writing when i was sad or gloomy, but have ALWAYS found that i am happy and creative and inspired for visual work at the same time. It’s such a great rush isnt it!?!?! 🙂

    Sarah says:

    I just read a great article sharing some secrets to long haul creativity. After reading your blog I thought you, too, might be interested in the article:

    Andrea says:

    For me it’s plenty of rest. (And reduced stress). When I’m tired I am just not creative. When I have had plenty of rest the ideas bubble up whatever I’m doing.

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