business card giveaway! | designlovefest

we’ve got a MAJOR giveaway for you small business owners this week! one lucky winner will get to make custom letterpress business cards from ! they do everything from start to finish locally and use an actual printing press from 1915. she made our business cards at designlovefest last year and i still love them! they were so fun to create, i choose gold and pink edges that look great when you pass them out…

business card giveaway | designlovefest
business card giveaway! | designlovefest
business card giveaway! | designlovefest

she also has lots of great items in her like wrapping paper, vintage postage and letterpress cards. be sure to use the discount code below for 20% off everything in the shop! 

business card giveaway! | designlovefest

how would you design your business cards if you won? comment below with your answer to enter to win!


here’s how to win…

1) visit the underwood letterpress  and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with your dream business cards and links to your favorite business card designs!

one winner will receive 250 custom 2-color letterpress business cards on 2-ply 100% cotton paper including design services and domestic shipping. (a $550 value!). the winner will be chosen on november 25th at 10am PST. use the code DLF2015 for 20% the entire through 12/20. open to international readers, yay!


Add your own

    Nandita says:

    Loving the pinks and golds. Very pretty and sassy!

    carly G says:

    My dream business cards you look like yours but with gold/silver instead of gold/pink and diamonds/gemstones instead of hearts, since I am getting ready to go back to school to become a certified Gemologist.

    Giuditta says:

    Absolutely in love with the pink&gold ones *.*

    Love this letter press design!

    Heather says:

    The dream business cards for Birdhaus Co. (www.madebybirdhaus.co) would be extra thick and toothy cotton paper, die cut bird houses in the shape of our logo. One side would be a full bleed feature of our logo in a striking bright yellow from our color palette with the white bird and opening in white. The reverse side would then house our good old info!

    Meaghan says:

    These are fantastic! I would definitely incorporate the polka dots from my logo/header, and the scripty lettering for my blog/shop name. And I’d love love love to have my signature gingery orange/red (I like to call it “steamed crab”, haha) on the sides. Her work is incredible! I love the texture on these cards:

    V. Boyle says:

    Love the simplicity of the Fillainy cards!

    Brenda says:

    I loooove the details in the EventsbyTaryn cards!
    And the colors of the cyan ones! <3

    Kristen Dunn says:

    I would absolutely LOVE gold edges for my business card. I can’t help it, but I’m obsessed with the DLF business cards .

    Alisa says:

    LOVING this simple one-color foil card . For our blog, rayandablog.blogspot.com, we’d love to have cards with a simple 1-2 color foil and letterpress!!! Pick us!!!

    Annie Reeves says:

    I love the simplicity of the Reverie cards – but I have to have the gold edges. Too cool!

    Laura says:

    These are gorgeous! I would do black on black letterpress with a pop of color on the edge.

    Robin says:

    Love the surfer vibe & gold edges!

    Elizabeth says:

    Simple, with gold accents and maybe a flourish of watercolor!

    Elyse G. says:

    Love the gold edging, but I also love the black & white Kikori business cards. *fingers crossed*

    What gorgeous cards! I have a small business specializing in artisan crafts and original paintings. I would to have something that combines some of that imagery with these beautiful designs. Thank you.

    Allison B says:

    Love those blue edges…certainly stand out! And with the gold? Lovely.

    Lindsay-Jean says:

    I would like to do something pretty simple but incorporate the dip-dye like on these rsvp cards:

    Carlotta says:

    Love the ability to have colored edges.

    Lindsay S says:

    Simple and classy! I run a small architectural watercolor shop and I’d love to include the dip dyed look of this design combined with the nude ink and deep impression of this design what a wonderful opportunity!

    Swoon! I love how DLF did yours. The gold foil is to die for

    Heather S says:

    I love the look of the simple, clean black fonts and graphics with the gold metallic edge…..classy!

    I also am really diggin the cactus wrapping paper!

    Katie LC says:

    all of these are really beautiful and minimal

    Bridget says:

    Love the old school printed quality of these:

    Michelle P says:

    Have been in love with Underwood Letterpress ever since you created yours! Love the thickness, bright eye-catching edges, and unforgettable designs. I’m dreaming of white/black business cards, definitely some gold cursive, and bright edges! These are incredible:
    And these obviously..!!!

    Scout says:

    This is awesome! I’d definitely use the gold on the edges…and maybe everywhere else. I’m working on starting my own photography business, so these would be amazing!

    Lily says:

    My boss has been drooling over the idea of having thick business cards with colored sides all year. We are moving to a new location in a month and need to order new business cards. I will definitely have to suggest Underwood Letterpress to her. As far as dream business cards I love these layout ideas!

    Zoë says:

    I’d love a simple, but bold (and memorable) design. Your cards are such an inspiration

    Radhika says:

    The Taryn + Co. business cards are gorgeous! I love the plain diamond style letterpress on the card and the classic black script lettering. I would love something similar with gold edges, like yours!

    Clare says:

    The gold foil is pretty crazy delicious, but I saw some invites done in copper foil and charcoal grey… I would love to play with those colors for something super simple and text-based for my knitwear design co. 🙂

    Ansley says:

    I have never wanted to win one of your giveaways so bad. I would LOVE to have half with rose gold edges (shown here: ) and then the other half with a light mint blue color edge. Then white on white letterpress for my logo on one side and my info/social media in mint blue on the other (done very minimal and small). Fingers crossed I can make it happen much earlier than I thought.

    correy says:

    this is a transition season for me and i am in need of new personal branding. these letterpress cards would be a dream!

    Can the green fiddle leaf be printed on a business card? That would be dreamy!

    Plus gold sides? kill me now.

    Holly says:

    I love the way yours turned out, and these are pretty cool as well:

    mary says:

    I love the look of yours! My dream business card would have a very colorful back like a watercolored design!

    nina says:

    Letterpress! Would definitely love to play with the split fountain effect.


    Erin C says:

    I love the hand-drawn nature of this card:

    only I would want paint paint brushes.
    I LOVE the text of your card, only in black with “The Vagabond Artist: Traveling Paint Parties”
    What a fantabulous giveaway for small businesses! Thank You!

    Krista says:

    LOVE love heart the work Underwood does!! Our dream business card would go something like this:
    -white ground
    -mint edges
    -Side 1= our name “Sunday’s” in bold mint lettering w/ a gold metallic drop shadow.
    -Side 2= our info along w/ some cute dots in a mix of gold & mint.
    I can see it now! It would be perfect 🙂
    I also like the look of this one-

    Ashley says:

    I love the look of your cards, but would want some application of a watercolor motif and script to be more fitting with my shop’s overall aesthetic.

    Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness!! Letterpressed, foiled, and painted edged cards. A designer’s dream! I’d definitely have a silver logo and maybe teal and black accents.

    ChicScience says:

    Definitely loving the pink and gold. I would also love a black/gold with painted edges! Great work lovely design 🙂

    Cadah Goulet says:

    So beautiful! I love the look of the Bethany Lynn Photography cards. The matte look mixed with the texture looks perfect!

    Cherie says:

    All of them are super gorgeous <3 would kill for any of them but particularly this one!

    Christa says:

    I started a kids necklace shop called Pretzel Pretzel Shop (@pretzelpretzelshop) that is really bright and fun earlier this year. It is pretty different than my personal work which my cards have been made for. My dream design would have little pretzel or pom-poms printed in a bright color. Yay!

    ChicScience says:

    Forgot to add the link. Yours are definitely my favorites. I also find this one interesting

    WHOA! Black type with black-and-white striped edges! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Erin says:

    Obsessed with the pops of color on the edges. Totally open to whatever. Love your style. I’ve always loved the red edge of these and adding foil to a letterpress design are what my card dreams are made of:

    vivi says:

    Wow. Simply stunning designs! I would love some silver lined business cards. Everything they do is awe-inspiring though! Great gift ideas, thanks!!

    Love love the entire concept of your cards, obsessed with the hold and gold hearts but would be emitted to incorporate the teal as well. Totally need to revamp our logo/font, something with a more modern calligraphy twist. Still simple, powerful and beautiful!!! Such amazing work! Eeeee

    Masha says:

    I’m currently working on some branding for my job search this spring (last year of art school, ah!) and while letterpress business cards aren’t currently in my budget, the bold, blocky style that lends itself so well to letterpress will always have a special place in my heart. This design is one of my favorites. So charming!

    The vintage stamps at Underwood take my breath away! I don’t know if I could send any away if I got a hold of some, honestly.

    April says:

    How funny! I just ordered letter-pressed business cards for my vintage clothing shop I’m just starting. They also include gold foil *swoon* Would love some more though. This is a great give away!

    Lauren Rae says:

    I love the look of letterpress, and would absolutely LOVE to have cards with gold edges, a simple and clean design, with a look that is complimentary to my wedding photography portfolio!

    Candice L says:

    These are so stunning and I love reading about everyone’s vision for their cards! I’d keep mine neutral but detailed. I’d have my logo in the center with a moroccan tile pattern letterpressed behind/around it. Painted edges because, well, just because! And then my info arranged simply on the back.

    Dresden bacarra says:

    I love the all white business cards. There’s an understated chic-ness to them!

    Lisa T says:

    Would love this! Obsessed! Thank you for the opportunity! Especially love the design of your cards with the foil edging – just in black, white and a splash of color. Also adore the letterpress ones, beautiful and classy!

    Daisy says:

    Absolutely love the gold edges!! I would keep it fairly simple with logo in front with some gold foiling, and store info and social media on the back. 🙂

    Jamie Long says:

    Ahh! I’ve loved your cards since you posted them last year. I’m also a FIDM alum and am working and building my business as we speak – as well as rebranding my design company Wild Rose Creative. this would be such an amazing blessing! i’m envisioning gold edging with my new logo in a cinderella-esque soft blue with gold details. Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

    katie says:

    I have to say, I think the pink and gold are still my faves 🙂

    Kirsty says:

    Love these business cards, would love some with the gold edging and in gold foil with gold stars to match our logo!

    Megan says:

    I love these your biz cards Bri! Letterpress is hands down the absolute best I think- feels and looks the absolute incredibly fine! I have a logo and some ideas for what I’d like but I would love the input of underwood letterpress too! Fingers crossed as I’m just building my illustration and design site now! <3

    Loren says:

    Would love some cards for a produce/flower farm that my husband and I are starting. The teal and white ones shown on the Undwerwood business card page are simple, yet eye catching.

    Lindsey Lutz says:

    I feel like my blog () and Underwood are a math made in heaven! My faves are the Design Love Fest cards, The Fillainy, and the turquoise ones with the icons. I have an awesome idea for design that includes a lot of black + white with a touch of hot pink foil to add to the “Lutzurious” factor. Great contest!

    Lucinda says:

    Hey! OMG this competition cam just at the right time! I love what you’ve done with these business cards, I’ve been looking for ages for someone that can do copper/rose gold foil! I love the idea of having them polka dot across my cards!

    Julie Chang says:

    This would be so perfect for us!! We are small starting off in the beauty industry and I am looking for someone to do business cards!!! I absolutely adore the pinks and gold business cards. Please pick me!! 🙂

    Charlotte says:

    Ah what an exciting giveaway! I’ve dreamed of letterpress business cards for my blog but you and me both know how pricey they can get.

    This is a link of our current business cards. I love them so much, but wish they were letterpress. We did the gold foil heart..but in letterqresssssss?!?!!? That would be a dream. Along with gold edges. We attempted to do them ourselves, but that didn’t quite workout great. I would love the social media icons letterpressed too.

    Ah to dream.

    Lourdes says:

    Totally in love with the design Underwood letterpress made for you. The colors, the texture, the design, all of it, definitely a winner. We would love to win this prize to pop up our business.

    Anna says:

    Love how simplistic, yet so striking these are. Very cute! I love the design and the colors together. Really makes an impression!

    We are a new design company and just about to print some new business cards which is very exciting. It would be a great start to win this!

    My fave business card design is a combination of the coloured edging of ‘DesignLoveFest’ and the simplicity of ‘Garrett Markenson ‘http://www.underwoodletterpress.com/business-cards/


    Caitlin says:

    Letterpress biz cards would be a dream! My ideal design includes a square shaped card, white logo against a black background with hot pink painted edges 🙂 Getting so excited thinking about it!
    Something similar to this:

    Mag says:

    I’m a new therapist and I’ve always liked the idea of having a butterfly on my business cards, and probably a few different shades of blue.

    Callie says:

    I’m ready to finally take the leap and be my own boss, and these business cards would be an amazing addition to my brand! I would love something that is black or white with a gold edge. Similar to this:

    Annie says:

    a card that would make the paper lover gasp when I hand it over. paper that that (practically) can’t bend. and subtle, clever touches that make you think ‘oh, youuuu!’ perhaps a blind embossed ‘Fest’ from my logo, though i’m in desperate need of a rebrand of that thing! no links because, really, i would link to this page 😉

    lindsey says:

    Wow, beautiful!! The Kikori ones on this page:

    are my favorites. Vibrant and straightforward – just how I’d want mine to be.

    Stephanie says:

    I would LOVE to have letterpress cards!!! I love a gold letterpress of my floral wreath style logo and be able to have my company name in color with the sides matching in hexagon shape to match my branding. I just love their work and your freakin cards are the BOMB.COM…the end!

    Megan says:

    My dream business cards look like the DLF ones on her site, the gold border is EVERYTHING!!

    Katie Lyons says:

    I love black, white, and gold and think it is so classy so I would love for one side to be all black with my shop name in gold foil, the edges to be gold as well and then the other side be white with black lettering with all of my info.

    Lauren says:

    Love these business cards. I am about to start my own design shop and would love to have some business cards. I really like simple designs, and definitely a calligraphic font/writing on them. Love the gold edge as well!

    Abra says:

    Your business cards are stunning. I am an actress, comedian, and writer who would love business cards to be able to hand out for networking. Winning the giveaway would be so helpful for me who is working with a comedian’s wee earnings. My favorite business cards are the one you created for Design Love Fest and . My dream business card would have the pink metallic gold edges and gold and black lettering detailing my information and website.

    Alexa says:

    This giveaway would be a dream come true… my business card background would be this pink ombre from rifle paper company on both sides (). Then my circle logo on the front in foil letter press with my information underneath and the back my longer logo in letterpress! Also it would be on really thick cardstock.

    Taylor Davis says:

    eeeep! As a freelance designer, there isn’t much money in the budget for business cards like these! Winning would be a dream! Fave card –

    Dani says:

    Me! Me! Me!

    Love this, but would use my logo orange colors!

    MJ says:

    I love the pink/gold ones made for DLF, but I think I would opt for a blush and gold set, very modern and minimalist. I am trying to do more freelance work in addition to the graphic design I do at my FT job (because that can be stifling), but it’s hard to get started and get ones name out there… maybe some snazzy business card would do the trick 🙂

    Kyeshia says:

    I LOVE the gold foiling. I’d love to do a square business card with gold foiling! So beautiful!

    Courtney says:

    I’m in the process of rebranding and I am currently redesigning my logo! I can’t wait to land on a design I whole heartedly love. What would be more perfect then seeing it come to life with the help of Underwood Letterpress?! The style of Underwood Letterpress would pair perfectly with my desire to style my brand with an understated elegance.

    I’m a big fan of the style & simplicity these business cards bring to the table!

    Lauri says:

    I have started my very own leather necklace business and looking for original design for my business cards! I think Underwood letterpress has some amazing designs to offer. My favourite:
    Simplistic cards with logo

    Ilse says:

    I have dreams and plans to launch my own website and business selling my original art!
    What I’ve designed so far for a business card and logo is a hand drawn print of my first and last name with 3 white evergreen trees and the background is a deep rich green. Throw in some hexagon shapes and vualah!

    April says:

    I love and want these! So creative and cute!

    Elizabeth says:

    Amazing giveaway! I love the simple turquoise icons and pop of turquoise along the edges!

    Gwendo says:

    loving the idea of black on black with a pop of edge color

    Dee says:

    Love the dlf cards gold and pink are my favorite colors !

    tan says:

    I would love something simple but bold. Like this one!

    Allie says:

    I love letterpress business cards! These are so beautiful. I recently made a beauty inspired business card with some red framed, gold lens lolita sunnies. I’ve been dreaming of seeing it with gold edges. Colored edges are always eyecatching! Beautiful work.

    Anna says:

    AAAH – I LOVE THIS! I’m a total sucker for old craft reinvented – and letterpress might be my favourite one. I’ve been wanting to get some letterpress business cards for years – but I simply haven’t been able to afford them… After years I’ve finally started to set up a my own small business (De Kleine Wildernis – trans. The Small Wildernis) – selling my photography and crafts… Analogue, slow art and handmade are some of its keywords. Here is a link to my Pinterest, where ive made a branding mood board. Working together with such a talented artist and craftswoman would be an honour! x

    Jana says:

    As a YP (young professional) in the ad world, this give away is an absolute dream! I’m absolutely wild over these recycled brown card stock with white lettering from Eva Black Design: . I also like how a circle card really stands out–but I doubt I could muster the spunk to add the watercolor like the Art Bar girls:

    Anonymous says:

    Classic black and white with gold edges and an original red dahlia heart design somewhat inspired by the designlovefest heart background from valentines day:)

    s says:

    white embossed logo with a jewel tone or gold on the edges

    Ashley says:

    Of course the DLS business card in their custom section is my favourite!

    In terms of my dream business card it would be letterpress in a on white in bright purple ink with metallic silver painted edges, with my word mark in a purple foil.

    Plus I dream of having letterpress notecards too. I love so many of Underwood press designs:

    So happy to discover Underwood through you, just signed up for their newsletter.

    Thanks so much xo

    Desiree says:

    My dream business cards would be white with a gold and pink font and fluorescent edges. Also include an ice cream all over print.


    Lindsay says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! I am launching a handmade home decor line of ceramics and fiber art. I much prefer the simpler graphic style of the Bethany Lynne Nuaert cards with the metallic edge. They are simple and timeless.

    Yara says:

    These are just perfect! 🙂

    Katie says:

    I absolutely adore these business cards! After the holidays I will be going into my last semester of graduate school for fashion merchandising in the Bay Area (yay!) & have been searching for a company to print cards!

    My dream card is to have an outline of the seven continents in gold on the back side of the card. Have these amazing pink edges, as seen in the classic designlovefest cards & then On the front side, include all of my information! It would be SO amazing to have to opportunity for a talented letter press company make my dream cards for me! x

    Sarah says:

    As an emerging artist who sometimes works in printmaking, including letterpress, having letterpress cards would be great. My current business cards were very cheap and have an image of a screen print of mine in the background, but the colours are off and I have made a lot of different, better artwork since I had them printed. Something straightforward with just type, no images would be best. And I love the gold!

    Lorna says:

    What a dream! Love Underwood – if I were lucky enough to win I’d pick gold foil and black as my colours. Not sure if they count as business cards but I love these calling cards that they did a little while back –

    The white-no-ink on the ‘hello, nice meeting you’ cards are also just so great! <3

    Chrissy Shea says:

    Gosh – such a hard question! My imaginary business card changes daily, but I would want it to reflect the simplicity that handmade pieces start from – my handwritten signature, some graphic foil elements gold, of course), and maybe a little black and white spotted pattern. Something that shows my hand lettering love, but leave room for by business to grow! xoxo – it would be a dream to win this!

    Amber H. says:

    So beautiful! I love the idea of a gold letterpressed card with gold edges for my Etsy shop!

    Kaylie Bryant says:

    My dream would be for save the date cards for my wedding next August instead of business cards actually. I was planning just to send a save the date through email to save money but this would be a dream come true to win this one! I WOULD do some pink sparkle or gold…. something SUPER simple letting the emboss be the star of the design. Please pick me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Christian says:

    (I forgot a few things in my first entry so this is a redo;)

    I’m in love with classic at the moment- black, white, gold edges, and a red dahlia heart design inspired by the designlovefest heart backdrop from valentines day:)

    Danielle Landy says:

    I really enjoyed the gift wrapping paper! Link:

    Christina says:

    Wow! Love everything on Underwood Letterpress. Thanks for the sharing.

    I really love the simplicity of your cards. I’d probably go for something similar with our logo and info letterpressed in gold. Then edge stained with forest green. Kind of sounds like a dream!

    I find thedieline.com pretty enjoying for packaging/branding inspiration:

    I remember drooling over your business cards when you first posted about them. I just recently redid my personal branding because I am graduating from art school and looking for a career in the Fashion Industry. I would love love love the opportunity to order the dream business cards that I couldn’t afford. My design would have my name in a script font letterpressed on the front with gold / light pink edges and my personal information on the back.

    Xx Taylor

    Joy Allen says:

    I’ve been meaning to redesign my business cards! I would love to deboss+gold foil my own signature on a matte charcoal card with one cobalt blue edge.

    Stephanie says:

    I love anything with color pops and gold foil!

    Morgan says:

    I was just looking into gold-foiled business cards, but can’t quite afford them at this time, so HEY GIVEAWAY! I am a globe traveller and decorator (see my Instagram @morganburnard or @creation_collective) and I think sleek and classy business cards are the next logical next step in my business!

    Raye says:

    I’ve been dying for new cards, and listings after letterpress. Blush and gold a little calligraphy please!

    Laura Henry says:

    love them! I would go for gold foil for my logo, black paper and either pink or gold pressed in between.

    love bethany’s and design love fest, also garrett markensons

    Maurine says:

    Oh my gosh, this would be a dream! I love the simple design of th DLF cards—especially the touch of color on the sides! So I’f probably do something like that. The white and teal ones on this page are great inspo as well:

    Erin says:

    Wow, what beautiful letterpress cards from Underwood Letterpress! They capture the look and feel of DLF so well!
    I’ve been on the hunt for business card designs lately and love the colored edge trend, especially in gold. Because the new branding I’m working on for my web design company Erie Pacific incorporates lots of deep blues, whites and gold and my love for all things water, I would love a deep blue background with white type and a gold edge, pressed to look like the map of the Pacific Ocean near Santa Monica where the depths are indicated by different lines, like this map shows:
    Or a subtle, abstract wave pattern would be a great textural element too. That would be something to be really excited to hand out!

    Tessa says:

    My dream= anything that shines with my simple logo icon and info. probably pink and blue 🙂

    I’ve been looking for a beautiful set of business cards for my start-up (www.labellecharlotte.com), and I absolutely fell in love with the pink/gold set. I feel like the color would compliment our company logo and really help our brand stand out.

    Jenna Gregor says:

    STUNNING! The letterpress texture & vibrant colors of the gold & teal would be my dream business card. I’m seeking to get business cards made up as graphic design student getting ready to graduate. Underwood Letterpress is really imPRESSing.

    If I won, I would want to apply what I have in my old cards with some new flair! Currently, one side has a photo on it, so I would try to come up with a new solution that would really let the letterpress work shine! I hope I win!

    Tanya Val says:

    OMG what a giveaway!!!

    My dream business card would be:
    The entrire card would be a very light blue over layed with hand lettered “Tanya Val” with smaller text underneath “photography and lettering design” in orange! And obviously orange edges!
    Oh man, there’s a heart stealer!
    Thank you!

    Jessica says:

    Gah I love business cards with gold foil. Thats my dream business card – black and white with gold foil!
    (Nov.25 is also my birthday so fingers crossed!!)

    alexis says:

    I love this getaway. I have letterpress business cards and it is time to update them. I love a simple black logo and name on white paper, but the colorful ones on Underwood’s site are making me think bigger!

    Betsi says:

    I love these letterpress cards & love Underwood press! Sold next to her at Unique LA last year, she’s the best! I love these cards with the gold, would love some metallic red on the sides & my logo is gold on Kraft colored cards. Here is one of the cards on my mood board:

    Teresa Lang says:

    Fantastic work! I don’t have a link, but I know I’d want something with minimal design, a pop of color, and some texture!

    A mix of blind impression and colour letterpress on a nice thick stock! ♥ These ones truly make me swoon:

    shannon says:

    Sweet business cards! I gravitate toward minimal design but with a splash of color. Love those gold edges!

    Sarah Byrd says:

    Yum! I want square, thick blue and gold cards with my bird logo printed in a corner.

    Love the Bethany photographer cards! And, the teal edges on the square cards!!

    Karina Ramos says:

    Ever since I saw DesignLoveFest business cards i’ve been in love with the idea of having letterpress and gold edges and details for my cards. It looks so stylish and chic!
    My perfect idea would be my blog’s logo, golden edges and my personal information letterpressed in gold on the back!
    I’m madly in love with gold, and it would be amazing to win this cards. Thanks for sharing Underwood Letterpress, all their work is BEAUTIFUL! Once again Bri, you give away inspiration and amazing tips!
    Sending lots of love from Costa Rica,Karina

    Briana says:

    I love your cards designs–it would be such a perfect fit for Confetti’s style!

    Ciara says:

    I would love to have new letterpress business cards! Black ink on white paper, gold edges for that extra little sparkle. Yours are awesome, Bri and this is a great giveaway! Love the shout out to a local business.

    I love ANYTHING letterpress. This giveaway is seriously my dream.

    Marie says:

    Gorgeous. There’s something so impressive about receiving a beautiful, cool business card. My dream business cards would have a mix of gold foil and pattern. I love these:

    Richard says:

    I love that she uses an old printing press to make all of these beauties. I appreciate the time and extra effort it takes to make things more simply. My bitters company, Root Bitters, does the same. It may take a bit longer to make, but at the end of the day the most important thing is the quality and flavor. I want my business cards to convey all of that, with thick grey cardstock, bronzed edges, and a stamp of my handmade labels on the back. A nod to times and techniques past.

    Anja says:

    Ohhhh!!! Nice!!! As a freelance graphic designer I love simple but special business cards … like this one … … ♥

    stacy graves says:

    I’m an interior designer but I have very little graphic design ability! I’ve tried using pre-made sites for business cards, but they have always turned out “wrong”. I’m dying for some amazing custom cards, and have always loved the simple business card with a statement color on the edge!

    Maggie says:

    I love the gray with gold edges, classy but still stands out!

    wow! so many entries…& all such great ideas! this giveaway could not have come at a better time, actually. i am a newlywed who now has p l e n t y of time to focus on branding my dream. tenelevenstudio was dreamed up during the height of wedding planning & i have yet to have the time needed to dedicate myself to this new stage in my life. i am IN LOVE with the blue foil edges on underwood’s cards for @kroevents & the subtle quilted background design on events by taryn + co’s cards. I am drawn to blue tones & since i am a letterer by trade i would most likely help design the font of my company name. i have also always dreamed of having a small heart with a calligraphy nib in the middle as a small logo. here are some examples of what styles i am drawn to: 1. 2. 3.
    good luck to all the entries & those tasked with the difficult choice of picking a winner! xoxo

    Michele R says:

    Ahh what an amazing giveaway!! My branding has pastel rainbow grids with mint and gold accents sealed with a kiss from my own lips! So I’d love love love for it to be rainbow holographic with lavender edges! My current business card obsession had to be the ones made for Ban.Do!

    Muezette A. says:

    I’m so excited that you and Underwood Letterpress are having this giveaway,I’m a female dj playing all vinyl (so the design is fiting) and would love to have a business card similar to the link with metallic jungle green edging,that’d have me standout in the sea of djs in Los Angeles.

    Amanda V says:

    Letterpress cards have been on my “to-do list” for years now, I wish upon a fish that I win this!

    Marilia says:

    I’m about to change my whole business’s identity, these would be awesome to show people how grown up my business has become 🙂

    I love the ones with the blue edge, so pretty

    Svetlana says:

    I’m really digging the gold edges. I would also include some sort of geometric design in gold.
    Really love this, too:

    Mandy says:

    Letterpress + pink + gold would be my picks

    Elisabeth says:

    So hard to pick! I would probably choose a card with the colored edge and gold-foil //

    Mary Russo says:

    I love the cards you chose with the colored sides, a nice little pop! We would definitely go with a black background with white text and a pop of color side, like maybe a spearmint, or a yellow. I love the ones on Underwood letterpress site that are black with the green side! I also really like this design..

    Jo says:

    For me letterpress is always best in a classic Black! a good font & a contrasting colour edge and I’m in heaven!

    Fantastic giveaway… would LOVE to handout your bizcards and i know it would be awesome for my brand to have such artsy high-quality representation. I am a DC Photographer for portrait and fitness! I just handed out my very last card this morning at whole foods ;)!!!! I love the KRO Event cards with the tourquiose side.. my brand colors are silver black teal and light grey. STUIO 1527. i really love the subtle white on white nice meeting you cards… so cool. crossing my fingers I get picked ! XOXO

    Kelly says:

    What I lack in design knowledge I lead in collaboration! Pink and gold or pink and white. Classy, elegant, simple. Pick me, oh please pick me! This is the start of something great 🙂 @kvogt3

    Kelly says:

    Whoopss!!! Forgot to enter my email ○○ winning description ◇ see above ○》》
    @kvogt3 empowering business venture coming soon 2016○ standby ^ ♡

    Jenny says:

    I love them all! I would do something like the DLF cards with hot pink and simple block lettering 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Wow. Love your work! My sister and I started a bagel business to fill a hole in our hometown! Goodbye, “rolls with holes.” I’d love your help designing/producing a business card that tells the story of our business. Our bagels crisp, chewy, topped on both sides and made with organic ingredients!

    I love these Kikori business cards:

    These too:

    And these:

    Kate says:

    Wow. Love your work! My sister and I started a bagel business to fill a hole in our hometown. So long, “rolls with holes.” I’d love your help designing/producing a business card that tells the story of our business. Our bagels crisp, chewy, topped on both sides and made with organic ingredients! Thanks for the potential opportunity!

    I love these Kikori business cards:

    These too:

    And these:

    Camille says:

    Of course foiled edge and foiled print;)

    Oh man, what an incredible giveaway! I absolutely adore letterpress, and have always been fascinated by this art form.
    I am a florist, and had some custom botanical illustrations done for my branding suite. I would love to see one of these illustrations along with my logo pressed into some thick, delicious cotton!
    On the Underwood Letterpress site, my favorite design is this one:

    Janel A says:

    This is perfect! Just in time since I need new business cards am obsessed with letterpress! Since I’m a designer I have a business card designed already but I love all her work

    Lindsay S says:

    Simple and classy! I run a small architectural watercolor shop and I’d love to include the dip dyed look of this design combined with the nude ink and deep impression of this design what a wonderful opportunity!

    Dusti McCraw says:

    I love your business cards! My air plant & succulent gardens small business would greatly benefit from some eye catching marketing. Maybe green & gold??

    Logan says:

    I love the extra special feel a letterpress card gives off. For a business card, I would love to juxtapose a thin hand-drawn element, like the cactus card from the home sweet home series, with a bold sans serif typeface, like DLF logo uses.

    Erin says:

    OMG. This is incredible. I am a minimalist, so my dream business cards would be something simple and streamlined but that packs a visual punch 🙂

    Some of my favs:

    Erika says:

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the gold rim and a pale pink . A classic font would be absolutely stunning to finish them off ..

    Ms Raspberrykitty says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!
    I’d be ever-so-grateful with biz card that include purple, and I’m thoroughly smitten with the textural cards!! Especially love that amazing printing press and attention to detail. <3

    Amanda says:

    I love the DLF business cards! The gold rim is just stunning.

    I would LOVE to win this! I’m trying to take my blogging up a notch and a high-quality business card set would make such a big impact. I’d love mine to be black & white with a hint of sparkly gold. Ideally square – something a bit different than the classic rectangular shape. I already have fonts and a logo on my site, but I’d love to keep it clean and just list my website, email & handle. No need in overdoing it!

    love the gold rim of the DLF cards as well! since green is my favorite color and is also in my logo, something like this except with white instead of black would be fabulous!

    Elisa says:

    Ohh, I’ve been dreaming about having letterpress business cards made!!
    I am an Icelandic jewelry designer, just relocated to Los Angeles.
    I LOVE the colored edges (specifically gold & black), would love to have clean, simple & straight forward logo design on the front, like the ones Underwood Letterpress made for you, incorporating some gold foil details, similar to on these invitations:

    Kelly Ann says:

    Wow! I’d love something similar to the DLF cards, but with teal edges. Letterpress is so beautiful!

    I actually love the designlovefest cards best! The black white and gold is so beautiful and works so well with the other colors to create a cohesive and fresh batch of cards! I’d love to have some beautiful black white and gold cards for my calligraphy business. Thank you!

    Nina Keast says:

    I am a graphic designer in need of business cards for my freelance work! My dream cards would be a on thick cotton paper full bleed matte black with my logo embossed in gold. I love the gold edges as well!

    Oh wow this would be such a blessing for me if I won! I just started my own business but still haven’t made my business cards due to lack of time and money. I would LOVE to have business cards made and printed from Underwood Letterpress! I just love your business cards, Bri! For my business cards I would love to have a very minimalist and simple design with a charcoalish black background and my logo/lettering in white like the KIKORI business card but the edges would be painted gold instead of the green. <3 #swoon Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

    Emily says:

    Wow, your work is so gorgeous I don’t even know where to begin!
    Of course, I LOVE the Design Love Fest Cards > , but am also obsessed with this gold splatter >
    So excited to have discovered you… xx

    Sarah says:

    Yours but square and black+gold. Amazing giveaway!!

    Last yr, when Design Love Fest business cards came out, i absolutely fell in love. I have followed Underwood Letterpress ever since with the hopes of one day purchasing my own business cards from them with a similar feel for bjoijewelry.com The giveaway would be the most amazing gift, but regardless, i know that one day i will gift myself with these mini pieces of art!

    Natalie says:

    I love the gold foil edges of the Design Love Fest cards, as well as the simplicity of the Reverie cards! We just launched our company and would love to have a kickstart with some new business cards 🙂

    Sophia says:

    The business card design that I love the most are yours! They’re beautiful and are defiantly a statement maker!

    Hayley Lyons says:

    I am a freelance graphic designer and have always wanted to do a letterpress card. They are beautiful, I would have a bright neon fuchsia and lime ink on a navy cardstock. I’m obsessed with neons right now but other than letterpress or custom pantones they are so hard to print. Hope I win!!! Thanks!

    Underwood Letterpress is my jam! For 9fifteen, we love playing off of our gold logo and watercolor. In my dream world (there are many of them), we’d have 9fifteen in gold foil on top of a watercolor background. The social icons would also be gold foil.

    The list goes on!

    Megan H says:

    I have started two companies in the last six months: a freelance design biz and a hand-lettering greeting card/print company, so business cards are always necessary! Especially beautiful, foil ones.

    These business cards are fab,
    And these Underwood invitations are beautiful,

    Erin says:

    Wow, too many beauties to choose from but I think the Bethany Lynn Nauert and Fillainy business cards are my favorite. So simple yet striking! ( and )

    My dream business cards would be a tessellated cube in shades of teal and gray on one side, and short-and-sweet info in a sleek sans serif font on the other. I’m in the process of changing careers and applying to jobs in my new field, so winning would be a dream! <3

    Kayla says:

    This giveaway is incredible! My current business cards are super old. I actually letterpress printed them the night before my thesis printmaking show which feels like a lifetime ago. I would love something timeless for my business cards–a good black with a pop of color.

    Kellee says:

    My dream business cards would be simple but colorful and timeless. On the site, I obviously LOVE bri’s, and the Fillainy ones are beautiful, too!

    Laura says:

    Ciao! Ecco il link del mio business card preferito! Adoro la tecnica di stampa! Sarebbe un sogno per me vincere! Sono agli inizi come grafico freelance con il mio personale brand fralalagrafica! Iniziare con un business card come questi sarebbe fantastico. Unica modifica: niente cuori, ma uno splatter!

    Sara says:

    I would love to do a card for my jewelry business in blush and gold on a thick stock. Feminine but modern.

    bex says:

    making this girl-in-the-process-of-opening-up-her-own-online-vintage-hat-shop choose a favorite business card design is like making her/me choose between angel food cake dolloped with fresh strawberries or mint chocolate chip ice cream. impossible! says she. but if it’s mandatory, she’d/i’d be going with the pink + gold from dlf.

    Beth says:

    This is amazing. I can’t imagine winning! These business cards are a dream.

    I went to the site and looked around, and I love everything! I think choosing would be the hard part. The colored edges are amazing.

    Fingers crossed! 🙂 Thank you for the introduction and the giveaway!

    Ryann says:

    I’m in the midst of a re-brand @thebrand_stylist and would be thrilled to win this giveaway! Love the Underwood Letterpress work. My dream card would be tactile and memorable with a clean hand-drawn design. Some inspirational links:

    Emily says:

    My dream business cards would be my personal branding with my fun illustrations on the back. I love the colored edges! I’m a graphic designer and have dabbled in letterpress in the past so this would be a dream!

    Underwood, your products and work are so adorable!!

    Meredith says:

    The simplicity of just the gold foil “confetti edge” is perfect. Seriously perfect. This would be my ideal business card – crisp, clean, beautiful!

    Nariné says:

    Underwood Letterpress is way cool, and your b.cards are perfect! Really liking the vertical style. If I could re-vamp my cards, I’d like to try a vertical layout – my business name up top, The Grits, info on bottom – ivory stock, 1 color letterpress in a dark forest green ink. The foil edging is really tempting…I’d probably choose gold, too! Fingers crossed… Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    Jamie says:

    I love the colored edges, especially the gold! I would have mybusiness name and simple information on the front, with classic detail in an aqua or black.

    Aoife G says:

    As a graduate irish architect I would just love new business cards to get me started! Absolutely in love with these styles:

    Love the coloured edges, really love orange colours. 😀

    I would love one with my logo on gold in the front part, and in the back my info with tiny dots, and blue on the sides 😀

    Kari says:

    I recently started The Brand Boutique, a digital + print design business and I have been searching for an excellent company like Underwood Letterpress to collaborate with! I’m obsessed with gold foil 😉 and would also like to incorporate fun patterns and textured paper in a business card.

    christine says:

    What great style!! I really love the thick stock with the gold foil edging. What a wow moment when you hand that off to a new friend. Since I’m a “more is more is better” kind of gal, I would also do my name in gold foil on the front with my info, websites, and on the back in a nice, deep pinkish red. Glorious!

    christine says:

    What great style!! I really love the thick stock with the gold foil edging. What a wow moment when you hand that off to a new friend. Since I’m a “more is more is better” kind of gal, I would also do my name in gold foil on the front with my info, websites, and on the back in a nice, deep pinkish red. Glorious! I loved every example I saw on the site…so I’m linking to the business card page!

    Yasmin says:

    These are beautiful!! I would love cards with a gold/silver edge, logo repeated into a full bleed pattern on one side and details on the other. Fingers crossed!

    Ivory says:

    Love the “Hello, nice meeting you” cards at .

    molly says:

    Something like the business cards below would be amazing to celebrate the opening of my husband’s new business (The World Music School) and to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary (paper baby!)!! Fingers crossed big time!!!

    jamie says:

    my dream business cards don’t exist yet because they are for my own business! 🙂 LOL. but i saw some recently by chelsea at go forth creative () that are totalllly dreamy.

    Sarah says:

    Well, this is great for an afternoon fantasy moment! I’d love a business card similar to the Kikori, but with gold foil edges and perhaps a deep purple or burgundy instead of black.

    kate says:

    Adore these cards for LA DORADA
    by BUNKER3022 .

    Sarah says:

    Would love neon pink edging with holographic or foiled ‘ runaround sar’ on one side and neon pink lettered info on reverse side

    abigail says:

    i would love gold foil on black card. And a repeat in gold foil on the back. This is the greatest give away!!! thanks! xo

    Ashley Bryant says:

    I have put of printing my own business cards for so long now, this would be awesome! Plain, simple black and white, with a gold edge.

    Or blind press with a gold edge… so many options!

    Mylaine says:

    I looooove letterpress print and it would be a dream to win business card! I’m more a minimalist type (really love the white embossed card on the underwood site ) but always fall for gold foil too (gold edge? Love it!). That’s an amazing giveaway !!!

    Emily Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness, I love her work!!! I recently started teaching yoga, and I would absolutely LOVE to get some business cards! I’m obsessed with all the designs she has on her website:

    !! <3 !!

    Sara says:

    How beautiful! I love embossed designs where you can feel the texture on the card, like this one here:

    jackie says:

    My dream business card is everything in this post. Amazing paper, colored sides, LETTERPRESS. Would die to win! Nothing says serious like a business card that feels amazing in your hands.

    Michal says:

    Love the gold accents and geometric patterns!

    Laura says:

    I’m in love with these!

    Tina says:

    Underwood press is amazing! Our dream business cards would be our current design but with gold just like yours. LOVE!

    Kat Forsyth says:

    Gaaaaah, those are freaking gorgeous! Letterpress with gilded edges make me swoon. Unfortunately metallic isn’t really in my brand, as I’m more chalkboard with bright blue, coral and yellow, so it’d have to be one of those colours in the edging!

    Velsie says:

    Ahhh this is so exciting! I am actually in the middle of planning a layout for my business cards but this caught my eye and now I’m even more excited 🙂 I would love a dove grey card, lightly textured (to mimic the texture of watercolour paper) and add a dash of watercolour with gold foiled lettering & edges! I am a calligrapher/letterer, so I would love to design it with my handlettering if possible as well! Love this!

    Danielle says:

    I really like the weight of the paper they use. I love to redo mine with a gold foil.

    You’re timing couldn’t be more perfect. Friday is my last day working as a home goods buyer for Anthropologie. I’m leaving to pursue my passion of interior design. It’s a scary time, but I’m looking forward to running the show! I’m in serious need of a good logo/presence and would love to win these bomb business cards. I love the border detail on these. I think I’d like to replicate that in possibly a light grey tone. Then maybe one side would show off my gallery wall skills and the other would have a great bit about how to me. While not applicable for my design business, I love when cards take on another life – like this! ().

    Would love to be chosen – stunning cards like this would make a wonderful impression on future clients:)

    Christa says:

    I have to say, my favorite cards are those for Design Love Fest! I’d go for a minimal look with a feminine vibe. Maybe black, white, blush, and gold!

    I actaully already have cards designed and printed and would love to have them reprinted with letterpress! I also love these square cards on the Underwordpress site

    amanda says:

    I love the DesignLoveFest ones!! Everything about them is exactly what I would like, especially the metallic gold! 🙂

    Kristen says:

    My best friend and I are getting ready to launch our very own line of custom-printed, solar-reactive tanks and tees and we would DIE of happiness to have your help creating a business card for our company, HOTTEE. Our logo is black and yellow and white, with a sun as the ‘O, so we’d love to do something creative with that–maybe even incorporate our solar-reactive inks (we print on fabric but they work great on paper too!). PLEASE pick me/us. We’d love the help and to have such a lovely card to hand out with our products! xoxo – Kristen

    It’s pretty darn hard to top your cards Bri – especially this snap (static1.squarespace.com/static/55d23970e4b07ede5b874495/t/56455e80e4b0adbf27e791c4/1447386754402/?format=500w).

    Heres’s some inspiration for my own cards…






    I’d love something with rose gold foiled edges, clean typography, a great graphic element or pattern, & some space for note-taking!

    Violet says:

    Gold lettering on a white card & the sides hot pink!

    MK Stinson says:

    Copy of my current card but updated font! Thick Solid Black on one side, white on the other (font vice versa), red edges.

    Amanda says:

    I love the snail mail cards! But mostly would sooo love to win new business cards! I need a professional update to mine for sure! Her designs are so great!

    Alisha says:

    I think I found you through your business card (on ). I have loved it since I saw it! I am currently trying to design my own branding/business card, and would love gold edges! It would be amazing/helpful to win this comp!

    I also love the metalic blue:

    renata says:

    just in love with gold foil, i want it everywhere:

    Abby says:

    A crisp blue and gold situation would be my ideal business card. A mix of serif and sans serif fonts… or maybe a big lush font. Classic with a twist is my style! 🙂


    Natalie M says:

    Black and gold, sharp, very clean, I’m a massage therapist and those are the colors of the spa I work at, I love the thicker paper, it gives it a rich look and stands out, this image inspires me

    Lydia says:

    My dream card would be something close to the design I have no but of course letterpressed with gold foiling! Inspired by this blind press:

    Kayla Haykin says:

    LOVE these. So pretty! I want something magical and FUN like the ban.do girls’ business cards!

    Christine L says:

    I definitely would get some lavender, gray and gold in there.

    Ana Ribeiro says:

    This is a giveaway come true, so amazing! So beautiful work going on here.
    If I won I would like my business card to have a peachy letter color on high relief in a clear and clean background. I love the business cards from “sketch” in London and I think that would be a inspiration for me.

    Kelli says:

    My wife and I are starting our new business this month! Would looooove gold letterpress cards!!!

    Love these!

    kelli says:

    I would love square business cards with the gold edge. really clean and simple. just the logo on the front and my name and email address on the back.

    Dana S says:

    I’m a lawyer so the look has to be clean and streamlined but I love a pop of gold

    Jenn says:

    My dream business cards would definitely include some gold foil and would incorporate my lettering (as that is what I would want my business cards for!)

    Love the simplicity of the white on white business cards () as well as the quilted texture for the back of these business cards! ()

    I live in Kittery, Maine. I am a library clerk part-time and an independent style contributor to the local newspaper and magazine part-time. I need to approach shop owners and stylish individuals in the street sometimes. It would be helpful to have a stylish business card to give me some street cred. I focus on sustainable style. I like to promote body positivity. I would like a card that could somehow represent that.


    Susannah Petrounov says:

    I love a bold pop of color with striking text! I’ma freelance architect so I’m looking for modern clean classic lines in a business card! thx

    Catina says:

    letterpressed simple two color with a pop of maybe gold would be my dream business card. Loving these: 😀

    Something bold but sophisticated… with a touch of metallic, of course!

    Anonymous says:

    100% gold fooooil. ✌️

    alexia says:

    100% gold fooooil.

    Letter pressed business cards?! So fancy!

    I’m a designer/painter and in my wildest dreams I’d love to have a business card with holographic foil stamp and colorful edges on thick card stock.

    I think these business cards are the bees knees:

    Linda Takano says:

    I am so inspired by the quilted look on your Events by Taryn design. I’ve just started my own homemade soy candle business, so something like this would be a dream! I am envisioning warm cream cards with a blind quilt impression & gold edges (yas!!)

    Goldi says:

    wow, THANK YOU Bri and Underwood for this fab giveaway, so super generous of you! So I started a new business adventure a few months ago called Goldirocks — so far I just live on Instagram (@goldirocks.co), but I really need to get my sh*t together and launch for real — and amazing business cards would be such a gift at this time, launching is so expensive! I sell fun and sparkly crystals, so my card would be fun, bright, and have gold in it (obviously, Goldirocks!!). As far as a link/inspiration, Bri’s business cards have been saved to my board forever, they’re my fave! <3 Thanks, ladies!

    Teegn Waugh says:

    Love the cool simplicity of this design. A touch of colour and a lot of style:

    I would LOVE a minimalist and elevated card | gold edges, gold L, quote, and information. Your company would help make my brand come to life! I need to place a new order and would love to work with you moving forward – loving these – |. |


    Hayley Grant says:


    With a bit of my handwritten details in gold. I’d freak! please let me take my busines to the next level!

    Kat says:

    Those gold edges are divine! I’d have those a few paint drips!

    Dylan Lowe says:

    I love hand lettered script. Especially in black and white because of its timelessness. Also, Hello colored edging! In love!

    Marcey says:

    I saw these when you originally posted about them when you got them…a year ago! LOVE! Getting my ducks in a row to launch Details in Ink, my custom calligraphy and hand lettering company. Would LOVE a mixture of the DLF cards and the blind embossed cards. Perhaps my logo would be blind-embossed on one side with my details and website in gold foil on the other, to match the gold edging! A girl can dream, right?! Love, love, love!!!!

    Jada Scruggs says:

    I would love a classic Navy in my own script on crisp white cotton with a gold or navy side.

    Ashley Yazzie says:

    Oh, man. I want to win this contest so badly! I am in the process of building my own styling company in Phoenix. I’m crushing so hard on Underwood Letter Press business cards. Having a stylish, high caliber card is just what I need to represent my body of work. I couldn’t figure out how to link my favorite cards from Underwood Press here, but my favorite was the black and white eel with the bit/do/eel. I would love to have a snake on mine with my business name on it. Very rock and roll. Which is the vibe I want to send out for my styling.

    I have been admiring the designlovefest business cards for so long! They are my absolute favorite! I am the owner of Paper Wishes Design – specializing in custom stationary and paper goods. My dream business cards would be similar to designlovefest… My logo in black, with the arrows in gold and gold edging 🙂

    Rosemarie says:

    Would have to have the pink edging to match my fabulous PinkYorkie logo. Beyond cute!

    Jessica says:

    Anything- ANYTHING with gold foil! It’s the right amount of elegance and pizzazz I need and also- heart eyes for days!!

    mindi says:

    like a mullet: business on top, party in the back (or on the side, in this case).

    I seriously sometimes day dream about what my dream business cards would look like. I’ve even tried to hand make them. They would be all white, front and back. Turned horizontally, the front would have my logo (three triangles in a row, turned like play buttons, because I’m a videographer) on the bottom left hand corner. Ideally, they would be cut out, so you could see through them (making it so you would see my logo on both sides of the card. I’m not sure that’s even possible, but I love the concept! Instead of all four sides of the card gold rimmed like DLF, I’d only have the two longer edges rimmed with gold, while the other two edges stay white. On the back side, I’d have my buisness name in gold, and all my info in black.

    Victoria says:

    I love letterpress!!!! I would love my business cards to have my illustrations (simple black line drawings) on it, opposite corners rounded, and gold edges. All on a natural white cotton paper or brown/tan paper like so….

    I have always admired the DLF business cards- just beautiful!! This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time because I have wanted to go to ALT Summit for years and I’m finally going in January!! I have been a little stressed about getting new business cards made, but gorgeous letterpresses cards would be divine!
    It’s hard to choose a favorite; I’m dying over everything on your business cards page () but I really love the all white “hello nice meeting you” card and maybe doing a pink colored edge with that! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! SO many fun products from Underwood to browse!! :)) Thanks for doing a giveaway! yay!

    Eva says:

    I would love something pink, bright and bold! Similar to these: Love the designlovefest cards!

    Jackie B says:

    My favorite would be something sleek and minimal but striking. Similar to this (in letterpress). Yay! So pretty!!!!

    Kat H says:

    I’m having trouble adding a link from the site! I would like a light blue watercolor splash background and I love the sunken/raised typography! Thanks for the chance to win Bri!

    Danielle says:

    I love greeting cards so much! My fav is the Holitoddy card! The drink of choice for my friends and I in this cooler weather!

    Danielle says:

    I love the Fillainy card!! I would do that with gold edges.

    Or these kind of already go with my website branding! Watercolor background with black writing instead of blind press?? So dreamy!

    Nesha says:

    My favourites are yours. I love edge painted business cards, especially if they’re bright!

    Angel says:

    I have been wanting to get some letterpressed business cards but haven’t been able to afford them, so this would be amazing! I think I would like one side to be some illustrations in halographic foil on white paper and the other side would be my info in pink and black ink on light pink paper with a pink painted edge. Love your cards! Here are some of my fav business card ideas: Thanks for hosting this! Fingers crossed!

    I designed myself the most hideous cards late one night awhile ago. Even my eight year old didn’t like them. All 250 of them. Not one of them has made it out into public view. Sigh. Clearly I need help and looking through the designs on Underwood’s site…I need their help! xx

    Selma says:

    If Im the lucky one to win this gorgious price, Im going to give it to my lovely daughter who owns her own buissines…would make her even more happy than she allready is!

    Jill says:

    Oh the timing could not be more serendipitous I am moments from sending a file to be printed and would love to have it letter pressed with gold edges – every design on her sight is fantastico!

    Alina N says:

    these are so pretty! i’d definitely go for white and yellow + embossed patterns!

    Freya says:

    I think these ones are pretty cool!
    Or even these ones.
    I have been putting off getting business cards for way too long!x

    We are going through a major brand overhaul and relaunch for our new company name on January 1st and this couldn’t be more perfect!! Plus I LOVE Underwood Letterpress!!! We are changing everything in our company to reflect us as people more since we through so much of ourselves into our work. Our new company will be called Grit & Grace and we need badass business cards stat.

    My dream card would be all black with our new logo in black blind pressed or black foil somehow. I would even love for the edge to be painted rose gold. Oh my gosh….wouldn’t that be cool!? Please pick us…it would be so appreciated!!!

    Erin says:

    The extent of my dream business cards would be simple, small, colorful!
    I love the business cards on her page that have the teal emoticons on them.

    As for her site, I love the Snail Mail kit (perfect for every fun mailing situation in my life!):

    And any and all of the gift wrap!

    aryn says:

    Wow your cards are worderful, never seen before… For my small business, i’d choice silver and gold colors.. xoxo from italy

    Kristin says:

    Oooo, thick and linen – with embossing and a color edge? I’d love to talk to the printer and figure something out togetehr!

    I’d design them myself!

    These ones are my absolute favorite!

    Rachel says:

    Love the teal-lined business cards for a dream business that’s hopefully just around the corner

    Mariah says:

    I love the gold and black ones! I feel like a pop of gold shows so much class!

    Arielle Vey says:

    I’m obsessed with gold edging the pops of color! Also, this design is everything:
    I’ve been dreaming about new biz cards and this would be perfect! xx

    maggie says:

    I would LOVE custom business cards for my candle business! They would really come in handy this holiday season 🙂 My favorite designs from Underwood letterpress are the DLF ones and the Kikori ones.

    I would love business cards that have green edging and a soft, cream color with my logo and information. Fingers crossed!!

    BASH says:


    Kirsten says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
    My dream business cards would be simple and happy. I have a small photography business and I do calligraphy on the side; I’d love to have something new so that I can merge the two and not have ‘any on the side’.

    (Scroll down to the bottom of these links to see the business cards:))

    Heather says:

    Love the edges on the DLF card! and the vintage stamps are sweet!

    Drooling! Can’t I have one of each!? I seriously could be given any of these designs and would be the over the top excited!? But that gold edge though! Who wouldn’t want to hire me?! I am a calligrapher so I’m so happy to find another snail mail lover with a bigger vintage stamp collection than me!

    Need/want/love them all

    wow this one I want so bad!!! this is amazing, their work is so detailed!

    I love this one so much:

    very minimalist, like my company and brand!

    Felicity says:

    Love these! I’ve been dying to redo my business cards. I’d get them edged in turquoise!
    I love these on the site:

    Natalie says:

    I absolutely love these business cards. They’re so simple and delicate.

    Anna says:

    Gold, gold & gold!!

    Jen Neal says:

    Love the cards on this site. I love the white on white/embossed cards, so smart! Also, love the new Design Love Fest cards!

    Samantha Grieder says:

    My dream business cards would be colorful, and a combination of playful and professional. Colored edges would be a must-have!

    Hannah says:

    What a generous giveaway! I’m wondering if this lovely grey/copper combo could work for a business card…

    Katie Barnett says:

    Oh what perfect timing! I am so excited to be starting up a 4-12 year girls partywear label and love the simplicity of these gorgeous business cards! Dreaming of my new business cards to have a small centred navy bow with Ginger by Kate underneath in gold & navy script, (also thinking about a baby pink & soft gold option, how lovely!) minimal but chic. Business details on the reverse side and the beautiful edging to be in navy or pink & gold! X

    Nadine says:

    I would love new business cards for my small business, Freedlove!!! COLOR please….


    Rachel says:

    Oh, a beautiful gold edge (not sure about pure gold or rose gold, though) and print font embossed in the colour of my blog headed!

    barret anthony says:

    simple – black on white with a pale peach/cantaloupe color as the edging. something both girly/clean/dramatic and to the point.

    Kate says:

    Love the minimalist look with bright pops of color and/or gold!

    Anna says:

    I would do stripes, and some gold foil. I would love to win!

    coral says:

    We need new cards so this would be perfect timing! I’d love something super minimal and maybe all black and white with a colored edge:

    jamie says:

    I would do my logo in gold with gold edges. Letterpress business cards would be a dream. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do them!!

    Katie says:

    I really love simple design—definitely black and white, but maybe with a pop of color on the edge since these are thick printed! Since I’m trying to get my freelance work off the ground, these would be the perfect way to get my name out there and really make an impression (pun definitely intended with the addition of some embossing on the cards). I’ve kind of branded myself as HashtagKatie on all social media, so incorporating some visual design of the hashtag would be 100% necessary as well.

    On Underwood I LOVE these:


    Ariane says:

    I love letterpress business cards. I love painted edges. I love gold.
    I love a very simple business card like these:

    I think I would do white with a pop of colour, very classic… it would take me forever to decide, always so hard to design for yourself as a graphic designer!!!

    Tanuja says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you 🙂 I adore something simple with a pop of blue and a dash of pink. Something like this:

    So pretty! Letterpress is pretty awesome. I love something simple and graphic like this one: I’m in desperate need of new business cards, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Lisa says:

    Oh I love this giveaway! This is awesome! My dream business card would be simple, bright and colorful. I love the simplicity of this one – I would add some color on the front site of the card

    Eliza says:

    I adore letterpress business cards and would love to have a set for my design business! My dream card would be white with gold lettering ( & gold edges!) and accents of coral.

    Kat Scott says:

    Dream Card: Hand lettering and confetti triangles <3

    Diggin the gold with the bright color on the side!

    Lilian says:

    Letterpress cards would be a dream! I would go simple and clean and let the text do all the talking. Mine is a small event and wedding planning business, so a minimalist lovebirds logo in a mint green and gold combo would be pretty!

    Courtney Hayes says:

    I’d design them with my grandma’s kitschy, mod style in mind.

    Kady Simpson says:

    I would design some photography business cards. There are so many possibilities it’s hard to just choose one but I would probably go with a gold, white & black combo!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    K. Rose

    Brianna says:

    I really love and appreciate your and Underwood’s efforts to help others with their projects and businesses.

    I’m a big fan The Girl + the Bulls branding, total package.


    Kady Simpson says:

    I would design some photography business cards. There are so many possibilities it’s hard to just choose one but I would probably go with a gold, white & black combo!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    K. Rose

    Heidi M says:

    I love the embossed prints and anything with a touch of gold! Great design for 🙂

    Julie G. says:

    I love the Kikori cards – great colors and design!

    Julia says:

    I have to agree that your cards is my favorite. There’s something about classic gold that gives it a great touch to the card. Especially the sides of the cards. Very nice looking BC.

    I love the texture of the Events by Taryn business cards. I think it adds a really special touch. Pair that with the gold edges and I’m in love!

    I’ve always loved the idea of square business cards. I’d also love to put some of my own illustrations on the cards as well. Like this

    Nancy says:

    I adore her Business Cards from Underwood Press!! The gold + pink combo is my favorite! So beautiful!! I would love to incorporate my watercolor paintings / designs onto the cards.
    Some designs I love:: [LOVE this – so fun and easy to DIY!! Perfect!]
    And this pink, gold, watercolor combo:

    Thank you! *XO

    Mia says:

    Fillainy ones are my fav

    Jill B says:

    I am desperately in need of some new business cards. My old ones were eco friendly but all of the information and just the entire look of it is so outdated and doesn’t represent who I am at all. I would be incredibly grateful and happy to win letterpress business cards. Its embarrassing to not carry any around anymore because I can’t afford proper ones that are designed well which would make clients believe that I have good taste to design music videos or commercials for them. It would just up my game by 1000% Please oh please pick me!!!

    Meghan says:

    I’m a designer, and it’s so important to have beautiful business cards! I love the branding that was done at the Claridge Hotel in London.

    I love the simplicity of these guys:

    Great giveaway! Thanks Bri!

    They’re all fantastic, and I need cards for my three sites! This is one of my faves:

    Alexis says:

    Handing out letterpress business cards from Underwood Letterpress would be such a dream! I’d love black cards with my logo in white foil and some pops of mustard yellow, probably in triangles (my main branding motif).

    I see some similarities in these cards, which I absolutely adore:


    Laura says:

    these are unreal!!!! i love their blue ones. i’d love to work with them, thanks for the opportunity !

    cait says:

    I’m about to go out on my own as a consultant after 8 years of the reliability of a full time job and I’ve been thinking a lot about business cards. I can’t pick a favorite design on the site, they are all fantastic. Since I work in international public health I’m daydreaming about cards with a simple letterpress map of the world on one side, colored edging and then a clean and simple font on the reverse. I’m struggling to find a place to have my dream cards made, so I would love to be picked for this!

    Kelly says:

    I recently started my own photography business and the one thing I’m missing right now are business cards!

    After looking around on their website, I’m positive that I would love working with them.

    I have my eye on something simple like , but I’d probably add some gold foil like the ones you have for you business (it reflects my personality).

    Thanks for opening this up to international readers as well!

    Preeti says:

    Would LOVE this!!

    katelyn says:

    Love the bold font and pink/gold edges of your cards! Would love to create ones of my own!

    Lauren says:

    So fantastically minimal!

    Beth says:

    Dream business cards! Wowza!

    I love the gold edge detailing, and hand crafted quality from Underwood.

    I’d pick the below and add my logo. Fingers crossed!


    Pernille Petersen says:

    My dream business card would have my logo letterpressed, and mint green edges.. 🙂

    I really like the b/w Bethany Lynn Naueert business cards..

    Emily Colours says:

    My dream business card has a built in chip so that it can be tapped by android smartpones, looks super cool while stacked, and is minimal but playful in graphic design.
    And a link to some inspirational tactile letterpress here:

    Lauren says:

    The Fillainy cards are totally my style, simple with a touch of elegance/fun!

    I also love the “Hello, Nice to Meet You” design. So creative!

    I’d love to help my boyfriend with some cool cards for his freelance cinematography business! I love the ones with the colored edges –

    Jenn says:

    Love the idea of doing a dusty rose card, like in this palette:
    with a gold foil type..

    Abbey says:

    I love all of them but in terms of my style I am leaning towards the Fillainy, the hello nice to meet you design and the design love fest one too!

    HB says:

    Very pretty style! Our Etsy store needs some new business cards! Anything letter pressed and foiled all the way. Either black and white or silver! I am getting married in April, so I seriously might pick up some of those BEAUTIFUL wedding packages!

    Mint says:

    I’ve been stuck in the corpo business for 7 years and haven’t been brave enough to follow my art dreams. I’m trying to break FREEEEEE and start my own card shop! thank you for having a blog that’s always gorgeous and inspiring. (you help me get through my days stuck in this cubicle) I hope someday I’m adding beautiful things to the world every day like you all are!! Love it all!!!

    Kristine M. says:

    I love the DesignLoveFest design! I just have a weakness for anything gold, so that stood out to me immediately! I hope I win this giveaway because I’ve been wanting to purchase business cards but I have no idea where and I wanted something that was unique and minimal. I think this giveaway is at the right time! Also, thanks for the discount code! 🙂

    Rachel Ake says:

    Would definitely without a doubt do gold edges, my dream. And not a business card but totally enamored with the ideas of this thank you card:
    Blind deboss has also always been a favorite of mine!

    mattie rae says:

    I love how simple this is and how you don’t notice the words right away!
    I love any sort of color too, that would be my dream card. Something colorful but simple.

    Lauren says:

    My dream business cards are simple but eye catching – a little out of the ordinary but not too crazy! I love how simple the DLF cards are but just enough flair to make them extra special. I would love a mint, silver, and white color scheme.

    Christin Wilson says:

    So many beautiful letterpressed cards! I would be lucky & grateful to win. I love the simplicity in many of the designs, kind of hard to choose, but I especialy love the Bethany Neaurt cards

    Brittney says:

    I would have a blind logo and then gradient edgepaint! Bright a poppy from the side, professional on the front! Or wow with some gold foil action! So gorgeous!

    Emily says:

    My dream business cards would be inspiring to hold and too beautiful to throw away.

    I love the minimal aesthetic of using the letterpress as “ink” like so:

    Black on black:

    White on white:

    Fingers, legs, and arms crossed! <3

    I love anything that mixes highs and lows — the juxtaposition of glam and bohemian, high contrast black and white film images since I’m a photographer, traveling posh but local — or living a gypset lifestyle in general. I’m pulled into a world of contrast. I would want my business cards to show that, by mi a natural paper (like paper bag cardstock) with the gold foil details. ‘Cause a girls got to have gold.

    (Links for my above comment)

    Love this font/design but in gold:

    Mixed with these edges:

    Nadia Cassapian says:

    My dream card would be simple and striking! Something a person would like to hold on to

    I’m a fashion designer, so a nice custom simple logo in gold and soft pink would be dreamy

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