hey there. this morning i woke up and had the urge to write a post about what’s been going on lately. if for nothing else, i can look back and have it written down…

honestly, i’ve been feeling a little lost and all over the place lately. i’ve been working on a couple projects outside of designlovefest & that have been pretty brain consuming. but i’ve also been spending a ton of time thinking about how i want this site to be this year….what makes me excited to share, happy to talk about. this site used to be more personal for sure, more like my diary. now has become the place where i share a little more of myself and the blog has become more like an online magazine where i can curate artists, photographers, and vendors. honestly, it all makes me happy to do, but i think what i’m missing the most is the personal connection and my travel posts. travel and entertaining is what inspires me the most. a few years ago i was going to a couple of cities or countries a MONTH with blogshop. my eyes were exposed to so much, my brain was constantly spinning with ideas. i want to get back to that. now that we have focused on getting , i want to start focusing on traveling more just for me.

and as for posting personal posts…i guess i haven’t felt particularly interesting lately. i hang out with the same few close friends, we talk about how we should probably drink wine less often, i make dinner and watch walking dead with arian on sundays, i took a break from dating in general because it felt forced, i love sleeping like a star in my bed alone, i order take out food with natalie and think about creativity and weird ideas for hours, i binge watch nashville in bed on my laptop, i’ve been focusing on calling and planning weekend trips with friends i lost touch with. it’s been pretty chill vibes over here for me, and although it’s been nice i think it’s time to shake it up.

you may have seen i was thinking about going on a longer trip (partly alone, partly with friends). i figure this is my time to do it. i can work remotely, i can rent my house to someone for the 6 weeks in april-may, and just go. someday i will have a family and more responsibilities and my time won’t be as flexible. i really want to try to make that happen, and post what i see along the way. and who knows, maybe i’ll meet some hot dude in berlin since tinder has been so boring to me lately. and yes, maybe i watched eat pray love on the plane and decided that even though the movie is pretty cheesy, the idea is pretty brilliant. #bripraylove

as for this space, i have a lot of new ideas i want to put in motion. so stay tuned! and if you have any thoughts on things you’d like to see on this blog i am ALL ears. have a great day and thanks for listening to me ramble. –bri

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    avital says:

    bri, you are just so cute, i love your honesty and i love your asthetic that you bring so beautifly to this blog.

    Sarah Alves says:

    Bri, as always, I adore your posts like this! Thank you for sharing. Honestly, it really makes me feel better about my own little boring-but-beautiful life. #bripraylove

    Jess Zimlich says:

    Your personal posts are my absolute favorite, with travel coming in close second. Go on that trip, girlfriend!!

    Aubrey says:

    Hi Bri,

    Love your honesty and your update that you give. You should 100% give yourself more credit! You are doing an amazing job and you’re very successful at a very young age and you should be extremely proud of that!

    On a different note, I would like to know how you and Arian stay/have stayed such good friends, I really admire that, but wonder if feelings sort of get in the way, etc.?

    Taking a break from dating – I’d like to hear about that! I’m doing the same thing but you see, you DO have personal things that you could post about!

    Vanessa says:

    Thanks for sharing that! I like your personal posts and sometimes get sad for bloggers when the most interaction they get in comments is on the giveaways posts (not that I want those to go away 🙂

    Serena says:

    Bri, these posts are my favourite! they give me an insight of your personal life and i feel like you’re a friend of mine after all this time. i think it makes us all closer. thanks for sharing. i wish you the very best.
    ps. these posts are somehow also very inspiring.

    Serena says:

    pps. damn you girl! looking gorgeous in that pic!

    bri says:

    ha, thanks vanessa. i appreciate it.

    maggie says:

    I love your personal posts – I think it is one of the many things that distinguishes DLF from the rest of the “lifestyle blog” pack. You should definitely go on that trip, lady – you deserve it!


    bri says:

    thanks serena xo

    Taylor says:

    You inspire me. Thank you for sharing… I feel as though we would make great friends.

    Mostly though… I need to know how you are binge watching nashville… I have been looking EVERYWHERE and cannot find the episodes for the life of me…

    Chelsea says:

    It’s nice to see a little behind the scenes and to know that everyone has a little lull in life. Traveling sounds amazing I’ve got the big for reals right now. I must say I’m so intrigued by renting your place- although I have four kids so you may be less intrigued;) but if it ever comes up, let me know!

    Ariel Pyne says:

    Thank you for your transparency. It is honestly, exactly what I needed to hear today. So excited to see your exciting plans for Designlovefest!

    Jenny K says:

    Are you an Aquarius? Seems like this is our year for sort of wandering into greatness… the beginning of the year has certainly felt clumsy for me too. But I think we should have more clarity in the coming months… so you’re doing the right thing! Travel, rest, repeat.

    bri says:

    jenny, i am an aquarius 🙂 and clumsy is a good word for it. wishing you the best of luck this year!

    Manu says:

    I love your personal posts too. They’re always so honest and raw, I’d like to see them more often, if possible. And that trip sounds great! I think travel is always the answer, no matter if you travel alone, with friends or a partner, you can learn and grow up so much in the process. I wish you all the best! Can’t wait for your chronicles. Besos!

    ashley says:

    bring back the advice column!!!!!!!!! i loved that one!!

    Hazel says:

    I’m a relatively new reader to your blog (I discovered it last year) and this is possibly the second time I’ve commented, this was a lovely refreshing post to read. I think there comes a point you kind of think to your self what am I doing? Why am doing it? Why am I not doing the things I love? Why is it the things we enjoy doing fall by the wayside and we do it less often if at all? But I think you need the down time to recharge your batteries and get back to loving doing those things again.

    Kristi says:

    You are welcome to my guest room in Belfast if you fancy a visit to the Emerald Isle 🙂

    April says:

    I’m planning the same things right now for July/August. Partial with friends, partial alone. This seems to be the perfect year for me to take a long European trip as well. I too work remotely, I got a big raise this year so my funds are up 🙂 $$$, all the crazy weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, etc, I’ve had to attend and took up a lot of time and money in the past few years have finally died down. I’m single again, no kids, or pets. I looked at my 2015 and saw a blank calendar, as far as travel goes, and thought- this is it. This is the time. It’s so exiciting! Keep us posted and let us know if you have any good tips! Good luck, Bri and good for you!

    Samantha says:

    This is an awesome post & very inspiring to me! Best wishes for the new year!

    Claire Kat says:

    Bri! yes! shake things up. travel travel travel. a new scene, new inspiration, new friends to meet! 2015 is going to be a kick ass year. can’t wait to read up on all the amazing things you get to experience wherever you choose to go. & yes the personal posts are definitely refreshing to read – reminds me that all of us creative hard working women are human. xo

    Jen says:

    Good for you, Bri! Sometimes the best person to date is…yourself! Take yourself out, doing something nice, get to know yourself better – destress and figure out the next path you want to take.
    Your personals posts are very inspiring – I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing! I’ve been wanting to go to Europe and something tells me that this is the year to do it.

    I do kinda miss the advice columns, but I know you were venting about people who want to pick your brain…so whatever you’re comfortable with. 🙂

    Cheers to the new year!

    Janel Afjari says:

    Love, Love your personal posts. Would like to see more like this one here – I’m sure most of your followers would. Would love to see more LA recs too – you always seem to end up at the coolest places 🙂

    Jillian says:

    thank you for sharing! You are so fun and talented, don’t get lost in everything.

    Jillian | Medicamina: the Art of Beauty

    charlotte says:

    Hey bri! Love your blog so much. its truly inspired me to create my own creative outlet. I really enjoy everything you post, but would love to see more graphic design stuff again! You use to post Q&As which I totally loved and really learnt from! I’d also just really like to see work you design for on the daily. I know you create the beauty department look. Have you done anything else like that? I’m curious haha. <3

    Courtney says:

    Hey Bri! So inspiring. Love hearing about your process behind DLF as well as your personal goals and aspirations. Makes me want to do the same! Thank you for sharing. xx C

    Julia says:

    Bri, good luck on all of your adventures! It sounds like you are on your way to wonderful new things. Just go boldly on the path you’re called. This IS the perfect time. p.s. if you need any crash courses in German, I’m your girl! (hello, Chicagoans in LA wanting to travel!)

    leanne says:

    i admire your guts bri! i’m single, no kids, no pets… yet i’m not out there seeing the world! seems to big and scary for me. i’ll just live vicariously through you my girl ;P xx

    Lynn says:

    I rented an apartment for 3 months in Paris in 2010 after getting laid off from my job in SF. Halfway through, I met my husband, and now I live in Paris. So I give you two big thumbs up for travel!

    Rachel says:

    I need a break from everything to just work myself and write travel, so I’m actually renting a place in Venice for a month May-June to come back to L.A. (I used to live here!) and just re-group, and rediscover some of the bits about my work I think being on the work treadmill has made me forget.

    Ahhh! I love these personal posts. Seriously, they are the best ones. I think you are making a fantastic choice by deciding to go travel. I lived in Florence for 3 months during college and then traveled through 9 different countries by myself for 3 more months. I traveled on my own and then stayed with people who shared mutual friends with me. I miss that kind of traveling so much but I will say it was one of the best choices I have ever made. I would say pack light and if you can do it, just bring a carry on so you can easily get cheap flights like RyanAir from one country to the next. I seriously flew from Latvia to Sweden for $16 USD and from Italy to Ireland for $80! Amazing. 🙂 I will be living vicariously through you. So happy for you!

    Lindsay says:

    looking forward to more personal and inspirational content on the blog!

    Ashley W says:

    I would do ANYTHING to have the resources, financial and time, to be able to go for 6 weeks and travel. DO IT! And invite me along with! lol But really, I wish I had taken the same time for myself when I could. Now, although still single and family-less, I have more bills and a time consuming job 🙁 I wish I could go Eat,Pray, Love and travel and write about it 🙁

    Meghan Murphy says:

    Yes Bri! Come to Berlin… May is the perfect time as well… First of May is incredible, Carnival of Cultures later on… and like ants, people begin to fill the streets and the parks, taking advantage of the longer days and socializing outdoors. Amazing opportunities for inspiration! xxx

    Lauren W. says:

    For what its worth, your travel posts are some of my favorite posts on the site! I’m heading to Barcelona in a few months and have referred to your Spain posts tons. You should definitely go for it – and we’ll live vicariously through you.

    Michelle F says:

    Thanks for being so real Bri! Can’t wait to see your posts on your big adventure. xx

    kim boswell says:

    When I first started following your blog, so so many years ago, I was starting to lean towards getting into the graphic design world and you were a big inspiration as well as a source of information with your advice posts and behind the scenes kind of stuff. I would be awesome if you brought back the advice posts!!!

    bri says:

    hi kim. so happy you liked the advice posts. we just did SO many that i am not sure what to talk about anymore! ha…
    but open to ideas 🙂

    Meg says:

    LOVE these kinds of posts. I miss them the most! <3

    Tyler Anne says:

    The thing that really made me start following your blog was your travel posts, especially Tulum! I’ll be looking forward to see where your travels take you in the near future!


    Katie says:

    Love these types of posts…I can relate to so much. 🙂 Now go and let me travel vicariously through you.

    Mary says:

    Hey Bri! Happy to see you checking in with us about your life- while I love your blog all the time, my favorite posts are your more personal ones- your writing is conversational and confessional and reading it always feels like talking to a good friend. I hope you take the opportunity to do some traveling just for you- you deserve it! I would be excited to see how exploring unfamiliar places on your own will inspire your work.

    Jane Voepel says:

    Bre, remember seeing you all dressed up with your mom in Quincy when a little girl! Since re-uniting on email with mom after all these years… It’s been great.
    I dearly love your beautiful designs, good taste, refreshing ideas . You have a gift. Love seeing any work you do. I can see why a customer would want your work. Very eye catching.
    Enjoy your trip, travel is great.

    Ann says:

    This is such a lovely photo Bri!
    I hope you take a trip to recuperate! Safe travels and I can’t wait to follow along
    and see your new posts! 🙂 have a lovely day!

    Passionate Creative blogging Life + Style at HeyLiao!

    Marjorie says:

    Hi Bri, what a wonderful post! These personal posts are my favorite! Also style post and travel posts are so much fun to read. The column I miss, is the “Advice” column. I learned a lot from those!

    Clementine says:

    DLF has inspired me so much! Love your honesty and personal touch. Love to see more videos and tutorials I love them!

    Meghan says:

    #bripraylove – I love it. Get it, girl.

    Lauren S says:

    Thanks for your honesty Bri. I lived in London for a year during college and I know how life changing and inspiring it can be. I know your trip will inspire you to change your life, and hell, maybe you won’t come back. I hope to move and experience more, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt fulfilled. I wish I had a career that I could travel with, I would’ve moved back abroad a long time ago, you’re lucky you have that option. I hope you take more advantage of that! I hope you have a wonderful trip and that you find what you’re looking for.

    Kambria says:

    Your post truly just spoke to my heart. It’s so refreshing to see a young, talented female driven with real-life thoughts. I’m so inspired by your Instagram posts and passion to travel. I couldn’t agree more that someday we want family and will have less time, but why not go explore and see who’s path you’ll cross! 🙂 life doesn’t have to be about that ‘typical’ check box life.

    Hope you have an amazing travel this Spring. I’m going to greece, and your post has inspired me to push myself even more with my adventure there- so thank you!

    Alex says:

    I love reading your personal posts…even if you don’t think your life is interesting at the moment, I always find it nice to read someone’s thoughts. It’s nice to be able to remember that there is someone behind these blogs, a real living and breathing human being. I love how honest you are. You never sugar coat anything and I appreciate that. xo

    Julia says:

    With the healing process behind, I feel like you can start doing things that truly inspire and make you feel alive! Congrats on being bold and going after a dream – traveling is one of the best things ever!! All the luck on your new adventure 🙂

    Meredith says:

    Bri you are such an inspiration and the reason I want to be a Graphic Designer. I am so excited for you for your trip this spring! You are gonna have an amazing time! Thank you so much for all the inspiration 🙂

    Elaine says:

    Guuuurrrrrllll you need a trip to Man-tana (aka Montana). As for your blog, love everything you post. Seriously… you can’t go wrong.

    Renee says:

    Girl I feel like we live parallel lives. I too feel a little lost lately about what to do with my blog and business. And I have the travelling itch. AND I’ve been there before with the dating game. Get refreshed, re-inspired and kick some more ass!

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