if you’re looking for new colorful office supplies,  is the place! we love how you can also shop by color on their site. so fun! one winner will receive a $250 shopping spree to give their office a pick me up.



here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1) visit the poppin  and take a look around.

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite items!

one winner will be chosen on tuesday, december 9th at 10am PST. open to US readers only. the retail value is $250. 


Add your own

    Liz S. says:

    My favorite items are:

    1.) Pool Blue Medium Hard Cover Sketchbook

    2.) Pencil Pouch in Gold:

    Cecilia says:

    I love this stapler, notebook, and tape dispenser!

    Jessie Love says:

    I’d love to get these in a bunch of colors and completely reorganize all of my documents and important information (warranties, etc)


    Yolonda says:

    I like the gold & white collection.

    Lauren Ecker says:

    I love the monogrammed notebooks, the grass trays and the buoy seat!

    aes says:

    I like the gold stationary ()

    Alex says:

    I would get the file cabinets for my new home office.

    Laura dunn says:

    For myself the bright pink desk set, for my very organized husband the task pads! Such a fun site.

    Kristin says:

    The mint colored organization trays would add some color to my otherwise dull desk!

    Jaime says:

    I would get Fully Loaded File cabinet, but I can’t decide between yellow, white, or aqua!

    Ivete says:

    I love this red file cabinet () + everything else!

    Sonja says:

    I want the white and gold stapler!

    Jillian says:

    I have been fighting growing stacks of papers lately and would love a file cabinet. My favorite is fully loaded three drawer cabinet in navy and white.

    karly marie says:

    Love the mint collection – and the graphic rulers! What great design.

    Joy mcnamara says:

    Oh man! I am totally in love with the white and gold stapler! It’s on my Christmas wish list!

    This is a great giveaway!

    I want one of those dreamy white office spaces and the modern stapler and tape dispenser although simple are soooo perfect!

    BQ says:

    love the pop of color this file cabinet could bring to my office.

    Kristina M says:

    i would love one of their file cabinets!

    maddie says:

    gold stapler pleeease

    Emily Love says:

    the blue felt laptop sleeve! –
    or maybe… the white notebook with gold initial

    (everything is amazing!!)

    Brittany says:

    I love all the gold items!

    Lauren says:

    I’m moving at the end of January. The White Fully Loaded West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet would be perfect for my new office!

    Shannon Y. says:

    I love this orange and white mug amongst so many other things!

    Virginia says:

    I absolutely love their little colorful filing cabinets!

    Danielle says:

    I need a new file cabinet sooo bad! The ones at Poppin are so cute!

    Shannon says:

    Love the cabinets and the all white collection!

    I would love one of the bright filing cabinets for college next year!

    Meg S says:

    Love the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet – prettier than any file cabinet I’ve ever seen!

    Dani says:

    Poppin is the best! I love everything orange and those beautiful gold notebooks are my new favorite!

    everything on all three pages of the Aqua color. This site is amazing and now it is bookmarked for future purchases.

    KIM @ DLK says:

    I love their notebooks!

    Dana S says:

    love all the gold

    carly G says:

    Love the white oak clamp mini!

    Alexandra says:

    I just moved into a very grown-up apartment, and the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet would look so sleek in my new place!

    Heidi says:

    They have so many cute things! I’ve always wanted a bunch of their colorful pens (but they would have to have black ink!) Thanks for the giveaway DLF and Poppin! ❤️

    Meghan says:

    I would want the Black Fully Loaded West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet. I need some more filing storage and this would be perfect. Love the rounded shape.

    min h says:

    i love the white west 18th filing cabinets!

    deborah says:

    love those white + gold new arrivals.

    Leah says:

    I desperately need a new file cabinet!

    Valerie says:

    I would LOVE the Metallic Gold + Silver Thin Notebooks, Set of 3:

    Rachel Z says:

    I LOVE POPPIN!!!! I would get one of those yellow filing cabinets, yumm.

    Kaitlyn Zumbach says:

    I love the green and pink collections! I already have a mouse pad and ruler in those colors.

    What a coincidence, I just recently learned about this shop! I’ve had my eye on the Gold section for awhile, and noticed this morning they have added two new white and gold items:

    Shannon says:

    Great stuff! We need a new desk chair…love this one:

    Hope says:

    Ready to get organized– the white+aqua fully loaded 3-drawer file cabinet.

    Marnay says:

    My home office could definitely use some color, so the White + Orange West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet would be perfect!

    I love the set of all white office supplies, it would look perfect on my desk.

    Jessica says:

    LOVE that you can shop by color! I’m eyeing the Dream Desk in Aqua – my favorite color. That stapler, especially – perfect for my new job!

    Here’s the link:

    Poppin has personalized notebooks now?! Oh man… now we’re talking. I would love this one in purple:

    Helen says:


    Amy M says:

    I really love the Green Tube Top Lamp. I think it would add a little something to any desk!! And anything gold, like the notebooks, are just fabulous!

    Vanessa says:

    Well, the whole website is perfect – but if I have to pick my favorites they would be the aqua retractable ballpoint pens (), the fiesta three subject notebook – as as student they are my fav (), and the no hard feelings laptop sleeve (). Such a great giveaway!

    Helen says:

    oops wrong link above.

    Stephanie C says:

    I love the fancy metal pens!

    Allison Bell says:

    I love their colorful filing cabinets!!

    Caitlin says:

    I would get every single thing in the Coral section! I’m moving into my new apartment which I’m turning into a home office and I could totally use an office makeover!!

    Amelia says:

    love office supplies! the gold and white stapler is perfect.

    Heena H says:

    This file cabinet would be the perfect addition to our office!

    Tiffany says:

    I love the 3-drawer rolling filing cabinet.

    chelsey says:

    i really need a filing cabinet, and a fabulous one would be great!! love them!

    Catherine says:

    We use the white and hot pink collection at work but I think I’d want everything in the coral! I so need some new office supplies

    April says:

    I need some navy letter trays for all the stuff flowing out of my mailbox

    My filing is out of control, so the little cabs would be great!

    Sarah Byrd says:

    please make my home office look a bit more cheerful!

    shawn says:

    I actually love the monogramed notebooks – this simple one in simple colors I think I’m getting!

    Ashley W says:

    I MUST own this gold stationary ()

    Sohail Akhavein says:

    Those gold notebooks would be the perfect home for the daily love letters I leave my partner before leaving the house for work 🙂

    lindsay says:

    The prettiest file cabinet ever :: White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    Ashley says:

    I am all about that desk organization right now. Can’t work when you can’t find what you have to work on!

    Ray says:

    i really like the rainbow set of notebooks – and the purple retractable pens –

    thanks for the giveaway

    Jayme G says:

    That gold stapler is so classy () but the Notebooks would be so chic with them ()

    Becky says:

    I just love all of Poppin’s colorful goodies, especially the Striped Mobile Notes and the Colorful Hanging File Folders . I would also love to mix and match their desk accessories in coral, mint and navy blue.

    Bri Towne says:

    I’m totally digging the ‘white big deal’ desk pack. So fresh and cute. It’ll go perfectly with my black desk!

    Stephanie says:

    I love all the filing supplies, especially the Pool Blue Kaleidoscope Poly Pocket Folder & White 3-drawer cabinet! Perfect for all the filing I’m behind on!

    Megan says:

    LOVE the 3-drawer file cabinet. Such a stylish way to file away documents!

    kelsey says:

    i really need either a file cabinet for my things or a really nice desk accessory like a stapler!

    Liz says:

    I adore this Filing Cabinet and it doesn’t hurt that it comes fully loaded!!

    Also come check out my blog,

    Mel says:

    I looove Poppin! Love their mint and white big deal set and the gold soft folio. So pretty.

    krista says:

    Work’s a party with the right supplies 🙂

    Lindsay says:

    LOVE this: .

    And, all of this: .

    Lucas says:

    Everything is great!

    Paola Dorantes says:

    OMG neon!!! my absolute favorite; the white and lime rolling drawer.

    valentina says:

    Love love (and in desperate need of) the bar stools!

    Alexandra says:

    I would love a funky file cabinet and personalized notebooks (!!!)

    Bonnie says:

    Any of the file cabinet

    Marina says:

    My work desk would be a much happier place.

    claire says:

    this stapler would really jazz up my desk 😉

    Jessica B says:

    Love the:
    – light gray tape dispenser ()
    – white scissors ()
    – and these filing cabinets! ()

    Jennifer says:

    I love anything in GOLD! I also love how cute this iPhone case is:

    Kaitlyn J says:

    I love the mint dream desk set!

    Macy says:

    These buoy seats are so fun and functional!

    Allison says:

    Those file cabinets are wonderful! They would go perfectly in my home office! (The white and aqua are to die for!)

    Colleen says:

    LOVE the gray set: and gold notebook: . So chic. Way better than the generic office supplies that I’m using now!

    Ryann Russ says:

    I love the yellow file cabinet!

    Id totally snag this first of all! I’ve been adding pops of red around my office and I love the fun energy they provide. 🙂

    Lindsay says:

    I’m more than a little obsessed with white and gold right now! From my phone to my desk. I’d love this! [http://www.poppin.com/White-Gold-Stapler.html] But I’m not the only one in my family going gaga for gold. I’d love to give my mom this for Christmas [http://www.poppin.com/White-Medium-Worlds-Best-Mom-Notebook.html]

    cristina says:

    oooh i love everything about poppin ! i love this pink desk set

    Ali R. says:

    All great stuff from poppin! I would absolutely LOVE the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet for organizing my design files!

    Thank you! <3

    Lindsay says:

    I am in DIRE need of letter trays and these are so fun! Also love the gold folios, would make great job jackets for the office!

    xoxo L

    Natalie M says:

    Love the Pool Blue Small Super Sketchy notebook for my bag to jot down all of those random ideas that need a home

    Diana says:

    I love white and gold together!:

    And the aqua is such a gorgeous pop of color!:

    I really LOOOOVE THIS BAG!!!
    i really need someting like this , because im study law, and sometimes the books are too heavy for normal bags :/

    lauren solis says:

    Ah, the entire White collection is amazing but the “Coming Soon” Gold items also have my name written all over them…. Decisions, decisions!

    Amanda says:

    This guy would really help me get organized!

    Anna Zajac says:

    All the yellow office supplies! 😀 I need some sunshine in my life over here in the grey midwest, Chicago!

    Isadora says:

    And the envelope please…I love how this could be used as a clutch if needed and a little gold never hurt!

    Libby says:

    How cheerful! Definitely the West 18th aqua 3 door file cabinet

    And then I would have to get the Dream Desk set in aqua too 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    I looooooourve Poppin! They’re so witty and fun. I think I would stock-up on fun pens, markers and my favorite Jumbo Writing Pad.

    Chelsea says:

    Poppin is so much fun! I’m a sucker for the gold notebooks () and matching stapler ().

    Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, my students would freak out about a colorful stapler! It would be so fun to liven up my classroom!

    Marielle says:

    I’d get pretty much everything in aqua! Love the rolling cart.

    wendy says:

    i love the Metallic Gold + Silver Thin Paper Cover Notebooks. stylin’!

    Joanna says:

    I love everything but I’m in desperate need of a filing cabinet to stow away all of my sketches and prints and this would be perfect:

    Lauren says:

    Monogrammed notebooks

    Charlotte B. says:

    Oh dear, I should have never looked at this post, because now I’m HOOKED on Poppin!! What a dream shop (especially when you can shop.by.color.oh.my.)!

    Here are my favorites 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Kara says:

    Thank you!
    I am loving everything gold right now, I would love to use the Metallic Gold + Silver Notebooks with along with the Navy Mouse Pad () or just the Navy Dream Desk () and the Softie Grip for my business cards ()

    Laura B says:

    I love Poppin, currently sporting some items on my desk already! Would love to add some mint to my set up

    Emma says:

    Everything on this site is perfect! I love the little details to add to my office like the Mouse pad: , these super cute notebooks , and the pencil pouch (since I am constantly taking them everywhere with me!)

    alexis says:

    So many great pieces. My favorite is the Bivi side storage:
    and I love their notebooks:

    Tiffany B says:

    I love anything green (also my company main color). I would love to add some of their lime green pieces to my work desk!

    Wendy D says:

    This pink lamp is so cute!

    Kandy says:

    Definitely need a file cabinet-

    I love that you can sort by color! I’ll take ‘orange’ please-

    katie says:

    I love office supplies!!!! I would have to take this turquoise tape dispenser -> and the matching stapler

    Alex says:

    All the yellow desk organization is fab!

    Amanda says:

    EVERYTHING that is hot pink but specifically the Pink File Sorter, White + Gold Stapler, and the White File Cabinet 🙂

    Stefanie Barrett says:

    Love this! Unique, comfortable and stylish!

    Meghan says:

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, I could spend 309840324 hours on Poppin’s site, dreaming up new ways to style my office. Narrowing it down, though….

    I have dreams, like vivid dreams, about this desk :

    With a little bit o’ this:

    And a lotta bit o this:

    And a WHOLE lotta this:

    Forever and ever, amen.

    Debra C says:


    Liz says:

    Where do I even start? Everything on their site is so cute! I’d love one of the file cabinets () and the organization trays ()

    Natalia says:

    Those file cabinets are bomb! The Black Jumbo Permanent Markers look like a lot of fun as well.

    Marchelle says:

    Oh man! This website is my ultimate internet wormhole. It’s like 2x better than being at the container store.
    This file cabinet for under my desk

    Hide them cables with this

    Decorate with these

    Love this! Thanks for introducing me to this company! I desperately need this white filing cabinet!

    I’d also love to have a few customized Mint Small Soft Cover Notebooks. Would look awesome with my business name!

    Liz says:

    These items are all my style! I love the sleek file cabinet!

    Megan says:

    I would love some new things for my desk. These pens are particularly catching my eye.

    sharon says:

    Love the Bivi desk for two!

    Amy says:

    Love their tape dispensers and the file cabinets! I think the only difficult part would be choosing a color (:

    Kate R says:

    I like the neon zip folios best!

    Joani says:

    I love all the gold & white!

    Sarah says:

    Ooh, I really want the gold sparkle set. TOO CUTE!

    Erin says:

    No question in my mind, when I saw file cabinet, I was all “I NEED THAT!!”
    I love the basic white one:

    Jana says:

    I want one of those orange file cabinets!

    Alena says:

    So many great things! I love the simplicity of these folios:

    and also these amazing scissors!

    oh and also!!: this amazing stapler

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love these:

    Lauren R. says:

    So fun! I’d probably just stock up on office supplies… I love the mint color!

    Abbey says:

    Those file cabinets are amazing!

    Isabel says:

    Love the white starter set!

    Joanna says:

    Love this super cute pink filing cabinet!

    Michelle M. says:

    so cute: would add this print to my wall

    and these fun coasters

    and the fun stickies!

    Nykeya says:

    I need these in my life! Love the color!

    Kat says:

    All of the gold

    Morgan says:

    I’ve just started a new job and would LOVE to have one of these in my office: Talk about organized in style!

    Tracy says:

    WOW! WOW! I love the file cabinet in red! () & all the gold! <3

    Kimmie says:

    I love the gold sparkle set and the white small cable box!

    Susan M. says:

    I love the Pink Dream Desk set!

    kaylei says:

    The gold soft folio!!! Ooooosh!

    Anne Cuddy says:

    love the white file cabinet!


    I adore the Black West 18th File Cabinet in black and white! I love reading your blog, because it inspires me so much in the way I design my apartment. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I are both working TWO jobs and still cannot afford a filing cabinet. We’ve been trying to save up for one for the last year. I guess you could say we are VERY paycheck-to-paycheck! I’m optimistic things will change, but with Christmas fast approaching, this would be the perfect gift for our apartment!


    Would love one of their colorful mousepads!

    courtney says:

    I could totally use this desk set!

    christine p says:

    need this file cabinet!

    Emma says:

    These mint pens… I need them in my life, I just know they will make everything BETTER. That’s what pretty pens do, right?

    tiff says:

    the all white collection is dreamy!!!

    Yolli says:

    I love that file cabinet! Actually I love everything! The colours are so great.

    Lanna says:

    The green tube top lamp! My cubicle is like a cave and I could definitely use some extra light.

    Camille says:

    Oh I could list hundreds of things on here:

    Nina says:

    I love all the fun colors and that you can shop by color. I love everything on here but I’m gonna link to the White cable drops: -something practical that’s totally needed and yet you never get around to buying it.

    alex says:

    coral folio and navy grip grass!

    Sage Hahn says:

    I love the color of these desk trays!

    alex says:

    coral folio:
    navy grip grass:

    Kelley says:

    I love the white 2-drawer file cabinet! And the white and gold stapler too.

    I love this desk organizer set!

    Kate Gray says:

    Love the new gold and silver!!!

    Colleen says:

    While I love all of Poppin’s supplies I cannot get over the new Metallic Gold + Silver mini notebooks, they are so festive!

    Kate Gray says:

    Love all the new silver and gold!

    Janel Afjari says:

    A girl can never have too many desk accessories, right??! RIGHT?!!

    Andrea says:

    My desk would be sooooo color coordinated! Probably going to need everything in mint! and

    Lisa says:

    All the bright desktop supplies are so cheerful!

    emelia says:

    The metallic notebooks are great! I’d get a file cabinet and a stash of notebooks to bring some happiness to my office!

    Eliza says:

    I would die for a desk in everything lime green, especially that file cabinet

    maggie says:

    I love the white and mint super stacked kit!


    Nina says:

    These markers!
    Yummy hot pink trays
    Gold sparkle set YAY

    Amy says:

    Love this navy and white file cabinet: .

    michaela says:

    I am going to have to stock up on these adorable bits & bobs trays to complete my ongoing project of organizing all my drawers!

    Plus my desk needs some gold!

    Tamara R says:

    I love their Campfire Paper Table! Would look great in my office!

    Toby says:

    Those bright desk chairs are awesome! I could use one of those!

    audrey says:

    i love the Gray Qivi Desk Chair

    Nicole says:

    ahh, I’ve been obsessed with Poppin forever. I’d love to win this!

    would add a nice pop of color to my office.

    Jackie D says:

    This desk would be the perfect place to develop my art and product design business. Lots of room!

    Holly B says:

    The Pink + White Filing Cabinet is awesome:

    And I have to have the Pink Letter Trays too!

    mai says:

    love this stapler

    Katrina Lane says:

    What fun it would be to decorate my (future)classroom with a mix of all of those wonderful colors! Would I go wild with this orange file cabinet to start () or keep it simple with navy, white, and gold to pop? These would look so good together! () and this kickin’ white gold stapler ()

    Kallie B says:

    I’d have to get the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet !

    Karine says:

    Love ll the funky desk lamps, particularly this one!

    emily says:

    I love the navy file cabinet, I would probably get two and use them as nightstands:


    -ellie- says:

    Need another file cabinet, and this one is so pretty! Also this lamp is flippin beautiful:

    Annie says:

    Love the file cabinets!

    Nicolette says:

    This this this!

    Claire says:

    I’m in love with pretty much anything with gold. Especially this white and gold stapler!

    Gia says:

    Love journals! 🙂

    rashell b says:

    i need a desk chair so badly. using one of our dining table chairs. this one would be perfect!

    Amanda P says:

    We are getting ready to work on our office/spare room. I have a white desk and navy walls – This hot pink file cabinet would be perfect!

    Nikki says:

    I really love all the office chairs, they’re definitely a lot prettier than my current one!

    Joanna says:

    I’ve been eyeing that white file cabinet for a while now…

    Laura Gwinn says:

    I both need and want the file cabinet!!

    To aid in my pen hoarding problem:

    Amanda U. says:

    I love the gold and white collection!

    Carrie Reese says:

    Already added the filing cabinet to my wish list!

    Flor says:

    So beautiful colors! Falling for aqua right now:

    Rachel says:

    Please let me win and get rid of the hideous beige university-issue file cabinet from my office!

    Ariana M. says:

    its hard to pick just one!

    Svetlana says:

    I love the Metallic Gold Mini Soft Cover Notebooks and the White & Gold Stapler!

    melissa says:

    I’m in love with the mint and gold collections…

    Kristine says:

    I’d put it towards the Green Alight Round Ottoman.

    Kate says:

    That file cabinet! It would be so handy and I have the perfect place for it, too.

    Nicole says:

    I definitely need this file cabinet for my home office. xo

    Sara says:

    I work at a middle school with low-income students, so to be able to have fun and “cool” school supplies to help them out would be amazing!

    nat says:

    I love the lime green desk set! flashy!!

    Becky says:

    I’m obsessed with Poppin! I love everything…but even more so when it’s gold!

    Thanks Bri + Team!


    Alyssa says:

    Um, everything is wonderful, but…..

    Clearly I love gold.

    Marketa says:

    I am currently looking for a lamp, so yeah…the lamps are really awesome!

    Christa says:

    I love these storage boxes!

    Kristyn says:

    The File Cabinet!

    Skye says:

    In love with the White West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet, and all of the mint-colored office accessories!!

    Joey says:

    Since my work space is my dining space, having those folios and pouches would help me keep everything I use in organized little packs and store them in my bookcases (which are used for crafts and not books, suprisingly). These guys have a really good assortment of colors!

    Meeta says:

    I would want everything in this color:

    lindsey says:

    Here are my faves!

    Heck yeah I want new colorful office stuff! I love all their gold stuff!

    Katie says:

    Loving the bright colors!

    Kimberly Smith says:

    You don’t know how bad my partner needs the Bivi Bigger Depot for his office. SO tired of the piles!

    Michelle says:

    those filing cabinets are too cute. great site!

    Courtney B. says:

    I’d put it towards the Campfire Paper Table! woot

    Krista says:

    Yes to organization

    Dana Randall says:

    I would LOVE the White Fully Loaded West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet. Thanks!

    Megan says:

    The mint green desk accessories just told me they need a new home. <3

    Samantha says:

    This is perfect to take to college with me next year!

    Also how fun are the Grip Grass desk accessories!

    I’ve been looking for a super fun calculator like this:

    Also, wow to these white ballpoint pens!

    Ka-Yun Chan says:

    I love poppin! I would love to get the file cabinet especially it’s on wheels! And I can store more stuff!

    Haley says:

    I’m all about all white!

    I love the white and gold stapler! So sophisticated and fun!

    Amanda says:

    My desk would be WAY more inspiring covered in the Mint Collection. A cute place for all the pens and sticky notes that are scattered about at the moment.

    It really was love at first sight with the white & gold stapler (). I also LOVE the Fully Loaded West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet () either in all-white or all-black. Classy. And pretty much anything in the gold color category (). Fingers crossed!

    Janelle says:

    I’m a fan of all white everythang so I’m loving the white big deal kit 😉

    Carmen L says:

    I love the White Buoy! It would be such a cool addition to the office 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaways!

    Maggie says:

    In LOVE with the Black Buoy: , the Metallic Soft Gold Folio: , and head over cheap winter boots for the Yellow Hey, Doodler:

    oy! Such lovely things.

    Nora says:

    I already have a Poppin tape dispenser on my Christmas list…the aqua scissors are super cute too!

    Amber says:

    Any products to help me create a gold and white flow to my work space is a WIN

    Marie says:

    I’d love the the White West File Cabinet for my office! Very clean and chic.

    Love the mint collection! Especially the grass grip…

    Also lovin’ those file cabinets!

    emily says:

    I didn’t realize it until just now but I could really use a pen cup

    MC says:

    all of the adorable filing cabinets and desk organizers like the red super stacked set might actually help me with my new year’s resolution to streamline and organize my life!

    Madison Glock says:

    Can never go wrong with gold! XO

    Jessie says:

    I need the Super Stacked to corral my desktop items, but it’s so hard to pick a color!

    Ashlee says:

    Love the metallic gold notebook and the brightly colored desk trays! xoxo

    Jess Zimlich says:

    I could use a new desk chair! My boyfriend says the one I have isn’t “cool” enough haha.

    Karisa says:

    Hello modern file cabinet!

    Bethany says:

    The white stuff! That filing cabinet especially…

    Emma says:

    Love the aqua or pink colored file cabinets. I’ve been looking for something fun like that for a while.

    Kimberly R says:

    I love their two tone storage bins and the desk organisers.

    Chris says:

    The file cabinet in your post’s thumbnail is what got me. I would love this white file cabinet to organize all my papers and files.

    Catherine says:

    Those mint desk sets would look adorable in my office. (They match my floral kleenex box!)

    Laura says:

    I have heard that Poppin’s pens () are wonderful! But I’m still a sucker for anything white and gold, so the stapler () would be the first on my list of buys.


    Kylie says:

    Um yes please. All white everything.

    Vanessa Flores says:

    I’ve been slowly collecting poppin, I need that cabinet!

    Megan says:

    I love this stapler and this desk chair

    AJ says:

    So cute! Love the mint color!!

    Jessica says:

    White file cabinet!!!

    Alexis Ross says:

    I’ve been crushing on their cute filing cabinets for ages. This gift card could bring us together at last.

    Phoebe says:

    I love the simplicity of the White Oak Clamp Mini LED Desk Lamp.

    allie says:

    Lalalove (& kind of need, eek!) this navy filing cabinet:

    Domi says:

    pretty color!

    perfect for sketching!

    Grace says:

    Would love the Aqua Alight Corner Bench to pop in the entrance for those been-on-my-feet-all-day, can’t-take-another-step, sort of moments.

    Caitlin says:

    I LOVE the filing cabinet and all of the desk accessories!

    Tracy says:

    The File Cabinets are a delight!!

    Dylan Lowe says:

    The black soft cover notebook with gold initial? Um yes please.

    Also the soft cover folio in pink AND black!?

    And as a typography obsessed college student I would love to see how smooth these gel pens are!

    I have had my eye on their colorful filing cabinets for awhile now! Love this site

    Cathy King says:

    love love design design fest fest ! Merry Christmas would love to love these pieces ….. thanks for the opportunity, mwah !

    buckley says:

    Considering I’m looking for a job and also just found out I’m expecting…you could say my household needs to grow up already and get organized.

    This file cabinet actually makes me excited about making a place for important documents like birth certificates. I can’t believe it comes with everything you need! Perfect for tired pregnant ladies!

    And the gold folio is such a stylish way to carry resumes around!

    Joselyn says:

    I’d love to trick out my desk. I’m thinking one of the starter sets, I would have to spend a bunch of time choosing a color, though!

    Cathy King says:

    oops any of the desk organisers in white or yellow would make me smile x x

    Emily Mendoza says:

    I love the Gold Sparkle set!

    Elisabeth says:

    I love the Owen Backpack in the olive green shade xxxx

    Lauren says:

    I want all the gold things!

    Also never have longed for a staple remover till I saw this one haha

    Sadie says:

    The rose gold pencil pouch.

    Fairisle says:

    Metallic notebook is perfect for the holidays! Hearts are in my eyes.

    becky says:

    It would be lovely to have these organization boxes!

    Mialy says:

    I absolutely love the all white filing cabinet!

    Melanie says:

    Poppin is the best! Everything is designed beautifully!

    savannah says:

    These blue file cabinets would go perfectly in my home office–my fave!

    Stephanie S. says:

    I already own a whole desk set in white and aqua, which I love!!! I love how interchangeable all the products are with each other. I would love to try the aqua Cobi desk chair with white frame!

    Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! Bri Emery is amazing ! I always want to a fashion designer, it’s my dream when I was 3. Your posts always inspire me, and take me to a high level of art. Thank you for your sharing, and your look are wonderful ! you are always the best one ! Love U ! – 12/2/2014 XOXO =)

    Binari Patirana says:

    I like the gold stationary

    Shannon says:

    I love the White + Gold Stapler! I need this for my desk

    joyce kim says:

    The Black and White rolling filing cabinet please!

    Molly says:

    I LOVE the drawers and matching desk accessories! 🙂

    Love the white wrapper’s delight kit:

    Allison Hoppe says:

    I would get the Scoop Bar Stools with red pad for my kitchen!

    Candice F. says:

    I am in LOVE with the mint Dream Desk set!

    Kirby Shulman says:

    Lak says:

    The red filing cabinet! –

    jenn pan says:

    i’d love this buoy active seat:

    and any of the gorgeous mint desk accessories:

    Alicia says:

    Love the notebooks! Being a college student, I’m always in need of more paper.

    Melody says:

    Oooh! I love the simplicity + vibrancy of Poppin! I recently moved to a new office and have been looking for beautiful decor. I would get the Green Tube Top Lamp (also love the clear and pink!) + the Metallic Gold Small Soft Cover Notebook (for to do lists and meeting notes) + White Medium Soft Cover Notebook with Gold Initial (for new ideas & reflections). Thank you, Bri and Poppin!

    Amanda says:

    Love the lamps! The White Oak Clamp Mini LED Desk Lamp is my absolute favorite!

    Marissa says:

    I love Poppin! I’d die for one of those colorful file cabinets!

    Sarah says:

    I love the filing cabinets! I just started working from home so these would be perfect!

    Eloquence says:

    Ooh, so many things! I love these markers/highlighters

    Ann Beebe says:

    I need to get organized, and I love pink!

    I’m embarrassed to admit how long I just spent drooling over everything on that site! My top faves are these gold notebooks (), these signature pens () and this mousepad (). Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway & for introducing me to a new brand!!

    Katie M. says:

    this is quite ingenious!
    lovin’ me some “work happy”!
    thanks for another wonderful giveaway, bri!

    I have been really into mint lately, so I’m loving the mint dream desk set! () I just moved and need to set up a work space, so I can see these items sittin’ pretty on a cozy white desk.

    euro chick says:

    Every single blog site that offers these giveaways has them open to US readers only. All fine and well, but I bet a huge % of your readership lives outside of US. Cheers

    shelby hkd says:

    i really like that Lime Green Dream Desk set! Swoon, organization!

    Megan says:

    Such an amazing office supply company! The colors and designs are gorgeous. I love the gold () and mint () so would mix and match! Thanks!


    cassy says:

    i would love to get my hands on the Campfire Personal Table in Natural Oak and use the Yellow Medium Super Sketchy notebook next to the fireplace this winter! i have a goal to finish my novel by the end of 2014. the days are dwindling and having such beautiful products to work with would put me in writing heaven (:

    Jasmine says:

    I really love the file cabinets. They’re so modern, and unique.

    zoë says:

    I love getting organized, I could really get down with the great file cabinets. Kinda want one of everything.

    Jessica says:

    I love the desk chairs! The gray and aqua are my favorite colors.

    Jennifer says:

    This file cabinet is tops! — been in need for one with a lock! 🙂

    Emily says:

    Love this lamp, the mini white oak clamp LED lamp.


    Stephen K says:

    I love the 3-drawer rolling cabinet () and the Gray Qivi Desk Chair ()!

    Christine says:

    the file cabinet will fit right in with my work setup 🙂

    Emily M says:

    The Pink Small Cable Box is so practical and I love the color!

    Shana says:

    The Silver Sparkle Set is practical and yet oh-so-festive!

    Erica Osborn says:

    Everything on their site is seriously perfect; Especially their desk accessories. I would love one of everything from their metallic collection!

    M says:

    It’s a pink box to store all my supplies! LOVE IT

    Lora says:

    Oh my gosh. I would immediately use the Poppin gift card on their White West File Cabinet!! I’ve been struggling with how to organizing my ever-growing crafts collection and this would be the p-e-r-f-e-c-t solution since my desk has no drawers! Dreamy~

    Madalyn says:

    I would love the pink West 18th File Cabinet

    … but the bivi bike hook is great too! ()

    annie says:

    the white and gold collection is to die for!

    brit says:

    I would love the west file cabinet in lime and white!

    Marissa says:

    I love the little campfire ottoman!

    Lauren says:


    A Poppin anything has been on my office wishlist for so long. I love white + aqua file cabinet: and would love to fill them with these pocket folders: and since I work from home with little space, I love this chair:

    Thx DLF!

    theresa J says:

    I would love the Black 5th Avenue Chair

    I could definitely make good use of this blue rolling file cabinet in my apt.:

    EthanJ says:

    I would pick the Scoop Bar Stool with Orange Pad, Silver Frame

    Patricia says:

    I have been wanting the white + black West 18th File Cabinet for a while! All of their supplies are so fun!

    I am IN LOVE with these:

    These gold notebooks are my jam:

    michelle warnke says:

    Mint Dream Desk!!!

    Amber says:

    I like the Campfire Personal Table in Natural Oak. Perfect for working on the couch.

    sydney85 says:

    Loving the pop of color lime green. Definitely would brighten up my desk.

    Chloe says:

    Wow! I love this… I’ve been wanting a new speaker that doesn’t look like a clunky box, so this is perfect. How awesome that you can speak to it to choose songs too! I’d use it in my bedroom (which I just re-did!).

    Kim says:

    Obsessed with the gold collection! I would definitely get some of those items to spruce up my work desk!

    Paris says:

    I LOVE IT ALL!! Found some items that would look perfect on my desk 🙂

    Tanai says:

    The orange file cabinet is amazing! And I love the small dot to dot phone case!

    Gretchen says:

    I was *just* thinking about how sad my filing cabinet was and how organized I could be with a new one! I’m in love with the 3-drawer filing cabinet and the metalic soft covered notebooks!

    Lauren g says:

    Love the mint starter kit and all the other mint color products! Would be perfect on my desk!

    Alyse D says:

    Love the mint green desk set!

    I LOVE the aqua file cabinet! It would be a beautiful and easy way to keep organized!

    And the gold sparkle set would be a beautiful addition to my desk/workspace!

    love love love!

    Holly says:

    The basic white office supplies.. stapler.. tape dispenser.. ALL OF IT!

    christina says:

    love this!!

    Kirsten says:

    So many adorable things! Love the file cabinets and office supplies in all the fun colors!

    Liz says:

    How have I not heard of Poppin before? Everything is so cute! I love the white buoy with aqua seat.

    Patricia Neri says:

    I love turquoise blue drawer cabinet!

    KS says:

    i LOVE everything! I had no idea Poppin had furniture. So much fun!
    I would like desk accessories in pink, navy and white.

    MINT ANYTHING right now. 🙂

    Tania says:

    The orange filing cabinet is amazing! I also love the dot to dot phone case!

    Dara says:

    And basically anything in a metallic!

    Tara O. says:

    LOVE the clean lines & bright colors…here are my two favorites!

    Stephanie says:

    This may be due to my longstanding obsession with office supplies, but I had a helluva time singling out a favorite item (or five). I visit Poppin every time I spruce up my office and find something new each time; this time I fell in love with their art prints. They’re unlike anything I’ve seen!

    Almila says:

    I love everything in the white + gold collection!

    Kacy says:

    I just want the whole aqua dream desk! That would be perfect

    Justine says:

    Literally loving the “pops” of color. The more color pops the better!

    Anonymous says:

    I’m a huge fan of bright colors. This site had so many wonderful things (hint to all my gift giving relatives). The office furniture is unique. I loved the chair, the ottoman, and the sectional.

    I would do the same in pool blue. It’s a beautiul shade that pairs well with these yellow items.

    Diana says:

    I love all of the yellow items, especially the chair, the ottoman, and the sectional.

    I would pair with the same items in pool blue.

    abigail says:

    search by gold obviously!!!
    i need this

    and these are pretty rad….

    I would love to win this one!! xo

    Lauren says:

    I love the chic monogrammed notebooks!

    Brianne says:

    I LOVE office supplies/anything to do with organization. And this is the prettiest darn folio I’ve ever seen.

    Ariana says:

    Omg I loooove Poppin! This site is amazing and I love almost everything on it. Shopping by color? Brilliant! THEY HAVE A WHOLE MINT SECTION. IT LIKE MY DREAM LAND.

    Mint double tray!

    And mint mouse pad!

    Even mint notebooks guuuhhh my heart:

    kelli says:

    i love how it’s all color coordinated which makes it so much easier to find exactly what you want. i have paper/document chaos in my office, so i’d love this:

    Mels says:

    Wow, they have beautiful lamps. I’m trying to find pops of color for my living room and this yellow lamp would be so gorgeous.

    Katie Contests says:

    I love the Loewy Tote in Natural + Red

    Jamie says:

    Oof, this is tough. I love everything! If I had to choose, I’d say this chair:

    Emily says:

    Gifted some Poppin stuff this year already! Would love to have my own 🙂

    Bruna Louise says:

    So in love with these

    nica says:

    Always gotta have that gold touch!

    Jessica says:

    to help with my new gold office!

    to add contrast! 🙂

    Madison says:

    I’ve had my eye on the aqua filing cabinet! such a fun color

    Terri H says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love the aqua file cabinet:

    Jillian Rose says:

    It’s amazing how happy pretty office supplies can make work 🙂
    A bright yellow stapler would make me smile:

    A lovely green tote would make Mondays more enjoyable:

    And who doesn’t love themselves some sticky notes:

    Jo Lam says:

    Pens! I love color pens! Haha I remember when gel pens were the big thing in grade school. My favorites are the Assorted Gel Ink Pens, Assorted Fineliner Ballpoint Pens, Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens, Assorted Slim Permanent Markers, Magical Markets.

    And Lime Green Small Softcover and Coral Medium Pocket Spiral to write in with my colorful pens! Haha

    Happy holidays and thanks for hosting this give away!

    Courtney says:

    My cables are out of control so this would help!

    Courtney Perkins says:

    Loving the warm benches!! My fiancee and I are designing the interior of our new home together and this would come in SO handy!! 🙂

    Allison says:

    This box is adorbshttp://m.poppin.com/products/White-Collapsible-Storage-Box

    ET Pruitt says:

    I would get the Yellow 5th Avenue Chair.

    s.montgomery says:

    That all white filing cabinet and the white accessory tray would do wonders for my office space!! Something about all white says “I’m so organized” and I love that!

    vivian says:

    Love the navy set!

    Jackie says:

    love all of the gold goodies!

    I love all their products so much! Thank you for hosting these giveaways! I’ve discovered amazing products and companies through this 🙂 If I had to choose one product from Poppin…I’d get a white file cabinet!

    Lindsey says:

    Love the navy checka paperboard file box and white oak clamp mini LED desk lamp!

    mindi says:

    hot pink to hide your cords. love it!

    Alyssa says:

    I love the collapsable storage boxes! And I had no idea that they make furniture now!!!

    Korin A. says:

    I am so excitedly ready to snatch up a few awesome trays and essentials for the new shared desk space we have in our new apartment.

    josie says:


    kim boswell says:

    The pink tube top lamp! Great color and design and really pops!

    Katie says:

    I’m torn between the mint green mouse pad and the white and gold collection

    monica says:

    umm i want everything! really diggin’ the White Oak Clamp Mini LED Desk Lamp

    awesome shop!

    alli cherry says:

    I need a new file cabinet so badly! The orange and white one on the poppin site would be amazing for my office!

    Elisha says:

    Love poppin! I love all the mint stuff!

    Angela says:

    I’m really enjoying the mint + coral, with some white and metallic thrown in! I’d start with the white + gold stapler (), a mint This + That tray (), and a coral tape dispenser ().

    Val says:

    I love that you can shop by color! Everything I own for my home is aqua…but I’m on a gold kick and really love these silver and gold notebooks:

    Ciera says:

    I LOVE the file cabinets!

    Katie says:

    Who doesn’t love shopping by color! I’d pick the White + Aqua West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet!

    Ashley says:

    What I great giveaway ! I was just at Crate and Barrel yesterday when I saw a similar file cabinet to the Poppin one !! I would love to use it on three drawer file cabinet! Fingers crossed!

    tori says:


    mint letter trays because i’m bringing back the handwritten letter in 2015 and expect to get some replies:

    white pens—so fresh:

    and tons of metallic gold notebooks:

    My desk at work could use a serious organization makeover. I’m loving the black letter trays (), and the white and gold stapler ()!

    Isabelle says:

    I’m a sucker for Poppin pens. In red. But if I was designing an office, their multi-functional conference/ping pong table would be an essential addition.

    julie says:

    I love the white and gold stapler. I might just get 20 of those

    Gabriella W. says:

    i do quite fancy this lamp, and everything gold on the page !

    Kellen says:

    I’d love to get a new desk chair like this 5th ave one:

    Maura D says:

    In desperate need of a new desk lamp… Tho this is so cool, I could really put it anywhere!

    Leslie says:

    I love the monogrammed journals! I’d get a black journal with gold lettering

    Sarah says:

    I love this product

    and this one

    Jessie says:

    I like these! Great for college.

    adrienne says:

    I love the White + Aqua Fully Loaded West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet!

    Rachel says:

    Having a pair of these on your desk is how you make friends at the office

    Candice says:

    Whoa this accordion file is awesome…

    Kayla Russell says:

    I love the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet! The white is clean and it would really help me organize my desk!

    Xee says:

    Love love love the stuff on their website! I’ve always been a fan of their stationary! Can’t go wrong with bright colored notebooks to write in or cute post-its! & <3 <3 <3

    Megan Caton says:

    Love the “Be Awesome Today” wall print. So cute!

    Natalie says:

    The Navy Checka Paperboard file box , with some file folders and hanging folders to go inside!

    Petunia says:

    Loving the Black Cobi Chair! I need a new desk chair!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Summer Bonner says:

    ; . These would be lovely…Thanks for the Chance.

    Patrizia says:

    I love the all white desk accessories and would get the dynamic duo:
    and some fun notebooks with my initials on it:

    Nicky says:

    A few of favorite items on Poppin.com are the Pink Banana Canvas, the White Scissors, Pencil Pouch in Gold, and the Scoop Low Stool with Black Pad, Silver Frame!

    Grace Vojvoda says:

    I love this black file cabinet! I would use it in my office that I’m in the process of re-doing.

    Farah says:

    I love their new white and gold collection! I have been waiting for them to add gold!! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Mary Piontek says:

    I need pens in every color of the rainbow 🙂

    Summer J. says:

    Yellow! Yes!

    Such beautiful notebooks –

    Melinda Stacer says:

    I love the little file cabinet on wheels. What a great idea for household finances.

    This lamp is so cool too. I would love it for my sewing table.

    Last things I am going to be wishing for this Christmas is that bag. It is so me.

    Meg says:

    I love these to do lists () and this cool lamp for my desk ().

    Natalie Johnson says:

    I really love the monogrammed notebooks

    Jennifer says:

    this has got to be one of the cutest file cabinets, and i’m in need of one! i love it in white and yellow:

    Carrie S says:

    I am absolutely addicted to anything gold and white… ( and ) But my absolute FAVORITE items of theirs is this stapler (). Small but bold – I love everything about it!

    Kayleigh says:

    I love all the desk organizers! Poppin is one of my favorite office supply shops, so I would love to win!

    kaisse says:

    love the white and gold stapler!

    Marni says:

    The white and gold notebooks are so attractive!

    Allison says:

    Can we talk about how this is the most beautiful file cabinet I’ve ever seen? Black and white one, for sure.

    Maya says:

    I love their file cabinets and I’m moving into a new office space soon so it would be perfect!!!

    Jennifer says:

    The lounge is gorgeous!

    dominique says:

    the white and aqua file cabinets looks fabulous! thanks for the giveaway!

    Meredith says:

    I love the gold items, but I’m totally going for the hot pink trays. I’m getting ready to design a home office, and winning this giveaway would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

    SR says:

    Starting a new job after the first of the year! Would love this stacking set.

    coral says:

    cool new markers for me and my daughter to share:
    and a sleek new cabinet to keep it all organized:

    Anna says:

    I could really use the White West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet, so pretty!

    Loren says:

    We have a few Poppin pieces at work and they are so cool! I would love this pink lamp in my house,

    Tara says:

    If I won, I’d definitely put it towards a cute filing cabinet. I need to invest in one anyway, and these are so cute!

    sarah says:

    This is super dorky, but I would get ALL the pens! The school-supply addict in me would be thrilled and I could hand-letter for days!

    This shop by color is lovely! I’d definitely spring for a new file cabinet. They are so useful, and usually ugly – not so with these!

    Tracy says:

    Any of the metallics! My desk could use a major overhaul. Really diggin the Metallic Gold + Silver Thin Paper Cover Notebooks, Set of 3.

    Melanie F says:

    You guys are RAD, thanks for the sweet chance! I heart these pretties…

    Delia says:

    Love the file cabinets!

    I love the pool blue pen cup, white scissors, and mint ballpoint pens!

    Heather R says:

    The white dream kit has been on my wishlist this fall for my husband’s office (aka our dining room table).

    Carli says:

    I love the file cabinets!

    Christine says:

    GOLD EVERYTHING PLEASE! I really like the white and gold stapler.

    I have always loved Poppin, and I am in serious need of these Metallic Gold Soft Cover Folios!


    Thuy Thuong Huynh says:

    I love stationary! my boyfriend and I don’t live near each other so I love sending him cards and letters! I would love to win this giveaway. I love the gold stationary!

    allison says:

    I love love love the pink collection!!!

    Gabrielle says:

    I’ve been wanting the yellow file cabinet for months!

    HB says:

    What a lovely find!!! I’d get the Pool Blue Super Stacked desk set!

    Tracey says:

    I really need a new office chair. This one is great!

    stephanie says:

    White + gold stapler:

    Amy says:

    Digging the Digit spiral notebooks:
    Aaaaand that pool blue metal pen. Yesss:

    Katie J. says:

    So many cute things! Love the filing cabinets!

    Kasey L. says:

    Everything at Poppin is so cute but I love the Mint Push the Envelope Set! It would definitely brighten up my desk.

    Len says:

    I would love this:

    Erin Jones Turner says:

    I LOVE the Metallic Notebook >

    Bex says:

    The Aqua Striped Memo Tower is what dreams are made of! I would use every single one of those post-its!

    Samantha says:

    Just these!

    This yellow set is perfect.

    I love this giveaway because I LOVE Poppin!! I am moving into a new studio space and new desk accessories are calling my name. I really love:

    The aqua starter kit:
    jumbo writing pad:

    Fingers crossed!! 🙂

    Marissa says:

    Love the bright yellow fully-loaded Filing cabinets!

    Felicity says:

    In love:

    allison says:

    I love the storage bins

    Kristina D. says:

    The black filing cabinet would be perfect!

    Molly says:

    I love the colorful pens!

    amanda v says:

    I have the turquoise desk set and would love to add some white to it!

    joanna yardley says:

    of course love the bling!

    Carrie says:

    Poppin is the best! This pink tape dispenser is my jam.

    In love with this chic lamp:

    Laura says:

    I LOVE the Yellow Tube Top Lamp and the Gold Sparkle set!!

    Vean says:

    I love the blue file cabinet!

    Ruby says:

    I like everything ah! So I have chosen a top three:

    Scoop Low Stool with Orange Pad and White Frame:

    White Oak Clamp Mini LED Lamp:

    Orange West 18th file Cabinet:


    Nicole Luke says:

    I have been DYING to get one of their file cabinets!!! so lovely. all white would be great!

    I LOVE the gold and white stapler and the white pens! But basically love all of their stuff. Happy holidays!

    Solducky says:

    Love this aqua and white file cabinet!

    Sarah Aristizabal says:

    The white and gold collection and white 3 drawer file cabinet are so nice. Definitely something to keep in mind when putting together an office space!

    Sarah says:

    I definitely love the all white file cabinet with wheels here:

    Love that it locks too. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Emma says:

    I love Poppin and their newest colors…mint is my fave. I like the mouse pad!

    kerry says:

    Love these monogrammed notebooks:

    I’d also love to add these to my boring cubicle:

    Jennifer says:

    I just built my own live slab + hairpin legs desk and need some fun desk organizers and accessories. I think I found just the place! The white and gold accessories are calling my name.

    Emily K. says:

    Love the gold sparkle set!

    Molly | TLP says:

    Those gold notebooks are killer!

    Erika says:

    Could definitely use this file cabinet!

    Ashley says:

    The Navy Dream desk seem so cool. I would totally use this when I go to college next year!

    Manda says:

    The mint dream desk kit really is my dream!

    Phoebe says:

    I forgot to add the link!

    208. Phoebe | December 2nd, 2014 at 12:09 pm
    I love the simplicity of the White Oak Clamp Mini LED Desk Lamp.

    Christina says:


    Andrea MayB says:


    Kym says:

    What gorgeous products! It appeals to the teaching part of me 🙂 Loving these products:

    Megan says:


    Amanda says:

    I love metallic anything! So I would definitely shop that section! Would pick up these notebooks and these

    Alaina says:

    I really want the white and gold desk items! I’ve had my eye on them for a while 🙂

    Samara says:

    Gotta love white and gold:

    keri says:

    really, i’d want it all. all.

    Amy Karsten says:

    I love Poppin pens, I use them everyday!

    Carolyn C says:

    I LOVE everything gold! Gold notebooks, gold staplers, gold staple removers, gold, gold, gold.

    zuzanna schwed says:

    I think Id go for thew aqua collection mixed with some gold pieces!

    Here are my favs. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Anya Mayr says:

    I’d love to have the desk items. I recently got the job of my dreams, and I got a new desk. Adding this pop of color to my plain white desk would give me yet another reason to enjoy going to work!

    Jes N says:

    The items are so colorful. I love them. In particular the desk accessories such as these:

    Jes N says:

    I like the colorful desk accessories because they make boring work cheerful. In particular these trays:

    Suzanne says:

    The whole gold set, but especially the white & gold stapler!

    Amy says:

    So many good items and colors! A few favorites:

    Kaitlyn says:

    LOVE this giveaway idea. I would get this organization kit to decorate my work desk at my first job (which I just started!)

    Kelli says:

    Crazy about the mint desk set!

    Laura says:

    I love poppin…their pens are my fave! I love this stapler though.

    kat says:

    there’s something calming about the desk sets–http://www.poppin.com/Mint-Dream-Desk.html

    Lindsay says:

    I have several poppin items at work and I love them!!! I would love to have their white filing cabinet at my home office though!!! Right now my files are literally all over the floor. Not the best system for a neat-freak like me!

    Bree says:

    All gold everything!

    Boyfriend and I have been looking for something that makes sense in our space and this would be awesome!

    Dagbjört says:

    Beautiful…. Check out this amazing handmade recycled leather clutch from Iceland and hand dyed pillows…

    Karen says:

    Ooh I love these stores and these items!:

    Amy says:

    Poppin is one of my favorite office suppliers! I love their entire mint green collection and the standard white.

    Joni says:

    I would toss my old rusty file cabinet hidden in the garage for the beautiful white 3-drawer rolling file cabinet.

    Melissa says:

    i want all of this in yellow!

    michal says:

    the gold journals are amazing!

    Amanda says:

    christmas wishing for this stapler!

    lisa says:

    Am moving soon and would love some new stuff! I want:

    Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens

    and the Metallic Gold Notebooks

    christine says:


    Kate says:

    Love all things organization!

    Sue says:

    start with this!

    Brandi Young says:

    I need a spiffy white filing cabinet and this is perfect!

    Katie says:

    Really digging these lamps!

    Ari D. says:

    Sure could use some color in my dreary office:

    Emily says:

    I am desperate to finally have a nice desk chair!

    Rebecca says:

    I just got a new job and my desk is dying for some bright fun accessories!

    Jenny Bailey says:

    My desk could use a bit of navy. And a real mouse pad instead of this faded folder I’ve been using.

    Ashley Ann Salge Dailey says:

    Gold + White = Love

    Jessica says:

    My desk is a MESS right now – some “Get it Together” trays would really help me do just that!

    Sarah says:

    Love this soft cover folio and the fancy staplers!

    Krista says:

    I know this seems crazy, but with grey being the color of the year it seems like – how cool would it be to have a grey monochromatic desk?! fav here:

    Eryn says:

    We’ve got a very functional yard sale filing cabinet. But it would be so awesome to have one thats also attractive!

    Kellye says:

    I neeeed this white letter tray set!

    Michelle B says:

    I would first get a few of the genious cable storage boxes.
    Then, this beautiful white oak desk lamp

    Finally, a sunny orange ottoman 🙂

    Kacey says:

    The notebooks, all of the notebooks!

    mridula says:

    I went straight to browsing the lamps and here’s one I really like

    Thanks for the chance

    Mili says:

    I love this sleek personalized notebook!

    Liz says:

    I love their file cabinets.

    Alice says:

    I looove colorful office supplies! There’s nothing like a good notebook.

    Erin says:

    The Poppin items are so fun! I’ve been eyeing the yellow set (my favorite color) for a little while now and it would definitely add a little sunshine to my workspace.

    Amy says:

    How great are the filing cabinets? I love office/organizational stores.

    Yelena P says:

    love the gold sparkle set, so… sparkly

    Heather says:

    I rarely staple anything, but I am in love with the white and gold stapler.

    Alix Adams says:

    I want all of the gold accessories, but especially this!

    Erin Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness, definitely a filing cabinet. I can’t get over how cool these things are. Pink please!!

    Michelle P says:

    Shop BY COLOR? This is amazing. Lime Green Note Taker and Lime Green Qivi Desk Chair!

    Gina Platek says:

    The calculator with pool blue numbers, the mint tape dispenser, and I want all the notebooks!!! The paper clips…

    Abigail Hortegas says:

    I’d love the Pink Task Pads for sure!

    Mila says:

    The Aqua Super Stacked set is beautiful!

    Emilia says:

    Oooh, this set of Fine Liners

    I also want an office decorated completely by Poppin and everything in white.

    Aileen says:

    My fave is this filing cabinet! I could REALLY use it to get organized.

    Willow Sharp says:

    OMG I love this, I love the gold, I love the aqua, I love the Jumbo perminent markers and the little markers and I LOVEVEVEVEV the round erasers !!!!

    Rachel Ake says:

    I love all the neon desk accessories and notebooks!

    And the metallic patterned set of notebooks in your post!

    VaNessa says:

    I love the filing cabinet. I am looking for a way to stay organize without looking like a dud!

    Martha says:

    I would seriously love everything! and anything! from Poppin… I love their stuff… If I had to choose one thing it would be the East 18th Rolling 2-Drawer File Cabinet in either orange or pink. thank for this awesome giveaway!!!

    Christie says:

    I’m starting a new job next month and will definitely need about a hundred of these writing pads haha 🙂

    dawn says:

    those metallic journals are perfect!!!

    Valerie says:

    Everything Pool Blue! It would look awesome in my new office at work and since it’s my first private office I want to make it really cool!

    Lauren says:

    I love some office organization!

    Annie says:

    I love Poppin! Think I would definitely go for one of the file cabinets

    Melissa says:

    Metallic gold soft small notebook is my favorite, simplest thing!

    Ingrid says:

    the file cabinets are a great compact solution for storing my personal and financial documents!

    Joyce Knoer says:

    this is obviously amazing…!

    Bethlyn says:

    Love these gold notebooks!

    Emily Noll says:

    I like the white and gold stapler. Classy and pretty.

    Ann says:

    this cable box!

    Meg says:

    I love the rolling cabinets!

    Kyla says:

    Need this for my studio

    Kristin says:

    Love this color!

    Natassia says:

    I have been eyeing this white collection for my home office for some time. Come on lucky winner!

    Geni says:

    Loving the organisation trays so simple and effective!!

    allison says:

    i love the gold notebook:

    and the aqua metal pen:

    Masha says:

    I really like their storage ideas, like this cabinet , or this storage box

    Amy says:

    I want one of those dreamy white office spaces and the modern stapler and tape dispenser although simple are soooo perfect!

    Lacy says:

    So many great products! I really like this: and this:

    Brynna says:

    Everything is great, but I really love this chair!!

    Sarah says:

    I love this desk chair: Gray Qivi Desk Chair

    Adrienne gordon says:

    the notebooks are awesome.

    Camille says:

    Love the white oak desk lamp!

    Sandy Klocinski says:

    …need some color in my office

    Ashley B says:

    Loving this gold notebook! It’s reasonably priced and comes in tons of cool colors!

    Margaret Smith says:

    I love the red sets
    and also the file cabinet

    Melissa says:

    Gold and white, for sure!

    Then I can’t decide on the lime green, yellow or aqua, but I certainly want the whole set to color coordinate my office!

    Erica B. says:

    I like the White & Pool blue ping pong conference table.

    Melissa D says:

    I need a new file cabinet and this pool blue number is calling my name:

    Megan says:

    we are in definite need of some of these! So cute as well!

    Tarah says:

    the poppin website is so fun! I think I’ve settled on a mix of gold & mint desk accessories that my office is in desperate need of!

    Chris Noe says:

    I could really use the black fifth avenue chair. Our desk chair is really getting ragged.

    Nicole says:

    I love the gold notebooks and this tote:

    rickel bart says:

    i love their white 3 drawer file

    Johanna says:

    Those gold notebooks () are the best!
    Love the mint desk sets, too. and .
    Oh, and some highlighters while I’m at it!

    Grace Lee says:

    Gold everything! My nonprofit job could use some bling 🙂

    Brittney House says:

    I like this pen.

    Tamara says:

    I have been searching for a colorful and functional desk chair and this one looks perfect:

    Renee says:

    Love the lamp!

    joe gersch says:

    i like this file drawer

    danielle Marie says:

    i really like the it would help me organize my room and match it completely.

    Leela says:

    White + Black West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    White + Pool Blue Fully Loaded West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    April V. says:

    I like the white collection with a few changes for a bit of color like this:

    I also really like the cable drops and the hide and keep boxes:

    Lyka Walton says:

    I really like their softie grip grass, cute/fun yet functional!

    Thomas F says:

    I thought the Mint Dream desk set was very nice.

    Linh says:

    This sotftie grip grass is such a genius invention!

    I’m also terribly obsessed with notebooks, so this one would be a great addition to my growing collection.

    Joe Fanning says:

    The neon look so good that is what an office should look like The You For the Give away

    Joe Fanning says:

    It dropped the Thank from you Here it is again Fixed The neon look so good that is what an office should look like Thank You For the Give away It hard getting old

    denise piersante says:

    me me me me me

    Nancy Krueger says:

    some of my favs
    This awesome cabinet cool chair 18th-file-cabinet.html

    This unique lounge chair

    chelse says:

    I’m a little obsessed with organizing so anything would be a dream, but I do love this mint color

    Susann Dempel says:


    McKim says:

    I like this lamp.

    Savannah says:

    Anything that’s gold and shiny works for me!

    Grace says:

    The Soho print with the white frame would look great next to my front door! I also love the Metallic Gold Medium Soft Cover Notebook

    nickie says:

    I like the

    HilLesha says:

    I love the White + Gold Stapler, White Pen Cup, Red Cobi Desk Chair with White Frame, and Red Campfire Big Lounge Chair. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    axel olsen says:

    love to win

    Maura says:

    I love these notetaker sets! Also! Love these lamps!

    Linda Lansford says:

    I want to buy Blue Pixo LED Desk Lamp

    I could definitely use one of their filling cabinets!

    Denise B. says:

    I like the “Orange Cobi Desk Chair with Black Frame”.

    Kirsten says:

    I love this:

    Kathy Pease says:

    I like the the all-bundled-up
    Navy Dream Desk

    Betsie says:

    My sweet ADD husband would love one of these buoy chairs as he finishes his dissertation!

    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the white accessory tray

    Angela says:

    So cute!

    Sarah Cramer says:

    This place is HEAVEN. I LOVE little pouches and love this peach/gold number – . I also LOVE anything gold and white, so this stapler really makes me happy – .

    laurie pearson says:

    Lovin the white & Aqua fully loaded 3-drawer file cabinet !!!

    Ron ald Jones says:

    Digging the 3 drawer file cabinet in black and white!

    Pauline says:

    Would fit really well with my kitchen decor.

    Elyse G. says:

    That yellow filing cabinet is outstanding! *fingers crossed*

    Devin M. says:

    I’ve been obsessed with their file cabinets for a long time, so I’m on top of this! Fully loaded and pool blue 😉

    Ed says:

    I like the Green Tube Top Lamp.

    Chantal says:

    I’m crazy about memo pad and sticky notes, so this has to be my favorite item:

    Cate says:

    In desperate need of cute office supplies for my home office/bedroom. So, this file cabinet and this notebook for work notes

    Kerri Poling says:

    My favorites. Merry Holidays everyone.

    Terri Moore says:

    I really like the white collapsible storage boxes and the neon paper flags which I use all the time for bookmarks.

    Terri Moore says:

    oops forgot to leave the links.

    I just love the olive tote

    Buddy Garrett says:

    The Aqua Dream Desk is my favorite.

    Timothy S Chalfant says:

    The white cabinets and the all of there collection!!!

    Matt says:

    Black Campfire Half Lounge Chair

    Black 5th Avenue Chair

    Serena Powell says:

    I like the Orange Campfire Half Lounge Chair.

    Stacy says:

    this would actually make organizing all of my paperwork more fun!

    Madi Crane says:

    About to graduate and start a job at Saks Corporate! I need this desk set!!

    Duane Holmes says:

    Never have too many mouse pads , Thx ♪

    karen says:

    I like most everything. I like organization and style.

    Andrea Bautista says:

    I love how this site caters to all levels of education, it’s great! One of my favorite items is the Aqua dynamic duo. So great for my desk.

    Barbara Fox says:

    I really like the

    & the

    Sarah says:

    Love the mint letter trays! Amazing!

    Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the Mint Tape Dispenser

    Barbara Fox says:

    I really like the
    & the AND lots of other items!! Great site!

    shawna says:

    I like the starter set and the organization trays

    Sarah Marshall says:

    eyshon salahuddin says:

    The filing cabinets would look fabulous in my classroom. A pop of color is the best.

    Timothy says:

    Great products!

    Danielle says:

    im a nerd for office stuff eventho im only a student. there whole site is cool and very modern. i like how you can shop by color. i like to try to have everything all the small color.

    Breanne says:

    I like the Lime Green Mouse Pad.

    Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I love the White + Orange Ping-Pong Conference Table.

    karen hunter says:

    I like

    Kristin says:

    I love the Aqua Note Taker . the Aqua Accessory Tray . and the Aqua Medium Soft Cover Notebook with Silver Initial .

    Karen says:

    I really like the orange and white filing cabinet –

    Trisha McKee says:

    I love :

    Annette says:

    I need a new chair and would choose this

    Deb Dodge says:

    Love love LOVE the Lime Green Dream Desk Bundle 🙂

    Dawn Reid says:

    The White + Orange West 18th 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    Danielle Lindquist says:

    I love the pink dream desk set!

    tallcapp says:

    This Blue and white filing cabinet is so pretty I would not have to keep it hidden somewhere in the house. I really do need a file cabinet.

    Eugenia Hall says:

    I really like this one –

    amy d says:

    i just love this

    Laura Wernet says:

    I’d like to have this:

    Eugenia Martin says:

    The white filing cabinet is amazing!

    Melissa says:

    i love the color of the Orange Slim Chairs, Set of 2!

    Sue J. says:

    I love the Purple “Super Stacked” with some Purple Retractable Pens!

    Sarah S says:

    There is so much that I love from Poppin! I really like the White Note Taking Set () and the Mint Super Stacked ().

    Brian E. says:

    Thank You for the giveaway…we like the White Oak Clamp Mini LED Desk Lamp /

    and the

    Light Gray Mouse Pad /

    cynthia Dawson says:

    I love the Black 5th Avenue Chair in black,

    Jennifer Barr says:

    Karen Drake says:

    I like the Pink Dream Desk set.

    Kat Emerick says:

    I like the White + Lime Green Fabric Collapsible Storage Box

    Melanie Dauterive says:

    I like the orange starter set.

    Brandi Goolsby says:

    I’ve been needing a stacking tray system for my desk for ages. I absolutely love this beach-y color! I need this! Now to convince my boss…..

    heather c says:

    I want:
    folding chairs that pop:
    amazing scissors:
    and a bunch of pink bananas:

    Laura J says:

    Love the checka in the navy!

    Casey says:

    I love the gold sparkle set

    Tara says:

    White + Black Fully Loaded West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    Autumn B. says:

    I love the blue pixo lamp

    jules m. says:

    i love the White + Orange Fully Loaded West 18th Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet

    lesley says:

    I have been wanting stuff from Poppin for a long time!!! I don’t have room for all the stuff I want but here is a few:

    *Pool Blue Medium Super Sketchy

    *Pink Signature Ballpoint Pens, Set of 12

    *Pink Dream Desk

    *Pink Big Deal

    *Loewy Tote in Natural + Red

    *White + Pink Fabric Collapsible Storage Box

    Jariah says:

    the red file cabinet is my favorite

    Jake B says:

    I like the Thanks for the chance to win.

    Sarah Hirsch says:

    i like this storage box –

    Amy M. says:

    I don’t know how to pick just one item so I’m going to have to link a few. Sorry (but not really sorry:))

    It’s like I’ve dream-designed my very own office!

    courtney gibson says:

    Love this Mint letter tray-

    And the mint pen cup-http://www.poppin.com/Mint-Pen-Cup.html

    sherry walker says:

    I love the metallic sparkle set

    Olive Canvas Tote Bag

    Holly Kennedy says:

    Purple Medium Soft Cover Notebook with Silver Initial

    Mary Frances says:

    I love the colorful filing cabinets, but I think black is just so classic!

    Beverly Metcalf says:

    I love their pretty file cabinets and the nice desktop organizers. Thanks for having this contest.

    Beverly Metcalf says:

    I really like this file cabinet, it fits under a desk. Here’s the URL .

    Alexis Hope says:

    I would like an initial notebook in blue.

    Joanne says:

    I love everything in Mint.

    Rebecca C says:

    My favorites are:

    The colors are so awesome!

    Ria says:

    These colors are so bright and cheerful, can I please win 🙂

    MARIA simon says:

    love their little colorful filing cabinets

    Meg says:

    I love all the colorful notebooks!

    especially yellow!

    Berty Ayliffe says:


    I love their retractable gel luxe pens! Ready to start collecting all the colors.

    Andrea says:

    this is my dreaaammmmmmmm

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