is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. their design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. they’ve followed a philosophy of local manufacturing and each piece is handcrafted to order from non-toxic and responsibly harvested materials by traditional furniture makers in new england.

kalon studios is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative sustainable design companies in the world and today one lucky ready will win the medium in bamboo, which can be used as a table or a desk!


here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1) follow .

2) go to the kalon studios  and take a look around.

3) leave a comment below letting me know your favorite item.

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, april 16th at 10am PST. open to US readers only, sorrythe retail value of prize is $1900+. 

also! 15% off  on all products from the isometric collection, 3 blocks, and tray sets with the code DLFKalon through April 16th.



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    Jennifer says:

    Ummm one word … LOVE!!!

    Amanda H says:

    The caravan dresser is beautiful.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

    Linda Sung says:

    That Isometric Chair!!

    Courtney B. says:

    Actually, I think this Isometric Table is my favorite. I love it with the benches :):)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome table!

    jon says:

    followed and i love the stump! : )

    caroline says:

    moving into an unfurnished apartment in a week and these beauties would be a godsend! i love the isometric chair. such beautiful lines and subtle curves!

    Rachel R. says:

    Wow! I’d never heard of this company before. I immediately pinned Unit 1 and Unit 2, so I suppose those are my favorites, though the entire shop is fantastic.

    karly marie says:

    Unit 2 is great design. Great feature.

    The isometric bench is such a beauty!

    Tran Nguyen says:

    I love the field tent! Every kid/person should have a tent in their home!

    Carrie says:

    The Ioline Crib is unique and beautiful! All of Kalon’s designs have such a creative and unique look, each piece gets me excited!
    The masks are adorable 🙂

    Mia Fuller says:

    the isometric table is so sleek I love it!

    Carly says:

    I love the 3 blocks nesting tables!

    Ally says:

    I love being introduced to great brands through your giveaways. That table is perfection, I would love to finally own a ‘big girl’ table like that! Also, their feed is lovely. Did you meet in Tulum??? I just kind of made up that scenario in my mind 🙂

    Morgan says:

    The 3Blocks nesting tables are awesome!

    anna says:

    I have a friend who is having a baby in June and the Echo Crib is absolutely perfect. I’ll have to see what we can do to get her one. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway- always! Hope you’re having lots of fun in Tulum.

    Ailyn says:

    Awesome giveaway! Their work is beautiful. I love the isometric bench.

    erin says:

    Beautiful! The echo dresser is fab!

    Whitney Vesterfelt says:

    The Isometric Table is my favorite!

    I like their block cubbies.

    My fave thing is the field tent!!! it’s so precious. My dog would probably love for that to be her home. 🙂

    O my gee .. How do you pick just one? But I love love love the isometric table and the field tent .. Beautiful & functional!

    Jennifer says:

    The isometric bench is great. I would use it as a coffee table.

    Tanvi says:

    OMG! I love everything. We are moving so right now I feel I like everything but this dresser would be pretty cool –

    Claire says:

    I want everything about the Caravan Divan. Those kiddos are doing a great job showing it off!

    Hollie says:

    The HUT-HUT is SO cool. So is the guy sitting on it. Would love this for a seat/side table.

    Dawn says:

    I love the isometric table and the 3 blocks nesting tables!

    Danielle Eastberg says:

    This is the best giveaway yet!! I was just looking at making my apartment more adult-like. I love the Isometric Chairs…and of course the table!! I followed on Instagram. Thank you!

    Samantha says:

    I LOVE that field tent! @samanthajgale is following 🙂

    kelsey says:

    adore the isometric chair!

    Katie F says:

    Those 3 Blocks are awesome!

    Kristen says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Isometric table. So sleek!

    Judith says:

    Love the field tent–it makes me want to be a kid again!

    Christa says:

    That table is a beauty. I also love the Field Tent.

    Christa says:

    I love everything, but I really love Caravan Dresser! Great stuff and can’t wait to explore their !

    Bonnie says:

    I followed on ! I love the isometric chairs.

    Melinda says:

    The Isometric Table is by far my favorite! I also really like the Hut-Hut in Black Locust. That would be super cute for my son’s room, as a little reading spot.

    beth says:

    The isometric chair is gorgeous. Like.

    mel says:

    the isometric chair is everything!

    Kt says:

    The field tent is so adorable!! I’ve actually been looking for a tent like this for my home. So fun

    Parvina says:

    That backcountry stool is fabulous!

    Kate says:

    Love it all! Especially the Isometric table and chairs, and the 3 Blocks!! Beautiful! And their Instagram photos look inspiring!

    Sarah says:

    Oh man, I just love the Stumps. So simple and cool!

    Alyssa says:

    Well everything is simply beautiful but I love the versatility of “Unit 1” but lord knows I’m ready to upgrade my $20 table!

    Tiffany says:

    Love the Isometric chair.

    Natalie says:

    I’m loving the backcountry stool! And that table is pretty rad too!

    Oh my i’m gonna have too go with the field tent as the crib is stunning but I’ve had 2 babe and i’m solo done! Too late for me.

    Megan says:

    Can the Echo Toddler bed be any more perfect? I’ll take 5 please for all my nieces and nephews : )

    I love the 3 blocks and the table! This is exactly what we’re looking for for our kitchen renovation.

    Meghan says:

    love the isometric table!

    jess says:

    The dresser looks great!

    Courtney says:

    I’d really love the Isometric table along with the chairs…so beautiful!

    Emily M says:

    Wow, what a great brand! Everything is so beautiful! I love the 3 Blocks nesting tables.

    Emily says:

    The 3 Blocks nesting tables are gorgeous and that isometric table is perfect, would love to win it!

    Hands down my favorite is the “Field Tent”. So cute and the quality looks amazing!

    I adore this table and the unit 2 storage!

    Emily Robinson says:

    I am so inspired by Kalon studios work and philosophy, so refreshing. The Isometric Bench and Hut Hut series are my favorites- though it’s hard to choose- everything is gorge!

    Erin says:

    I love the table you are giving away, but in the darker black walnut!

    Nicole says:

    The field tent is a delight!

    Joani says:

    The 3 Blocks nesting tables for sure! And, of course, the isometric table!

    Eileen says:

    I LOVE the isometric table.
    And the companies sustainability focus!

    LaurenPenn says:

    I L O V E the Caravan Dresser with the yellow finish. Adore the pop of color

    Justine says:

    that isometric table is awesome! would love that.

    Emily says:

    gotta have that isometric bench! it would look fabulous in my entryway!

    Kate F says:

    The kids’ hut-hut would be a huge hit in my house!

    Sarah says:

    The isometric table is gorgeous!

    Style Tutor says:

    Love the Field tent. I know a couple of kiddos who would love to escape to another world in it!

    Larry says:

    I really love he isometric chair. The design of it is really great and love that it’s made from sustainable material. Excited to find a new store to shop at.

    Nancy says:

    The 3 blocks are a great versatile furniture piece! Love them!

    Brittany Koelmel says:

    I absolutely love the echo dresser. I love that natural wood look. Also the way the handles are placed are just great!

    Katie says:

    I LOVE this table!

    Love the field tent – I want it for my little guy’s next room!

    Steph says:

    I love the isometric chair!

    Julie Khuu says:

    All made in the US! Love! Dying over the 3 blocks nesting tables! So darling with the cutouts! Amazing giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Cuero&Mør says:

    We love everything and the wood colors are amazing!! If we have to choose something we take the isometric table…is so cool!!

    We have a fun DIY on the blog…geometric candles!! Take a look and have fun!! 😉

    Nana says:

    Love the isometric table! Just what we need!!!

    Megan C says:

    I absolutely love the Caravan Dresser!

    Jamie says:

    That table is absolutely stunning! That field tent has captured my heart too.

    Rachel K. Smith says:

    The Isometric Table is gorgeous!

    chelsey says:

    love the stump stool! all of their furniture is so beautiful!

    Rachel Ake says:

    I love the versatility of Unit 2! And it would look great hanging anywhere! Beautiful piece.

    Faith says:

    love! like the table and the stump stool!

    anne cuddy says:

    I want a field tent!

    katie says:

    LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!! The Caravan dresser might be my favorite though! Besides that amazing table!!!

    Emily Hazen says:

    how incredibly stunning and natural is the isometric table! My husband and I just moved in a house in Houston and it would look amazing on our dark hardwood floors.

    April says:

    I love the versatility of the 3 blocks!

    What an amazing company! The products are beautiful- love that they’re domestically made with sustainable materials. A few favorites are the 3 blocks, stump, and trunk!

    Layne Kula says:

    The FIELD TENT paired with the BACKCOUNTRY STOOL are an unbelievable!!! I can already see lots of s’mores in my future!!!!

    Rebecca says:

    I love love love the ISOMETRIC TABLE! We are almost done remodeling and are in desperate need for a dining table.

    Natalia says:

    I really like Unit 2. I can see it working very well in my home! though i’d probably want two of them…

    Marty Musser says:

    I love the design of the isometric chair!

    Hannah says:

    I adore the Caravan Crib. Thanks for this great giveaway, Bri! BTW, your Tulum s are amazing right now.

    Olivia M. says:

    That table! I’ll be moving this summer, with no furniture, and I would feel so fortunate to have such a nice piece in my life.

    Lucie says:

    The backcountry stool and tent are lovely.. too bad they are out of stock!

    Nichole says:

    I love the Isometric Table! We are in desperate need of a dining room table! Hope I win!

    Kate says:

    Tough to choose a favorite…I’d love the Divan for my little one, but dang that table is beautiful. So stunning, I might grab it AND the divan!

    Manijeh says:

    How do you pick just one item?!? I love the Hut-Hut. Such an original design, and it’s gorgeous. Thanks for introducing us to this great company!

    Paige says:

    I love the stump stools!

    Macie H. says:

    I love the table. Spectacular craftsmanship.

    Cherie says:

    I love the field tent.
    It’s so simply constructed, it’d be a perfect fit in my little girls room.

    Meg Pearson says:

    Caravan Divan is amazing…and the Isometric Table too, of course. Fingers crossed!

    Grace says:

    This site has incredible pieces! I love the isometric table and bench, I’m moving in to my first apartment in couple of weeks and would love this table and bench for it.

    Celeste says:

    I love the FIELD TENT (I think it brings out the kid in everyone!) but my absolute favorite is the ISOMETRIC TABLE and bench. I love the clean and modern design and beautiful craftsmanship. I am newly married and have spent the last year rehabbing a home from the 1920’s . I am an industrial designer with a dad as an architect and sister who’s in textile design so we took the time to not only restore the home to is original beauty but also add in mid century elements and unexpected textiles and materials. We sacrificed a honeymoon and kept our wedding small because the house was more important…. Now we have no money left for a table and chairs so the room stays empty! hopefully we can win this beautiful price of art! Thank you for the oportunity but more importantly for introducing me to such a great design team!

    ingrid says:

    Caravan Dresser (oiled) x 2!

    Love the table, but the favorite from the site is the Caravan Divan!

    Nicole Simone says:

    I love the isometric bench! Its so beautiful.

    Vanessa says:

    Oh my goodness! Such beautiful things. I follow on now and my favorite item is the Caravan Divan!

    cory says:

    I love the Isometric Table. I HOPE I WIN IT SOOOO BAD

    Emma says:

    The Caravan Dresser is so cool! I just moved into a new apartment and we have nothing. THis would be such a great start

    Sarah says:

    That table is amazing!!! And so is the IoLine Crib….and the stump stools….and, and, and….

    Kayla says:

    I love the Stump Stools so very much. The shape is reminiscent of teeth in the best possible way.

    Love the Caravan Dresser – the hut hut is awesome!

    michal says:

    love that dining table!!!

    Emily says:

    I love home decor – thanks for introducing me to an amazing brand! I adore the trunk, so simple, so sleek!

    Stephen K says:

    I love the isometric table and would probably gift the animal masks if they were in stock!

    Astrid says:

    The Caravan dresser! LOVE!

    My fave item is the echo toddler bed. Simple. Clean. Perfect. Would last for generations. #sustainablestyle 🙂

    Christa says:

    First time I’ve seen stylish, hip beds for the little ones that you actually want to have in your house forever–love the caravan divan. Bonus that it’s sustainable, too. Thanks for a great intro to a great company!

    Alina says:

    Love, love, LOVE the Back Country Stool. It’s quite GORGEOUS!

    Sean C says:

    My favorite item is the Echo Toddler Bed (or Conversion Kit).

    Kandy says:

    I love the stump and the bench. I also adore their mission.

    natalie says:

    The isometric table in black walnut is absolutely gorgeous.

    Melissa says:

    This is pretty sexy furniture. It would be perfect for my dining room. right now we have a tiny card table in there – we were going to have a pal make us a table but the wood we planned to use was burned to ashes for revenge against the guy who cut down the trees (truest and longest story). sooooo we need a real table.
    I’m into everything Kalon makes but I love that Caravan Divan a lottttt

    Michelle says:

    Looooove the caravan dresser. What beautiful products!

    Shaunescy says:

    What a lovely collection of furniture for adults and kids! All of it is amazing, but I really like the Caravan Dresser with the blue finish.

    Aida says:

    Oh, the Caravan Crib!! I love it, combined with yellow or coral, it’s just perfect 🙂

    Andrea says:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Those Isometric chairs are so pretty. I’m definitely a new fan of Kalon Studios.

    dom says:

    that ioline crib is amazing. i dont even have kids and i want that thing. I also really love that little tent!!

    Lindsay says:

    LOVE LOVE! The isometric set is really incredible! It’s made for good food, good laughs, and good company! *fingers crossed*

    Ashley Boring says:

    Amazing craftsmanship! My girlfriend and I are remodeling our home and going for a mid century desert feel. I couldn’t pinpoint the right description of the style we liked until I saw your post about your favorites on Chairish… So thanks for that! My favorite is the isometric table, it’s crazy how difficult it is to find simple clean designs that are equally as beautiful… I’m in love! The tent makes me want to grab a box of Legos and revisit my childhood. Thanks for introducing me to Kalon Studios!


    The Isometric table and chairs have to be my ultimate favorite! Oh…But they are all pretty amazing. If I had kids I would have a field day! Hoping, Hoping on the win..Just got a new home without that nice of a table and their table would be perfect!

    Kimber says:

    Besides this table, Unit 1 is pretty great. Looking forward to their wilderness collection!!

    Theresa says:

    I love the HutHut and the Isometric Table and Bench! SO MUCH TO LOVE! I could totally decorate my entire house with this store.

    Casey says:

    definitely the isometric table!

    Shelby says:

    I LOVE the caravan dresser.

    Lea Anna says:

    The Field Tent is fun, but that table in black walnut is stunning.

    Keri says:

    Omg everything. But love the cribs and dressers. Perfect for my little guy.

    Lucille says:

    Definitely the Isometric Table! I’m redoing my home office and this would be perfect. 🙂 Fingers crossed… thanks for sharing!

    Diana S says:

    i like the stump quite a bit.

    Kelsey says:

    After so much time, we finally found the perfect new apartment- it would make such a sunny home to the Isometric table. I love the idea of using two Isometric benches instead of individual chairs!

    yvonne cao says:

    The isometric table in black walnut is absolutely gorgeous!

    Urs says:

    I love it all! Especially the kids’ Caravan crib and kivan conversion; such inspired design.

    Carrie says:

    I don’t NEED the tent, but I really WANT the tent. So cool.

    melissa says:

    love the tent, and the caravan dresser. just beautiful

    melissa says:

    oops, i forgot to leave my email…love the tent and the dressers!

    Portia smith says:

    I love the changing table! [email protected]

    Allison Z. says:

    The caravan dresser is gorgeous!

    Maria says:

    Oh, heck yes!! Aside from the table/chairs my favorite piece would have to be the Ioline Dresser. Really beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Lara says:

    This one is easy! I love love love the isometric table.

    MK says:

    I love the trunk, and the teepee. I would use them for my kids playroom. That trunk could be a play table easily, or a bench to read on, or a baby bed, etc. So versatile for young ones.

    Anna says:

    I love the isometric bench and chair, spice them up some kilim pillows and a rug for perfection!

    Christine says:

    I’m obsessed with chairs and I’ve never seen anything like their Stump! It’s so cool! I’ll start saving for one now!

    Fiona says:

    Ahhh! we are moving soon and will have a dining room space (which we currently don’t have!) I would LOVE the table with the matching chairs/benches!! 🙂

    courtney says:

    i love the Caravan Crib

    Mary says:

    This is so exciting! I love Kalon Studios- I’d love to order Unit 1 and Unit 2, and of course I’d love an Isometric table and some Isometric benches.

    Grace says:

    Love the Isometric Table and the Trunk. Both are great pieces.

    Dale says:

    I know this is for children, but I feel like I might love this as a little reading perch:

    I like the table to use as a desk!

    Amy says:

    Actually, I like the table you’ve featured the best!

    Grace says:

    The Caravan dresser is a knockout!

    Aida says:

    Amazing work!! Love the Stump stool! so simple, natural and inspiring(:

    Stacey says:

    This featured item, the Isometric Table and Isometric Chairs are my favorirte! Love the midcentury inspiration on them. Beautiful.

    Katherine says:

    Love ’em all — especially the beautiful table! But with month-old twin girls in our house, the echo crib takes the cake. Twice.

    Izzy Rael says:

    Oh my god. I think my favorite item might have to be the Trunk! It’s adorable!

    Josh says:

    Loving the Field tent! Got to get one for my little one!

    Jacque says:

    Love everything. The caravan crib is gorgeous. Thank you!

    Kathy says:

    Lllllllove the isometric chairs!

    Lauren says:

    I LOVE the Trunk bench. Beautiful!!

    Elizabeth says:

    The STUMP is to die for! Pinned it on Pinterest just now 🙂 Thank you!!

    Pau Sa says:

    LOVE ! … STUMP is my fav. simple and beautiful !

    I love the Isometric Bench in Black Walnut- beautiful in a living room or bedroom space.

    Megan says:

    The caravan dresser is beautiful! The table and chairs are a very much needed addition to my new home!

    I’m pretty sure that the ISOMETRIC TABLE and I are a match made in dining heaven. GORGEOUS!

    Tess says:

    Those isometric chairs are just dreamy!!

    Anneliese Kanter-Cronin says:

    I love love love the Isometric Table!

    Jenice says:

    I love the Isometric chair. Gorgeous!

    maggie says:

    What an AWESOME giveaway! I followed them on IG. As for a favorite item…hmm..I LOVE Unit 2 – I adore hanging storage.

    Hannah says:

    Beautiful stuff! I love all the baby and kid stuff like the Field Tent. So cool. I wish I had had one as a kid.

    Aryn says:

    Love the Caravan Dresser!

    i love the isometric bench!! what a neat company!

    Miranda Ward says:

    I love the Isometric bench!

    [email protected]

    Tanya Ruiz says:

    I don’t have a baby yet but, when I do, I want the Ioline Crib! ❤️

    Amy says:

    I love the isometric chair!

    Karla A says:

    Isometric Bench and Chair!!!!! Love how clean it is… Perfect for summer…

    kelly says:

    I love the table shown! I don’t have a table and this can double as a desk, jewelry making table, pattern making table and a cutting table for studio….been looking for one for awhile and this one is perfect! Crossing all my fingers…and toes…and arms and legs for a win…lol great giveaway!

    JEANNE says:

    Love the Backcountry stool! It looks so well crafted and sturdy. The thickness of the leather is just so lush, its perfect.

    ali says:

    beautiful! that table would make an amazing desk… I’m also really loving the stump stool. thanks, as always, for the introduction to great designers! your giveaways are inspiring, even if not won.

    Martha G says:

    So many great things, I would have to pick the Ioline Crib as my favorite. The fact that it can be converted into a toddler bed is amazing.

    Hannah says:

    Unit 1 would be an awesome bedside table for my bed…which is on the ground…because I never emotionally graduated from college.

    Lindsay says:

    The Caravan crib All.Day.Long. love it!!

    Brooke says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this site before! My sisters are going to love it! I’d have to say the table posted is my favorite piece. It’s a little retro looking and it’s exactly what I need in my kitchen! Just married & we eat on the floor

    Brianne says:

    Followed them on Instagram, and I love the Caravan Dresser. That table is amazing!

    Alice says:

    I love how playful Hut Hut Kid’s Resin is! You can never be too old for fun!

    Hilary says:

    Well my favorite is the Isometric chair and table. love many of their designs. Following them on Instagram now!

    Heidi says:

    The Caravan Dresser is the cutest. <3

    Sarah says:

    The stump is so simple but AWESOME- it’d be such a great addition to any room! Functional and cute.

    Natalie C says:

    Following on Instagram (nncoridan) and I love their isometric bench, practical and chic; perfect for our entryway!

    Lindsey says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Caravan dresser, trimmed in white. My husband and I just got married and every piece of furniture we own is either IKEA or a hand-me-down. It’s hard looking at all those beautiful pieces of furniture and knowing it will be years before we’ll get there. But maybe a little help…? 🙂

    katie says:

    the isometric table is really sleek!

    Rebecca says:

    The Back Country stool is super cute!

    Brooke Stanley says:

    Love the 3 Blocks set! A unique, chic, and versatile way to store and style a space. Beautiful!

    Tate says:

    Love the table! I am totally ordering a couple of the stump stools for my new home! great designs!

    Christine L says:

    The ioline dresser is amazing!

    lauren says:

    The isometric table is my favorite, so simple and elegant!

    steph o says:

    Amazing pieces! The table being given away is my favorite. I think I love the dark walnut finish…

    Sara says:

    Beautiful designs. I adore the caravan dresser and this gorgeous table in equal measure.

    andrea b says:

    What a great giveaway. Just looked around the site and fell in love with the Isometric bench. So simple and beautiful.

    Anait says:

    That Unit 2 piece is awesomeeeee !!!

    Amanda says:

    Ioline bed, so great

    Katie says:

    I love companies that focus on sustainability and craftsmanship, while being innovative and super stylish. Not easy to pull off all of those things! My fave is Unit 1. I also love this table!

    Anita says:

    The field tent is exactly what I want in my studio for mini breaks throughout the day!

    Sara says:

    The isometric chairs are so cool!

    Jen says:

    How cool is the Hut-Hut?! I love their approach incorporating the machining lines into the design.

    Of course this table is lovely too… 🙂 I like that it is simple and versatile.

    Beautiful work all around!

    Susan O'Keefe says:

    We recently moved and that table would be divine. The pieces are beautiful. I would love that field tent in my reading nook, The isometric bench would be great in our bedroom! Love!

    Tiffany says:

    WOW. I love sooo much of it! But that Field Tent looks like so much fun! I picture my 3 year old daughter Soleil and I lounging under it in the back yard all summer long! She would be in boho baby heaven 🙂 swoooon.

    Christina says:

    That isometric table!! And the chair! Beautiful craftsmanship!

    Rachel Z. says:

    I just got a new job in Manhattan, and I’m finally in the market for real big-person furniture! This table is everything I need…

    Dafni says:

    I love the Echo bed!! Thanks!! 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    The simplicity of all of their pieces is amazing! I love the caravan divan and “stump”.

    Marla says:

    The simplicity of all of their pieces is amazing! I love the caravan divan and “stump”.

    Emily K. says:

    That field tent is beyond adorable 🙂

    alli says:

    I love almost everything, but I gotta say the field tent, because my 4 year old is huge into making couch pillow tents at the moment, and this looks like a great step up from that 🙂

    I love the field tent! 🙂

    Beth says:

    The field tent is a must have!!!

    Melissa Johnson says:

    Obviously the table but also love the caravan dresser!!

    karen says:

    the field tent is amazing!

    auste says:

    wow – you’ve just introduced me to my new favorite furniture shop. it’s all SO good. unit 1 for me and the ioline toddler bed for my little one are now officially on my wish list.

    Jess says:

    OMG that field tent!!! <3 i died.

    Heather LeMoine says:

    Backcountry stool! Isometric table and benches, STAT!

    I love the field tent. And I don’t even have a kid, I just want it for me 🙂

    Shana says:

    I adore the isometric table! We need a new dining room table and this along with the bench would be awesome.

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    The Hut-Hut is AWESOME!!!

    Sharon says:

    Love the Backcountry stool!

    Chloe says:

    The Echo Dresses is to die for! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in my bedroom!

    Logan says:

    that isometric chair!!!!

    Tara says:

    that table is to DIE FOR! I looooove the Caravan Dresser! ugh, this would all make my apartment so much for functional and stylish.

    percentblog says:

    The piece that has stolen my heart? The field tent! But I think the table may be more handy in my home. Though I’m sure I could come up with some good uses for that tent!

    Natalie says:

    I love everything about that table, and browsing through Kalon’s site, I love the general aesthetic so much. My favorite item, after doing a bit of perusing, is the isometric chair. Their rocks too!

    Katherine says:

    Beautiful quality made furniture. I adore this table and the Caravan dresser is amazing. I would be so thrilled with joy to win.

    emily says:

    Is it weird the field tent is calling my name? I know it’s mayyybe for little kids but I wouldn’t mind curling up under it.

    tiffany says:

    The stump, hut hut and trunk are all AMAZING and so versatile – they could work in ANY space! Thanks so much for yet another stellar giveaway!

    Meghan says:

    I really like the isometric chairs on their site. The giveaway is fantastic! And I would put it in my sister’s new coffee shop! Cross your fingers!

    Kheng says:

    Love the CARAVAN CRIB for our baby.

    Karen Higgins says:

    One word, WOW. Those Isometric chairs are exactly what I have been looking for…
    Everything is beautiful.

    charlotte says:

    there is something incredibly magical about the proportions and simplicity of “stump”. I would swoon over the dining table all day long (and someday hope to add stump to the collection). great designs

    Alivia says:

    Love the Isometric Table!

    Katie Williams says:

    Woah, this furniture set is AMAZING!! I love that Kalon Studios is involved in the sustainable design movement. All their designs are super sleek, and modern, but this table is especially hip. I would love to put it in my dining room!

    I love that table and would totally have the perfect spot for it!

    That table is beautiful! I love the Kalon mission, sustainability! Another great piece is their Caravan dresser.


    lea says:

    this table is actually my favorite! i also don’t even have a table in my apartment, so…

    saltygirl says:

    What a neat shop! I love the field tent!

    Jessica says:

    The Unit 1 piece is very handsome!

    courtney says:

    I love that Echo toddler bed! we are about to transition out of our crib and this would be amazing!

    Paula says:

    The stump is awesome!

    adriene says:

    The table is amazing. And I love the masks!!

    Bridgit Faith says:

    The Echo Dresser is my absolute favorite 🙂

    Jayna says:

    Sustainability is very important to me, I applaud Kalon’s hard work. (it isn’t easy!) I like the caravan divan or Isometric table..

    Tracey says:

    What a gorgeous table! I love the backcountry stool too. Beautiful work.

    sarah mac says:

    Wow! Glad to be introduced to this brand. Beautiful. I would have to say, the Ioline Crib is my favorite piece.

    Allison says:

    Mmmm. Love the isometric benches. Everything is beautiful though.

    Linda says:

    The isometric table and bench are fabulous.

    Allison says:

    Such beautiful, ethical work! I love the Isometric Table. A proper kitchen table is something my first city apartment is still lacking.Thanks very much for hosting!

    Lauren R. says:

    What a great table! Sleek and chic:

    Sara S. says:

    The Trunk would look great at the end of my bed! Such a cool design.

    David Williams says:

    μὰ τὸν κύνα! Reading Isocrates at the Isometric Table would be a dream come true!

    Lynne Pearce says:

    I love the Ioline Bed and my inner child loves the Field Tent!

    Dana says:

    I love the ioline dresser.

    Susie says:

    I absolutely love the STUMP stools!

    nora says:

    Too much to choose from, but I love love the Isometric Table.

    Karla says:

    Wow, everything is gorgeous, but that HUT-HUT makes my mouth water! A beautiful conversation piece that can serve a purpose. Very cool!

    Brittany says:

    love the clean lines…will go perfectly w/ our vintage mod decor – and sustainability is a MUST! 🙂

    Jennie says:

    The Caravan Divan is so cool! I love their style and concept. Awesome store.

    Olivia Boyd says:

    The Isometric Table is TO DIE FOR. Seriously such a stunning piece. It’s such a strong but minimal piece. That’s what I love about it. The possibilities are endless with that table.

    Ashley H. says:

    Kalon Studios makes breathtaking pieces!! I instantly fell in love with the Field Tent, but the Unit 1 piece is equally as dreamy and so versatile. Great stuff!

    Megan says:

    The 3 blocks are beautiful, and so fun! I also ADORE the children’s masks–beyond cute!!

    i love the Field Tent!!!

    I love the Isometric chairs, benches and table!

    Stephanie says:

    The bread boards are beautiful! I’ve been on the hunt for a dining room table for my San Francisco apartment for quite awhile though, and this isometric table looks perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

    monica says:

    Love the caravan dresser!!

    Claire T says:

    Thank you for introducing all of us to this wonderful company. I admire their efforts to be ‘green’ and I’m always looking for ways to support companies that choose to work with sustainable materials. It is a win/win for everyone!

    Now on to what I love – which is hard because everything is beautiful. I must have baby on the brain because I was instantly drawn to the Caravan Crib. I especially love the pop of color that is used – it’s a bit natural and a bit funky. I will definitely be pinning many things!

    Julie M says:

    Followed and I love everything, especially the Isometric Bench!! 🙂

    Erica says:

    I hope that field tent fits small adults because that is my favorite! Followed on Instagram. Thanks!

    Ainsley says:

    “Unit 1” is so cool!

    Lisa says:

    What gorgeous furniture. The isometric bench is my favorite.

    Kelly Drummond says:

    I’m not sure if I love their “Stump” more or the fact that they strive to be sustainable! Great stuff, thanks for introducing it!

    Destiny Desrosiers says:

    I love the Isometric table! The look of the wood takes my thoughts away to the beach house I’ve always dreamed of having!

    Wendy D says:

    the Stump is so cute and has a great design!

    Carmen Sherry says:

    Being a mom of little ones I was immediately drawn to the cribs and toddler beds. However if I had to choose one item I would probably get the field tent. I have been looking at things like that on several different websites and would love to have one for the backyard!

    Rachael Meyers says:

    I love the wilderness collection… the field tent is adorable!! 🙂

    kendall says:


    Carla Rae says:

    Love the caravan dresser!

    ShawnP. says:

    Think I’d go with the isometric bench.

    Anna c says:

    That table is the best!

    Christine says:

    I have a son who can’t sit still, so the Hut-Hut rocking chair would be perfect!

    kalanicut says:

    What a beautiful table. I’ve been craving a modern table with benches and two end chairs. Yum. Loving the Trunk bench and the rest of the collection is just delish.

    The horizontal lines are so gorgeous everything flows together. it’s one of the most inviting tables my eyes have ever seen! The table calls to you to gather around it. Love. It is a gorgeous style that would look oh so beautiful in our home.

    Jessica says:

    I am losing my cool over the caravan divan. Our little guy is a minute away from needing this, and it is the look I thought I’d only be dreaming about. Sigh. It’s so good.

    Lea says:

    The Isometric Chair in black walnut is lovely! (As was everything on the site)

    Wow, I love this–and we are in desperate need of a new dining table!

    idalia selva says:

    I like how the end chairs are so forward with just a great directional lines on the seat.

    Meryl says:

    The isometric Chair is STUNNING.

    Lily says:

    LOVE the isometric table in bamboo

    Jeannie says:

    The stump stool is fantastic!

    Heather says:

    You had me at Isometric…table! I dig the simple & refined design. Cheers!

    jessica says:

    The entire isometric collection is perfect! I also love the caravan dresser…fingers crossed. xo

    April says:

    Backcountry stool!

    Annie says:

    The table is definitely my favorite.

    Stephanie Raines says:

    Caravan Divan is so totally cool!

    Tina M says:

    obsessed with the caravan dresser!

    Karen says:

    I am so into organization, I just love Unit 1.

    Ang says:

    The caravan divan is the best.

    Loreal Elder says:

    Love the Caravan Diven! <3

    Hillary says:

    The Isometric Table is gorgeous!

    Kaley says:

    Truly that gorgeous isometric table is my favorite!

    Laura Nelson says:

    Love the Isomentric bench!! xx

    kirsten says:

    I love the echo dresser!

    Kallie B says:

    My favorite item is indeed the Isometric Table. I’ve been wanting a new dining room table for ages, and this one is just perfect!

    Jamie says:

    Wow thanks for the great giveaway! I love the three blocks….and everything else.

    I loooooove that table.

    Rebecca says:

    That Caravan Divan is wild, I love it! One of my roommates is moving out next month and owns most of the furniture in our house (yikes) so I am currently keeping my eyes peeled for some good finds. This table (and the whole isometric collection) is INCREDIBLY beautiful and the fact that it’s sustainably made is even more exciting. Plus, I love the idea of having benches for seats, might feel more…communal. Anyway, it’s definitely not in my budget for now so it would be such a gift to win it! x

    erin jane says:

    the table is beautiful and their toddler beds are AMAZING!!!

    Emma says:

    That isometric chair is SO DREAMY <3

    Amanda says:


    Melissa says:

    This table is so sleek and beautifully simple. I’m also drooling over the Caravan Dresser, the Hut Hut and The Stump. It’s all gorgeous!

    Samantha says:

    The field tent is fun and the table is beautiful!!

    Sarah says:

    Love the Stump stool! Great design!

    Jade says:

    Followed on ! (@jade_aratta).
    I just love on the website the Three Blocks, because they are simple AND stylish !

    jane davila says:

    Love, love, love the isometric table! It would make a stunning desk.

    Michele says:

    I have always loved their cribs and toddler beds. We just moved into a new house a few months ago and don’t have a proper dining table. The isometric table would be perfect in our dining room.

    Sarah Merk-Benitez says:

    Just adore the Isometric Chair. So delicate and simple!
    In some ways, Kalon Studios’ design seems to be a beautiful nod to Danish furniture design. My husband is a new interior designer and has fallen in love with this studio and their style.

    Maren says:

    Love the isometric chairs! And followed on Instagram.

    Libby Morris says:

    Beautiful furniture! I would be SO lucky to have the Isometric Table. It is gorgeous.

    Sidney says:

    Followed Kalon on and perused their site. Although I really enjoy a lot of their designs, I am OBSESSED with this table. The color is perfect and so is the combination of the benches and chairs!

    I can totally picture the Field Tent on the beach this summer! Cute! xx

    Faye says:

    Love the Caravan Crib for my baby Olive. Happy colors and a delightful design!

    uhsaywhat says:

    Followed on Instagram! And I love the Caravan Dresser!! Such beautiful craftsmanship.

    Erika says:

    Love all the dressers with the natural look. Fun!

    Tamara says:

    The isometric table is my favorite! The design and functionality are beautiful!

    andrea says:

    I’m totally obsessed with the 3 Blocks set of 3 nesting table!!!, Amazing design

    Jenn says:

    I cannot stop looking at the Isometric Table with benches and chairs. I am in the market for a new dining experience- this combo would be perfect!

    I’m obsessed with all of their dressers, but the isometric table has got to be my absolute favorite. Just gorgeous!

    Marina says:

    The Isometric Bench is pure beauty! So simple, clean, yet elegant!

    charissa says:

    Oh my goodness, I love that isometric bench…but I also love the tent…is 30 too old for a tent in my living room?

    Trish says:

    I love the stump table!

    Andrea says:

    The caravan dresser is gorgeous! That’s a piece you’ll have forever…

    Sarah says:

    Ooh, I do like the Isometric Table, though the Ioline crib would be awesome for kids!

    mirna says:

    I love the caravan dresser!

    Jenny April says:

    I do love a good field tent!

    Tina Martinez says:

    Unit 1 is awesome! Love the simple designs!

    tish says:

    I’ve been looking for a dining room table for YEARS. I SHOULD have taken Joys when she offered it up, but alas my husband had a moment of sheer dumminess and said we’d find another. Fast forward two years…

    Would LOVE to have a big table! Maybe then I could start inviting people over for dinner! You know…do big kid things.

    amy says:

    Wow. Love it all. Especially the caravan divan. Whoa!

    Tania says:

    Wow! LOVE the table and all their designs! I especially love the 3 Blocks nesting tables! So cute!!

    Jen Wong says:

    OMG. Why is everything so amazing on their website??!! My favorite piece is definitely the Unit 1 piece. I LOVE anything and everything that’s versatile. WoohOO!!

    Anna Zajac says:

    HOORAY! this would make a very great table for my workspace 🙂

    Laura says:

    LOVE the Caravan Dresser!!

    Lana says:

    I love the Unit 1 and Unit 2 pieces. So clever! I feel like I could use both in so many different ways.

    The 3blocks is a fave. Reminds me of the Noguchi sculpture at our local university.

    Amber says:

    That isometric table, though!

    Chandra says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I love their isometric bench as well!

    mindi says:

    ooh, the isometric bench!

    Kelly says:

    Love, love, love the breadboards. Gorgeous. @pyllek on IG 🙂

    Shawna says:

    We actually own and adore the Ioline crib. It’s gotten us through two babies and their toddler years as well. Now I’m loving the field tent and huthut rocking toy.

    Lina C. says:

    Gotta be the Hut-Hut!! 🙂

    brittany barney says:

    I am obsessed with everything! I love the 3 blocks, and I actually really love this table! I clicked on it thinking it was a different table and drooling over it, I am in love with it!! So gorg!! You have the best taste Bri! xox

    Victoria Elizabeth says:

    The isometric table is unbelievable. I would love
    to win! Thanks Bri!

    Kristine Lucas says:

    The Field Tent and Backcountry stool are beautifully designed

    Diana Bell says:

    All their pieces are so lovely! The hut hut kids is super adorable.

    Rachel says:

    I love the Caravan Divan!!

    maddie says:

    I have to say, my 21st birthday was on Thursday and a set of isometric chairs would make a killer belated birthday present.

    Susan D says:

    My favorite is the isometric table- would fit in great at my house.

    the Isometric table is my favorite – love the legs!

    nicole L says:

    The Caravan crib is excellent! LOVE the table!!!


    Lyralie says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous wood… if I had to pick one thing it would be the Caravan Dresser.

    KATE says:


    Alexandria says:

    The table is my favorite! It’s just divine!!!

    Alexandria says:

    The table is my favorite! It’s just divine!

    Lindsay says:

    I love that isometric table… and the benches! It would be perfect for working at home!

    Jessica D. says:

    Well, I absolutely love that table above! But then I went to their site and saw the teepee…so adorable and reminds me of one I had when I was a kid!

    Katie M. says:

    Love the stump stool, as well as that isometric table above. So excited to learn about Kalon and their beautiful mission! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

    joanna yardley says:

    the table is gorgeous!! and so is the echo dresser in white.

    Jennifer S says:

    Hard to pick just one thing, but I do live the Caravan dresser!

    Allison Q. says:

    Favorite is the Isometric Table! Perfect for the home look I’m going for.

    Natalie says:

    Anything from the Caravan Collection in yellow! If I had to pick just one piece; the Caravan dresser with the yellow accents. I can’t imagine a child growing up in a room filled with such cheerful designs wouldn’t grow up with great taste & a sunny disposition.

    Aubrey says:

    Following! and LOVE the Hut Hut chair.. such a unique design and concept

    Emily says:

    Love it all! Especially the dining table. But the caravan dresser is pretty amazing!

    Anna S. says:

    Love all the clean lines!

    Thuy Nguyen says:

    AHH! we have their Caravan crib and love love love it. To bad baby doesn’t like sleeping in it 🙁 Makes great eye candy though. Would love to get their matching dresser!!!

    Mary Jenkins says:

    The caravan dresser is so sleek and mod! All these pieces are blowing my mind!

    Yuka says:

    Amazing giveaway! I’m moving to a new home and this table set would be great! I like the Ioline dresser and Unit 1.

    ak says:

    i like having interesting seating options at home, so i would totally love to have the HUT-HUT at some point!

    Sarah says:

    Thanks for turning me on to these guys! The table caught my eye because my husband and I just bought our first house and we move in two weeks! There’s a lot of beautiful stuff out there on the market, but we’re trying to focus on buying less and making it intentional and long lasting. We’re planning on starting a family soon and I love the idea of the childrens line. There’s so much creepy plastic out there! But right now we need that table..just how it is shown above. Perfect! Thank you!

    Victoria says:

    Beautiful furniture! I’m loving he echo crib!

    Kaitlin says:

    Love the UNIT 1.

    Syl says:

    The caravan dresser is awesome. Unique and sleek!

    Emily says:

    Caravan dresser is amazing!

    Ada says:

    The backcountry stool is great!

    Vanessa says:

    I love the Field Tent (duh!) and am really drawn to the Isometric Table as well. Thank you!

    dawn says:

    i love that table and the caravan dresser.

    thank you for the giveaway!

    Anna says:

    Loving the STUMP chairs – cuties for sure!

    Averi says:

    Love the 3 blocks!

    Mike says:

    Love the Caravan Divan. I need to buy one for my daughter who has started climbing out of her crib. She’d love it.

    Sarahlynn says:

    I am in LOVE with the Tent, even if it is for kids!

    Courtney Vance says:

    I love the isometric table!

    coral says:

    the Ioline toddler bed is just so different from what else is out there, and perfect for a bohemian kids room. I also like the unit 1 and unit 2.

    Alexandra says:

    I think the Isometric table is actually my favorite…closely followed by the Caravan crib! Gorgeous design on both!

    The Hut Hut! Functional and artistic LOVE!

    Jessica Meizlish says:

    I love the back country stool!

    Lauren Keranakis says:

    The field tent is what dreams are made of.

    Debra Lee says:

    The caravan dresser for sure!

    Karen S says:

    I haven’t had a dining table in almost three years! Adulthood, am I right? My favorite would definitely be the caravan dresser!

    Katie says:

    Love the trunk, and ooo to the caravan dresser!! (and of course the isometric table!!) (:

    Jen says:

    So many great pieces to LOVE!…especially the Isometric table, all the great seating options, and of course the nursery pieces.

    Christine says:

    I love the Caravan Dresser, the Hut-Hut for kids, but I especially love the Isometric Chairs. What beautiful furniture!

    ame says:

    I am DYING over this table. It is my most favorite item. Even if I don’t win, I might have to twist my husband’s arms to obtain…But uh…please pick me.

    amber says:

    so SO hard to choose, but i’m pretty obsessed with the ioline dresser (and the entire ioline line).

    holy smokes, beautiful stuff, guys.

    (and frick, THAT TABLE)

    nico says:

    wow, such beautiful craftsmanship and the details! i’m quite taken by the hut hut, love the sculptural quality of the design.

    megan says:

    We’ve been eyeing the isometric table for awhile now – would make a lovely home in our home… sure would be nice to win it!

    and our little Lu is crossing her fingers for a field tent when they’re back in stock!

    camille b. says:

    Love love the isometric table!

    Sarah says:

    I’m in love with this table! Everything on their site is perfect, especially the field tent and the hut hut – so beautiful and whimsical.

    Benjamin says:

    My favorite is Unit 1. It is so simple and functional.

    Rob Moore says:

    I love the field tent!

    Hannah Harbert says:

    My favorite piece of Kalon Studios is the caravan crib and I have it for my new son, Wes. I would love the opportunity to win this perfect piece. I will need a new table because sadly, my marriage is ending and Wes and I are off to start a better life. Ready to make memories around a new table with my new son. 🙂

    I love the ISOMETRIC CHAIR. It’s just gorgeous!! Although all their stuff is beautiful.

    Kelley says:

    The caravan dresser is beautiful!

    meg says:

    I LOVE the isometric table!!

    Christine says:

    so lovely! the isometric chair is so elegant!

    Yuan says:

    Caravan crib! I ordered it for my little one 🙂 I also love the field tent!

    Kristen says:

    I love this table!

    Olivia says:

    I adore the seating, especially the isometric chair! <3

    Leah says:

    The table is definitely my favorite, but i love the beds – wish they made big people ones!

    Laura says:

    I love the Unit 1 – super versatile piece!

    All of their pieces are gorgeous and so … for lack of a better word … dreamy. (Dreaming of vacations!) Also love that everything is sustainable. I’ve been dying to get a wood STUMP side table for our Brooklyn apartment. Love theirs.

    Zoe says:

    I love this dresser.

    Holly B says:

    I know it’s not quite adult size, but I want the field tent!

    I’m following on Instagram as thoughtandsight

    Tess says:

    The Echo Dresser is amazing!

    Amanda L. says:

    The small-sized Isometric table in White Oak is legit perfection.

    Amanda L. says:

    The small-sized Isometric table in White Oak is legit perfection.

    ginger g says:

    followed as gsgisi. love the caravan divan!

    Brittany Poon says:

    I LOVE the medium Isometric bench! I’m getting married in a month and moving into my new apartment today! 😀 I can already imagine putting a collage of my favorite prints right above it… 🙂

    Melissa says:

    Love Love Love the isometric table. Simple Beauty.

    Katherine Espinosa says:

    Please add me into the drawing, I absolutely LOVE this table!

    Megan says:

    Love the lines on the Isometric Chair!

    adrienne says:

    Wow, that is some gorgeous furniture. I love the isometric bench in ash or bamboo. Would look perfect in my living room.

    BECKY says:

    That toddler daybed is just dreamy as can be!

    Erica says:

    I’m obsessed with the caravan crib. I don’t have kids, but it’s so darn adorbs. I also love the 3 blocks!

    Emeli says:

    Love love LOVE the isometric table and chairs! Excited for the contest!

    The tray and bread board set is my favorite—even the funniest looking foods would be appetizing sitting on top of them!

    Emily R says:

    It’s hard to chose just one, but my favorite item is definitely the Isometric Chair!

    Sam Solis says:

    Other than that sleek table, I love the tray. Perfect for bfast in bed or serving at a dinner party. Xo.

    I love the three blocks nesting tables! & I am now following them on Instagram. Thanks for the chance! So many beautiful pieces.

    Erin says:

    LOVE the HUT-HUT rocking horse thingy. It’s beautiful, fun, elegant, and unique. Big fan. Huge.

    Anna says:

    I love the Stump! #need

    Danni says:

    Everything is perfection. The hut-hut in particular

    Jenn says:

    The Isometric table! Just bought my our first house (last week!) and we have NO furniture! Thanks for sharing Kalon and their goods. Will definitely be back to shop more for the kids. 🙂

    I absolutely love the Backcountry Stool!!!

    mayski says:

    Kudos all the products are eco friendly and beautiful! My fav is caravan crib. LOVE, LOVE LOVE it. Can’t wait to meet you Bri on Thursday for class =)

    kate says:

    Hut Hut Kids is so cute!!!!

    Angel Moreno says:

    3blocks is my favorite ! 😉

    Jen spencer says:

    I ❤️ the Field tent! ⛺️
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!

    Melissa says:

    The table is incredible and that’s my favorite. My second favorite is the caravan crib! They are both perfect!

    Shannon Woods says:

    I looooove the caravan dresser! But all of the pieces are amazingly dreamy! SWOON!

    Verena says:

    Love the isometric chair.

    Angel says:

    I agree with #467.Melissa, the table is my absolute favorite!

    Aimee says:

    Everything is just gorgeous!
    The isometric table is my favorite, and would be the perfect piece to update my apartment.

    Jon King says:

    Kalon’s work is simply stunning, simple and sleek! I had never seen it before and I am so glad I was introduced to it!
    I think my favorite design is their Field Tent. Such an amazing idea. Sometimes boys just never grow up 😉 I love the idea of having a tent ready in the house all the time for the kids to play in.

    Rachel B says:

    The isometric table is definitely my favorite piece!

    Natalie Britton says:

    Ooh, my favorite item is the Caravan Crib. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, crossing my fingers!

    susan says:

    Love the Hut Hut rocking chair in black walnut. Gorgeous functional art!

    shirley says:

    ❤️the field tent!

    Piia says:

    Oh my, this table is the coolest! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Maddie says:

    Their field tent reminds me of a teepee my Nana would set up for my brother and I to play in in the backyard. I found it a couple years ago and tried to set it up in my apartment but it was too tall. I think the field tent would be the perfect fit–I’m pretty sure it’s a necessity to have a fun place to escape to. That would most definitely be that tent.

    Emily says:

    Love the field tent!!

    Mary says:

    It’s gorgeous! What a great giveaway!

    Clarissa says:

    love the Field Tent 🙂

    Mandy morris says:

    I love the hut hut! Thx!

    Allison says:

    My favorite is the caravan dresser!

    Laura eilers says:

    All of there products are beautiful! I especially love the isometric table and chairs.

    Amy says:

    I’m in love with the Caravan Divan!!

    Great giveaway!

    Lindsay says:

    I love the isometric chair! What a great giveaway!

    Xenozia B. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity and sharing! ❤Hut-Hut

    Alex says:

    How awesome! I have been looking for a table for our apartment for 3 years and have yet to find the right one. This one though… Isometric, here I come! (But Unit 1 for my records would be beautiful too!) Thanks for the introduction!

    Jordan Troublefield says:

    My FAVORITE item is the Field Tent! Childhood Nostalgia

    ami says:

    I LOVE the 3 blocks!! But everything is amazing. 🙂

    Betsie says:

    Actually, I love this table best of all!

    Sarah K says:

    I love the ioline bed!! So unique!

    Haley F says:


    Kate says:

    Ooh! Tough choice; however, my fave item on the site is the caravan crib. Hoping to purchase for baby on the way!!!

    leslie says:

    The table you pictured is the table I didn’t realize I’ve been dreaming of for the past year. I’m glad to hear they are new england based. I think if I don’t win I’m just going to have to save up!

    Regan says:

    Eeek I think I’m just squeaking in before the deadline! I love everything on their site, but the table especially. It would look perfect in the townhouse I”m moving into this weekend!

    jennifer says:

    i love the hut-hut! (and the rest of it too!)

    Jessica says:

    The isometric table would look amazing in my new dining room which is currently empty because I can’t even afford a new table. It would be amazing to win a beautifully designed table!

    Dani says:

    The crib and dresser with neon details!!!!

    Lina C. says:

    love love the hut huts! 🙂

    kara says:

    That isometric table would look AMAZING in my dining room – such great clean lines! awesome!

    Danica M says:


    meggie says:

    I love the Hut Hut. What a cool idea. The dining table is totally the bees knees, though. FINGERS CROSSED SO HARD!

    tish says:

    Was the winner ever announced? 🙂

    Hollie says:

    Did we have a winner for this one? I want to make sure I didn’t miss an e-mail! 😉

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