i love hammocks, always have. from the parker (remember this video?) to my adventures in mexico (i wanted to pack these in my suitcase.) now that the weather is warming up, i’m looking to put one out on my patio so i can take  mini-vacay just by walking out my door. i thought this week it would be cool to give a reader the chance to win a knitted beauty of their own.


 supports sustainable economic development with their colorful that benefit a .the owner, joe, actually fell in love with the hammocks while he was on vacation in thailand, and ended up leaving his corporate job to build a company around them that would help better the lives of the people who made them. today we’re letting one winner choose between two of my personal favorite hammocks, the montecito and palm desert in the (holds two people)!

here’s how to win…(CLOSED)

1) check out the yellow leaf and comment below, letting us know who you’d swing in your new hammock with (pets count too).

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, may 1st at 10am PST. open to international residents. the retail value is $225. 

UPDATE: winner is #673


Add your own

    natalie says:

    These are gorgeous. Those colors! I’d say my husband, but I think I’d rather stretch out all by myself.

    Danielle says:

    i love those southampton stripes! my pup, sadie mae loves to cuddle up, so this would be perfect.

    Stephanie says:

    These are amazing and look so comfortable! I would probably swing with my nephew, I never get to see him and he’d love it!

    Ariane says:

    I would try to swing with my cat Percy on the front porch of my first house!

    Krysta says:

    Most timely giveaway! I am currently on the hunt for the perfect hammock for the big porch at our new house. Hammock swinging companions to include my husband and our two bulldogs pups Coney and Biscuit… we can totally all fit!

    Darian says:

    Love them! I’m in Boston and it’s still chilly but I can’t wait for summer. My boyfriend Josh and my kitty Mogwai and I could all three cuddle up and nap. 🙂

    Corinne says:

    Would love to put one of these on my frontporch and cuddle up with the dog. Not sure he’d like it though 🙂

    Scout says:

    It’d be difficult to share this thing at all, but it would be fun to invite all of my cousins to sit on it with me (or maybe just one or two, because I have a lot of cousins) while I read to them 🙂

    Quinn Cooper says:

    These are the nicest hammocks I’ve ever seen. The colors are super vibrant and just plain beautiful!
    If I had this hammock I would swing it is with my husband. Love that the hammock is made for two. We could cuddle all day love while we swing in the summer breeze!
    xo Quinn

    Martha says:

    My husband and I love hammocks 🙂

    Justine says:

    These are so beautiful!! I would cuddle up with my sweet husband and my amazing new baby boy Dash!

    Lindsay Ware says:

    I would share it with my laptop so I could work outside! If I had the queen size…then my husband could join too.

    Stephanie (afunhouse) says:

    Oh! That Vineyard Haven would be the perfect spot for curling up with one or two (or three?) of my kiddos for a rela reading session! What a great giveaway!

    Anne C. says:

    My best friend and I would make that hammock our biatch!

    Sarah says:

    My son & I & what ever toy he brought along would take a nap in the hammock!

    Jac P says:

    Remembering how much all the pets I have ever loved and lost loved to snooze in the sun, I’d choose to bring them all back for a big furry group swing. 🙂

    Sarah says:

    I’d share it with Harry Potter and a steaming cup of coffee 🙂

    cori says:

    i’d share it with my best friend! 🙂

    Leah says:

    I’ve been wanting to buy a hammock for years! These are beautiful! I would take mine camping and string it up by the lake to relax with my boyfriend.

    Amanda Gross says:

    This is perfect for spring! The Yellow Leaf story is beyond amazing and inspiring. I have been bothering my husband almost daily this year telling him our new backyard needs a beautiful Hammock for us to sit in and enjoy! I would share this hammock with my husband and when my friends come to visit it would be a great place to drink wine!

    Karen says:

    Oh, to swing in one of these beauties on my front porch with a mug of coffee in hand and the neighbor’s cat Timothy (who likes to pad over for a daily cuddle) on my lap!

    Mattie Babb says:

    I want this for my office!! How amazing would it be to take nap breaks instead of lunch breaks?! I’d probably be cuddling with a book 🙂

    Raquel Running says:

    I’d swing with a new puppy!

    breanne says:

    My boyfriend and I could laze around on a hot day… but only if I let him share!

    Whitney says:

    Perfect for summer evenings on the back porch with the husband! So cozy we could read a book together! 🙂

    Jordi says:

    I’d lay there all afternoon with my guy. We just need some warmer weather and we’d be set. Love these!

    Krista says:

    I would set it up by the lake and swing the summer evenings away with my boyfriend

    Duyen says:

    Omg these hammocks are beautiful! Iwould definitely swing in this hammock with my boo thang. 😀

    Jessica says:

    we’re moving this summer, and this is just what I need! My husband and I would spend a lot of southern summer evenings in this.

    .tif smith says:

    I’d snuggle with my two boys (three years old and almost four months) and we’d read books and nap in such a lovely hammock. It would be bliss, especially with summer around the corner. 🙂

    adair says:

    my husband and my cats of course!

    Meredith says:

    These are incredible! My boyfriend, Michael, and I would swing in this hammock together during our somewhat short, but beautiful summers here in Maine!

    Silvija says:

    oh, it looks really nice 🙂 I would choose Classic Yellow or Southampton Hammock 🙂

    Sarahverena says:

    I’m a sucker for the rainbow hammock in the queen size!

    alina says:

    wow, this is amazing. i just fell hard for the yellow one & would probably feel the need to share it with my future cat + a funny novel.

    Camille says:

    I would swing with my husband… maybe. Hehe 🙂 I might just want it all to myself! Looks so comfy.

    Sam says:

    Love the vineyard haven! I would swing in it with my mom – she comes and hangs out with me on weekend afternoons 🙂

    I would totally swing with my roommate’s outdoor cat and a good read!

    I would swing the evening away with my little Nephew Henry. He is 2 and loves hammocks. He will say over an over a gain whats this one? He’s a ham

    Taylor says:

    these are INCREDIBLE! i would def share this with my boyfriend and kitten, and would probably end up in it all day working from my laptop. amazing giveaway! the top hammock is unreal.

    hannah says:

    i love that they’re big enough to fit me, my partner kristie, and our dog samson if he were ever brave enough to hop up! thanks for the great giveaway, bri xoxo

    Gabrielle says:

    Those patterns and colors are amazing! I’d probably be cuddling in these with my three cats: Zoë, Tiger and Rubi!

    Alex says:

    This is awesome! I would swing with my boyfriend if he’s lucky…but I would probably just want to spread out by myself!

    Mary Frances says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend. He actually set up a hammock for my birthday, but its not nearly as pretty as these beauties!

    Katie says:

    I would swing with my sweatheart because I know my dog would hate being in it.

    Monica says:

    Is it wrong if I say that I’d hog the hammock all of myself and just spread out like a starfish… well, maybe my cute little brother could join too, just maybe.

    Louise says:

    They are so beautiful! I would put it up on our apartment balcony and swing with my husband and our cat!

    Mariah Martin says:

    I’d have to see if I could fit my mutt pup (Ellen)Ripley in there with me. Hopefully she wouldn’t freak out cause I think once she got in her cuddle mode she’d love rela there with me.

    I think the Lanta would look so sweet in my little New York City garden, and my husband and I would have to figure out how to share it 🙂

    Laura Bear says:

    OH such great colors! Me and my sweetie all afternoon in that sucker, please!

    Becky says:

    Oh, these are so lovely. I don’t want to share. I just want to nap in it, on my own – on a breezy sunny day. Peaceful tranquility.

    Brooke says:

    I’d swing with my sweet new husband!

    Maddie Lane says:

    I would probably be swinging with my laptop. At least work would kind of be a vacation! Maybe I will let my boyfriend join us too.

    Megan Leader says:

    Oh, these are stunning! You always introduce us to the best brands and products! I would snuggle up with my husband, because I’m pretty sure my German Shepherd would freak out and twist us up into oblivion if he tried to get in there.

    Logan Fisher says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having a hammock…I’d like to say that I’d share it with someone else, but let’s be honest…it’ll be me, a frozen lemonade, and a good book.

    Not to mention, as much as I love the bright color choices…the black and white Hamptons Hammock is swoon worthy.

    Vicky says:

    I would spend a lazy afternoon swinging away with my sister, talking about nothing in particular 🙂

    Naomi A says:

    The first hammock would be my pick! I’d relax in style with my beloved sister! We are cuddle buddies~

    Chelsey says:

    I’d swing with my new little one to come! and of course a good book…

    Lindsay says:

    So beautiful! I would sit with my nephews at the lake house on long summer days.

    ali thompson says:

    oh my goodness. these are awesome! my aunt lived in brazil for many many years and we loved how she had hammocks all throughout there home. i would swing with my best pup, sammy in the sassy newport color. love it!

    Elizabeth A. says:

    These are amazing! I would love to swing with my dog and boyfriend. Or my best friend once she gets done with grad school! The perfect way to relax. And my friend and I were just talking about how we wish we had a hammock 🙂

    Esme says:

    Gosh, I adore the ISLAMORADA HAMMOCK!

    I would swing in the hammock with my husband, whom I call Bug, and our puppy Daphne, whom we call Pip. We are a pack of rascals, and we’d love a hammock for our backyard.


    Aubrey M says:

    I’m in the process of buying my first home. These are gorgeous and would be perfect for my dog, Baloo, and I.

    Allison says:

    Gorgeous! I would love to spend my summer days swinging in one of these with a good book and a glass of sweet tea. If I must share with someone, my little fur baby, Sophie, would be my first choice for sure.

    Brittni S. says:

    Gorgeous–I would definitely love to lounge in a hammock with my boyfriend, or relax with my siblings on summer nights like when we were little.

    Shira says:

    this would be a great gift to my boyfriend’s mother, how just had her 57th birthday. she’s dreaming about an hammock, while her husband doesn’t let her… he would not resist a gift… would he?!

    Lauren says:

    I would give it to my dad! He loves hammocks and has been very stressed out lately with work. This would be the perfect gift to help him relax!

    Mila says:

    Hammocks take my breath away – especially when they are as colorful as these. I would probably swing with my roommates, I am sure we can somehow fit 3 people in there.

    auste says:

    Ooooh! Love these… I picture myself lounging the day away with my baby girl and some ice cold lemonade… (or my husband and some margaritas!)

    man, those are good lookin’. If I had this hammock, I would swing with: a mojito, a book, my pup, my guy, a boom box, big soft pillows, and another mojito.

    I’d for sure pick my two major hotties: Husband & puppy <3

    Stephania says:

    Love the Newport hammock! I would swing with my little puppy, Ophelia, in our backyard.

    Ang says:

    Me and my love would lounge in that sucker, with a swanky drink in my hand!

    Catherine Stelling says:

    I would have to go adopt a puppy to join me in these awesome hammocks!

    Stephanie says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend if I felt like sharing 😉

    martha says:

    not creative, but i’d swing with my boyfriend. he’d be so happy since my current hammock is a solo and he rarely gets a chance to swing along!

    Sarah C says:

    I’d for sure load up the Southhampton with my husband and a few cold beers and sway in the sunshine with the dog licking at our toes.

    Calea says:

    I would swing with my amazing husband and our adorable pup, Belle!

    Shelly M says:

    I love hammocks, and these are particularly pretty. I would swing in it with my nephews and my niece, since they had fun swinging in my my mom and dad’s hammock with me!

    Marisa says:

    Can I choose to swing with a good book? 😉 But really, this would be a great place to while away the day with my sweet husband!

    Victoria Gordon says:

    These are gorgeous! I even love that hammock chair! But I would loveloveloveeee to relax in one of those queen hammocks with my boyfriend 🙂 those colors are amazing!

    Marilyn says:

    I’d swing in my hammock with a tasty cold beverage! and perhaps my boyfriend…. 🙂 Love the mojave color combo. amazing!

    saerina tauritz says:

    I would love a morning nap in my hammock with my first born,
    Jen Gotch Then an afternoon siesta with my baby, Jason Tauritz

    I mean, that first one is TO. DIE. FOR. I would loooooove to be swinging with a new babe, due August 15 🙂

    Michelle says:

    Gorgeous hammocks! I love the second one pictured. I would swing in it with my new baby.

    krissy says:

    these hammocks are so beautiful!! I would totally swing with my new nephew, when he FINALLY arrives (he’s already 2 weeks late overdue…) until then it’s all mine!

    lea says:

    my boyfriend – I don’t think he’s ever been in a hammock before and I would love to take this to my parents house – we could all take turns 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    I’d swing with my Baby Love of course!

    Laura F. says:

    this quiet-loving introvert would definitely swing by herself!

    amy says:

    Wow. all of their hammocks are beautiful.
    I personally LOVE the Vinyard Haven Hamock..so beautiful!
    I would definitely share with my cat (who is totally chill) and a good book!

    Mary says:

    I wish I could say that I had a pet to swing with, but maybe I’ll try to coax my neighbor’s cat to come and hang out with me on it. Otherwise, I’d just be happy to share it with a good book and a gin + tonic. Maybe my BFF can come too.

    Katie says:

    I’d set up this hammock in northern Michigan. My family meets there from all over the country in the summertime, and our family’s cottage sits among a grove of trees that butts up to a beach. When I was a kid, we had a hammock out back, and I loved writing stories with my cousin while we were both in that hammock. As I got older, we’d toss my younger cousins in there and swing them around like only teenagers can. Now that I’m grown up, the hammock is worn and beatup and not good for daydreaming or playing anymore. If I got a new hammock, I’d put it there so I could enjoy it with my family, especially the youngest family members, and we could all have a hammock to relax in, or play with, or write stories in, or maybe we’d just use it to chat the summer away together.

    Stacy G says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted a hammock. I’d put it on our balcony and share it with the hubs and our pup 🙂

    Kayla says:

    I’d be swinging with my sweetheart, a bevy, and a good book. Great giveaway!

    Rachel says:

    I would so love this hammock! My English mastiff, Callie, and I would snuggle in it. 🙂

    maureen says:

    WE just purchased a house by the beach….gonna swing with my hubby…bad choice of words…gonna keep him all to myself in the hammock..:)

    Anonymous says:

    Oh lovely! Id attempt to get my pup up and swinging with me but I have a feeling she wouldn’t last long.

    Love the Big Sur Queen Hammock! Such beautiful hammocks.

    I would love to cuddle and swing with my beloved boyfriend. He is obsessed with hammocks!

    Megan says:

    Oh lovely! Id attempt to get my pup up and swinging with me but I have a feeling she wouldn’t last too long 😉

    Jessica says:

    I would swing with a good book and a glass of vihno verde! Ah, summertime!

    I love this! I am an art teacher, so I am fortunate enough to enjoy summer vacation! I’d be swinging with my 6 month old son Max!!

    Varsha says:

    I would swing with my fiance and a cold glass of white wine!

    melissa says:

    My dog, Squishie would definitely not let me in a hammock without him – especially one this beautiful!

    Joana says:

    I would love to swing and listen to summer songs with my husband and our cat…

    the hubs and i have been wanting a hammock forever! he and i and both of our poodle pups would swing around in it for hours!

    Nancy says:

    The Islamorada hammock is beautiful! I will love to swing on the hammock with my cousins. It will be a perfect spot for us to talk and laugh together during the summer.

    Jes says:

    I’ve been wanting a hammock! I would have to relax with my boyfriend, because I think my cat would rip it to shreds. 🙂

    Emily says:

    I’ve slept in a hammock like this when I went to the Yucatan in 2007 and loved it! I slept in a king-size one all by myself and it was pure heaven. As for who I’d lay in it with, I’d definitely pick my husband and son, and probably the dogs as well. I love love LOVE these colors!

    Cam says:

    These are dream worthy! I would swing in my hammock with my grandmother… and my dog, of course. What an amazing day of sun that would be!

    Bailey K says:

    I’d swing with my hubs! We actually gave hammocks to the people in our bridal party as bridal party gifts at our wedding 4 years ago, but didn’t buy ourselves one! Silly.

    Sarah T says:

    I’d swing in the hammock with my grandma and my new rescue pup, Wyck. My grandma grew up in Puerto Rico and spent most of her childhood dozing off in a suspended bed (aka a hammock her father made of fishing net), so I think she could show me how it’s done. Plus, she’s an amazing storyteller and between that, her accent, and the rocking, I know I’d spend a lot of happy hours sleeping in the sun.

    I love these! I would snuggle with my sweet sweet boyfriend and best friend on these. Oh, and a glass of wine of course!

    Anna George says:

    Absolutely love these hammocks!!! I’d set up the hammock under a tree in my backyard, and share with my boyfriend.

    Janine says:

    I would love to savor time with my 12 yr old daughter Nemali, before she would rather be off swinging in hammocks on foreign shores than with her momma in the backyard….in the vineyard haven!

    Sarah says:

    I am pretty sure I would find a way to get each, and every, person who came through my door in that hammock. It would be nice to bring something that feels a little more tropical to Philadelphia too!

    Saina C says:

    I guess I’d let my little nieces and nephews swing with my dog in one of that amazing hammocks. They’d love it! And I’m sure they would come more often to see me! haha

    Hannah Shook says:

    I lovvveeee hammocks! I would swing with my favorite buddy, my black lab 🙂

    jessie says:

    oh really cool giveaway!
    i would swing with my boyfriend because we move in. since one week now!

    Chelsea Ward says:

    There’s nothing I love more than a good nap in a hammock! I have a travel size one but a big one like the Palm Desert one would be so much nicer! I can be a hammock hog but I would probably share with my boyfriend Jason.

    Eva Bromfield says:

    What a cool business idea! My husband and i just moved into a new place and such a colorful hammock on our balcony would add a perfect touch of homeyness. My 14 month old nephew would also love snuggles in a hammock 🙂

    Rachel Z says:

    I would swing anyone who wants a turn at my university!

    Emily says:

    Ooh how rela! I would invite my friends to join me, but mostly keep it limited to myself and a book.

    Jennie Meetze says:

    I love these hammocks & everything that they stand for. Good cause. Good vibes. And cool threads. I would love to stretch out in one of these with all my ride or die girls. Summer fun!

    Kimberly Snider says:

    HAMMOCKS! I would swing with my fella and the kitties!

    Marci says:

    I think the best use of my new, classic yellow hammock would be to lure in a boyfriend to share it with me.

    I would snuggle with my honey or a well worn book… and summery cocktail, of course! 😉

    Jane says:

    These are killer! I would swing by myself with a good book and some type of summer time tequila drink.

    Madison says:

    I’d be swinging with a cup of jo! The hammocks are beautiful!

    Aida says:

    I’m sure my husband,our son and I fit together in there. We are all small… and our new home patio could use one of these beauties. Thanks for the chance!

    Tali says:

    Gorgeous! I loooove hammocks. And I’d swing by myself with a book, my favorite way to rock a hammock.

    Sara says:

    I can see my best friend and I sitting in the hammock, reading classic novels with glasses of lemonade nearby. Such a wonderful giveaway!

    Ashley Kane says:

    You have by far the BEST giveaways of any blog! I didn’t know hammocks came in sizes! The (very basic and plain) one I have now barely fits two adults. My boyfriend and I would love to share it, but then the dogs want in on the action, and we are all smooshed! A queen or king hammock is the perfect solution.

    Rachel says:

    I would love to cuddle up with my guy in the classic yellow hammock…most likely share some iced tea, fresh fruit and a big bowl of popcorn sprinkled with cumin. Lovely summer nights would be had in one of these hammocks!

    Maite says:

    My niece and puppy would be in heaven in this thing! I would give them an hour TOPS before I kick them out and snuggle with my man 🙂

    Rachel says:

    Oh my goodness, I have a hammock OBSESSION. I have a serious hammock collection going on from my various travels. These look SO comfy and colorful…I don’t have a hammock that has all of the colors of the rainbow yet =] I would swing in it with my boyfriend and all of our friends and family who come to visit us out here in LA.

    Anonymous says:

    Room permitting, I’d so lounge in that hammock in my backyard with my hubs, our cat Mad Dog, and the baby that’s currently taking up space inside me. A lounge is NECESSARY these days.

    Pegah S says:

    Hotrod Sitting hammock for me, please.

    Jill says:

    I would climb up on this lovely hammock with a good book and a glass of iced tea…and then my 70 pound golden retriever would probably invite herself up too! And if you count my baby girl (who is due in September), that’s 1.5 people + 1 dog, swinging away on a hammock! My husband would be invited…if there was room!

    Kimber says:

    What a great company and inspiration to people working in a job they’re not passionate about and leaving it to do great things! Ah! i would definitely swing on that with my love- Felix!

    bethany says:

    dreamy hammocks! i would be in heaven lounging solo in any one of these babies.

    Liz says:

    Swinging in a hammock in the backyard of my apartment or while traveling with my boyfriend sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

    Mina says:

    I’d get the BIG SUR and have myself, my hubby and our sweet baby girl in there. : )

    Hannah says:

    Ahh I love these! I would totally spend the afternoon rela on one of these with my cats! 🙂

    Erin Strange says:

    I would swing all afternoon with my hubby and pups!

    Lisa says:

    I’d squeeze in with my two kids & my
    Chicken daffodil ❤️

    I love a good hammock! I would try to rock my cat but she would just try to escape up a tree, so I think I’ll try rocking my new niece 🙂

    Shawnee says:

    AH! what a cool shop and story! I absolutely love hammocks – I live in the one at my family’s camp on Lake Superior all summer long.. as of now, I’d keep it all to myself 😉 I’d pick the queen size vineyard haven hammock 🙂

    audrey says:

    can imagine lots of summer naps with my pup walter!

    Brianna says:

    I’d curl up with my puppy to read and nap all summer. If my boyfriend was lucky, I’d let him join me occasionally.

    Tori says:

    I would be swinging with my new kittie, Link, and a good read!

    Jamie says:

    These hammocks are beautiful! I’d love to share one with my husband…and the puppy I hope to get this summer 🙂

    Love the vibrant colors on these! I’d swing away with my little guy. He still is in the cuddling stage (as long as none of his friends see him 😉

    alicia says:

    I remember going to my artsy friends house a few years back and in her living room she had a hammock instead of a couch. I thought that was awesome!!
    My fav is the colourful one up above but I also noticed the Southampton on the site. Wouldn’t the simplicity of black and white stripes look great in front of a bunch of green plants?
    My boo would definitely be the one I’d cuddle up with in my hammock 🙂

    Laura says:

    Love love love these! I would cuddle up with my pug, Oscar!

    Jamie says:

    I’m starting grad school in LA in the fall and they’d be perfect for reading with a study buddy! What beautiful hammocks.

    Lizzy says:

    I would swing with my little sisters who are coming to visit me for the first time in NY this summer! xoxo

    That and a good book!

    Kat says:

    I was just looking for a hammock to hang in my living room (crazy, I know), and they had nothing on Amazon to my liking. But these are legit! The Kilauea fits perfectly into the vision in my head of some bright white walls, a meandering trellised jasmine, and “Sketches of Spain” playing while my bf and I read on a Saturday morning, curled up in my hammock. (Although to be honest if it’s just Miles and me, I’ll be okay.)

    Delia says:

    Ah, swoon! Need this in my backyard to swing with the boyfriend and the puppy that I am begging for. Soon. Very soon.

    xanthe says:

    Yay! love these babies, so colourful… and that this comp is open to international readers, thanks!
    I’d squeeze as many of my boys and kitties as I could into one of these… lovely and cozy for a bit and then I’d probably just want to photograph them it in, as hammock time is so “gramable”!

    Anne says:

    I love the Big Sur hammock!! I’d swing myself & my pup in the hammock during an editing break. I definitely want to buy one (or win one!) for our new home currently being built!! It’ll be a on a beautiful piece of East Texas property & obviously our back porch will not be complete without Arnold Palmers & a hammock ; )

    Newton says:

    I love the KILAUEA colors! I would swing my 3 year old nephew, he would love a hammock!

    CeeCee P. says:

    I love this so much. I would totally swing in this with my boyfriend and doggy Turbo… That’s if they don’t hog the whole thing! Haha

    Amanda Isidro says:

    I’d swing with my love whenever he comes to visit me. Currently in a long distance relationship and I’d enjoy quiet times on the hammock with my babe.

    Michele says:

    Amazing product!
    I would swing with my sweet husband Luke and my fly SisterInLove Paige.

    Rachel says:

    Me and my kitty would make that hammock our summer clubhouse! I’ve been wanting one forever and these are GORGEOUS! I love them all but it’s a tie between the Big Sur and the Vineyard.

    Rachael says:

    These are so beautiful! I would hang out with my kitten Claude and my boyfriend…and maybe a cheeky glass of wine.

    Madi says:

    Mark Twain and a glass of wine…sounds like perfection.

    Carlotta says:

    I would swing with one or more of my four beautiful babies.

    Cee says:

    My four-year-old!

    clara says:

    I would swing in it with my hubby!

    Jana says:

    Betting my pet turtle would love one of these!

    julia d. says:

    oh my word…they’re perfect! we’ve been looking for a bright hammock to put up inside. so glad you shared these 🙂 i’m thinking a little cuddle time with my baby-to-be and my sweet little 2 year old boy.

    Sarah says:

    So cozy! Palm Desert looks perfect! I’d love to relax in the shade on a sunny Florida summer day in one of these hammocks with my boyfriend, Josh, and each of our rabbits, Whiskers and Daisy. He’s been making so many sacrifices lately and he’s been working so hard, I think a lazy day cuddle-sesh is much-deserved!

    Virginia Hedge says:

    The rainbow one is my favorite! I’d swing with my twin sister. We use to swing together as young and I know we would both love to relive the memory.

    alyson says:

    these are amazing. I love the bottom one right here on your blog! so so pretty.

    Chia says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend Zima <3

    Nicole G. says:

    I’ve never really mastered how to lay in a hammock with another person, so I might cheat and say myself!

    Kat says:

    This is a great company! I’d swing with one of my favourite books… The Great Gatsby maybe?

    Shannon says:

    Ah beautiful! I’d like to swing with my partner in crime and naps!

    Hilde says:

    Ahh such beautiful hammocks! I’d probably invite everyone and their mothers to come swing with me. Though mostly I’d probably be me, my boyfriend and our dog swinging about and enjoying life! 🙂

    Tracy says:

    Would love to relax int he hammock with the hubs!

    Katie says:

    These look fantastic! I’d love to say that my husband and I would snuggle up in one, but I think we would max out the weight limit of 330 pounds and come crashing down. OW! So! Sigh! I will just have to be me and a margarita!

    Annie says:

    My boyfriend might get jealous but I’d like to swing with a cup of coffee. Maybe a travel mug to be safe.

    Niki says:

    I would hang out in the hammock with my husband and two dogs – Goober & Moss.

    Jill Brady says:

    Oooh, my 30th is in a few months and all I’ve requested is a big hammock to share with the husband (although I’m sure our two baby girls will join us more often than not). I love the Amazonia!
    Great giveaway!

    Sarah says:

    Me, my man, and my Smith (our dog) when have a swinging time with this set up on our balcony!

    Laurie says:

    So pretty! I would swing all by myself or maybe with my dog Tigger, a book and an iced tea!

    Mary Beth says:

    if my lab can finagle his large self into the hammock with me, he’d be my first choice.. nothing is better than cuddling with your pooch!

    Whitney says:

    Oh these hammocks are a dream! I would definitely do some swingin’ snugglin’ with my fiancé and our cat! She loves hammocks!

    Winnie Callough says:

    I would put the hammock indoors for my 3 year old to enjoy all year round.

    Kaitlin says:

    I would swing by myself and / or with my trusty laptop. These are lovely!

    Kerry Rose says:

    These hammocks are gorgeous. Who doesn’t love a hammock! I definitely would be swingin’ in that with mah book of choice.

    jenna says:

    Ah, just what we need for our Brooklyn backyard. I’d sadly swing with anyone, anytime 😛

    Allison R says:

    I would love to sway on our balcony in this with my chocolate lab, Bear. But he may get too antsy so it would likely be me, a good book, and a glass of wine 🙂

    Morgan says:

    I happily try out ANY hammock I ever see at a store! I’d spend mornings snuggled with my son, watching clouds and birds, and evenings snuggled with my husband talking about the day.

    Teresa says:

    An afternoon siesta with my boyfriend’s pup Henry in one of those beauts would be pretty amazing!

    angie says:

    we just bought our first house, and there’s a perfect spot for a hammock out back 🙂 I’d swing with my Corgi, Thunderhorse, if he’d be still for 5 minutes.

    Diana says:

    Definitely with my dog!I’ll sleep while she barks at everyone around.

    Kate says:

    How on earth will you ever choose! These are lovely. I would lounge with my gorgeous husband who crossed the pond to live stateside with me exactly two years ago. We are so thankful to be on the same continent! We want to be a close as we can get – canoodling in that cozy hammock… xo

    Morgan says:

    I would nap so hard in one these hammocks. And I’d share it with my fiance.

    Morgan says:

    I would swing my puppy Muddy Buddy and read a wonderful book.

    Kayla says:

    I was laughing out loud when I read this post today because our hammock bit the dust last weekend. Literally. I was all snuggled into it in the back yard under our oak tree with our two dachshinds (Indy and Fritz) and my husband had JUST gotten in when we heard a cracking and the side ropes started breaking apart. We just looked at eachother with wide eyes before hitting the ground. Hard. No one was hurt and there was nothing to do but laugh. Needless to say, we could really use a new hammock. I love the colors of the top one (Palm Desert, I think?)! I have a lot of colorful flowers going on in the garden right now, so it would fit right in. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    hilary says:

    my man of course – after a long day at the hospital, peaceful swings while sipping wine would be perfection!

    Emily says:

    These are beautiful! I’d love to relax in one with my cat, Gypsy, and do a little bird watching.

    Loren says:

    me, the hubby and both little pups would fit perfectly! If only we could convince the dogs not to be too scared of it.

    Amanda says:

    I’d cuddle up in the hammock with my fiance in our backyard in Toronto, listen to music and look up at the stars.

    Hanna says:

    Mini-holiday just walking out the door, these words are what I am really longing for right now! I guess I would swing with my little brother (he’s 8) and his ‘girlfriend’, because I can’t go into the garden without them coming after me (not that I mind).

    Christina Marie says:

    I would snuggle my pug Squishy in one of these glorious hammocks!

    Leah says:

    So beautiful! Friends, boyfriend, myself, who knows maybe even some strangers

    sydney says:

    I’d swing on a king-sized hammock with my sweet husband and 2 year old son Elliott

    Hafsa says:

    I would swing with my grandma and get her to tell me stories! :))) Such a fantastic giveaway! Any of the two colors above would be amazing.

    Eve says:

    These are amazing — perfect for me, my boyfriend, and our ridiculous little dog!

    Michele says:

    You would catch me lounging with my hub and some chocolate!

    Cat says:

    Thank you for sharing this product; I enjoyed reading about Joe’s journey and the start of a wonderful collaboration. I would definitely share this with my husband as we are moving to a new city together and we could swap stories at the end of the day while having a nice relax!

    Victoria says:

    Yellow leaf hammocks rock! Choosing a partner is a no-brainer… I’d curl up in one of these in a heartbeat with my husband right by my side!

    Maribeth Jones says:

    I would swing with my husband or a favorite book!

    Michelle says:

    I would swing with my wonderful boyfriend on a spring day here in Florida! Maybe even try to find somewhere around campus where I attend college out on the nature trails where we could swing together.

    Sarah J says:

    I’d put my two little boys in it! Neither has ever been in a hammock.

    Casey B. says:

    I believe I’ll swing in this beauty all by myself 🙂

    christina says:

    I had the same urge to pack up all the beautiful hammocks at our hotel in Mexico! If I could manage it, probably my dog, my 6 ft tall boyfriend (yay for queen sized hammocks!!), some popcorn to munch on while watching the sunset turn into stars…:)

    Courtney K says:

    love the south hampton!

    Eric says:

    When I was young I used to swing on a hammock like this in the Rocky Mountains! I would swing with my girlfriend and take it on all of our road trips.

    Jessica says:

    I’d love to cuddle with my hubby in one of these beautiful hammocks!

    Sarah says:

    Our apartment gets so hot in the summer that my husband and I would probably sleep outside in it all summer long!

    Emily says:

    Does a cocktail count? I would pick my cute boy and swing away.

    Celeste says:

    Definitely my kitties<33

    Courtney says:

    ohhhhh hammocks are my favorite thing ever. if i had to swing with someone, i suppose it would be my hubby. however, i’d mostly like to stretch out alone for afternoon napping 😉

    Michelle says:

    Seriously these hammocks are major! I am having visions of the man and I rela with a good book and a cool drink in the black and white one. Let’s make that a reality my fairy present lady!

    Ashley H. says:

    These hammocks are gorgeous and look oh so comfy! If I had one I’d swing wtih my sweetie – it sounds like the most rela thing in the world!

    Seri says:

    Family!!! <3

    Jocelyn says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend and sangria in hand. We only have this summer together because I’ll be moving away for grad school. Swinging on a hammock would slow down our fleeting summer days.

    Erin says:

    For sure me and my little puggle bug R2! Adorable!

    Jodi says:

    i’d swing with my husband and our pup, Penny!

    Elizabeth says:

    definitely my nieces and nephews — sit back, relax, and watch their curls blow in the breeze…

    Margaret says:

    I’d definitely swing in this hammock with my sister. 🙂 This giveaway is so amazing, thank you Bri!

    kacia says:

    My bestest friends, who I’ll be moving closer to in about a month!

    Silvia Silva says:

    I would swing with my two beautiful daughters! It would look great here in sunny Portugal!

    Amber says:

    Oooooh! These are absolutely beautiful!!! Well, I’d snuggle up with my sweet heart ❤

    these are absolutely incredible!! and what a wonderful story behind them. i would cuddle up with my hunny in one of these for sure.

    JessR says:

    I’d love to swing with my mom, coffees and books in hand.

    Isabel says:

    oh my gosh best giveaway ever!! my dog, of course!!!

    Chelsea says:

    I LOVE these!!! I’d definitely say I’d have a snuggle with my fiance. Or my Dachshund. Hmmm.. on second thought… I might just have to make it my own little getaway spot!

    yvett iglesias says:

    Such an AWESOME giveaway! Hubby and I just bought a house! I’d definitely cuddle in the yard with him and our maltipoo Mo!

    Meghan says:

    These hammocks are beautiful! I’d swing with my nieces. 🙂 (They’d take up less room than my fiancé…Therefore, more room for me!)

    brookstar says:

    My husband, but only until we get a dog. Then I’d swing with the dog for sure.

    SWOON! I am IN LOVE with this hammock! My 5 year old daughter, Scarlett, has been asking for a hammock for over a year now and I would grab her and her little brother and swing for hours in our backyard! Fingers & toes crossed! XO

    Angie says:

    talk about taking my laziness to the next level! I would love to lounge around in this hammock with my troop of monkeys: my Boston Terriers Porky and Pickle (although chub Pickle would probably roll out!), and my boyfriend Eric 🙂

    Savannah Smiled says:

    I think I’d want to snuggle up with a good book…maybe my husband could join every once in a while! 🙂

    Jeannine says:

    I would swing with my 11 year old son… want to hold on tight while he will still let me

    I would swing with my husband! But our dalmatian Pixel would be pretty upset if he got left out so I guess all three of us would squeeze in!

    Valerie says:

    The most beautiful hammocks EVER! I’d swing on sunny days with my husband, Matt, while drinking IPA and telling lame jokes 🙂

    Sara says:

    I would force my sweet nugget of a bulldog in there with me for summer naps!

    tiff says:

    i’d love to cuddle up with both my husband and 6-month old!

    Julz says:

    Hi! I adore this hammock!

    and i would swing with my best friend Luna from up state Ny when she comes to southern califorina to visit me this summer. Hopefully the days she will be here it will sunny and warm , where if I win this beautiful hammock or any other hammock by yellow leaf we could enjoy it on a gorgeous summer day.=]

    kellen says:

    Oh my gosh!I adore this so much! I don’t have room on my patio for this (although it would totally fit in my dining room where my table should be), but it would look amazing in my moms backyard. I would love to swing in it with her and have a chilled margarita!


    Althea says:

    L O V E these hammocks. They get it right with these colors and designs. I can’t wait for my husband to mount one of these on our front porch so we can snuggle in with baby Sol and daughter Viv for story time and singing.

    Katy says:

    With my newly engaged-fiancee and new puppy in our new backyard! Love in a hammock right there. <3

    Paula says:

    I’d swing with my friends! Though I’m always slightly afraid of tipping over when in a hammock with someone ekse

    Jeannette says:

    Such beautiful hammocks! I’d love one to to swing with a good book and my husband.

    Julz says:

    ohh and for the colors of the hammocks above i would chose the first multi colored one with the orange,purple, blue,white,etc. its absolutely marvelous! =]

    Cass a Lass says:

    My handsome Boo (he is my main man and my fiesty feline) would look devine swinging with me on a hot summer day in the vineyard haven hammock out in my human Boo’s backyard. He would (obvs) have a pair of sunnies to compliment his luscious black coat and maybe a pair of striped trunks (made by yours truly). My human boo, Hopkins, would tend to us by fetching handmade bevvies for boo and i (his and hers) and it would be the best summer day ever.

    Madison Fisher says:

    My family always had a hammock outside when I was a kid, so lounging in one is very nostalgic for me — so I’d say I’d love to hang out with any of my four siblings in my hammock, just talking and laughing the whole time.

    Nancy Q says:

    I would first ask my husband to join me and I’m pretty sure my 2 cats Patrick and Athena will join us soon too. 😀

    Mirka says:

    I would love to swing with a good book (one of those I never have time to read) and a warm, purring cat (if I had one).

    megs says:

    me and my two babes, meatloaf + robot!

    m says:

    Wow, great colours! I’d love to cuddle with my boyfriend for an afternoon nap this summer! And since I work mainly from home, I might go and hide in it for a quick rest on my lunch breaks too!

    Katie says:

    These hammocks are the bomb dot com! I would totally hang out with Louis my darling black cat. His color would blend so well with all of those brights!

    Melissa says:

    I’d swing all summer long with my husband and our sweet pup Ruby…going to guess my itty bitty nephews would like to try it out too!!

    Jacqueline says:

    love the big sur hammocks by yellow leaf and i’d definitely relax in one with my hubby andrew and our sweet greyhound, blue. we’d hang our lovely hammock here: .

    Christine says:

    I was thinking I’d swing and relax with my guy friend, but he’s going to have to move aside and make room for my pup! These are so colorful! Would love to have one in my backyard.

    Michele says:

    Love that website!
    I would hang it in my office so that all my favorites could take a load off!

    Marissa says:

    This is so awesome. I would bring my boyfriend and french-bulldog Ezra Poundcake into the hammock, no doubt!

    Charmaine says:

    I love the vibrant colors on these hammocks, and the cause is also awesome! I would swing on it with my bestie of course! 🙂

    Dalia says:

    Would put this in my backyard and swing with J (my bf), Marlie and Lucky (our dogs)!

    Catina says:

    WOW I am seriously moved by this idea and movement! I AM in love with hammocks, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect hammock! These are soooo beautiful, I love them!

    I would be for SURE swinging my little jungle tabby cat & myself with a cold drink in my hand in this beauty! ..I’ll squeeze the boyfriend on there too!

    Shannon says:

    I would love to swing with my husband, and my baby bump! Sounds like a perfect afternoon!

    Laure says:

    Ahh this is amazing!!! I would cuddle with my cats, Ralph and Zeus, and my three dogs; Dookie, Gunnar, and Nala! And it would look so lovely in the garden.

    Ryann says:

    What a dream it would be to lounge in the Vineyard Haven Sitting Hammock on my ‘porch’ with a view of the ocean and my beloved bear/fox/corgi pup, Jenny.

    Definition of happiness?

    Elise says:

    I would swing with the little boys I babysit–they would love to come and be rocked away in something so unlike their busy city life.

    Kate says:

    Wowwww one of these would certainly brighten up my British summer! I love the back story of the company & the talented individuals involved, the most beautiful hammocks I ever did see : ) I would proudly swing away all day long with my partner Chris & our cat Figgy x

    My husband and our dog that looks like German Sheppard in a Wiener dog body would look great in the Big Sur Queen Hammock!

    Jessica says:

    Thanks for the amazing offer ladies! I definitely need to relax more and worry less. I’m already dreaming of reading a book next to my boyfriend in the warm LA sun.

    Mollie says:

    What a wonderful story this company has! I would swing on it with my fiance, it would look amazing in the backyard of our house we just purchased!! 🙂

    Rachel Cohen says:

    I used to have one of these hammocks but had to give it up when I moved. Would love to get another one to share with my boyfriend on our patio!

    Jessi says:

    Lets be real! Who doesn’t want an amazing hammock!??! Picking who and what I’d choose to spend my days in my new amazing hammock would be tough. I’ve spent most of my life swinging in hammocks…as a kid with my coloring book and crayons…a teen with her 3 best girlfriends playing none other than the greatest game of MASH….a college art student with her sketchbook and charcoal covered hands…to an adult with her now fiance sharing our dreams for the future with one another. It doesn’t really matter to me who I’d swing with in the new hammock. Great memories will always emerge from my moments spent cocooned in a hammock. I just love hammocks. The end.

    audrey says:

    Everyone. You can’t leave this apartment until you get in that beautiful hammock.

    alexis bryn says:

    A hammock is definitely what we need on our patio under the palm trees! It would add so much life and color, our terrier mix puppy would love to swing around and sunbathe with us <3

    Katie says:

    Oh, these are so beautiful! I would love to get cozy in one of these with my husband Henry and our sweet Molly kitty!

    KayBe says:

    I would stretch out with my main man Keats. A rescue dog of pure love and life.

    Corinne says:

    I’d love to share one of these hammocks with my boyfriend and read under the trees during the hot summer.

    Ana says:

    Oh, me and my honey would be there all day long. The two of us, and our two puppies would use this wisely 🙂

    Angela says:

    I’d stretch out with my sexy bearded husband and our dog 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll have just moved to Portland, and will be enjoying the misty greenery in our new city (preferable with some locally-brewed beer in hand).

    My boyfriend Brian and I are moving into our first place together next week, and we’ve been on the lookout for some great pieces for our backyard (he’s never had his own yard before!). I would hope that we could relax in it together while our corgi ran around outside, but in reality I think my very lazy, chubby old dog would take up the remaining hammock space with Brian and they’d both snore all day while I sat in the grass and got some reading done.

    courtney says:

    i love the copy on the hammocking 101 page. i hate when i get cozy in a hammock (or anywhere really) and then realize i left my beverage somewhere else! i’m decorating my new sunroom/enclosed porch and a vibrant hammock would be wonderful. potting some plants first, then seating… oh and my dog ellie would curl up with me for sure! she’s such a snuggle bug 🙂

    Lindsay says:

    That hammock is unreal! I would spend the day hammocking-it-up with my husband & pup!

    Emily says:

    WOW! I’d swing with my bestfriends for my 18th Birthday in the summer! planning a big garden party and this would be perfect! xox

    Danielle says:

    I’m tempted to say my husband and pup, but some of my fondest memories from growing up include laying in the hammock in the sunshine in my backyard with my mama laughing so hard we were always lucky we didn’t pee ourselves. With that shared, I would choose my mama. (still love you, hubs!)

    Anna says:

    These are amazing! We saw so many colorful hammocks on our trip to Costa Rica and I’m still kicking myself for not buying one. I’d swing with my soon-to-be husband, glass of wine in hand (which could be dangerous), on a summer night (should the weather ever warm up).

    Selena says:

    My dad has a hammock on his rooftop patio – there’s nothing i love more than getting his keys when he’s out of town and spending days swinging in it with a book and a mojito. Loving the ‘vineyard haven’ — picturing myself snuggling up to my husband in it as I type – lol.

    April says:

    I’d swing with tons of pillows and a good book!

    Katherine says:

    I love these hammocks! I would likely curl up in this bad boy alone…with a good book and a cold Diet Coke. 🙂

    Allison says:

    I absolutely love the hammock shop! All of the campaign shots make me visualize myself lying in each hammock. Great colors and designs as well! 🙂

    Sarah says:

    Looks so cute and comfy! 🙂 I would love to swing with my boyfriend – It would bring back great memories of hammock swinging in Hawaii earlier this year!

    Emily R. says:

    I would *definitely* swing with my husband. No cats allowed! 😉

    Allison says:

    with my amazing boyfriend + his dog, Rain!

    Marlene says:

    Ohh, as much as cozying up with someone is delightful. I think I would hammock all by my lonesome.

    Katie says:

    I’d swing with my hubby- what a nice way to relax!

    kate says:

    hammocks = summer. My baby girl, Bri, and I would swing together, read books, and nap in the sun.

    Jade Sheldon says:

    I’d swing with my hubby of course!!

    Claire says:

    Love the colors! I would definitely curl up by myself for the afternoon with a good book!

    Slow Lane says:

    social enterprise is <3 i'd share this hammock to my travel buddy who happens to also be my boyfriend. On a laidback afternoon, I, reading a book, and him, listening to some classical music. 🙂

    Rachel says:

    So beautiful! My boyfriend just bought a house and I can easily picture the two of us swinging together in one of these hammocks in his new backyard!

    Becky says:

    I would definitely swing with my boyfriend, Jonathan. We would have mojitos in hand and Vampire Weekend playing in the background while enjoying the moment.

    Britt says:

    wow those are amazing!! Is it bad that I want to have the hammock all to myself???

    Martha B says:

    I LOVE HAMMOCKS!!!! I think I would clear out my living room so me and my husband could watch tv on vacation all the time!

    Rachel says:

    After having a margarita or four on my patio, I would try to cram my closest friends into one of these hammocks. LOVE THE COLORS.

    Kate says:

    I would LOVE to swing with my mom, sister, and a glass of sweet tea. Sounds like heaven!

    Jen says:

    I would swing my tiny, but growing family. Husband, me and baby to come 🙂

    Kelley says:

    my seriously sassy boston terrier, Bruiser, and i would soak up the sun + snooze in one of these fab hammocks!!

    Megan Reshetar says:

    My boyfriend and my 4 little friends from next door!

    Kim says:

    I love these! I would cuddle up and swing away with my new twin babes:)

    Melissa says:

    This would be perfect to swing in with my husband, Bram, on a lazy Saturday!

    Logan says:

    The gold color of the Big Sur is beautiful! I’d love to spend more time outside in my New Orleans backyard once it stops raining. I’d share it with my sketchbook and some calligraphy pens and the birds in our tree of course!

    lauren says:

    i once traveled to the san blas of panama, where the kuna people sleep every night in hammocks; i shared in this tradition for two weeks while with them. i’d take this hammock on another adventure.

    smezy says:

    I would love to get my pup sweet potato in this beautiful baby, but I’m afraid we would end up spun around like a cocoon…. so instead I would have to fill it with the neighborhood children after a long day of planting at our community garden… with a pitcher of home grown New Orleans mint lemonade.

    Hekikye says:

    Love love this hammock!! It will be great to snuggle up with my toddler son and doggie and read books!

    michal says:

    these are lovely!
    me + iced tea + my dog olive = hammock dreams!

    Samantha says:

    I love the palm desert! My little brother and I like to hang out in hammocks in the summertime, but I always have to wait until I visit him. Having my own for when he visits me would be great!

    Jocelyn Duran says:

    I’d love to swing all day in one of these with my hubby and puppy Nacho drinking fruit slushies!

    Julianna m says:

    these are great hammocks! it is such a great way to relax! i love playing in them with my two little brothers!

    allison h. says:

    these are awesome! I think I would cuddle up with the hubs! or my bloodhound duke! 🙂

    Massarra says:

    Dexter. Yup. I’d definitely curl up with a good book and my little pup.

    Virginia says:

    I’d swing in this colorful hammock with my dog, Chloe (a very sweet lab-shepherd mix who has no idea how big she is and thinks she’s a lap dog), a good book (currently reading Steve Martin’s “An Object of Beauty,” which is a great book about the contemporary art world) and an agave-sweetened lemonade.

    Stephanie says:

    That hammock is so vibrant! How gorgeous. I’d love to swing in that with my hubby and our daughter.

    Oh I’d definitely swing with my vizsla pup Mabel. Her red fur would match perfectly!

    Patti says:

    coffee and my moleskine notebook : ) hopefully I can hang on tight to my coffee.

    Jess Craven says:

    Id swing it low with my poochy, Bella. She loves to loll in our old hammock in the sun, often you cant see her at all, except for a paw popping over the top in absolute bliss!

    Mandi C says:

    Gosh my husband would die, he has wanted a nice hammock for years! So I’d swing him, and I bet we’d get away with tucking our 11 month old between us 😉

    Taylor says:

    My beau (Chris) and I are moving in together at the end of May, I can’t think of any better person to share my home (or hammock!) with:)

    Sonja says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’d swing in the queen size with my new hubby!

    Mariana says:

    Hard to choose! I could have one in every color… the montecito is so cute! The queen size would be perfect to snuggle in with my hubby and toddler. fun fun fun

    holly says:

    id swing with my 7 month old baby boy…hopefully in the Southampton Hammock!

    Hillary says:

    I would love to swing on my porch with the boyfriend! A perfect weekend afternoon activity!

    Liz says:

    These are beautiful. I would curl up in one of these bad boys with a mimosa, a good book and my pup!

    Lauren Wells says:

    my husband and my book!

    These are just gorgeous and would be perfect on my new balcony. If I won the hammock, I’d pass the good karma around and would let anyone take their turn in the hammock. Also my mom, who’s coming to visit next month. She deserves a rela afternoon in a hammock. Thanks!

    Sharayah says:

    The colors are beautiful! I’d choose to hammock with my boyfriend or my roommate. 🙂

    Cassie says:

    what a great giveaway!! We have the perfect spot for a hammock in our backyard!

    I would relax with my husband, until my two big dogs took over of course:)


    Sarah says:

    Wow what beautiful hammocks! I would hang out with my two little boys- a whole world of fun! 🙂

    Sandra says:

    I’d love to swing in this hammock with my sister’s new baby, who will be born this October. I can’t think of anything much sweeter.

    Alle says:

    Oh. My. Stars.

    I was JUST dreaming about owning my very own hammock! I would totally cuddle up with my 7mo and 2yo after a long day of running, playing, jumping, and dancing with some good books, iced tea, and take a sweet nap!

    I’ve been in a hammock mood lately too! I’ve been looking for a colorful one (just like the montecito!) to take with me when my Elsie (my 1960 Shasta trailer) head out on our road trips. I’d either hammock-hang with that good lookin’ bearded guy on the cover photo of their website or with my bestie in the spring sunshine. Either one sounds like perfection to me! 🙂

    William says:

    Let’s face it, summer is coming and you defiantly need a way to beat the heat when you want to get your relax on. Hammocks are old school and so mid-century modern. You can just imagine Don Draper rela in one!

    Anh says:

    The colors are just begging to be in my living room. It’s so gorgeous that I’ll even replace my daffodil West Elm sofa with it. Then invite my newly pregnant sister over to swing it it. It’ll give her the excuse to visit more often, especially after she has her baby!

    Leah says:

    I totally need to take a nap with my kitty in one of these!

    Danielle L says:


    Danielle says:

    I’d swing with my sweet furry mexican son (chihuahua) and equally sweet (though not as furry) boyfriend.

    Mary says:

    They are beautiful.we have a hammock at my inlaw’s and I would love to have one of my own with my 11 year old son.

    Dale says:

    I suppose my husband, but it looks like a great size for me and a book, too!

    Megan says:

    These colors are great. The boys & I would be tempted to all nap together in the afternoon shade. Looks great on that boat too!

    Valerie Rose says:

    Lovely hammocks!
    My 15 month old daughter would love sitting in this with me, as she’s obsessed with chairs…and swinging things.
    I would relax with my husband, too!

    Joanne says:

    My Lovie, two glasses of vodka lemondade, some tunes in the background…priceless! Love the custom design option

    susie says:

    WHile sharing sounds nice in theory….I think that I would want it all to myself!

    Vanessa says:

    I’d swing me myself and I. And a good book!

    Ada says:

    I would probably swing in the hammock with my boyfriend. Or just a bunch of pillows and a book!

    Nerea says:

    My boy and I love hammocks too! They are great for summer time! I love the Southampton one!

    Shay says:

    I’d snuggle up with my two boxers!

    Noelle says:

    Of course it’d be me, my cat, and my little dog too.
    I’d also send an invite to my friends and see how many we could fit in there…and read books, people watch, or just talk 🙂

    Kelsey says:

    they are all so beautiful and inviting! I really love “Big Sur” in a queen

    jordan key says:

    this would be perfect on my porch and would be awesome for me and my roomies to hang out in! We have a great porch that would be even better with one of those awesome hammocks! Also our house is the brightest blue and those colors would be so summery!

    Alex says:

    I’m not going to lie. The hammock would be for me. Haha…and everyone else can have a turn when I get off.

    Colleen K says:

    These hammocks are gorgeous!

    I’d love to lay in one with my husband and young daughter…rocking our worries all away together!

    Cass says:

    I’d share it with my honey. We visited Ko Lanta last year and absolutely fell in love with the area, too.

    are you in my head?
    i just decided that i would forego a sofa and get a hammock for my new workspace.

    the vineyard haven one is super.

    i would want to swing with my kids whenever they are home and by myself when i am brainstorming new ideas.

    thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

    kim-tram says:

    I’d share it with my boyfriend but would most likely give it my parents so they can have a nice place to chill in the back yard 🙂 thanks for doing this giveaway 🙂

    Suzanna says:

    AWESOME. I love the colors posted about but don’t see them on the site. Swing with my hubby!!

    Eva says:

    I would like to swing with my son in our garden between two very old apple trees. Great giveaway!

    Michele says:

    I’d swing with my Husband and some pretty plants above.

    Michelle says:

    Totally obsessed! It would be me, my fiance and little pup, Shimi… us three, just swinging in the hammock by the trees!

    Chloe Grigri says:

    Considering my lover is off filming glass blowers in Austin (& of course I am missing him terribly), I choose a certain Maxwell Tubman, partner-in-crime, with whom I would share my hammock space!

    Sophie says:

    It’s a good giveaway, thank’s ! 😀 I would like to swing with my little sister or my parents ! 😀

    victoria says:

    I’d take it up to my sister and brother-in-law’s cottage; they’re pregnant for the first time and it’s twins! How cute would it be playing with the little peanuts on that hammock!?!

    Oh la la! I would swing with my cat and a book, naturally!

    Amy says:

    I’d hang out with the boyfriend and a good book.

    I would definitely swing life away in the queen rainbow hammock with my boyfriend!

    Chelsea Albert says:

    I would swing in it with my fiance and soon to be husband 🙂

    alexia says:

    My sisters and I would have a grand time swinging in this hammock!

    Jessica R says:

    What beautiful hammocks with a beautiful ethic behind them. They look like the perfect place to curl up and gossip with my best friend!

    Brittany Nicol says:

    I would swing in it with my boyfriend! I’ve actually never been in one so it would be really cool to not only get one but try it out for the first time!!!:]

    jamie y. says:

    how gorgeous!! i would love to swing on one of these bad boys with my darling best friend.

    alli r says:

    ahhh!! i would love to swing in one of these w my newlywed hubby 🙂

    Tracy says:

    Talk about going to your happy place – these are it! I would love to swing in one of these with my 99 year old grandpa who has alzeimers, and just live in the moment like he does.

    cianne says:

    I’d swing with my husband and my dog! AND since may 1st is my birthday… I’d be a birthday girl swinger!! 😉

    Emily says:

    I would curl up with Jane Austen! –her books, that is.

    My husband and I would put this baby up on our balcony outside of our bedroom to swing on during date nights. Love this!!

    Nina Nagy says:

    That’s such a cool giveaway! If I’d win one, I would swing in it with the Sicilian boy I (fell in love with) met last week-end in Barcelona! By the way, it’s such a pity you published your guide on the day I returned… 🙂

    Kaitlynn Breeze says:

    okay. so my best memories were camping and napping in a little hammock hanging on a nearby tree. i would love to take a little vacay on my porch with my husband in that beautiful montecito hammock. seriously, i’m in love 🙂

    Kaitlynn Breeze says:

    okay. so my best memories were camping and napping in a little hammock hanging on a nearby tree. i would love to take a little vacay on my porch with my husband in that beautiful montecito hammock. seriously, i’m in love with these beauties 🙂

    Linda says:

    i would cuddle with my cat if I had one! but for now i’d settle with swinging with my best friend/little sister

    Grace says:

    These are the most amazing hammocks I have ever seen! I would swing myself and with friends.

    My sweet puppy Aspen =)

    I love the colors they have! We’ve been talking about getting a hammock since the weather is warming up and we finally have a backyard! I’d be swinging with my bf.

    Mani says:

    My boyfriend and our two puppies would lay in that hammock all day.

    katie says:

    I’d love to relax w/ a good book + cold drink! my front porch is begging for something like this..

    Heather Greenwood says:

    I think I would just chill with a Mojito and a good book

    Parker says:

    My man and I would lay on that hammock all day! I would love to relax on this with him!

    Alissa Dean says:

    These are great! My husband and our two rescue poodles for sure!

    Kaelyn says:

    I have been wanting a hammock for a few years now! I would definitely relax in it with my boyfriend and a good summery drink. Perfection!

    lucile says:

    I would love to spend my summer in those, sketching and drinking lemonade in the shadow of a tree… Those colors are amazing!

    Meg says:

    These are so happy! I could totally take a nap in there with my sweet puppy, Danger and possibly my husband, if there’s still room 🙂

    Rebecca says:

    I can picture lots of great times with my husband and my dog in any of those hammocks

    hillary says:

    I would love to lounge in one of these with my boyfriend!

    meg says:

    A pillow for me! I’ve got six dogs but they probably wouldn’t all fit in one hammock with me… Maybe I’ll have to invest in one for each of them. 🙂

    Amanda Rose says:

    Hi, Bri! Great giveaway!

    I love the black & white striped hammock: The Southhampton.
    I would swing with my sister…we’re having a rough few last months…
    Can’t wait for summer in NY. <3 🙂 <3


    Sarah G. says:

    Hammocks are great! In this wonderful hammock I would take a lovely little nap with my favorite weenie dog Kevin 🙂

    Jordan Troublefield says:

    Would love to have a Mother’s Day swing fest with my momma!

    Georgie says:

    I love the Vineyard haven hammock! i have a soft spot for thin stripes and this one just hits the spot! id be swinging on that one on our veranda/porch because in the afternoons it gets the most loverly warn evening sun x

    Tina M says:

    love these hammocks! i would share my hammock with my wonderful boyfriend – reading books, laughing, and listening to music. and maybe we would make room for my dog neo as well 🙂

    Sabrina says:

    I’ve always told my husband I want to lay in a hammock by the beach, so I would close my eyes and pretend I was there! Maybe having a hammock would force the entire family to take some time to relax, and have some much needed family interaction!

    Claire B says:

    I’d swing with my besties on the weekend after brunch, and my boyfriend on warm evenings!

    Leighann says:

    These hammock are the ideal spot to swig under the sunshine with my friend’s kitten pickles! weeeeeee!!!!!!

    Sarah Florence says:

    Loove the bright colors! They remind me of Mexico…I would enjoy an sunrise mimosa with my man and my puppy!

    Mallory says:

    Love those hammocks! I’d cuddle with my baby boy in that! He loves being outside.

    Joani says:

    I think me & pup, Tucker, could pass the summer very nicely in a hammock!

    Keri Dawn says:

    These are such beautiful hammocks! I have been wanting one for quite some time now to follow me on my travels across Hawaii. It’s perfect for hanging between two palms on the beach. I definitely wouldn’t be sharing this with just one person! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Have a colorful day,

    Keri from Kona

    Venus Pascal says:

    The hammocks are so whimsical kind of reminds you of childhood swings….I’d swing and cuddle with my little one reading books and dreaming big dreams.

    Missemtot says:

    Would love to hammock the weekend away with hubby!

    Alexis says:

    I’d hang out on one with my little pet rats. They would totally dig climbing around on one of those! They look so pretty and fun!

    Krisse says:

    Oh my! I’ve always wanted a hammock… and actually there would be a perfect spot on our yard. I’d swing with my friend and babble all day long… 🙂

    jackie says:

    Moving into a new house in June 🙂 I’ve been looking for a beautiful hammock to adorn my porch!!! I’m wishing I had bought one when in brazil, but that beautiful, colorful one will do just fine!! <3

    Sophia C. says:

    I’d pile my whole family on the Big Sur!

    michelle says:

    I would swing my handsome hubby and a glass of sangria!

    Karen says:

    my baby boo (bf), cat, and dog. all mostly likely by force!

    Brooke Stanley says:

    I told my new beau recently, “All I want is to one day have a hammock.” I would swing in it with his cute face every chance I got!

    Myself and a book. Maybe the cat.

    Kendra says:

    I would relax with my daughters!

    shannon says:

    oh heavens to Betsy! these are TDF. Id go with the Vinyard Haven or either of the above but I didnt see them in stock…hope thats not true!

    Denysia Yu says:

    I would swing with my mom! Even though that would be difficult because we don’t have two trees close together like that at my house.

    Kendall says:

    Is it selfish to say myself?!… and a nice long novel of course <3.

    Love these. So colorful and fun. Id swing with my wife.

    Dani says:

    my fiance and our two cats, if we can all fit, like one big happy family. the cats are a little chubs right now and love to take up the whole bed, so who knows if we all would fit.

    caroline says:

    Love these. I’d be utterly selfish, just me and a good book.

    Aubrey says:

    I would swing on that hammock with my partner, Adam, this summer while working on a farm in Hawaii 🙂

    Melanie Abrantes says:

    Hammocks have always been a favorite. I would cuddle up with my sister because she and I have the best memories as kids with hammocks during summer time!

    May says:

    One of my best friends, who is going through a rough patch right now. Nothing like a little swing session in the sun with a bestie to help melt her stress away, even if only for an hour or two.

    Sarah says:

    Me and my book, sunshine would be invited too.

    all i can think of whenever i hear about or see hammocks is my mom! she’s a little obsessed (though she’s never had one). i remember when i was little that she would say “oh, this is hammock weather!” haha.

    mariah says:

    with my boo & my pig.

    Mekeesha says:

    These are beautiful! I would love to relax with my boyfriend and/or my sweet puppy (my queen) OR relax by myself with a great book. 🙂

    Nikki says:

    I want to say my husband and kids, but I would love to share it with best friends who are far away!

    Rebecca says:

    So colorful and fun! I would share it with my lovely hippie friend Stacy, or I would swing in it by myself while reading a novel.

    elana says:

    my husband who loves a cuddle!

    celine says:

    I’d swing with my husband, and a glass (or two) of wine.

    Jordan says:

    I love the gold of the Big Sur hammock! I would love to lay in this with my husband on our new back porch! We are trying to furnish our first backyard in time for summer!

    Tabitha B. says:

    I think I’d share mine with my good friend “Kindle”. Of course, my fiance is welcome too. In love with the palm desert.

    Rocking my 1 year old god son to sleep for nap hour is my duty and I would love to do it in the Queen hammock in Big Sur. I would just need to perfect the transfer of rocking him to sleep and carefully getting him from the hammock into bed without waking him. I am up for the challenge! Shoot, I should even document it and use it for content when I come to BLogshop!

    Roxanne says:

    These are beautiful! I’d swing with my husband.

    Torri says:

    Love the Big Sur Queen Hammock, and I love the cause even more!

    jules says:

    i would share this lovely hammock with my husband, my sweet toddler, and probably out dog since our dog and toddler are inseparable! what a great giveaway!

    Lauren says:

    I would swing in this hammock with my roommate because we are attached at the hip and hammocks are her favorite thing in the world. We’d also be swinging with her imaginary french bulldog whom she talks about everyday.

    Holly says:

    I’d swing the Summer evenings away with my fiance… he’s always dreamed of a backyard with a hammock.

    Rach says:

    I’d be swinging with my lap top and an episode of Mad Men. Just me and Don Draper 😉

    Winnie says:

    I would love this hammock to cuddle with my puppy, Polly. 🙂 It would be something nice to come home to from work or school to relax and listen to music/read a book in. I would also share it with my future roommates that I’m moving in with soon!

    Grace M says:

    I would swing my sister, friends, and a good book for reading on a sunny day. I love hammocks!! they are so rela.

    s. morrison says:

    hammocks are one of my favorite things…these colors are so lovely! I would sit with my boyfriend in it and relax and take a nap! He says he has never met someone who talks about hammocks as much as me!

    Emily F says:

    I would snuggle with my Puggle scrumpy. We live in Colorado and We’ve always wanted to enjoy the sunshine on a colorful hammock. Check him out

    Altaira says:

    I’d swing in one of these hammocks with my two kitties, and a good book!

    Kallie B says:

    I would definitely sway away with my daughter in the sunny summer afternoons.

    Anna Beth says:

    I absolutely love swinging in a hammock reading a good book. I’d love to hang this in the shade and spend the day reading!

    Jennifer says:

    Just moved to Hawaii and somehow we DON’T have a hammock. I would bring this to the beach and be the envy of all the sandy beach goers!

    Jessie says:

    I would swing in this hammock with my boyfriend – we just got back from a tropical island vacation, where we napped in hammocks at our beautiful hotel. As soon as I got home on Monday, I started planning where to put a hammock, and dreaming about which one I would get….this give away is fate! 🙂

    Katie says:

    I would swing by myself in my new backyard! ; D

    haleigh le moine says:

    I would swing in this hammock with my sister, Savannah and our kitty, Winnie. We’re all quite loungey ladies and love the outdoors ; )

    Candace says:

    Ideally I would swing with my boyfriend, but when my sisters are visiting we would all probably pile in to it and gossip to our hearts content.

    Rachael says:

    I have been obsessed with these hammocks for so long! I LOVE them! I would swing with my fiance and our kitty, Penny Lane. 🙂

    Deise says:

    Anyone welcome to hangout 🙂

    Tessa Sanchez says:

    I’d love to spend a summer afternoon in the classic yellow hammock with a good book, a glass of lemonade, and my kitty, Oliver!

    connie lyu says:

    i’d swing with my lovely husband & our moody but adorable white-pawed kitty!

    RACHEL GOLD says:

    AWESOME HAMMOCK COMPANY!!! Love the do-good-er story, regardless of the product… but those hammocks ARE simply divine! I would love love LOVE to be hugged in that rainbow dream… And would welcome any company who wanted to join me 🙂 !!!

    Jaimie says:

    My kiddos would be ALL OVER this!! But my hubby and I would sneak in at night. : )

    Caitlin says:

    This would be perfect in my little backyard! I know my boyfriend would love to share it with me.

    I’d swing with my son and daughter.


    I’d swing with my darling boyfriend and our golden retriever Jazz. We’re just the happiest little family.

    Megan says:

    girlfriend and/or David Foster Wallace.

    Lorraine says:

    Awesome hammock!! I would swing my husband in the hammock. We just got married last year, and it would be so fun to cuddle in there on our first anniversary.

    Jamie Knupp says:

    Oh I think I have fallen in love! The Classic Yellow hammock is absolutely beautiful. I can totally picture myself rocking away, reading to my babies. This would be amazing to have

    Cindy says:

    My sister and I like to have sustained silent reading(SSR) like they used to make us do in elementary school. Taking it outside on a nice day would be divine.

    Thy HP says:

    Vineyard Haven Hammock with a book and lots of sun! (possibly a ManFriend)

    Emily K. says:

    I would give this to my parents 🙂 I could swing with my puppy in it and enjoy their backyard!

    Yvette W. says:

    I LOVE these hammocks! I would cuddle up with my boys: Tyler (3yrs old) and Garrett (18 months) and we would swing, swing, swing away all day!

    Yvette W. says:

    I would cuddle up with my boys: Tyler (3yrs old) and Garrett (18 months) and we would swing, swing, swing away all day!

    Gini Toh Djojo says:

    i’d swing with my grandma ellen. i’ve never met her because she died when my mom was 7. if i could blast to the past, i’d love to just hang out with her and listen to her stories.

    Sarah says:

    ooh, i life their hammocks! i’ve been wanting a hammock for so long!!!

    Jocelyn Ochoa says:

    These are hammocks are a dream! I would love to swing with my sisters on one of these beauties 🙂

    Autumn says:

    My boyfriend and I would pack this up for our move to San Diego and enjoy the California sunshine on lazy afternoons <3

    Trish Wong says:

    haha, i’d share it with my cat despite how he already hates sharing the bed with me and literally pushes at me with his feet, demanding for more space 🙂

    Jenn says:

    I’m sure my large cat would be willing to share the Big Sur Hammock with me. And I my friends might let me use it from time to time too.

    Willow Sharp says:

    I would swing with my cousins that are also my neighbours and my best friends ! As children we always went camping and would pretend that hammocks were butterfly cocoons or clam shells !

    jessica marie says:

    i cuddle up with me sweet pup charlie and read the days away

    Meryl says:

    I would cozy up with my boyfriend and just take it the sun in the Vineyard Haven; I like that the thin stipes make it look like op-art!

    Quincey S says:

    Wow, beautiful hammocks. So glad you said pets are included because I would chill with my lab all day on this!

    Meg says:

    Beautiful hammocks! If I were lucky enough to have one, I’d spend warm summer nights in it, curled up with my two awesome kiddos.

    Chelsea says:

    Ooooh I loove these. I would definitely be swingin’ in one of these babies with my hunky husband…..and a camera to capture some fun memories!

    Sophie M says:

    Wow! The hammocks are beautiful, and the story behind them is even greater! I would love to curl up in one with my yellow lab pup. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Bri!

    coco says:

    I will love to swing and relax with my beautiful new born baby boy Mateo and my hubby <3

    Marie B says:

    I’d swing with my fiance on our balcony!

    Rachelle says:

    Oh my, these are so lovely and cozy I think I’d devote our spare room to one (sorry, guest room!). I’d swing the hours away with my husband and sweet Shiba pup.

    AutumnJoy says:

    These hammocks are so exciting! I have fallen in love with the sitting hammock (what a pleasant reading spot it would be) and the queen sized one which would be perfect for the upcoming summer. I can definitely see myself laying outside on one with my fluffy cat on me, a giant glass of ice cold peach tea, and the warm summer breeze between my toes!

    Kathryn says:

    I would love to sway in the hammock with my boyfriend and when he is gone on travel, my puppy dog! <3

    Angela Yer says:

    I love the Vinyard Haven. I would be swinging with my husband and my 2 little girls.

    Simone Anne says:

    Me & My Boy & My Pup! haha 🙂

    Kate L. says:

    Oh man, those are GORGEOUS. I’d swing with everyone who walked in my door, but especially my husband and daughter.

    Latrina says:

    Oh, I love it! And I know the perfect spot for it, too. Living in the city — one doesn’t have too many locations for outdoor things like hammocks. However, I have the perfect spot underneath our balcony. I would definitely spend my afternoons + nights snuggled with my husband and our dauschund. 😀

    Kitty says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having a hammock to read a book in. Why haven’t I done this yet!? I’d probably hog it all to myself, though if I’m feeling generous, I’d let my lucky black cat Nico in, there’s nothing she likes more than a snuggle 🙂

    lee says:

    Oh, it has snowed here so much the past few weeks! Just looking at these with all the beautiful colors reminds me that, yes, summer will come. I’d hang it by our garden, and swing with my two daughters and our cat…in the sun!

    emily says:

    my nieces

    Abigail says:

    I’d definitely swing with my fiance! It would be perfect too for pictures at our farm wedding in June!

    Amanda says:

    I love how colorful their hammocks are! I would share my new hammock with my sweetie and a cool bevvie, and dream of where to go on our next vacation.

    Sandy J says:

    i would suggest to my crush to come lay with me in this hammock on a hot summer day. he wouldn’t be able to say no !

    Kristin H says:

    This hammock makes me so happy! I would love to swing with my new puppy Sullivan on the front porch! Sounds dreamy!

    Vittoria says:

    I DREAM of sweet summer afternoons lying in a hammock with my husband. I am always looking for the perfect hammock and these are so wonderful!

    I’d swing with my best friend and boyfriend (). We love to spend time rela outdoors, so to string a hammock up between some trees on our campus would be perfect

    Jess says:

    LOVE this! I’d have to say that I’d swing with my bff, my pup Rambeau! This hammock is so full of life, it’s hard to not smile when looking at it!

    Katie says:

    That’s big enough for me, my energetic nephews AND my cat!

    Kjerste lee says:

    I’d swing with my daughter, and my husband! My family went to Puerto Rico a long time ago and I fell asleep in a hammock every night – could not be more rela!

    Macy says:

    I live with four other girls–let’s see if we can all fit!!

    Courtney says:

    Love the Palm Desert Bri! I’d swing with my main man and my pup Margot. I think there most certainly would be room for the three of us 🙂
    Here’s to many mini-vacays on your patio!

    Elizabeth says:

    My husband and I had a rope hammock in our backyard for years. Right before our daughter was born it finally succumbed to too many nights left out in the rain and finally unraveled. I can’t wait to take our almost 3 year old for a swing in this beautiful hammock in the sunshine.

    Brittany Bolton says:

    We’re in the process of buying our first house! I’m daydreaming about hanging out with some beers, snacks, and my husband in one of BEAUTIFUL hammocks in our new backyard. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Julia Wilson says:

    I would cuddle my future roomie Vendela and we would hang this in our room! So inspired by your all white color scheme, this would make a great addition!

    Vendela says:

    I would cuddle with my roomate in the fall, Julia. As a fellow graphic designer we would enjoy many nights getting inspired on it for our projects!

    emeryann says:

    I would sit there with my best friends, all smushed in so that we can catch up in the sun we’ve been having lately here in Portland.

    Denise says:

    I spend time in the class yellow hammock with my little sister, who I missed dearly while finishing up my senior year in college. Oh and in the mornings I would relax in the hammock by reading a book next to my cat Jewels.

    Heather says:

    Oh how delightful this post is! I really enjoy the blue sky bliss of the Sumui. And…I’d love to fit me and my 2 sisters in this hammock, or it would be divine for studying this summer!!

    Amanda says:

    I have always had a thing for hammocks but never owned one! I’ve been living in Beijing for 8 months now and just started dating someone a month ago. It’s completely out of the blue but I’m quickly falling in love with him. I’d definitely swing and cuddle with him.

    Gina says:

    I would love to snuggle with my husband and a good book in the hammock. They look so comfy and rela.

    Sidney says:

    I would share it with my non-romantic domestic partner/best friend!

    Chris says:

    Me my dog and my girlfriend

    Ratri says:

    “Like a hug from a mom.”

    My mother was born and raised in Thailand, so I was especially touched by Joe’s story about Yellow Leaf and his mission to create long-term social change. Thailand is a gorgeous country I hope to visit one day. In the meantime, it’d be lovely to have a meaningful piece of my heritage to relax in with my mom. She’d get a huge kick from knowing it was made by Thais in Thailand!

    Ashley W says:

    Love these hammocks! I used to have one similar but it was stolen from me. But in my mind I like to think that they are enjoying that hammock more than me.

    If I had a chance to swing with anyone I would get myself the dream Pug I have always wanted and probably never leave my house….or the hammock for that matter.

    Love this!!!! I would totally rock on that thing with my puppy!

    Bradie says:

    These hammocks are absolutely gorgeous! I would set mine up in my back yard and snuggle with my newborn nephew on a warm sunny afternoon.

    Melissa says:

    my husband and i are moving out of toronto, and into the country. the king hammock would be the ultimate accessory on our new farm. it could fit both of us, and our dogs… we’ll all watch the stars together (we don’t see stars in the city).

    Ailyn says:

    Perfect addition for my backyard retreat swinging with my dog Lola.

    Jaclyn says:

    My husband and kids. Love this hammock!

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    Great cause! I’d snuggle up with my better half in one!

    Fanny says:

    I would love to swing on a yellow leaf hammock with my whole family – my hubby, baby girl, and Jack the dog. =)

    Chloe says:

    I’d swing it on that cheeky kookaburra that keeps trying to steal worms from our new veggie-patch! Fly away silly kookaburra!

    MONTANA says:

    my sister.
    (and my dog..we’re small, we’d all fit!)

    Suzanne McDonald says:

    I’d swing with my dad. I’ve been away at school for three years and am finally graduating this June with my bachelors. We’d hang this in the yard and just enjoy being home.

    Ruzana says:

    They’re beautiful, I’d probably be swinging with my baby girl for her morning nap.

    Evanthia says:

    WOW! What a great giveaway! Thank you so much!! I was really excited when I saw it! I’d go for a swing with my 4 lovely nephews! we will have so much laugh!

    carly pruden says:

    I adore this. My brand new husband after a good long work day and a glass of vino.

    I have this two amazing bestfriends that would love to have this swing.
    They’re amazing, people that I want to spend my whole life with.

    Nicole Marie says:

    Oooo I would swing in this on a sweet summer day with my boyfriend who I see only every three weeks! 🙂

    Gaby says:

    So in love with these hammocks and this company! I’d have to swing with my puppy and niece all day on these bad boys.

    lizzy says:

    I love these!!
    I think I’d rather just enjoy them on my own but I’m sure I could be persuaded to let my cat Ayla join in on the fun 🙂

    I love both but I would choose the bottom pictured. I would have to swing with me myself and I because i love to have a large area just for myself! I would love to sleep or even read on it!

    Andrea C says:

    I would love to have a swing on these hammocks with my brother! I never get to see him anymore and it’d be fun to muck around and flip him off 😛

    dana says:

    I’d put it up at my sister’s house (since I live on the road) and snuggle with my niece, Josie, (3) and my twin nephews, Jack&Danny (2 & 2, respectively 😉 ).

    LesLeigh J. says:

    I would definitely swing with my dog. I would love to cuddle up on a summer day with my puppy and a good book. Sounds like a slice of heaven!

    Molly says:

    It would be so wonderful to sit in this hammock in my backyard, listening to music and sitting next to my pup with a glass of wine!

    Katherine says:

    I would love this, especially now in the summer! I would chill on it with my dogs or maybe my sister!

    Annabelle says:

    So Nice colours!! The big sur King hammock is my fav!
    I would just chill and chat all night long with my bestie, and…. Mojitos!

    Jamie w. says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend and our dog! <3 love hammocks! Such a cool giveaway! Thank you!

    valerie says:

    Oh, glorious giveway! I would definitely swing with my sweetheart in our balcony

    Nadia says:

    These are beautiful!! And the hammock that we got while traveling in Cambodia years ago is about to give out. We could make some new memories spending our summers in these.

    Kristin says:

    These are beautiful! After mustering up some major courage, I’d love to invite the cute guy that owns my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood to swing with me.

    Anonymous says:

    I’d swing with my books and a cool mojito!

    Nothing beats a colorful hammock! And what a great Father’s Day gift- I would hide it away till then and then swing away with Mr. eblcolor

    Amy says:

    One of these gorgeous numbers would be perfect for my second floor porch! I would snuggle into it with my kindle and a glass of Baby Mama Juice! (Sorry family, you lost out.)

    Astrid says:

    I would love to swing in this hammock with my boyfriend and a strawberry margarita on my sunny balcony!

    Christine says:

    I would definitely lie in the hammock with my pup zero and probably read my book (and I would try and fit my bf in there, too). Yay, what an awesome contest. Summmmer!

    Anna says:

    I’d be rocking that hammock with a cup of tea and a good book, all while snuggling with my boyfriend.

    yehudis says:

    I would sing with my husband

    isabelle says:

    I would swing away on my backyard porch with Jack&Gustave – my two cats – though I’m sure they wouldn’t last long, being more interested with the birdies and Henry, how friendly squirrel neighbor. 😉

    Philam says:

    This would MAKE my summer! I’d swing in it with my newlywed hubby (still getting used to the ring of that!) xo

    Sara says:

    I’d love to curl up on this hammock with a good book. It might just be “me” but I love the company of a good book.

    I’d swing in the hammock with my 12 year old son. I’d ask him to do the timberlake “classic peg” skit from SNL. It gets me every time. xo jam

    Frankie says:

    Beautiful hammocks! I would swing away the summer in my new hammock with my fella and my cat. And then kick them out so I can lounge by myself. Someone needs to refill my iced tea, right?

    Lena says:

    Oh la la! It would be great for me and my new puppy!

    Aeshna says:

    Me and my book. Or me and my nap would totally hang out here.
    Love love love the colours!

    I am in LOVE. I would hang this on my deck and snuggle with my kitten and my boyfriend <3 Even if I don't win I might save my pennies and buy one anyways!

    Diana says:

    Ahhh! I looove hammocks! So much so, that my boyfriend bought me a handmade one a few years ago. Without having a place to hang it, it became tangled and unusable. 🙁 I will forever feel guilty that I destroyed it. BUT this would be such a great gift to him (and me!) now that we have a place to hang it. Yay! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Aeshna says:

    If I had a hammock, I’d hammock in the morning
    I’d hammock in the evening, all over this land!
    I’d hammock out danger, I’d hammock out a warning
    I’d hammock out love between my brothers and my sisters
    All over this land

    Sorry I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Alessandra says:

    I’d swing on my apartment terrace with a good book and as many friends as I could fit.

    Lindsay-Jean says:

    These are beautiful! I’d swing away the afternoon with my little girl.

    o!suzanna says:

    Oh my, how lovely! While I’d like to stretch out alone with a good book, I’m sure my daughters would never let that happen… and I’m okay with that.

    julis says:

    These are wonderful!I’d swing with my boyfriend 🙂
    thanks for the opportunity!

    Emilie says:

    I’d swing our little girl and her 100 stuffed animals on our apartment terrasse in Montreal, for the 5 months a year we have sun and warm weather. Then, I’d find a way to have it hung in my bedroom for snowy Sunday afternoons. (Of course! the stuffed animals would be invited too.)

    Ariel says:

    I’d be soaking up the LA sunshine with my two kittens and a yummy food magazine!

    Elisabeth Lyons says:

    I’d be sharing it with my precious little brother when he comes along for a visit 🙂

    Hannah says:

    Oh I would probably swing in that gorgeous VINEYARD HAVEN hammock with my handsome English boo on in our future first home. 😀 YAY for daydreaming!

    ccm says:

    i’d pick the monticello king-size (since my swinging partner is extra tall) hammock to swing with my boyfriend out back at our new house!

    Oh I’d cuddle with my husband to make him feel included, but then I’d sneak away for a little solo cuddle with my chocolate milk and a good magazine. In a perfect world, that is 😉

    Maggie says:

    I’d swing with my Mom! I’ve been living abroad and haven’t seen her in 5 months…lots of catching up to do!

    Hilary says:

    My hubby + iced mint tea + a big floppy hat + lots of sunshine… that’s who and how I’d swing in my hammock. (not so sure how cooperative my puppy would be if he was involved.)

    Leesa says:

    I would swing with my seven week old yellow lab, my two room mates and any and all of my friends that we have over! If it’s ever just me, I would read books on it and catch some sun with some iced tea. It would go on our (currently barren) patio; perhaps after something so nice was added we’d be encouraged to make the whole thing into something truly wonderful?

    Lisa says:

    I would swing with my two kiddos… I picture warm sun, a Curious George book and my 2 sweeties!

    Chelsea says:

    This lovely hammock would be the making of my small studio apartment in downtown Dallas Tx. I would hang it in the middle of my art studio for afternoon naps with my new pup. Originally a Cali girl I miss laying by the beach with friends and family. This would make those memories even better till the next time I can visit again!

    sarah says:

    I could see my husband and I rela in one of these after a long day of working on the farm. It would be awesome for guests to enjoy as well, while visiting us.

    Gina Rosati says:

    I love hammocks. So peaceful to swing in the summer breeze. I like the vineyard haven one-simple yet elegant.

    alejandra iragorri says:

    i would swing with my cute dog in our backyard!

    In the summer I took a weekend city break to Antwerp in Belgium with some creative friends of mine from all over Europe and we stayed in this beautiful townhouse with a hammock in the lounge overlooking the street. It added so much character to the room.

    My partner and I are currently redecorating and looking for that signature piece to sling in our bay window overlooking the forest and the lake, just outside London. A hammock would be the most perfect way to see in those summer evenings, or those rainy London Autumns.

    tomas delgado says:

    i would swing my girlfriend in a bright color yellow leaf hammock!

    daniela says:

    I would swing my best friend in bright yellows and reds!

    Leslie says:

    First of all, I love hammocks and every time I travel to a tropical destination I feel inspired to pick one up! I would swing in one of those babies with my loves of my life my husband and mocha – our Chihuahua/Pekingese mix who can get comfy anywhere as long as she is with us!

    My favorite ones are Mojave and the Amazonia. Love this company and what they do! Great giveaway.

    Megan says:

    I need a hammock to cuddle my number one man…a 3 month old baby boy with dimples in his shoulders! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

    kyla says:

    I would hammock all day, every day! I haven’t had a hammock in years and this would be a beautiful, bright and happy way to relax by myself or with my love!

    Lindsey says:

    i’d swing solo with some beers & get a little tipsy [booze-wise, hopefully not hammock-wise]

    Kamallah says:

    I’d lounge in this hammock with Hemingway, in Fiji of course!

    Laurie says:

    The King Hammock in Rainbow! I’d pile in there with my sweet girls and star gaze in our backyard! What a fun way to relax in the Summertime!

    Kassie says:

    My best friend Weylon, we would take the hammock all around the island. It would be amazing!

    Lisa says:

    Me and Kitty would do a little bird watching under the lilac tree!

    Pakou says:

    I would cuddle up with my young niece and nephew in the hammock! We’ll make cloud shapes in the sky.

    melissa says:

    My swelling belly in my new home. I need to enjoy some me time before everything changes 🙂 These are absolutely beautiful!

    Michele says:

    just me and some sunscreen!

    Nicole says:

    In our little DC rowhouse, we have a mini-backyard that would be perfect for hammock swinging with any one of our lovely neighbors. Community hammock it is!

    Lisette says:

    I’d have a cuddle puddle with my puppy and boyfriend :)Our backyard is in need of color and comfy furniture, so this would be perrrrfect!

    Sharon says:

    Dates on hammocks! That’s where I’m at.

    Laura says:

    I would swing with my 70 lb. pooch up at my boyfriend’s lakehouse in Maine!

    These are awesome!

    Emily says:

    I’d snuggle with husband a stack of unread magazines!

    Kathy Davis says:

    I would share it with the love of my life and his adorable black lab (:

    Oh gosh, no question …I’d swing with the sweet little baby growing in my belly…making her grand entrance to the world in just 44 days. This would be perfect for the two of us…for sleepy summer days, which I’m sure there will be lots of!

    Jenny says:

    WOW. I absolutely love the colors of the first one. I’d put this under the tree in my backyard. I’m not sure if I’d be willing to share, but maybe I’d share it with my boyfriend.

    Kate says:

    Ohh, those hammocks are wonderful. I especially love the sitting hammocks. I’d swing with a few girlfriends, mojito in hands, and dare I say some reggae in the background. Just for the day perhaps.

    corina says:

    Hammocks remind me of when I was a little girl and I would visit my aunt’s house and would spend countless hours laying in the hammock, looking up at the sky, reading a book, or just taking a long nap. This would be perfect for our new home! Those were some good times that I’d like my husband to experience with me now! 🙂

    Katie says:

    I’d cozy up in Vineyard Haven hammock with my two-year-old on the top of our tree-studded hill. He’d probably want to look for airplanes, but I’m sure I’d doze off quickly!

    allison says:

    My dog Winnie has learned to love a hammock!

    Emma says:

    I’d snuggle up in one of these bright hammocks with my lit’l pup Skipper!

    Alie Shipley says:

    I would relax in my hammock accompanied by a good book and an ice cold glass of lemonade 🙂

    In two months time I will be able to cuddle up with my new little baby- sounds like the perfect summer:)

    Molly says:

    I’d lay in that hammock next to my future husband with a map in our hands planning our next adventure 🙂

    Rachael says:

    my husband!

    Justine says:

    i’d curl up with a good book! that looks like the BEST place to read outside all summer long!

    Ann-Marie says:

    Both of those are FANTASTIC! I would definitely try to keep the hammock all to myself, but for the right price, I might let my fiance swing with me 🙂

    Michele F says:

    I’d spend my hammock time with my mother-in-love. A true gem!

    Haya Safir says:

    Perfect for me.. Perfect for my little babygirl…

    Laura says:

    I love all of the hammocks on the yellow leaf site 🙂
    I’d swing with my boyfriend! I love him so much! We are going to Uni together and most of the time it is super stressful 🙁 So we could definitely need a hammock to relax in 🙂

    Helena says:

    I love hammocks! Would probably share the space with my boyfriend, but sure wouldn’t mind having it all to myself 😉 x

    Emily says:

    Love these! I’d swing with all three of my dogs!

    Alice says:

    My man has been talking about hammocks for the last few weeks. We’ve just moved into a new house and I would love to swing in a hammock with him on a lovely spring day while we watch our brand new chickens peck round our backyard – fruity drink in hand of course!

    Meredith says:

    I’d love to curl up with my dogs and a good book! 🙂

    Chanel says:

    I’d curl up with my cuddly pup, Coco!

    Claire says:

    Hammock weather is definitely here in Austin! I’d snuggle up with my Emma dog and a good book.

    ♥ these hammocks!!!!!!!! I’d snuggle with the 5 pillows I need (yes, need) to sleep with at night. Ha! Sometimes a single girl needs some extra comfort!

    Amanda says:

    It’s definitely time to hammock here! I’d swing with my love and my books.

    Naomi says:

    I love basking in the sun in a hammock it’s soo rela. I would want to cuddle up with a pina colada with an extra float of rum on top!

    Heather says:

    I would swing my my husband and sweet baby girl 🙂

    Rita says:

    Oh these are perfect! I would swing with my love, when we are happy just to enjoy the hapiness and we fight the fight what better to end it than to lay on the hammock? We live in a very small house near the ocean but in tha backyard there is the perfect place waiting for this gift 🙂 we have three cats, all wonderers that showed up at our door, I bet they would all jump right in! Love, sea and hammock!

    Mily M says:

    I would swing with my husband and our little two year old. We were just talking about getting a hammock for our new space. Would love to win any of the beautiful hammocks on this site!

    Nancy says:

    Swing with my baby girl (who is 20 and just got home from a semester abroad–see comment 600!

    Brianne says:

    These are gorgeous! I’d love to cuddle with my kiddos in one of these.

    Annie says:

    These are so gorgeous!
    I would love to swing solo with just a good book on a sunny day, or with one of my best friends (who also happens to be hammock obsessed).

    Kristy says:

    I know from past experience that my mini-dachshund, Schmendrick, would jump into the hammock without hesitation. My boyfriend and I love cuddle time with the whole “pack”.

    Errol o'falahee says:

    I would love to snuggle with my five month old daughter in any of these. I really love the rainbow! Maybe I would let our chihuahuas join us.

    Emanuel says:

    With my girl 🙂

    coral says:

    my 2 year old would love to have a hammock in our backyard!

    Kayleigh says:

    my cat of course. 🙂 these hammocks are so gorgeous!! <3

    Gina Hicks says:

    Me, my hubby, my three kids, my dog, my two cats, my two ducks and 4 chickens would love to swing in the beautiful vineyard haven hammock. It even looks like one of my chickens named Teen Wolf!

    Kelly says:

    Love how colorful these hammocks are! Of course I’d swing with my best bud and love for life, Curtis 🙂

    Amanda says:

    These are gorgeous! I’d definitely be snuggling up with my husband and toddler and a nice summer cocktail!

    Amber Dugan says:

    I love this concept and their dedication to social change and sustainability. So cool. I’d be snuggling up with my handsome musician bf. Ideally while he sings and plays some tunes on the guitar. I’d probably have some sangria in my hand as well.

    mia says:

    I think the real question is who I wouldn’t hammock with! My brother, best friends, maybe even handsome strangers…you never know who might receive a hammock invite, but one thing is for certain I will run amok in my hammock!

    STACE says:

    VINEYARD HAVEN all the way!! With a beer in my hand and my main mutt right next to me.

    erin says:

    I’d swing, sleep and snuggle with my handsome boyfriend and our pooch, Walter. We’re a lazy family, so this is perfect for us!

    Sydney says:

    I’ve been craving a hammock and these look perfect! I’d swing with my boyfriend… unless he’s done something to annoy me, then I’d let our dog in.

    Meg says:

    When I was 10 I asked for a hammock for my birthday. My mum thought i was being bizarre. My dad strung it up and the anticipation to spend the school holidays swinging was just too much pressure. I got in and promptly fell out, hitting my head on the concrete below. twice. So for now I would limit the hammock to myself until i get the hang of it. Safety first.

    Meg, from Australia xx

    I’d spend the whole summer swinging on the forest-shore of Lake Superior, sipping lemonade with my boyfriend and the guinea pig I can’t wait to adopt!

    Lindsey L says:

    These are so great! I would swing in the OC sunshine with an ice cool lemonade…and a friend 🙂

    Kirsty says:

    Can I squeeze in my entire family? 3 boys with their brand new baby sister, me! I’m sure I’d have a difficult time getting on something so wonderful all by myself. 🙂

    Abbie says:

    I love this quriky hammock .If I had to share a joy ride on the hammock with someone it would have to be … my grandfather , he would have such a good time trying to tip me over and off the hammock! God bless him !
    Abbie from Australia .

    Danielle says:

    I would swing in the Big Sur hammock with my fiance because that’s where we got engaged!

    Elissa says:

    I would snuggle up in this marvelous looking hammock with my fiance to relax during some hectic wedding planning!!!

    Jkoorstra says:

    Love this! What a perfect spring gift to jazz up our sunroom! I would love a hammock and have my dog snuggle with me and read a good book! Seeing I have a big dog, I’d have to get the Queen Hammock =)

    Jaime Patterson says:

    My sweet baby, Geneva, for sure! Her dad and I love swinging in a hammock any chance we get and this will be her first summer to enjoy a little hammock time!

    Kelly René says:

    This would hands down be a gift to my wonderful sister–it just has her name written all over it! Hopefully I’d be the one to be invited to swing along! I’d love to relax on this beauty and pour through blogs, sip on a sweet summer drink and enjoy the transition into this perfect warm weather!

    Melody says:

    I love these hammocks! So beautiful. I think if I don’t win one, I just might have to try and make one. I would love to share with every family member! My boyfriend, our dog Tonka, and our cats, Dinah and Cecil. I don’t think the chickens would make very good hammock buddies, though.

    Celi says:

    Yeow! Me and my fellow!!!

    June says:

    These are fantastic! I’d invite my husband.

    Brianne says:

    I love these hammocks and just asked my husband to get me a sitting one 😉 If I were to win the queen sized one I would wrap my sister in it when she comes to visit this summer (in hopes that it makes her stay home with me).

    Marissa says:

    I would share it with my mom who never takes the time to relax; as I am trying to teach her the beautiful ways of meditating & the positive energy it brings to your whole self.

    I’d totally swing in one of these with my 15 imaginary cats like it’s nobody business. f’real.

    Tiffany Hilton says:

    When I was a little girl I would climb into our old hammock and my dad would wrap me up and spin me around in it — I would pretend it was my spaceship and I was going to travel to Venus. If I won, I’d do the same with my future daughter.

    Anastasia says:

    I would swing in the hammock with my daughters! How fun and rela 🙂

    Definitely the queen-sized “Southampton”. Would great with some yellow floral pillows!

    Thuy Kieu says:

    Love living in NYC but haaate that we don’t have a yard! Having this cool hammock to share with my soon-to-be (aka fiance) would give us such a beautiful escape!

    Elina says:

    I love hammocks! I’ll swing with my husband and I think that our cat also would like it. 🙂

    Lisa says:

    I love the Lanta and would snuggle up with my baby nephews in it! I have been looking for a hammock for so long, these are stunning!


    Colleen Boudreau says:

    My cat! 🙂

    grace says:

    oh god i love hammocks. i would swing with a good book and the dog that i do not have.

    Mia says:

    I’d give the hammock to my brother, who is stuck working really hard to help my dad with his failing business, and has always wanted a hammock since we were little kids. I wanted to buy him one for his birthday and couldn’t afford a good one. We can swing in this together when I visit! These are way better than anything I’ve seen!

    Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would swing with my baby cousin!! she loves hammocks

    Amy Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous! With a mojito in hand I’d lye in one of these colorful beauts all day with my kitten and my lover!

    Liz says:

    Me, my 4 year old son and my 17 year old cat Shubert could read a lot of stories this summer lounging in that hammock!

    Ashley says:

    I would LOVE to snuggle up with my roomie and a good book in one of those hammocks!

    Heidi says:

    Hammock LOVE! Bright and colorful happiness! Me and Pete… that would be my cat:) and a good book.

    Erin says:

    Mine would go in a very top secret project I’m working on – and would be PERFECT. crossing fingers 😉

    Amy Karsten says:

    Color love with ginger doggy!

    Cinnamon says:

    I’d swing with my honey and my puppy, the whole family together!

    Ladan says:

    These are so colorful & fun! I usually make a makeshift hammock to swing my nephew but I would love a real one to swing in with him 🙂

    Sherlyn says:

    cuddle with my favourite guy in such a sweet and bright colour hammock! i cant resist!

    Anonymous says:

    AMAZING Hammock+Me+Hubby+Our favorite book=SWOON

    Fred says:

    What a beautiful colours! This summer i would swing gently with my love and our baby in my belly. Next year, she/he can be in the middle 🙂

    daphne says:

    stunning colours! ♥ hammock so much. I want to swing it with my husband. Cuddle him like no other 🙂

    jen says:

    me and baby girl and 2 kittens. nough said

    Sinziana says:

    I would love swing with my love an our imaginary kitten

    Emma Miller says:

    I would swing in my hammock with my lovely husband. It’s cheesy but I got mad love for that man… enough to share a hammock even 🙂

    ann shake says:

    I’d love to lie on this hammock, hopefully, with my significant other, enjoying the breeze, the shade and birds singing.

    Cass says:

    My classmates! I finally have a place big enough to host people so these would be great!

    Carly says:

    I would share the hammock with my sister. Summertime, my sister, and this hammock – perfect!!!!

    chandra says:

    the rainbow hammock would be perfect in our backyard with me + my hubby and a tasty beverage, of course!

    Erin Turner says:

    I’d love to lounge in the King Newport with my hubby on sunny days in Athens, Georgia.

    Kaitlyn says:

    I’d swing with my Girlfriend Melissa and our Tabby Tiger rescue cat Tigs. I would read, Melissa would nap, and Tigs would sunbathe and eat treats. The ideal day.

    Omg I love the top one! My husband and I would have stellar cuddle parties in that and read together under our arbor. You always have the best giveaways! Thank you!

    cat says:

    my love and i have been talking about getting a hammock for the summer!! these would be perfect.

    one question: do you have to have a blog to win a giveaway? i feel like most giveaway winners always have blogs… am i missing something?

    thanks for such a great giveaway! fingers crossed!

    Abbey Dragan says:

    Love this beautiful hammock! I would swing and snuggle with my 1 year old baby boy . . . for as long as he’ll let me!

    Marysa says:

    I would lounge in this hammock with my boyfriend and our chihuahua… and enjoy some cocktails!

    Merissa says:

    I’d prop this hammock on the large porch in the apartment I’m moving into next month. And I’d swing with my boyfriend (we’re moving in together!) and my new pet bunny Lucy.

    April says:

    LOVE the hammocks!!! I would have to find the perfect spot (not too sunny, not too shady) and sit and soak in the outdoors while reading the rest of the Game of Thrones series! ^_^

    Lynette says:

    Love! I’d cuddle up with two dogs and a boy. And then with my best girlfriend.

    Maureen says:

    Oh for sure my husband.

    Michele says:

    Would love to hang with my sweetheart and a cup of tea!

    Joy says:

    Wow, that makes me long for summer to come sooner! I’d MAYBE share with my husband. But maybe it’ll just be me and a good book…

    Ginger says:

    A vacation on your front porch — yes! Hubby and I have taken to sitting on the front porch in these warm first evenings of summer, but I’d love to substitute a swing together in a hammock.

    LOVE southampton black and white stripes, but I’d like to design my own, too… hmm… the snuggle part is easy — definitely my boyfriend, because he is obsessed with hammocks and this one would be his dream come true. 🙂

    Allison says:

    i’d hang with my dog boss this summer in the hammock. getting him into the hammock..thats another story

    Kelsey says:

    I love these.. everyday would feel like a breezy beach holiday. I would love to snuggle in it with my man, or giggle the afternoon away with my little sister (mini me). Thanks for the chance!

    rachel says:

    i think most of the time i would let my two big kids swing together and play pirate.

    Erika says:

    I’d relax and read by myself or cuddle with my boyfriend. So nice!

    Patti Friday says:

    Love love all the blue king size ones! Oh my! I’d snuggle with my 5 Grandbabes by the beach!

    Holly says:

    I’d swing with my boyfriend and my two dogs — we’d all pile on and enjoy Sunday morning together.

    Christina Q says:

    If I win I’d cuddle up in the backyard with my husband and my dog, and you’d never hear from us again! I don’t think I could ever get up. Fingers crossed, these are so beautiful and I love the cause. Thanks Bri!

    alli says:

    what an amazing giveaway! My fiance’ and I have been looking for a hammock for our new home 🙂 This would be amazing!!

    Kate says:

    Oh my, I want one so much! My husband and I would spend many an evening in this on our porch. Thanks for the opportunity!

    rachel says:

    My hubby, for sure!

    kate says:

    wow, that is GORGEOUS. i’d love to hammock in my new back yard with my love, matt. <3<3

    danielle says:

    i love these!!! i would swing with my husband, pat 🙂 it would remind us of our honeymoon!

    Kara says:

    My sister! Used to do that for hours when we were kids.

    ali deknatel says:

    Wow, these are amazing! Let the stripe obsession continue!! I think either of these would start an riot amongst my many photo obsessed friends… Can already see the stripe-mania we could style. I’d have to fight for some time to nap in the sun with my giant fluffy cat stevens 🙂

    Abbey says:

    Ooh these look gorgeous and strong enough to not worry about breaking them if you happen to start swinging it them! 😉 I’d love to sit in one and just chat with friends as a study break from homework on a sunny California day!

    Jennifer Adams says:

    I’d swing in that all day with my boyfriend and my puppy… and a margarita.

    Aubrey says:

    These hammocks are so cute! I would cuddle up in mine with my boyfriend Jonathan and our two dogs, Tux and Panda <3

    Sarah M says:

    Oh my goodness! Who wouldn’t want to swing in these?! I think I would have to make a reservation list, and save a day to sit/swing/sway with everyone!
    Tea with my sister, brainstorms with my creatives, gossip with the girls, and cuddle with my boy.

    Christine says:

    Gorgeous! I would swing myself, husband, and our 9 month old baby all up on this

    caroline says:

    I would swing in this hammock like a bat swings on the branch of a tree. Upside down,,,, pure pleasure of surrender…..ahhhhh can almost feel it..:)

    Rachel Wright says:

    With my sweet sister when we take our soul trip to Alaska! this summer. She will be a chef for a salmon fishing crew and I am her helper. :-/.

    Brooke Lynch says:

    My lovely gent and I would sip ice cold lemonade in the classic yellow queen hammock all summer long.

    Adrienne M. says:

    Perfect timing, I was just dreaming of a hammock the other day! These look wonderful!

    Tiana Gaylord says:

    Ohhh these are so beautiful, I love that you can design your own. I would swing in these with my 2 year old, we love to cuddle on the couch reading stories. I know she’d love to swing on one of these.

    Andy says:

    They look so comfy, I would probably have to swing with my turtle, that way I could have most of it to myself.

    Wendy says:

    I would share it and nap with my husband. I love that you can design your own! I would either go classic like the Southampton, or maybe with multi colored stripes… love that there are options!

    Katherine Roberts says:

    These are so beautiful! I’d have to say I would share my hammock with a good book and maybe my husband…if he’s good.

    Lindsey L says:

    Love these! I would swing with my best friend and listen to our favorite music.

    nicole santo says:

    These are absolutely stunning and what a great story behind the company. Congrats to Joe for following his dream and making such beautiful products!

    I would swing with anyone and everyone – gotta spread the love!

    Jennifer Armstrong says:

    I really love the single hammock but I suppose I could share a hammock with my husband. The nieces would love it too!

    isabella says:

    I would swing my bestfriend… my sister!

    Meredith says:

    Those colors are great!!! I love it! I would probably just relax on it with me, myself, and I… or possibly my two pet ferrets! <3

    Jessica G says:

    my favorite book and my kitten!

    jg says:

    my kitten!

    Rachel says:

    Montecito is beautiful! I’d snuggle with my husband and baby girl… I know that’s more than 2 ppl, but I think she’s small enough for it to work!

    kandyce carroll says:

    ////// i’d share it with everyone! they are straight up gorgeous //////

    Lea Anna says:

    I love laying in hammocks and reading with the weather is nice. I’d do that with my boyfriend in one of these lovely hammocks.

    THESE HAMMOCKS ARE TO DIE FOR. absolutely stunning. and even more stunning, is the story behind them. i am so touched by the story of the sweet owner! the colors are brilliant and i love every last one of them on the website! i have to agree, the two you have chosen are the best! no surprise there my dear, your taste and style always wins! i would love to snuggle up with my handsome husband on the hammock on our back porch. morning midday or evening sounds good to me!

    Stalena says:

    LOVE the colors…I would swing peacefully by myself:)

    Sandra says:

    I’d read a good book and then take a nap!

    Tammy Winn says:

    My husband so we could bring some snuggly romance to our backyard.

    Angeli says:

    I would swing in my new hammock with my husband on our recently completed terrace. The only thing missing there -and sooooo much needed- is a wonderful, colorful hammock! The best thing to relax after a hard day of work, and since summer lasts about 6months here in Greece- oh it would be so perfect!

    Alyson L says:

    I would definitely share this this summer with the little girl I nanny. : ) We love reading outdoors!

    Keziah says:

    Stunning colour work on these hammocks, wow! I’d love to have one in my little loft bedroom, over-looking Cape Town, South Africa. I’d be so keen to share it with my Ogami sketchpad and Muji pens – what a pretty inspirational nest that would be!

    Dori says:

    my first thought seeing this was – oh how my mother would love this!.. and then i saw the question – who would you love to share the hammock with? so it would definitely be my mom ,-)

    Haley says:

    what an awesome company, and gorgeous hammocks! I would definitely sprawl out with a good book 😉

    Samantha says:

    I think the best hammock companion is a good book! And I’ve been missing those lately. Hammocks are the best summer delight. Thanks for the chance!

    Lucy says:

    My husband and I like to entertain. We’d share this hammock with all our friends and family.

    Ariel says:

    So lovely! I would definitely swing in a custom striped cobalt blue / fiery raspberry hammock with my boyfriend Geordy! He is the best cuddler and as a photographer, he would probably take some charming pictures of the swinging adventure 😉

    Candela says:

    These are beautiful and so it is the idea behind this business.
    Right now my life lacks a porch or a garden to swing my problems away in these colorful beauties but winning one would be a first step towards my dream home.
    I would swing in with my old but best pal-puppy. His name is Poco; he’s a 15 year-old handsome blond mutt. And we’ll both be waiting for love to join us…
    Thanks for your blog and this chance!

    tan xiaolei says:

    my someone is God. i would like to sit on the hammock, knowing His presence will always be there, mediating on His word, praying and of course, listening to His small still voice. 🙂

    jackie says:

    A breezy summer afternoon with my boyfriend sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the hammock!

    Ciara S. says:

    already envisioning hours spent laying with my best man and our boston terrier pup!

    Cassandra says:

    I would love to take one of these hammocks on a beach excursion and snuggle up in the sun with my boyfriend for a nap in one of these vivid hammocks!

    ria says:

    Oh I would love to swing my baby Tumo in it, he loves sitting on hammocks 🙂

    Anna says:

    These are gorgeous! I want to swing with my four year old, George, at story time! magic…

    Crystal says:

    I’d share with Frida. Or maybe Alexander Calder or Henry Moore.

    ashlee says:

    With our chickens (and kids and cats and dogs and hermit crabs)!

    Lucy says:

    With my honey, of course!

    Yesenia says:

    I would love to hang one of these in my yard, swing and sing to my soon to be newborn baby boy! Summer is around the corner and what better way to share baby/mommy time?!

    Celeste M says:

    What beautiful craftsmanship! I would like to share my hammock with my sister. She just moved into a house in my neighborhood and swinging on a hammock with my little sister sounds like a prefect way to spend an afternoon rela and enjoying the breeze.

    I’d swing with Milo (my dog) and a good book!

    Emma Funk says:

    Hammocks – an institution at the center of the heart of summer. I’d laze and swing with some Kafka and Vonnegut, and with my best friends from back home!

    Archy says:

    it’d be just me and a book (or two or seven).

    Ieva says:

    Myself for a start. Then everyone else. Love these!

    Angel says:

    LOve this idea, this is such a great idea, i would sip mixed drinks with my fiancee all day xoxo

    Rachael H. says:

    the colors are beautiful!! i love that you can create your own color combo. i’d let my husband join me. and maybe our two cats 🙂

    brandi says:

    The colors are so bright and beautiful! My hammock companion would be my best friend, my sister!

    Julia says:

    My books and I! A hammock beats the library any day!

    Christa M says:

    Oh, how I love a hammock! I’d definitely share with my niece after a long day in the pool and sun.

    Sara says:

    I love these! I’d read books all day with my husband.

    Dreka says:

    I would swing in one of those gorgeous hammocks with my baby girl, Lyric! It would be the perfect place for girl talk… Once she can talk well enough for me to understand her!!!

    Hui Xin says:

    WOW. Hammocks bring back so much fond memories of swinging at the beach, building sandman and bbq next to the Summer breeze! :’D Would love to share this with my sweet friend. (It’s his 21st birthday today!)

    Meg says:

    I’m pregnant with my first child, so I’d swing with my babe-in-belly! Rocking feels so wonderful for both mom and baby, especially in such a beautiful hammock. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Sarah says:

    My two girls and I would all snuggle up in there! What gorgeous color options!

    Morgan says:

    This really are works of art. I’m moving in June to live with my boyfriend. We have been separated for 4 years now and we are finally going to begin our life. I can just picture us curling up with our puppy fast asleep on our chest.

    peka says:

    I have been wanting a hammock for so long! I would totally spend the summer lounging with my daughter if I had one!

    Kinga says:

    Oh wow, this is for international residents too! 🙂
    The whole family (8 people) would enjoy it during the summer if we had one. Not in the ame time of course!

    elle says:

    these are the best hammocks i have ever seen in my life. i would sit in it with my two sisters and a ukulele.

    Lois says:

    I would love to swing on this hammock with strangers turned friends that I’ve met on my travels.

    verity jane says:

    with my best furry friend lola:)

    Sarah says:

    I think me and my other half would love to spend breezy summer days in it with a bottle of wine… ahhhh…

    ikkinlala says:

    Gorgeous hammocks! I’m glad you said pets count, because at this point in my life I wouldn’t want to share with anyone besides my cat.

    Nikki says:

    What beautiful hammocks! I can imagine my toddler and I lounging… Or me being climbed all over!

    Stephanie Gossett says:

    I would swing with my little girl 🙂 We would love to snuggle in this!

    lemongreen915 at gmail.com

    Keli says:

    Who wouldn’t I swing with? Hammock’s are the perfect places for cuddle parties with friends or reading a good book and napping.

    Françoise says:

    Unfortunately we do not have looong hot summers here in Belgium… Therefor I would hang the hammock in my house to use it all year long! It would be a nice place to relax, sleep, read and surf to good blogs 😉
    Thanks for inspiring us!

    Megan says:

    How beautiful– I dream of hammocks. I would cocoon myself in there with my daughter Emolyn and our dog Super Bud. Perfect for our afternoon nap after we get done with our farm chores.

    Nina R says:

    I’d swing with my best girlfriends while carefully sipping mimosas!

    Nicki says:

    I would absolutely love to have this hammock in my dorm room! I would swing with my roommate and study in it 😉

    Nadia Esham says:

    Currently studying in Montezuma, New Mexico with 200 students coming from 80 different countries. I would swing this with the any other student on campus to enjoy the lovely hot sunny days in the afternoon (before the freezing cold at night) bonding over cultural exchanges about out own countries. Oh that’ll be lovely!

    Allison says:

    Love the colors! I’d swing my neices & nephews when they’re over and with husband to enjoy quiet evenings & breezy summer days.

    Leigh says:

    It would definitely be my little girl Hollie we would cuddle the day away reading and tickling !!

    Patricia says:

    I would swing with my nieces and nephews…so fun!

    Milie says:

    Wonderful! I’d swing with my goddaughter, she’d love that and I love her!

    Michelle says:

    I’d swing with my honey who I won’t see for a month. This wld be a great addition to the deck he is building us!!!!

    Holly Swint says:

    I have always wanted a hammock just like these! Big enough for me and my 2 monster pups, Bailey and Molly!

    Tracy Osborn says:

    OMG I can just imagine swinging with my cat. He’d HATE me but it’d be worth it. Snuggle swings! (He doesn’t hold grudges so it’d be okay. 🙂 )

    Janet says:

    The hammocks look just beautiful. Perfect for myself and my fat cat haha

    Leigh says:

    My husband and I just bought a new house and the Southampton would be such a nice addition to our porch. I’d probably hang in the house during the colder months. We would love it!

    Kyle Ann says:

    My roommates this summer would absolutely love these hammocks!

    Goodness, our yard is begging for this color and comfort. My hammock companions include my husband Dan and our two adorable dogs, Sagan and Hoshi!

    Jaileen says:

    i would love to swing with my boyfriend and Puxo my dog, while reading for my summer class (:

    tatiana says:

    i’d swing with my mama, who i definitely am excited to spend loads of time with this summer <3 this'd be a super cosy spot!

    estherjulee says:

    these are gorgeous! 🙂 probably would swing with the hubby and our two orange tabby boys.

    Kate says:

    I’d lay in this colorful cocoon with my boyfriend.

    emmy du says:

    i would ham it up in the sunshine and breeze with my boy and two black cats. Cat 1 and Cat 2. swoon! xo

    Jessica says:

    The montecito hammock is so pretty! This would definitely brighten up my home. Glad to find out about Yellow Leaf, such an inspirational company.

    Tiffany says:

    I’m expecting baby #3 this summer…would love to snuggle with him in one of these gorgeous hammocks while we watch his wild and crazy older sisters on the rope swing under a big oak tree in the pasture! Love them!

    Jessica says:

    If we had a King, we could all pile in there (Me, my husband and our four kids)!

    Sarah says:

    Without thinking twice, I would definitely be swinging alone—finally having a moment of tranquility with just myself and that last chapter of The Devil In The White City that I never finished.

    Jenna says:

    I’d swing with my Mom, it’d be the best way to spend Mother’s Day. I love how colorful the hammocks are, I think Islamorada is my favorite 🙂

    Kate says:

    I’d swing with my husband, and our German Shepherd/Coon Hound mutt…if we could fit him on there 😉

    katlyn says:

    LOVE the Samui colors! I’d definitely be swinging and cuddling with my pet bunny…and maybe I’d let my boyfriend squeeze in too 🙂

    Great giveaway!

    charlotte says:

    Love these! Snuggle up with some pets or the boy.

    Ashley C says:

    My son and I would have fun in a hammock!


    Eli says:

    I ADORE them!!! I would definitely use the rainbow queen hammock in my garden..it would give the best touch of colors and freshness under my two lonely maple trees 🙂

    Camila Faria says:

    I’d love to swing in my new beautiful hammock with my lovely 2 year old niece Olivia! Oh, the FUN we would have!

    Lauren says:

    My 10 year son and I would love to swing in this all summer!

    Marisa H says:

    I would love to swing with my husband when I finally get to see him at our new station in Hawaii later this year… and with our baby boy due in September!

    Celeste says:

    with my chocolate lab, Nora!

    Elaine English says:

    I am IN LOVE with the king classic yellow hammock. How pretty is that!? I would swing with the boy and my kitten Pippa 🙂

    Kaylee says:

    I would obviously swing around with my lover that I met on a plane 3 years ago. We are currently doing long distance and could really use a hammock fest. Loving the toned down colors of “Vineyard Haven”

    Oh my gosh, how fun! I am a huge hammock fan…there’s nothing better than kicking back in one with a good book! My fave would have to be the queen nautical hammock.

    brandy says:

    love! vineyard haven with my man and my pup!

    Stacy says:

    These hammocks are beautiful! My boyfriend and I started an organization on our college campus DEDICATED to hammocking! We currently use ENO hammocks, but these are absolutely stunning. I would through one up between two trees and ‘mock’ it out with my boyfriend!

    ashley adams says:

    oh my geeeez what a lovely giveaway 🙂 myself, my husband, and my 9 month old baby gal nora would swing the mornings away together this summer!

    nicole b. says:

    I’d choose classic yellow. And I’d lounge with a cold beer and a good book. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

    Katie J. says:

    I absolutely love hammocks. I cuddle buddy is always my tiny chihuahua!

    Grace Inman says:

    I would cuddle up with my hubby and/or pups! 🙂

    These are such awesome hammocks thanks for the giveaway!

    [email protected]

    Greer B. says:

    I’d definitely rock with my brindle rescue dog, Fig. She deserves a rela swing after everything I put her through for her Instagram page!!

    Caroline says:

    I would totally hang out (no pun intended!) in my hammock with my new roommates in our new apartment! Getting all of us on there would probably be the funniest thing to watch!

    MFree says:

    I lay back with my love and little one. LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!

    allison says:

    i’d swing with my best friend!

    Mattea Sox says:

    These hammocks are AH-MAH-ZING!!! I would hangout with my best bud (and 2 year-old daughter) Nova!! She’s never been in a hammock before…i’m pretty sure it would blow her mind!!! Bring on summer!!!!

    Kara says:

    I could sink right into one of those with my boyfriend. The classic yellow looks comfortable and so cheery.

    Amber says:

    Love these and the story! A good book and I would love to enjoy a lazy morning in one of those hammocks!

    Holly Wert says:

    my kids would hog it

    [email protected]

    Alissa says:

    This would be perfect to share with my cats and a good book!

    Angela says:

    My dad practically lived on the hammock in my parent’s backyard for the last two years of his life. His giant Newfoundland Nicholas would back his bum into his lap and practically pull the whole thing down the ground. Aftery dad passed away last year Nicholas was so distraught he chewed holes in the hammock. My mom bought a new one and has been laying in it to feel close to my dad. But the new hammock is just plain green and without the memories of my dad, nothing special. I think one of these would be a fabulous, bright happy place for my mom and Nicholas to spend time in the garden — swinging to the breeze and good memories. It also matches the giant Mexican sun sculpture she bought on St. Patrick’s day and appropriately named Pablo O’Brien. Would love to win this for her.

    Bruce says:

    Oh I would be swinging with my wife and son for sure!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Good luck everyone!

    Emily says:

    I would swing my orange-and-white striped tabby, Tigger and a cup of tea! 🙂 The hammocks are so festive and bright – perfect for a summer’s afternoon! 😀

    Amanda says:

    I would take turns napping with my guinea pigs, and my boyfriend.

    Michelle B says:

    I would be swinging in this beautiful hammock with my love 🙂

    ashley k says:

    They’re so colorful! I would swing with my sister, we used to have this hammock as kids that we used so much we eventually wore it down and I think it would be awesome to have another!

    Melanie says:

    These are so incredibly beautiful! I’d probably swing with my sweet little pup and a nice book. And a cocktail! Mississippi summers are too hot to go without an iced beverage. You rule!

    Cindy says:

    Wow, they are all so gorgeous! Now I gotta have one, so I can swing with my little butterfly. She would have a ball in this hammock!

    Sarah says:

    I’d swing with my pup.

    Kristin says:

    Ah! I just fell in love with hammocks on a recent trip to Joshua Tree – these colors are amazing and I’d like to swing with my boo and an ice tea right about now.

    Catherine C says:

    These are such beautiful hammocks, exactly what I would love to have in the backyard of my new apartment! I would swing with my boyfriend and a lemonade!

    Jay says:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’d swing with my girlfriend and our puppy!

    Mel says:

    My Brazilian hammock died, all that is left is the rope that held her to one of the trees in the yard. I miss snuggling with my 3 babies in the hammock and would love a new one to hang. These are adorabl

    Mel says:

    My Brazilian hammock died, all that is left is the rope that held her to one of the trees in the yard. I miss snuggling with my 3 babies in the hammock and would love a new one to hang. These are adorable

    Jill says:

    Oh, I have a serious love for hammocks that my husband doesn’t understand. But I’ll still share with him.

    Holly says:

    Oh, these are wonderful! I’d swing away while eating watermelon with my baby sister (5 years old, always a baby to me.) My boyfriend and I are starting over in a new state and could use some comfort in an unfamiliar place!

    Katie F says:

    Love these! I’d swing with my husband 🙂

    Ahna says:

    my boo 🙂

    Radmila says:

    a dream piece! I would be the first to try it out, and my kids would love it as well!

    By myself with a good book, and later this summer at the lake with my little sisters and nieces. 🙂

    Kimberly O says:

    If I win you better believe I am immediately finding a boat on which I can hang this awesome hammock and I will be climbing in (and never leaving)…

    Alisha Croft says:

    I’d share a snuggle in one of those beauties with my handsome and talented husband!

    Lindsey says:

    I’d hammock with my puppy!!

    kelly says:

    amazing. my incredible husband, my awesome daughter and my crazy cats – i think we could fit!

    Andrea says:

    Just me, my iPad and a mint julep:)

    Tamara says:

    Would be perfect to swing in one of these babies with my hubby next week for our 1 year anniversary!

    Michelle says:

    Love the colors! I would swing with my love and our two cats which would be hilarious.

    Laura says:

    I’d share my hammy with my precious chillins I nanny… Or maybe I’d let my man friend snuggle up with me occasionally (:

    Aya says:

    How rela!Me and my best friend will have long days of chatting in this hammock!

    Emm says:

    I would swing with my beautiful new baby girl 🙂

    Brianna says:

    What gorgeous colors! I would definitely snuggle up with my bunny Buster – he’s small, so I’d get more hammock to myself.

    Fahl says:

    This is certainly attention-grabbing, You’re an exceedingly professional writer. I’ve signed up with the rss feed and check toward with mission of excess of this amazing article. As well, I embraced your web site inside my myspace

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