have you guys checked out ? they have amazing scandanavian home decor …i mean, how awesome are  or this crazy cool !? i’ve had my eye on this bright “dlm” table (which stands for don’t leave me) for a while now. with a handle on top it can move around your house as a tray or side table. enter to win it down below! (lucky, lucky!)

here’s how to win the …(CLOSED)

1.  visit the son & dotter  and leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite item is and how you’d style it. for example i could totally see this table in my new office space.

is also offering free shipping to DLF readers until feb. 20 with code designlovefest (valid for US and canadian residents only.)

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, february 20th at 10am PST. this giveaway is for US readers only. the retail value is $250+

UPDATE: winner is #150 !


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    Irene says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk! Perfect size for my small room! I would love to pair it with the aac22 chair- which is my second favorite 🙂

    the collect 2010 cabinet is PRETTY dreamy. thanks for featuring them. i’m about scandinavian design right now.

    It’s so cute! I could see the teak tray on my vanity too…

    Kristin Milner says:

    I love the Dim Table! I’d love to group a bunch of succulents on top of it in my living room. What a great way to brighten up a space!

    Michelle says:

    The collect 2010 cabinet is amazing and would make a great nightstand. Thanks for sharing – I had not heard of the site.

    Amy says:

    Great giveaway. Wish it was open to Canadians as well!

    Sms says:

    Collect 2011 cabinet for my foyer

    Kelsey says:

    The collect 2010 cabinet would be a PERFECT addition to my bedroom. Love the simplicity and texture!

    the hidden lap top desk would probably be my favorite from this website. i would love to place that in my bedroom!

    Carly says:

    I love this little table, the green is killer and it’d be so fun and functional!!

    I would totally get the hidden laptop desk and put it in my bedroom with a fun chair!! Check out a great giveaway on my blog too 🙂

    XO, Stefanie

    Laura says:

    WOW what a giveaway! I lovelove the hee lounge chair set. I would put them in my living room with big Moroccan looking pillows on top. It would be just the pop of metal and color that I need in there!

    Cassie says:

    Man Lady! What a great giveaway. I think any and all of their ceramic pieces are lovely. With their matte finish, I’d most likely style them with some succulent plants and of course, something nice and shinny! Perfect combinations of natural, matte and shiny! Thanks 🙂

    Erin says:

    I love this table! I would put it in my living room next to my couch!

    Kara says:

    The dlm table in that fab green would be a perfect pop of color in our bedroom. Thanks for hosting such a great give away!

    Marci Duke says:

    I love this table, I could see it living in a nursery! I also am loving the hidden laptop desk! It would be perfect for my tiny little home office. Great giveaway!

    Dale says:

    I loooove the 2010 collection cabinet!

    Christine says:

    We’re trying to brighten up our living room and the dim table in green would be the perfect pop of color!

    rachel says:

    The hidden laptop desk would be perfect…I work from home

    dana says:

    i LOVE the NO.24 cabinet. It would look great in my bathroom. I need a place to keep miscellaneous linens and hideaway guest toiletries.

    Molly says:

    Love the hidden laptop desk! Would be perfect for late night studying as I finish up my degree… Thanks for hosting this!

    Stephanie says:

    I looooove the Collect 2013 cabinet! What a fun way to brighten up my living room, which I recently repainted. I love all the color choices of this cabinet.

    I’ve been needing some outdoor seating and I love that hee lounge chair!!!

    Scout says:

    I love it! I’m pretty sure the dlm table would end up right next to my dresser, holding way too many knickknacks so you couldn’t see how cute it was.

    Eden Marie says:

    i love both of the coffee tables they have! i’d style them with some fresh flowers and a reading lamp. put it next to a comfy chair and have my very own reading nook! xo

    Jenelle says:

    All of the furniture is great, but I love the cable knit throw. I am currently on the hunt for an old wooden ladder to display all of my throws in the living room…and that one is meant to be there.

    Sarah says:

    the aac 22 chair is definitely one the top of my list. I’d love to give it to my mom as a gift to go with a beautiful restored wooden table she recently found, it has light wooden inlay that would definitely be complemented by that golden yellow!

    Kristin W. says:

    The number 24 cabinet would be the coolest thing in my office and it would elevate everything around it.

    Paige Smith says:

    I love the collect 2011 cabinet it is classic. The blue would be amazing in my apartment to hide all my dishes for our dining set!

    Danielle says:

    the about a chair 22 has great shape. i’d pair it with a black and white pillow and put it in my sewing room!

    Tiffany says:

    Well, aside from loving basically everything on son & dotter’s site – I’m especially enamored with the black horse cushion.

    tina says:

    I adore the small teak tray. Perfect for tea for one, when you pause to breathe. I see the tray hosting a tiny bud vase, well-loved tea cup,and a morsel of dark chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

    Ada says:

    I studied abroad in Copenhagen last semester, so I totally love everything in this shop. I was obsessed with HAY when I was there, so it’s really cool to see the DLM table on your blog! I also really like the By Nord pillows–the images are so striking. I’d love to have a bunch of them on my couch.

    i love the bella coffee table. so simple, but just what i need! right next to my new couch, with a simple arrangement of fresh flowers. it would be so perfect!


    Rachel says:

    This table! on side of my couch…

    christine says:

    i’d want to pile my nighttime reading books on the bella coffee table next to my bed! love it all *fingers crossed*

    Courtney says:

    Kinda loving the Collect 2011 Cabinet! That pop of color would be a great addition to my home!

    Katy S says:

    I adore the black horse and icelandic horse cushions. As a vet student I’m always looking for chic ways to show my animal love without looking like a crazy person– no Lisa Frank backpacks and cat ear headbands here!

    Megan T. says:

    I would love to have the aac 22 yellow chair to go with my vanity. The vanity is not too chic and I think the bright color would definitely bring sunshine to that little space of mine!

    Parvina says:

    love the aac yellow chair, my favorite color! would look so nice in my office. 🙂

    Jolene Redfern says:

    I love this little table too! I could actually see it in my bathroom, which is all white. I would be a great pop of color, and I could put a few bathroom accessories on it (perfumes, etc) along with some flowers to contrast the metal of the table. You could even hang a cute little hand towel on the handle! Great site, thanks for sharing!

    alexandra says:

    I love the aac 22 chair. I could see it going in our bedroom in a corner!

    Krystal says:

    The collect 2010 cabinet has such an amazing texture, I love it! i love this table too. Thanks for featuring such a lovely giveaway.

    I am really digging the aac22 chair! I would like to mix that 60s vibe with a rustic farm table in the kitchen…nice vase of colorful flowers…oh, I’m swooooning.

    Mary says:

    i love the aac chair 22. it would look great in my living room perhaps with a sheepskin throw

    emily weber says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk! It would be a perfect fit in our loft space right now!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    Ooo this table would be so helpful for me!! I love in a small studio so I’m constantly moving things around!!

    I love the desk they have with the little nitch for the computer!! I would place it at the foot of my bed and sit there for hours looking out my window!

    Please count me in!

    [email protected]

    anna says:

    I would love the yellow aac22 chairs around my tulip table…so perfect!

    Maria says:

    Perfect timing! I’m redesigning our bedroom, this table would be perfect for a mix&match nightstand. I see it toped off with magazines, books, jewelry hanging from the top, and of course my iPhone. Great accent!

    Amanda says:

    The aac 22 chair would be a lovely addition to my little apartment. It looks so comfy! I’d like one random one for the bedroom or two for the dining area. The mustard color is super unique.

    ash says:

    Woah…the NO.24 Cabinet is sooooo dreamy. I would put that baby in in my entry way. I can’t think of a better way to exploit it’s awesomeness than to have it be the first thing everyone sees when they walk in!

    Erika says:

    This table in powder blue would look so adorable next to my big red couch.

    I love the hee lounge chair. I can see them side by side on my apartment roof waiting for me to lounge and bask in the sun!

    michelle says:

    i love the hidden laptop desk. I could see that piece in my entry way. It’s a functional piece but incredibly cool….and I love that the laptop can be hidden when you have guests over.

    Kayla says:

    I’m loving the hidden laptop desk and the 2011 cabinet. Wonderful.

    Danielle says:

    Love love love this table, how cute, can imagine sipping cocktails on my patio come summer with it. Easy to move arond for a party. Don’t Leave Me without it! Son & Dotter, what a great site – unique items that can’t be found anywhere in the States!

    Virginia says:

    LOVE the hee lounge chair. It is a bit more on the masculine side and would add a nice touch to my work space.

    Kathryn says:

    The 2010 cabinet is gorgeous! I would place it in my entryway as a beautiful and practical piece. Wow!

    Sera says:

    Being Moroccan, I have what seems to be a naturally built-in appreciation for texture and layered patterns. Due to this, my style can be very simple but anything but plain. Thus, my favorite item from Son & Dotter is doubtlessly the no.24 cabinet. I would be sure to highlight the stark conformity of this item by placing it in front of a matte purple wall, flecked with various sizes of bleached wooden and colorfully textured picture frames. The top would serve well as a space for stacking coffee table books, as well as my old record player, especially since there appears to be a space inside perfectly sized for sliding some favorite LPs into.

    Kersey says:

    I love and need the collect 2011 cabinet! So pretty. But the table up for grabs is a close second. I would put both in our bare living room that needs pretty storage badly! I have the perfect little brass cricket to put on the little table! Fingers crossed!

    Erin says:

    I love the no. 24 cabinet. I’m starting a business from home soon and my little apartment needs as much storage space as possible. This cabinet is the perfect combo of efficiency and beauty. Exactly what I need!

    Jamie says:

    I would love to set up a little sitting area in our bedroom, and the aac 22 chair and bella coffee table are just perfect for what I’m envisioning.

    Christina says:

    i’m bananas for the about a chair 22 {such a clever name! about a boy is such a fun movie}. i’m decorating my new office right at this moment, so i was glad to discover this lovely shop. the pistachio green table would brighten up any room; great piece!

    Wendy D says:

    I love the “Black Horse Cushion” and the “Icelandic Cushion.” They would look great on me couch or accent chair in my new apartment.

    I love the hidden laptop desk. It would work nicely to create a personal work space in a small downtown apartment.

    Elyse G. says:

    I’m swooning over the aac 22 chair! *fingers crossed*

    Candice says:

    hee lounge chairs would be absolutely perfect for our back porch/sun room with a great pop of color pillow 🙂 maybe orange or emerald?

    I love the little table! I could totally style this up in our bathroom too. But my other favorite item from online is the Icelandic Cushion! This would look great on our new leather chair in the living room!

    I LOVE the Bella coffee table. I’m moving into a house with my 3 girl friends next year, so this would be perfect in our living room with one of our many plants on it.

    Brianna says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk. I have been wanting a desk for my apartment for a while, but I have very limited space. This would fit perfectly!

    Julianna m says:

    the aac 22 chair is great!! i think this table would be perfect in our kitchen, we have a sitting area & it would fit right in!!! with some succulents & this great giraffe that I have.

    Ashleigh Bergh says:

    the hee lounge chair would look fantastic on the balcony in my new apartment – i could totally see myself sitting out there on sunny LA mornings with tea and a great book!

    Karen says:

    I would love the hidden laptop desk! When I’m on my laptop I have to use a tv tray table and work from my futon because there isn’t room on my desk for me to work on my laptop. The hidden laptop desk would be a perfect solution and it would make my apartment look that much better!

    Kate Bartho says:

    The table is actually my favorite item! It would need a plant, and some other life. Like a magical little swing hanging off the handle.

    lindsay o says:

    i love the yellow chair–it would be a nice pop of color in the corner of the living room. thanks for the giveaway!

    alicia says:

    these cabinets are my definite favourite! bold shapes and lines for my future office 🙂

    alicia says:

    these cabinets are my definite favourite! bold shapes and lines for my future office 🙂

    Sarah C. says:

    Honestly, the dlm table is my favorite item! I LOVEEE the green color. Perfect!

    Sarah says:

    I am loving the hee lounge chairs! Best on my new home’s patio!

    Blessie Nelson says:

    I have to say the best item there is the dlm table for me! I would love to keep it in the tea room and see it filled with finger foods like cupcakes and sandwiches and let my friends sit around it like a carousel!

    Melinda says:

    hi there! i love the aac 2 chair. the muted mustard hue and clean shape would be perfect in the corner of my sunny porch. light but inviting!

    Olivia Simons says:

    The hee lounge chairs would be perfect for my screened in back porch!

    Laura Rodriguez says:

    I love the dlm table. Perfect little table for my studio apartment living room.

    Victoria says:

    i love the dim table in green! i probably couldn’t live this cute table in one room. it would have to migrate from room to room and i would use it for everything!

    breanne says:

    The collect 2010 cabinet looks like a perfect place to store all my handbags.

    Lucy says:

    This guy would look so great next to my ballin’ new craigslist sofa. OMG I can see it now! Fresh flowers and all!

    I just adore the hidden laptop desk – it’s the perfect mix of form and function. I’ve been looking for a small desk from which I can more easily blog but I also don’t like to have my computer out all the time. I want to be able to put it away when I’m not using it and keep a clean aesthetic that doesn’t constantly remind me of work I should be doing. A bright color lamp would look great on the white.

    tess says:

    Love the aac 22 chair! It would be fabulous in our little Phoenix apartment styled with a vintage emroidered pillow I thrifted, thanks!

    MFree says:

    Gah! I love the patterning and color options for the 2010 collect cabinet. I’d put the bright yellow one in my daughter’s room topped with some fun toys and a globe.


    Ash says:

    Oh I am loving the mustard chair! I would style it in my big sunny kitchen breakfast nook – some sunshine on sunshine! xo

    kellen says:

    So many great things!! I totally love the White Collect 2010 Cabinet, but I also REALLY love that green table too! It would TOTALLY go in my apartment!


    Justine says:

    i am so so super loving their aac 22 chair. i’ve been on a hunt for a nice side chair for my office and i love color to this!

    Cassandra says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! That table is amazing and would look perfect in my living room. I also love the white 2010 cabinet. Great and stylish storage for my at home office!

    MEGAN says:

    I love the dlm table! It would look so perfect in my husbands home music studio for all of his clients to put their whatnots on i.e. guitar picks everywhere 🙂

    Nikkol says:

    As a stationer, I am in love with the Bookbinders book to house my sketches, and must have the cable knit throw to curl up in while sketching….and munching on snacks atop this delightful Dim table….sounds like a lovely day!

    Jessi says:

    The aac 22 chair would look awesome in my office! I have been on the lookout at thrift stores for a yellow accent chair but this one takes the cake!

    Sarah says:

    I love the colbalt Collect 2011 Cabinet. Would be perfect for storing shirts and sweaters in my bedroom!

    lisa says:

    I love the AAC 22 chair! I think it would work perfectly as a side chair in my bedroom. It was hard to choose just one favorite though, so I also love the bella coffee table for my living room! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

    Chelsey says:

    I love the blue collect 2011 cabinet-it would look great next to my lime green desk that I made from an old entryway door!

    Nicole Maria says:

    i am in LOVE with the 2011 collect cabinet! it would be a great pop of color in our dining room next to the walnut table that has been in my boyfriends family for two generations. the icelandic cushion is a close second- though it is sold out! i pretty much need it. 🙂

    nicole says:

    i’m in love with the black horse cushion and icelandic cushion. i’m re-decorating my bedroom and these would be dreamy on my all-white bed, with my gray ikat-print headboard.

    Mare says:

    I love the horse cushion, it would look great on my dark gray couch!

    erica says:

    the yellow AAC 22 chair… i love it.

    Sarah S says:

    I think the dlm table is perfection & the hee lounge chairs are amazing as well. I am an avid thrifter and vintage lover and I have been searching for the “right” end table for months! haha as funny as it sounds its true! I also live with 4 dudes right now in Echo Park 🙂 and they don’t seem to understand my need to find the perfect pieces for our house. Luckily I am moving into my own place in a few months (!) and this would be the perfect addition to my new home!

    Rachael H. says:

    I LOVE the hidden laptop desk!

    So so cute. It would look great in the window area of our bedroom.

    thanks for the chance!

    Melissa says:

    My absolute favorite is the Hidden Laptop Desk! I’d set it up in my room and use it as part desk, part vanity, putting a great vintage stool in front of it, reupholstered in a lovely vibrant pink velvet fabric.

    Marta E. says:

    The aac 22 chair is really really beautiful an seems confortable! It would be lovely for my new appartment that I planning to have in short time! Also the cabin knit throw would be lovely…. Sooo I hope to be the lucky one!

    Ashley norris says:

    Love.love.love the dim table! I would love to have this in my living room

    holy cow, the collect 2010 cabinet would look amazing in my apartment!! I’m a huge fan of big white cabinets/shelves. I’d style it with a thin copper floor lamp nearby, a tall leafy plant, and a brown leather chair!

    sandy says:

    the collect 2010 cabinet is my fav! i would style it near my dining table 🙂 it would look amazing in my new home.

    Alyssa says:

    That wolf tea cozy would be perfect in my kitchen!

    Mary Beth says:

    I love the aac 22 chair! Would look great next to this one of these cute tables!

    Holland says:

    Ooooh love this! It would go great in my music room, to keep all my post-its, colored pencils, and other odds and ends. Also loving the bella coffee table. Killin’ it!

    Thanks, Bri!


    Sandy says:

    I’d love the Collect 2011 Cabinet to use as a mini bar for my Victorian style living room. Although we’re redecorating to highlight the beautiful ornate details of the room, I also would love to pop it with some seriously modern pieces. This would totally do the trick.


    Chelse Shaum says:

    I’m loving it all. AMAZING. My house is crying for some life so I would use those pretty little porcelain bowls and put some succulents in them.

    Ruthie says:

    Hands down the dim table! It’s perfect for our tiny house – it would usually sit by mustard spinny chair – but when we’d have company and serve cupcakes, we could lift and pass around! Thanks 🙂

    Love this “collect 2010 cabinet”.

    super adorbs! <3

    Margaret says:

    The teak medium tray would look great on my coffee table with some little odds and ends on it–like colored matchsticks, a small vase with flowers, a tiny scented candle. 🙂

    Winnie Callough says:

    I adore the horse pillows. I would put them next to my Pendleton pillows on my couch!

    Kate says:

    The teak trays are awesome! I would use one on my bathroom counter to neatly display all my favorite makeup containers and nail polishes. It would help cut down on the time I waste in the morning digging through my huge makeup bag!
    Love the table – great giveaway!

    josephine says:

    I’d use DLM table as an entryway console.

    Whitney says:

    I am loving the aac 22 chair. I am on the hunt for a new set of dining room chairs and would love to pair it with a really feminine table.

    michelle says:

    oh my gosh, I am crazy about this dim side table (and pretty much everything in there store!). We just but a new house and my husband has our side table on his side of the bed which is home to the alarm clock. I have been left with a step stool to hold my books. Eek I would be so excited to win this!!!

    loren says:

    Those lounge chairs would look great on my back porch…

    Sarah says:

    The aac 22 chair that is on sale is a dream!!! My balcony could be perfected…

    Joy says:

    I work from home (a tiny but much beloved space) and I love the hidden laptop desk! I’ve been on the hunt for something that works for me, but doesn’t scream “office” in my living room. That would be perfect! Even the dlm table would be so handy, as it is a mystery to how much stuff manages to accumulate on my table (not my fault, honestly..). Lovely giveaway (and lovely blog, just found you from designsponge)! Thanks!

    Vivian says:

    My husband and I are newlyweds and the hidden laptop desk was be an amazing additional to our apartment. (^__^)

    Rachel says:

    I am planning to redo my bedroom this summer and the hidden laptop desk would be a perfect edition because of it’s style and use!

    Jodi says:

    I’d take 4 of the Hee Chairs around a shiny red metal fire pit in my backyard…with s’mores of course.

    alicia standridge says:

    my fave is th e# 24 cabinet, it would be the perfect addition to my (mostly)all black and white home!

    Jennifer says:

    I really like the blue and white candle holder set. I’d like to add it to my bathroom vanity- vintage blue apothecary jars, white ceramics, and blue/grey/white floral towels. Magnificent!

    Abbe says:

    I absolutely ADORE the collect 2011 cabinet – such fun colors! Perfect for hiding cocktail equipment or electronics in your living room

    Katy says:

    I’m loving the Blue Collect 2011 Cabinet! Its such a funky piece, I would use it to store my sewing and drawing supplies in the ‘craft section’ of my living room, and most importantly to give my giraffe figurine collection a place to shine right on top 🙂

    Vanessa says:

    Love their hidden laptop desk! My laptop is in dire need of a new home. The side table is divine, great color, great style.

    Anathalia says:

    I love the Bella coffee table! I just bought a new rug and really need a new coffee table. This one would look great in front of my gray sofa!

    Blythe says:

    My favorite piece is the collect 2011 cabinet in cobalt blue. I love the detail and design of the outside panels and the color would brighten and perfectly compliment my gray and blush living room, so lovely!

    Allison Joy says:

    I just love the dlm table too – it’s the perfect mix of functional and cute, especially for small spaces. My boyfriend and I are moving into a new NYC apartment soon and we could definitely use some new pieces to start our new life together! Thanks for posting!!

    Natali says:

    Honestly, my favorite piece is that dlm table! I would love to put a bunch of plants/succulents on top near my window!

    Lisa says:

    BEST giveaway EVER!! Would love to place this between my two vintage turquoise chairs in our living room. Such a great piece!

    Tamara says:

    I would LOVE the hidden laptop desk at my yoga studio. It would be great to keep the space clean, but still provide the storage needed for our studio papers. The simplicity is beautiful!

    Shawnee says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect desk.. i love the hidden laptop desk! and that coffee table is rad.

    Audrey says:

    There are way too many things that I love in that shop I can’t decide. BUT I do love this table…A LOT! I just moved into a new home. My previous home was small so I have a lot of space to fill!! Pick me! Pick me! Because I need it! ;D

    Lauren says:

    The cable knit throw would look so cute and cozy draped across my new mid-century modern-style couch!

    Tish says:

    The collect 2010 cabinet would be a PERFECT addition to my bedroom. Love the simplicity and texture!

    CapreeK says:

    Oh, goodness. I’ve been obsessed with this table for a long time!! It’s definitely my favorite thing in the Son & Dotter shop, although I’m in love with all of the Ditte Fischer ceramics they carry as well. 🙂

    *crossing my fingers*

    yuna says:

    bella coffee table would be a perfect addition to my studio space. I wanna the space to be a little cozy area where I can sit on a floor cushion & drink a cup of tea!

    Jenn says:

    There are so many great things here! I’d get the aac 22 chair for my living room an add a simple sheepskin throw in the seat.

    Hilary says:

    i’m just in love with their aac 22 mustard chair!! it would be a perfect addition to my yellow-y craft room!

    Courtney says:

    I’m loving the aac22 chair! Would be perfect in our little kitchen!

    Tara says:

    Well I know i have a new Scandinavian design company to obsess about!

    Esther says:

    I’m pretty sure I need that cute dlm table. I’ve been redecorating my bathroom and it would be adorable with a few pretty shampoos and other toiletries for guests (and maybe even a couple of extra tp rolls on that handle). Thanks for the giveaway!

    Tara says:

    I love the A2 cabinet in white. I’d put two side by side in my dining area

    Stephanie says:

    That dlm table is so cute! We’re getting ready to move our couch into another room, it would be a perfect addition!

    Amy says:

    I have an affinity for coffee tables and am always looking for another so I have to pick the beautiful bella coffee table. She would be the perfect size for my sunroom. The round shape works in the tiny square room and I would always have a spot for my coffee and a magazine or catalog.

    nicole b. says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk. I’m looking for a new desk, and that sure is a cute one. Thanks for the chance to win! xo

    Shannon Baas says:

    bella coffee table.

    Ashley says:

    Those boat bowls would look great in my house & my newly wed life 😉

    Kevin says:


    Would try to use it as a bar 🙂

    Emma says:

    no. 24 cabinet is so fun! It would add a great punch to any boring old room. and goodness knows everything matches black and white!

    tina says:

    love the color of that dim table! it’d cheer up my “office” as well, in my little studio!

    My favorite item is About a Chair 22. I love this chair because of it’s simplicity AND the fact that my husband loves mustard, so he’d likely approve 🙂 I’d style it in a corner of my living room, next to some large plants and a little side table stacked with treasures.

    I would love to win the Dim table and would use it to display and hang house plants in my very small studio space. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

    Megan says:

    I LOVE the aac 22 chair. I would put it in the living space of my studio apartment – one less friend who has to sit on the floor! As for styling, I would drape a blue afghan my grandmother made me over the back of the chair.

    Amanda says:

    I love the bella coffee table! It would be perfect in my apartment since I have so much wood accents in my new apartment and no furniture to match. The dark tones in the coffee table fit perfectly and then I will finally be able to put my favorite magazines out on display.

    Mattie R says:

    I love this table. I would add a bright colored lamp and an alarm clock and place it next to my bed for a bright wake up call in the morning.

    alexisbryn says:

    COLOR! Quite honestly, I love the DLM Table because I’m in need of color in my living room with all the masculine brown leathers and hardwood floors in my 1920s vintage managers loft. The seafoam green would help make the powder blue coach stand out, and a good place to hold my sleepytime tea and my laptop!

    navi says:

    pretty much in love with the icelandic horse cushion (even if they are sold out). they’d look lovely in my living room.

    Karoline says:

    I love the hee lounge chairs! Our house is a mix of modern (mostly from my husband) and classic (mostly from me); they’d be a great addition and really help pull our styles together.

    michele double you says:

    I really like low-slung chairs, so the hee lounge chair is right up my alley. It would really help emphasize the modern look (which I prefer) around my backyard fireplace area (which, since I live in CA,is heavy on the stucco). Having said that, I’m a sucker for a nice teak tray, and I kind of yearn for one of the ones here.

    Genevieve says:

    I love the overall style of Son & Dotter stuff, but in truth, my favorite thing is the dlm table. Honest! The white 2010 cabinet would be pretty boss in my house too, but I’m sticking with color these days. Fingers crossed that I’m the luckiest one!

    amanda says:

    I’m sort of in love with the collect 2011 cabinet and the teak tray and the iceland pillow. With the dlm table, those items would all seriously spice up and electrify my living room. Yum!

    Ariana says:

    I adore the yellow collect 2011 cabinet. It has reading nook written all over it! I would stock it with books and cozy throws and put a few potted plants on top. Throw in a cute chair, floor lamp, small table for tea (or a Negroni) and a little art or photography and you’ve got a spot that would be hard to leave.

    Kat says:

    I love the collect 2010 cabinet. I would style it with my thrift midcentury chair in my office/closet room transformation.

    Sophie M. says:

    The dlm table is so cute! I would use it as a bedside table.

    Ciara says:

    Those side tables are so cute!! If I had to choose something other than that table, I’d choos the aac 22 chair. I love the peachy color she showed on the site. Adorable stuff.

    Anastasia says:

    Great stuff! One thing I love is the hidden laptop desk 🙂

    Natalie says:

    The Hee lounge chair would be perfect on my new deck, sitting in the sun having a cold beer with my best friend, my husband.

    Lo says:

    Those tables would be so cute with little succulents in adobe pots.

    Casey R says:

    i’m in love with the aac 20 chair. it would be a perfect addition to my living room, and i’d throw my cute lime and pink checkered throw over it!

    YanYan says:

    The DLM table in the green is the purrfect pop of color for every room. The possibilities are endless but I could totally see this as an accent table in my office, next to my white leather chesterfield. Would love to group my collection of vintage ceramic cat figurines along with a vase filled with coral peonies!

    Kristin Hallak says:

    Oh, my goodness, what an absolutely beautiful shop! Uh hem…. and your blog is phenomenal as well! You are seriously creatively inspiring… I would love, Love, LOVE to win the yellow aac 22 chair, its a beaut! I’m doing a yellow, pink, aqua and gray scheme for my baby girls room and would love to furnish it with this gorgeous chair! Crossing my fingers as I seldomly win things but this would be a sweet score!

    Marie says:

    This table would look so stylish on my little balcony! I always want to relax and drink a glass of wine on my balcony, but never do because I don’t have fun furniture to relax with.

    Denysia Yu says:

    I love the bella coffee table! This table would go perfectly in my guest room! Because I’m always doing things while rela in there!

    Melanie Abrantes says:

    The Teak Tray table would look adorable in my living room in my brand new home in highland park! It would be great accent to put books, fresh flowers and any cute knick knacks Ive happened to accumulate during travels! adorable!

    Gaby says:

    i love the hee lounge chair. it would look pimp out on my patio.

    Alena Jaffe says:

    aac 22 chair! I’ve always wanted a set of fun and different chairs for a kitchen table. This would be the perfect start.

    Melanie Abrantes says:

    The Teak Tray table would look adorable in my living room in my brand new home in highland park! It would be great accent to put books, fresh flowers and any cute knick knacks Ive happened to accumulate during travels!

    Ariana says:

    Oh sheesh. The green DLM table would be a perfect place to put my Negroni! Duh, Ariana. 😉

    Ailyn says:

    The DLM table in green is definitely my fave. Just add flowers and it’s the perfect cheery addition to my living room.

    Emily K. says:

    I LOVE this cushion: It would be perfect for my living room!

    Patti Murphy says:

    I have fallen in love with the aac 22 Chair. It is the same color as my desk chair so I would use this chair in my workspace for my clients to sit on when they visit. Thanks Bri!

    kirsten says:

    I love the Bella Coffee table, I would put it in my new living room. I just moved last week and am using a shoe rack as a coffee table until I get one 🙂

    Charles says:

    I’m in love with the collect 2010 cabinet in white. It would look wonderful against the black wall in my bedroom and perfectly go with my high gloss white headboard!

    Emily says:

    I would love to add the stark white hidden laptop desk to my office area. It would be a great base for pops of color in the form of notebooks, post-its, and a vase with fresh flowers!

    oh this beautiful chair – definitely.

    michele says:

    love the hidden laptop desk!

    this table would be awesome next to a modern loveat in my loft.


    Kia says:

    The hidden laptop desk is perfect. A lot of furniture in my place is white which allows me to place colorful accents all over. This desk would fit right in. It’s also minimal enough for my combo living/work area. I don’t do desktops anymore, so the laptop nook is just right. Love this shop!

    Sarah says:

    I love the no. 24 cabinet. I would put it in my bedroom and put a few bright nick knacks on top to make it pop. Thanks for the give away!

    Shadia says:

    This DLM table is purrrfect. I can see all my house plants on it. Also loving the AAC 22 chair. I would add a white furry throw on it for extreme coziness. Thanks for this giveaway! So great.

    The dlm table is my favorite. I would use it in my living room and fill it with plants and the occasional coffee cup.

    grace says:

    i love the teak tray, which i would like to put on top of my dresser to help organize the clutter on my dresser

    Holly B says:

    I want the Collect 2010 Cabinet in white. I’d put my bar inside and a gallery wall above it!

    Jill says:

    the collect 2011 cabinet in YELLOW is my favorite. it would brighten up my studio apt and be such a focal piece to the room with a lucky bamboo plant and a stack of books piled on top!

    tori says:

    love this table! would totally put it in my studio apartment in front of my very retro couch and stack it with art books and little candles.

    Christy Snowie says:

    Their cable knit throw is AMAZING! I would style that lovely piece by cuddling up with it on the couch every night!

    Courtney K says:

    I love the black and white cabinet! It’d fit so well in my black and white office…

    Margot C says:

    I am so attracted to the Hidden Laptop Desk. I would put it in my guest room; for the guests to use!

    meghan says:

    I really love the dlm table. I’m about to move and really want to put my jewelry on display in my new room, and this table would be perfect for that. I know the handle is great for moving the table around, but I would use the handle to display my bracelets and watches.

    Their shop is so great and this is such a lovely give away!

    Minna S. says:

    ooh the hidden desk is cool! i’d put it in my studio (:

    Wendy says:

    Would LOVE this cabinet in my room. It will go perfect with my yellow chairs!

    anna says:

    I am in love with the aac 22 chair. It would look perfect in my office!

    Lauren says:

    The hidden laptop desk is adorable and so neat! Keepin’ things tidy!

    meridith says:

    i love the candle holder set – they’d be right at home in a cluseter on my mid century dresser.

    Leah says:

    The dlm table would be the perfect snack table in my home office!

    Alison says:

    This dim table would look awesome in my mid century and industrial mix garage refurb/lair! Picture a female bachelorette version of a man-cave. But I also love this Collect 2010 Cabinet in white – it would make a great lingerie chest with a few simple accessories and modifications.

    So excited to learn about this company! Thanks for the tip

    lea says:

    love the collect 2011 cabinet in blue! i would love to style it with a collage wall around it with white frames, letting the cabinet be the standout piece 🙂

    kelsey says:

    my favorite is the hee lounge chair! thanks for hosting!

    Kallie B says:

    I love the aac 22 chair. We already have pops of mustard in our living room, so it would go in there. I would move out an ottoman we have and pair aac 22 with a beautiful wood chair that was my grandmother’s. Then I’d put the dlm table in between. 😉

    Kate says:

    I’m moving into a new apartment at the end of this month, and I would totally pare this adorable table next to my bed! I’ve got a blue circle vintage pillow and a mustard rug, with lots of white. Oh how I would love this!

    xoxo Kate

    Colleen says:

    Love the hidden laptop desk because it looks like it would fit perfectly in my room. I would add a simple mason jar with fresh flowers, cute cup for pens, and a lamp.

    Tina Martinez says:

    Love the Collect 2010 cabinet! Such an interesting design! I would love to place it in my daughter’s bedroom as a storage space for special toys!

    Christina Marie says:

    love love love the hidden laptop desk. wowza that piece makes my heart flutter. i’d pair it with one of my vintage chairs, some chunky wood tree slices with a head planter full of lavender.

    jennie says:

    I absolutely went gaga over the aac 22 chair! That mustard colored chair would go great in my new living room which is stark white. That sunny pop of color is just what I need!

    Pamela T. says:

    Liking the Collect 2010 Cabinet. Great for my office space where I have refurbished wood floors and lots of light. Can see it nestled at the back of the room surrounded by lots of greenery – a hanging plant, a few cacti and a larger vertical plant. Excited!!

    Kasi Allen says:

    I love the aac 22 chair! So eams-ish!

    I love the classic vase xs in psle yellow. I would put it on my bedside table with a pretty spring flower.

    marie says:

    The dim table would look great in my living room. I need a side table to go with my couch

    LOVE the Bookbinders books! I can see a bright colored one adding a pop of color to my white desk.

    Claire says:

    Oh the hidden laptop desk! It would fit perfectly in the corner of my bedroom.

    Jennette says:

    The Icelandic cushion is my favorite <3 it would be a great addition to the pile of pillows on my bed.

    Molly says:

    My favorite is the Bella Coffee Table. In our living room, it would be the perfect modern compliment to the vintage chair that was my grandmother’s.

    Caitlin H. says:

    Love the icelandic cushion! It would look perfect on my bed!

    Megan says:

    I would love the dlm table! It would provide a lovely pop of color in my otherwise pretty neutral living room.

    Jennifer says:

    The dlm table is my favorite! After a move across the country we had to leave many items behind including our night stands. Right now I have a ghetto cardboard box holding all my books and trinkets like a real nightstand should do, but until i find the perfect one (in this case the dlm table) I will not settle.

    Jessica says:

    What a FUN table! Count me in for the giveaway for sure! I would love to style the no.24 cabinet in my dining room… how dreamy!

    Brooke says:

    I would put the N0.24 cabinet in my living room! I love black and white stripes 🙂

    colby says:

    The Collect 2011 Cabinet in BRIGHT BLUEEEEE is my favorite and I would use it in my foyer topped with my dino planters and lots of succulents

    Lindsey says:

    The small teak tray would be perfect for holding my perfume bottles!

    Tamar says:

    The hidden laptop desk is very stylish and useful.

    Nina R says:

    I love the hee lounge chair! I’d make it the reading chair in the cozy corner of my bedroom.

    Sheena says:

    Actually, I love the dim table! Would be a perfect side table in my bedroom.

    Anni says:

    I think the dim table is actually my favorite – it has so much character and I adore that pop of color. It’s just what my oh-so-dull beige-infested living room needs!

    Katie Contests says:

    I like the NO.24 cabinet! Would be a great contrast piece in my apartment!

    kelly says:

    Not only do I love the table that’s in the giveaway but I love the 2011 cabinet. I have a lot of black and white in my bedroom with a lot of softer lines and prints…I’m dying to get a statement piece in a bold color that would just pop…I would totally love to put the yellow or pink color in my room 🙂

    Christine says:

    lounge chairs on the porch

    aac 22 chair or the hidden laptop desk! I don’t have a modern chair and been wanting one for such a long time and yearn for a white swedish-vibe laptop desk but with DRAWERS which seems to be what Ikea is lacking. I have a union cross futon and mostly white room. The yellow would add chair I hope and the desk would be so convenient and functional as well as not too overwhelming.

    Lauren says:

    I love the hidden lap top desk! It’s the perfect size and would fit perfectly in my bedroom. I’m also an addict to side tables and can never have enough!

    Michelle B says:

    I think I am echoing what many people have already said, but I agree that the hidden laptop desk is amazing! It is such a great small space solution. I would keep a lamp and some flowers on it in in front of a window where I can easily draw up a chair to it.

    lei says:

    i actually have to say i love this table that’s being raffled off. you know why? because i want a parrot so badly, and all i can think of is HOW STYLISH my hypothetical parrot would be hanging out on this table that has a perch included! not the styling you’d expect, huh?! i dislike the looks of a lot of parrot play gyms and such — this would be a nice, aesthetically pleasing alternative, so long as the paint/laquer/whatever is coating the table is safe for parrots!

    Autumn says:

    I’m loving the Collect Cabinets, preferably the hot pink!! Against my freshly painted black and white chevron living room wall, I think it would be just perfect! <3

    Cordelia says:

    The Bella coffee table, in my living room, to hold a tray and some flowers from the bodega downstairs.

    Kumiko says:

    The bella coffee table will make a nice replacement for my IKEA LACK!

    Amy B says:

    Love the Collect 2011 cabinet, could see that in my entry hall!

    Raelena P. says:

    My favorite is the hidden laptop desk which would look great in my bedroom. My fiance takes up all the space on the nightstand with his laptop so this would be great.

    Hope says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk… I would use it for my sewing machine 😀

    Carmen J. says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Bella coffee table. Money has been super tight since I’ve been paying back all of these student loans so furnishing my apartment has been an extremely sloooow process. This table is modern and chic and I can already see an array of design books and a beautiful bouquet of flowers atop of it!

    adrienne says:

    I love the lines on the HEE LOUNGE CHAIR! LOVE!

    emily anne-marie says:

    love the collect 2010 cabinet! it would look great in the corner of my living room where i have my makeshift office with desk and computer!


    Jackie h says:

    I love their ceramics. I could see some cute tulips in their vases placed in any room oft apartment but its be especially sweet on my coffee table!

    Megan says:

    I love the aac 22 chair! I’d probably use a few of them for a dining area. It would also make a cool office chair!

    Annette says:

    The hidden laptop desk is cute and unique. Like that a lot.

    Meryl says:

    I actually love the candle holders with the orange interior glaze. I would love to put these on my dining room table to warm up gatherings.

    Vanessa says:

    That table is badass! I also love the AAC 22 chair in yellow! So cool.

    Solducky says:

    This would look fabulous in my breezeway –

    Becky says:

    The Collect 2011 Cabinet is gorgeous, and I love the bold colors it comes in. I’d use it somewhere unexpected, like the kitchen, to give the room a focus and a pop of color!

    Jaileen says:

    love the hidden laptop desk its simply beutifu. id use it in my room to replace my old desk space.

    Bethany says:

    I love the collect 2010 cabinet! I would put it in my studio to store all of my linen.

    Sarah J says:

    I love this table! I’d use it in the tiny basement rec room we have just finished renovating. The aac22 chair in dreamy yellow would work great too!

    jeanine says:

    This is a great giveaway, thank you! If I could buy anything, I would buy the about a chair 22.

    Ashley K says:

    I love those mouth blown glass candles, they would be perfect on my dresser!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    Love the hidden laptop desk. Styled with a simple desk lamp, succulent vase, and patterned bowl filled with pens and pencils.

    Blakely G says:

    the hidden laptop desk is adorable! love these tables!

    Shannon W says:

    I ADORE the AAC 22 chair. I want about 8 of them. ;o)

    Katherine says:

    I love this vase I would fill it with a dozen roses every week!~

    James Beck says:

    hee lounge chair set and would put it in my living room for company

    I’m pretty much head over heels for the collect 2010 cabinet (in white of course). I would style it in my dining room to collect all my fancy dining accessories!

    Micaela says:

    What a great resource Son & Dotter is! I instantly bookmarked it. If I could choose any piece, I’d love to add the No. 24 cabinet to my bedroom. It would fit into a little notch near my bed, and would be perfect for holding my books and odds & ends. The bold stripes would add tons of personality to my decor!

    Thanks so much!

    mklade (at) gmail (dot) com

    Jennifer says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk. I would decorate it with my husband’s collection of Star Wars Legos figures. (I know – we’re a little geeky).

    Jamie says:

    I adore the black and white no.24 cabinet! I would put it in my room or maybe living room and put my records inside and record player on top. 🙂 The dlm table is great, too. Thanks!

    Kristen Morris says:

    The collect 2011 cabinet is so awesome I would put it in our guest room, which has yellow walls for awesome contrast, and store all our gusts linens in it.
    blue65829at aol dot com

    Olivia says:

    I love the dlm table actually! For a girl that always forgets to take off her jewelry until she’s already in bed, the design of the table would be perfect as a night stand. I could hang necklaces from the handle without letting them tangle and drop my rings and earrings into the basin without worrying they’ll end up on the floor before morning.

    Milan Lee says:

    I would style the hee lounge chair with a red heart pillow and a tiny boston terrier puppy!

    Geoff K says:

    Besides the dlm table, I really love the Hidden Laptop Desk, which is perfect for small offices or apartments like the one I’m currently living in. Very chic and well-designed furniture!

    jules mcnubbin says:

    i love the hee lounge chair, i’d have it on my deck next to the pool, next to some tiki torches

    Candice Hull says:

    The collect 2011 cabinet would look great in our family game room. We have a Lego/Nintendo type of theme and it would fit great.
    Thank you

    teri says:

    I would love the Collect 2011 cabinet. It would go great in my bedroom

    heather c says:

    Such a fan of the no.24 cabinet and I can see a couple of them beside my desk to hold office stuff!

    Richard Hicks says:

    I love their bella coffee table. I would use it in our den as it would fit in perfectly and

    sarah keel says:

    i could totally see this table in my living room, however if i had to choose another piece it would be the number 24 cabinet. i could totally see it in my spare bedroom opposite my desk

    Charlene Shaver says:

    I like the hidden laptop desk & I’d put this in my living room 🙂

    kelli says:

    love the hidden laptop desk. that would look awesome in our kitchen. we have so much space, but the desk isn’t so huge that it looks too much.

    Deborah Hogue says:

    I like the hidden laptop desk, it would look great in the hidden corner of my bedroom!

    Ashley Morrissey says:

    Love the Collect 2011 cabinet and I would style it in my living room!

    Claudia Neault Hubka says:

    I would like several of the horse cushions. Probably 5, as I have 5 horses. I would line them up on my black futon & they would look great.

    Kristin says:

    I would give anything for the hidden laptop desk…so I could use it in my living room as a piece of furniture that is totally functional (and AWESOME)!

    Mary DeBorde says:

    Oooooh, I LOVE the sleek look of this gorgeous table – we’re putting together a new look for our home & this piece would be freaking sweet! <3

    I also really liked their Collect 2010 Cabinet in white …
    I'd use this in awesome piece to store our DVDs! OR maybe as a sassy piece in the Mid-Century modern guestroom. I dunno, so many ideas are bubbling through my mind lol

    Thank you for such a FANTASTIC & generous giveaway 😀

    valancia says:

    bella coffee table I’d style into my living dining area b y my two chairs

    sheila k says:

    Chair 22 would really perk up the corner of my kitchen, and it looks majorly comfie.

    Dawn Reid says:

    The bella coffee table would look great in my family room

    Tonya Dean says:

    hidden laptop desk in my living room


    Gianna says:

    I can see the collect 2010 cabinet in my living room.

    jen gersch says:

    i love the cable knoit throw and would throw it on my couch

    Breanne says:

    I love the collect 2011 cabinet. I’d put it in my guest room.

    tracey byram says:

    The Hidden Laptop Desk would be perfect for my home office.

    Barbara Stenby says:

    I think the furniture is amazing! I really like the hidden laptop desk and the cable knit throws my husbands family is Norweigan and these remind me of them

    Karen says:

    The collect 2011 cabinet would look great in my living room.

    kathy pease says:

    I love the hidden laptop desk and id put this in my living room next to the window where I could have bright light and keep my papers and bills organized

    Stephanie says:

    the laptop desk and the collect 2010 cabinet are my favorite

    Jana says:

    I love the Bella Coffee Table

    Evelyn B says:

    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I really like the white jug! So modern!!

    susan smoaks says:

    my favorite item is the bella coffee table, it would look great in my bedroom!

    Melissa says:

    the bella coffee table would look perfect in the family room!

    s riches says:

    I really like the hidden laptop desk.

    Veronica Garrett says:

    The hee lounge chair (set of two) is my favorite. It wpuld be a great addition to my backyard bbq.

    edq143 says:

    the collect 2011 cabinet is pretty cool

    JIM LYNAM says:


    Brittney House says:

    I like the hidden laptop desk. I would love to use it in my office

    Beth C says:

    AAC 22 this chair would look so nice in my bedroom

    candace swoveland says:

    tHE aaC CHAIR is great

    Chrystal D says:

    I like the hee lounge chair & I can see myself sitting outside in the sun reading a book on it!

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