i have heard a bunch of people raving about the brunch at  in hollywood, so we checked it out last weekend. luckily, we had CJ from  cooking us up a whole bunch of his favorite dishes for us to try…that dude is talented!

after a rough night, this bloody mary hit the SPOT. i went with the classic american one and it had a lot of kick…they also have bottomless mimosas…which is never a bad thing.

the restaurant has a really open, lofty vibe. it’s the kind of spot you could come with girlfriends and spend two hours eating cheese and chatting. (they are also a wine bar and have a good !)

my boyfriend has been vegetarian for almost 10 years, and he recently started eating fish. i swear he orders a seafood dish almost every meal now…i guess he was craving new foods after so long without them! the house cured dill salmon with mascarpone and capers was excellent.

they had a duck confit with a scramble on toast that blew my mind.

we tried about 6 or 7 of the items on the list (CJ left us feeling VERY full and happy). i’m not usually a sweets fan in the mornings, but these 5 grain pancakes with berries were legit. next time i am going to have to try the huevos rancheros, i was spying on someone next to me that had them and it looked delicious but i was way too full.

brunch with arian is definitely my favorite weekend activity. across the street from here is actually the building we both worked in together…that’s where we met and this whole thing started. quite the memory lane moment.

6600 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


shop my look:  – Skinny Corduroy Pants, leopard flats, sequin shirt, striped tank underneath, bowler hat, ring.

photos by  for designlovefest


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    Bonnie says:

    love it!! the photos look so good 🙂 and you look gorgeous! such a cute post!

    Love these photos! That salmon looks amazingly yummy.

    What a great place! How cool that CJ was there! Oh, and love your hat.

    Kenzie Lee says:

    This looks like so much fun and the food looked delicious!!

    X Kenzie

    Mariel says:

    The food looks really good! And I love what you’re wearing!(as usual lol)

    Amanda says:

    I love, love the interior of that space! And the food looks pretty dreamy too!

    Oh man, looks delicious, and what a beautiful space. CJ is one of my favorites from Top Chef – glad to hear about one of his current projects. Now I’ll be thinking about brunch all day. xo!

    Love your little captions, sounds about right for me too. Could love on potatoes 🙂

    Anne says:

    Gorgeous photos! That food looks to die for!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    You’ve totally motivated me to go to brunch this weekend with my boyfriend! I have to keep The Mercantile in mind if I’m ever in Hollywood! I remember CJ from Top Chef! The food MUST have been good if it’s his restaurant! Also if they have bottomless mimosas I may have to make it a day event to go there!! =)

    Jenny says:

    I LOVE getting brunch with my husband! It’s one of the most rela things we can do. Thanks for sharing!

    alicia says:

    those pancakes look amazing! i’m due for a good brunch date.

    Rachel says:

    I pass by this place every day on my way to work, and lots of other times in between, and every time I make a mental note to check it out, but I still haven’t yet. Thanks for the reminder! About to head out and drive past it right now…=]

    Love the post! And the ‘shop my look’ idea. It’s small but really smart. Sometimes I want to know exactly where you got those shoes and never know!

    Lo says:

    Oooh, yum! I love that spot, but have never tried the duck confit scramble. These pictures are beautiful.

    Kate says:

    I want to go to there. Like NOW.

    Great Etsy/Valentines Day giveaway over on my blog…check it out and enter!


    Kait says:

    What a sweet post! Now I want to take my bf there for brunch with me 🙂

    Kristen says:

    This place looks great. Def adding it my list of places to try. Those pancakes look legit.

    Lauren says:

    I love the look of handwritten captions on some of your photos. Do you use a tablet to achieve this look, or do you use handwriting fonts?

    catherine says:

    This is a great post! The photos are perfect and inviting (I have got to check this place out) and your writing always nails the moment. Nice nice.

    L. Camille says:

    Cute it! I used to work upstairs from there and constantly smelled the lusciousness throughout the day. Must go visit C-Jizzle!
    stay FLYY!

    Bettina says:

    What a gorgeous space, the food looks amazing! You and your man are just so dang adorable!

    Jules says:

    Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. It’s a good thing I have a day job or I’d be spending all my money and wasting the day away over delicious coffee and pancakes. This place looks delightful!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    rachael says:

    these pictures are adorable. y’alls outfits are terrific. who took the photos?

    Latrina says:

    I really enjoy these type of blog posts by you Bri! Beautifully written & the photographs are always superb.

    You’ve definitely inspired me to head to some of my favorites places here in Sacramento to feature on my blog!

    bri says:

    rachael, thanks! kimberly genevieve took the photos.

    Monica says:

    So.. CJ is totally adorable, and it looks like he makes a mean brunch menu – dill and salmon is one my my favorites for brunch! pancakes don’t hurt either, as long as there is lots of fresh whipped cream.
    If only I lived in Hollywood…


    Marisa says:

    How do you keep your Ban.do case so white?! Mine is SO dingy and I don’t know how to clean it! Please help!

    Kristen says:

    Ah i love CJ! I would end up being a total fan girl. only time i’ve watched last chance kitchen.

    agh that salmon looks soooo tasty! I’m going to blogshop Boston, can’t wait!!

    XO, Stefanie

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