like i have said before, saving $$ is kinda my thing. which means i don’t generally splurge on high priced clothing. although i totallyappreciate the frocks at barney’s, i usually end up just browsing.

BUT, i wore on the lucky magazine shoot. picked it out for me, and sometimes i just buy the clothes after a shoot if i liked them. it’s convenient and saves me a trip to the store. i knew was something i needed for my everyday wardrobe (remember this post about needing more basics?) but when she said “it’s $110.” my eyes got a little wide. in my head, i was thinking “what! $110! psssssh, not happening.”

but i convinced myself that i am tired of not having any seperates and it would hopefully be worth it. man was i right. i wear constantly. with everything. i mean it. why was i spending $100 on a dress i would wear a couple of times and not spending it on a shirt i have already worn like 24 times? nonsense, bri!

sometimes we forget how important it is to invest in the staple items every once in a while.

photos from the + lucky magazine video


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    Kate says:

    That shirt is great ! Good buy!

    Casey Lynn says:

    Gosh thats so true. We really should invest in items we wear a ton then the items we only wear a few times! Wise words Bri!

    rita says:

    totally agree- cost per wear is so important. i am the same way – i can justify absurd amounts of money for a cocktail dress i’ll wear twice but struggle to pay more for a great tee or sweater. i’ve started trying to focus on better quality basics and i’m starting to figure out what fabrics/etc. last longer and thus are worth it… because expensive doesn’t always equal quality! love that tee, i want it now!:)

    cute, cute, cute!

    I feel you on that — I’m wearing a $4 thrifted dress to a wedding in October with $40 shoes, because I know I’ll get a TON more wear out of the shoes.

    Cat says:

    What a cute shirt! i have this great cardigan from Gorman that cost me 200 big ones and i love it to bits and i try to wear it all the time, but i sometimes get scared that it will snag or the dry cleaner will ruin it. Otherwise i totally support your idea. now to put it in place when i go to the shops!

    T hagen says:

    I love a good splurge every now and then but I also like to surf tobi.com for cheap dresses.

    Sophie says:

    Totally agree on the splurging on good-quality basics.
    But I think 100 bucks is still a bit much for a t-shirt, seeing as Petit Bateau-shirts for example are real good as well AND cost about a third of that.

    You look great in your striped find though!

    Sophie says:

    ps. great-looking skirt as well, where is it from?

    bri says:

    sophie! it’s from ALC!

    Sophie says:

    thanks! 🙂

    So true. Sometimes, you just have to splurge…even if it’s on a basic. Have you heard of Everlane? They make cheap basics. Today on Via Los Angeles we wrote about how to save money and get that bright layered bracelet look. I know you are into bright colors so hopefully you will like this article. Please have a lok.


    Lauren says:

    I couldn’t agree more! And I bet the quality of it is amazing. Love all the pictures.


    LOVE the scarf with the striped shirt. It sooo works. Where did you get the scarf, if I may ask. 🙂 Jenny

    Patricia says:

    I do agree, but how do you know which splurges will be the good ones?

    I’ve made some expensive purchases of sensible basics (usually during periodic bouts of wishing I were someone with a ‘capsule wardrobe’ or similar absurdity) that I’ve loved and worn to death …and some that have languished almost unused.

    And I’m sitting here in the perfect pair of grey denim shorts – bought for €15 from h&m in 2007.
    As with love, so with clothes: sometimes the unlikeliest candidates are the keepers 😉

    Lei Friedel says:

    do you find that the quality is better than of stores with shirts that cost $20-$50? does it hold up after a lot of washes?

    Christine says:

    Couldn’t agree more lady!

    Sarah says:

    This is si true. It’s kinda like the ripping off the bandaid affect. Just do it and you’ll be happy!

    – Sarah

    Alison says:

    This is so true! For me, I was addicted to buying lots and lots of inexpensive tops because they seemed like such a good deal. When tops are so inexpensive, they often aren’t designed to fit as well or last as long. I ended up with lots of tops I didn’t love and wouldn’t wear. I’ve had to learn to save my money here and there to invest in pieces that I’ll wear all the time (and will last through all the washing and wearing). Creating a functional wardrobe is definitely more about quality than quantity, in my opinion. Good point well made, Bri. – Alison { aliology.com }

    Loved this post! I’ll be 30 in November and I am just now coming to the realization that buying 9 really cheap white t-shirts for $10, is the same price as buying 1 really nice white t-shirt for $90 (math never was my strong suit). My $90 white t-shirt came in the mail last week, and as I work from home…I’ve been wearing it every day since 🙂

    susanna says:

    Hi! I totally appreciate staples but for me an investment in staples would be maybe 40 dollars max for a striped shirt. This shirt is dry clean only too! Does that factor into the cost per wear?

    donnaB says:

    um…so; where is the striped shirt from/who is it by?

    Marie says:

    I am addicted to soft tees, I know what you mean! But I am such a klutz I’d be really worried about meessing up one that cost $100 🙁 Have you heard of Everlane? They seem to have some good basics, and I love the red tote too! 🙂

    kristi says:

    love this post! I seriously have been going through the same thing. I used to CRINGE on paying even over $30 for a basic item, until I realized how MUCH wear I will get out of it. I’ve been making decisions like that lots latley! Worth. every. penny.

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