a fairly known fact about me: i don’t brush my hair. although a lot of people think that somehow means i don’t wash it (which is pretty funny). no no, not true. i just hate the way my waves look when I brush it. it blows up. and also, i’m pretty attached to my zero maintenance hair routine. but i will be honest, lately I have been looking at other girls and their super shiny hair and have had some jealous feelings. i don’t want that look all the time, but it would be nice to feel a little more girly every once and a while.

insert my friend my hair lifesaver goddess!! she truly works magic with hair, so i trusted her to add some shine to my hair and experiment with a brand new look. after all, she runs (tons of awesome hair tutorials over there too!) here’s a little note from kristin…

so what do ya guys think? ratty or shiny?

i love how the curls aren’t too curly, like or something.

basically i left her salon feeling like this…


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    Stephanie says:

    It’s sooo pretty and shiny! I’m just a big fan of you and your BIG HAIR!

    Courtney says:

    Shiny! It looks fantastic Bri!

    Jennifer says:

    It looks so pretty, and still very Bri!

    xanthe says:

    Fantastic! your hair is gorgeous… x.

    eden bell says:

    it look amazing! what did she use? I NEED to know her secret! haha


    Andrea says:

    I’m so jealous! I had hair similar to you’s and I would spend hours each week getting the knots out. I I ally gave up and cut it all off last November. 5 years worth if hair growth. Now I’m rethinking that decision. 😉

    Rachael B says:

    I think I’ve just done the opposite. I used to have this high maintenance routine involving regular conditioning treatments, my hair straightener, a blow dryer, too many combs, brushes, and clips – all to get my hair silky and straight. Now… I clip back the layered front into the tiniest bump with bobby pins and let my waves rock out. Takes me five minutes in the morning to get ready. If only I had discovered this years ago…

    Andrea says:

    How did she do it?

    Bruna Mebs says:

    Shiny… it’s you but more elegant 🙂

    Kelley Burrus says:

    Shiny. Your new hair is a metaphor for Blogshop. As we leave, we’re still us but we are now armed with shiny new skills to heighten our own brands.

    Alicia says:

    Hair looks great! The video is hilarious too.

    Oooh, the shiny looks so pretty!! I’d also love to know how she did it! Those are the perfect curls.
    I’m also a huge fan of the low-maintenance hair, and you totally rock it.

    Sarolta says:

    The shiny hair is gorgeous! You still have the curls AND look more princessy!

    Annie says:

    Love the shiny! I think my hair is really similar to yours-what I do is comb it in the shower, squeeze out water with my hands and NOT touch it with a towel! Just when it’s starting to dry i mix a drop of moroccan oil and a small squeeze of curling cream and scrunch it in. let it dry and… more moroccan oil!

    jen says:

    Love the new hair do! Very pretty.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Lisa says:

    I love it! I want to reach into my screen and touch your hair, hahaha. Great video too, I dance like that to that song in my bedroom the same way!

    jimena says:

    So cute both ways. It’s good to have options. I’m a fan of no-hassle hair cuz I overdid the straightening thing till I was 18, so easy is always preferred 🙂

    Shoko says:

    Love it, Bri! Looks fantastic both ways!

    janet morrin says:

    my boys r in luv! only 3 & 4, lol!

    barb says:

    i love the shiny look! its not too done, but looks so healthy and fresh… you’re gorgeous 😀

    nicole says:

    shiny looks good on you Bri! oxo

    katie says:

    It looks beautiful! and you still have the great curls!


    Daniela H says:

    how did she do it? i have the same kind of hair as you and i am so sick of the ratty look! my only other option is to spend an eternity on it!

    Amanda Blair says:

    YOu are the most adorable thing ever. I love your hair all messy and awesome but sleek and shiny looks pretty good too!

    LH says:

    shiny! I am with you on the low-hair maintenance all the way but I must say I LOVE it brushed.

    Suzanne says:

    I love it!! Although I loved your hair before, anyway. How did she get it so shiny and wonderful and still get the perfect waves/curls? Maintenance?

    Jaclyn says:

    This looks beautiful! The curls are perfect, you’re right, but your hair has such great shine.

    Katie says:

    My hair can only be brushed when it’s wet with conditioner in it – so I can relate.
    I have to say that the shiny hair does look gorgeous on you! But, your un-brushed hair is your signature look and I love that too!

    bre says:

    nice dance moves. 🙂
    i’d bounce too if my hair was like that!!

    Your hair is definitely your thing… but I think I prefer the ratty to the shiny! It’s just more “Bri”.

    Nicole says:

    Love the shiny hair and that it’s not pin straight. I also have wavy/curly hair and do not brush it. What is her secret to make your hair so pretty?

    TOO CUTE! I love the “my hair looks great and i feel amazing” dance. Totally different looks, each one is great – that’s the beauty of hair though, just style it according to your mood!

    Dana says:

    SHINY!! I love the “I didn’t try but look at my sexy ass shiny hair!!” rather then the grunge overdone rat look. I don’t brush my hair either, but it’s super straight. I do make sure to hot oil it weekly to get the sexy shiny look since I can’t do anything else to it.

    Michelle says:

    It’s gorgeous! Really, really, I love it. The hard part is keeping up a new style, sigh…

    Oyveymylife says:

    Absolutely shiny! Your hair looks perfect and I love the wave. It seemed too often hairstylists will straighten hair to make it shiny. Finally someone who can let your hair do it’s thing!

    megan says:

    Shiny is just a step away from sparkly..shiny all the way!

    Alex says:

    so pretty! I hope there’s going to be some sort of tutorial!!

    Rachel says:

    I love it shiny!! The waves are perfect! My hair is naturally curly, and I wish it could look like that. The awesome thing about your hair is that since you leave it unbrushed and unstyled most of the time, it has to be super healthy!

    Kate says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Marta says:

    Thumbs up for the Shiny + the happy dance! I feel ya with the zero maintenance hair routine. When my hair was longer I only brushed them with conditioner while in the shower. The curls were much more manageable. Either way, you rock both looks!

    I am a big fan of your new shiny hair. Still looks funky, cool, edgy and hot just healthy and oh so MOD. You are just darling. Super great job on your hair adventure.

    Ana says:

    girl, she did goooooood! totally nailed the bri look—just took it up a notch to a new, soft + shiny place. really good work, kristin!

    Kristin says:

    I love the ability to change your look according to your mood – go with both! Can’t lose either way .

    Joie says:

    My favorite thing is watching you dance, why are you so CUTE?! Love the hair long and shiny!

    Desiree says:

    I love your hair always, but I super love this as an alternate look for puttin’ on the ritz! the new do still has such a fun and fuss free vibe, but looks silky smooth! have fun playing with it!!

    Julie says:

    Stay Ratty! Ratty and free forever! Don’t let them try to control you.

    OMG your hair is your thing, and I love it the way you normally wear it…crazy and big and unbrushed. But shiny is absolutely stunning. You’re just gorgeous, Bri!

    sara says:

    either way is great but I’m loving the shine!

    Hollis says:

    I like the new look for an occasional change up, but I love your no-fuss every day hairstyle. I wish I could do nothing to my hair and it would look like that!

    kelly : says:

    SHINY all the way – it looks polished, fun, and healthy!

    “Shiny” is so much more polished and looks sophisticated without loosing the signature Bree style. Great job Kristin!

    Laura Mason says:

    Your hair looks gorg! Is that something that is easy to do yourself or is it a special occasion style? My fav part was your dance moves, awesome!

    Anonymous says:

    Mommy says SHINY SHINY SHINY SHINE SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous!

    Sage says:

    You are so funny!
    I say stay true to your “ratty” fab self!
    Not to say that you do not look amazing shinny, you do.
    But no one wears Ratty better than you.

    Trish says:

    Ooh! Both are gorgeous on you, but I’m loving the new shiny look! Just toss your head around and you can have a less perfectly placed shiny do. 🙂

    SHINY! you look like a mermaid!!!

    Noémie says:

    Oh I LOVE the shiny hair!!! I’m so jealous!!!

    Sarah says:

    SO pretty! I love it both ways — different looks for different events and moods. How great is it to have such versatile hair?! #hairenvy

    mandy says:

    Shiny is great! I always struggle with trying to get my hair to look shiny instead of greasy. Tricksty.

    Seema says:

    cute! how did she do those curls?!

    Cari says:

    Ooooh! I love your shiny hair! It look so, so lovley. xo

    ashley beilharz says:

    And this is one of the many reasons I love your blog! Thanks for the smile this morning.

    kelly says:

    Oh lala, very nice. I have to admit though, I like it better ratty. It’s just so… you!

    s. b says:

    omg it’s soo pretty!! i like the shiny. but the ratty is just so you haha.

    um… adorable! wish I could come see your panel + others at alt summit this year – but i’ll definitely be there next year! have a lovely time!

    Maggie says:

    I recently went platinum blonde and found the same thing – dry and no sparkle, but with the right combo of products it’s SO nice to have sleek AND platinum together! Looks fabulous on you!

    Brittany says:

    OH. MY. Girl, you know you workin it! Looks fab!

    stephanie says:


    lainie shea says:

    LOVE the shiny!! its still you but polished too 🙂

    Annie Hall says:

    LOVE. I love love love your hair. I’m a blonde too (obvi better) and i love how outrageously awesome yours is.

    you rock!

    Tori says:

    I don’t brush my hair either! People think the SAME thing when I tell them that I don’t brush it.

    kelly ann says:

    PRETTY! I’m totally like you… in fact, I don’t think I even own a hair brush. (I’m the worst) My hair is so low maintenance and I love it. But now I wish my hair was a little shinier like your lovely locks!

    maribeth says:

    i don’t brush my hair either, and it’s long like yours, but dark brown. a few days ago, though, i finally went through with the idea of getting BANGS! and they’re perfect. so now i have a tiny little amount of adorable bangs to brush, and still never brush the rest. it’s just what i needed.

    lookie here to see ’em:

    Vanessa says:

    It looks so good! Serious hair jealousy over here.

    amy w says:

    I also rock the unbrushed curl/wave look, and love my ratty hair but sometimes I go crazy and not only brush but, like, straighten my hair! Once every blue moon. It’s nice to mess things up, both your styles look hot. Enjoy Alt Summit!

    I like the fact that the shiny hair still looks like you – it isn’t overdone. It looks rad.

    Karissa says:

    Your hair looks beautiful after the gloss! I know what you mean about not wanting to brush it, I have wavy hair too and it looks poofy when I brush it but I love the glossing idea.

    karen vega says:

    with your attitud you look extraordinaria with everything!!!

    Dani says:

    Oh good GOSH you are the cutest thing on this earth! I love your hair always, and I love it now, too! It seriously looks beautiful with that amazing shine! Your hair totally IS your thing, and I think your long blonde locks look beautiful either way – it’s always fun to mix it up a bit! 🙂

    Mo says:

    SHINY!!! It looks amazing, but your outer beauty is enhanced by your beautiful spirit that glows from the inside. Sappy, but true.

    Luiza says:

    Bri!!! your hair is amazing!!! and the video is so funny!!!

    Carol says:

    the shiny is gorgeous! I don’t brush my hair either but my hair is naturally shiny so it’s not too big of a deal. it just flattens things out.

    rachel! says:

    ohh!! love the shiny!! but one over the other? i don’t know… but it’s nice to be able to pull shiny out of the bag for special days!

    kristina says:

    oh my dear lord your hair looks good!!!!!
    xx, k

    deniz says:

    they look both great! but i prefer the non shiny hair 🙂

    Sarah B says:


    holly says:

    oh my god, it looks amazing!!!!

    GawgusThings says:

    oooh, I have to say I love shiny, shiny!!


    shannon says:

    That Video is an adorable tribute to your stylist! I wish all my clients would leave the salon like that!!

    Em Kresge says:

    I have super curly hair. I don’t brush my hair at all either, when it’s dry that is. I brush it in the shower and then let it air dry. My hair isn’t as long as yours, but the secret for keeping mine nice is that I wear a shirt over it as it dries. The curls turn out perfectly and I didn’t have to do a thing!

    Clara says:

    Look at you! So silky smooth! I love that this new do warranted a video- you make the best ones :). xoxo

    Becky! says:

    Fancy! I just indulged in a spendy cut recently and how worth it it was. Going to get ombre color in a coupla weeks too. Don’t mess with tha huuurrrr.

    You look gorgeous in that hair. You look like Hannah in her mermaid movie a long time ago. Pretty!

    So fun for a little switch up for sure!!! I have recently become an avid fan of dry shampoo. Turns out you have a lot more time to pull yourself together if you aren’t washing/blow drying/curling every day. 🙂 Do you use it too???

    Charity says:

    I loved you hair before. But now, COVETING!!

    Kaitlin says:

    I love your hair in the before stage! It looks gorgous now, but I wish i could have a zero maintanace hair style!

    Jenny says:

    Shiny is my pick!! You’re beautiful either way though. (:

    What did you man think?

    Cait says:

    Bahaha, I’m a total non-hair brusher too! It ruins my curls!

    jo_mi_co says:

    shine on!

    Caitlin says:


    I’m guilty too – I always think my hair looks “beachy/sexy messy” when I don’t brush it – but in reality it looks “rats nets messy”


    Natasha says:

    I have very straight hair, so I do brush it, but I hate spending too much time on it.

    Kourtney says:

    My hair also “blows up,” except in a more downward fashion I affectionately refer to as triangle head. It is unbrushable at best…and I lack shine, as well. So glad ypu are getting along with yours! The search continues here.

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