lots of people send me emails and comments asking about my favorite places to eat in LA. and while I’m sure I have talked about almost all of these places, I have decided to start doing little food guides of my go-to spots and what I like to order there.

breakfast is definitely one of my top 5 things to do in life, so I have tried LOTS of places around the city. here are a couple to start, and I will make sure to give you more here and there. this will give me an excuse to go out and try new places!

and this way people who don’t live here in LA can use this as a breakfast guide on their vacation. (and remember, I live on the east side, so the majority of these are in that area) i hope you enjoy and I would love to hear some of your favorite LA breakfast spots!

(above) map em out & see the menus here: / /

(above) map em out & see the menus here: / /

(above) map em out & see the menus here: / /

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    myseastory says:

    so perfect, love it, thanx for sharing!

    Camila says:

    oh wow, every place looks amazing. Now I wish I lived in LA!! 🙂

    erin says:

    I love Bottega Louie!! I ate there for the first time (for dinner, though) in September and fell in love. I’ve been dying to make the trip for breakfast! (I live in orange county)

    jessica says:

    i loveeeee bottega louie! 🙂 such a cute place. and thanks for sharing these, would love to try some of the other places i’ve never been to!

    Amanda says:

    Love this! Now I just need to book a flight to LA!

    So obsessed with Eveleigh… every time we go to LA, we go! Yum.

    Erika says:

    I loved Bottega Louie (per your recommendation!) during my visit to LA for Blogshop. Keep these up, Bri! Love this idea!

    Hello Friday says:

    Love Bottega Louie!! Great post!!! Thanks! xoxo

    Marta says:

    God bless you Ms. Emery! I’m new to LA and a breakfast lover as well so you made my day! 🙂

    Jaclyn says:

    I absolutely love your list! I haven’t been to a few of these places and I’m dying to go. Bottega Louie is like walking into an amazing Parisian cafe, it’s one of my favorite places to go when you want to be a little fancy for breakfast. Thanks for the great ideas 🙂

    adele says:

    Gonna keep hold of this for next time I visit LA xoxo

    Sophie says:

    Great post! Breakfast= myfavourite meal of the day. Fresh juice! Croques! ALL KINDS OF EGGS 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Going to LA in the next month and will keep these places in mind!!

    Jamie Herzlinger

    this makes me want to go to LA- NOW. the abundance of eggs has my mouth watering 🙂

    Chelsea C. says:

    This is awesome, Bri! Stoked to try some of these out next time I’m home.

    you have me drooling and excited to try some of these!

    victoria says:

    love this, bri! let’s have breakfast!

    Hanna says:

    The second one looks so delicious, I would love to go there!

    Sarah says:

    Eveleigh for sure! Love it! I live in Burbank and beyond greasy spoon the valley is not so great for breakfast. But…. You have to try Bea Bea’s cafe in Burbank. So so good.

    Dana says:

    i JUST moved to LA a month and a half ago. this is helpfullllll hooray can’t wait to explore.

    A croque monsieur is already a wonderful thing, but a croque madame? Uh, yes, please! My mouth waters at the thought.

    tracy says:

    what a great guide! I loooooove how you did this.

    Sweet Louise these sound good. Going to LA on my 3 week weddi-moon (is that a word?) next May and always love reading when blogs talk about local places. The food+lab plum compote and waffles sounds worth flying 10 hours for. Thanks for this.

    Rachel says:

    marstons in pasadena is one of my local faves.

    amy says:

    Thanks so much for this bri! So may yummy looking suggestions. This will really come in handy for me when I get into L.A. on Friday!!!

    emma says:

    I’ll second LA Mill as a go-to standard. And Square One, though I’m personally addicted to the Bananas Foster-esque French Toast. So worth the ensuing sugar coma!

    I’ll have to add Grub and Griddle Cafe to the list of fave b-fast spots. And Trails in Griffith Park when I’m wanting a quicker but yummy experience amongst the trees.

    Must now make plans to try those on your list I haven’t yet explored!

    Katie says:

    Thank you thank you! I am so excited to drag my husband to all these places to try yummy food and great ambience 🙂 Do you have any favorite places in Pasadena?

    I could book a flight to LA right now just to try out each and every one of these spots!

    Clara says:

    All of these dishes sounds amazing! Now I just need to get myself to sunny LA.

    Oh I have to say yes! yes! yes! to your top five essential stops as well. Each of these are just divine. I’m also in love with the breakky pizza at Little Doms . It’s always perfection… especially when you add an extra egg and the mimosa special.

    A big thumbs up for Eveleigh — the food, the view, the drinks — all fab!

    Danette says:

    we love the Blu Jam….there is a Mojito Mimosa I think it is called that is out of this world!

    great list! i have to add CBH Lounge (in Beverly Hills) to the list:

    Marilynn Ly says:

    Fantastic post! I thought I knew every good place forbreakfast but clearly not…I’d add Huckleberry to that list! Their maple bacon scone is amazing as well as their fried egg sandwich!

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