i always say that planning these feels like i am planning a mini-wedding. (and you guys starting your own business will totally relate to this)

each month, a new city. we hafta find a beautiful (and functional) venue, scout amazing goodie bag items that feel consistent to the city, pick a food place that looks and tastes outstanding, find someone to film the magic, and always make each class feel special in it’s own way. stay on budget oh, and let’s not forget about selling the spots.

it’s no easy task. but boy i have LOVED learning how to do it. each day I wake up with new ideas, new talented people to work with. it’s awesome.

so take your ticket. only a couple seats open in these five cities. and don’t worry, we are planning more mini-weddings in your city too probably… (we have our eyes on seattle, austin, vancouver, australia, and salt lake city. if you have ideas about spaces to have it, that always speeds up the process. drop us a line! blogshopla{at}gmail.com)

click which one you want:

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oh, did i mention i am quite excited about that one. can’t wait to see some of you guys there and have a blogger nerd fest.

xx, bri


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    nicki says:

    ooh! vancouver works for me the beginning of january! or australia thereafter…pleaseandthankyou!

    simone says:

    Sydney, Australia would be fantastic! Plan a mini wedding and a mini holiday at the same time!!

    Angela says:

    Ohhhhhhh lordy! Let me know where in Oz..(Sydney, Brissy, Melb etc)…and I’ll shoot you some spaces!!

    A x

    holy moly. i’m tempted to come again if you come to seattle! too much fun!!!

    Oh my gosh! Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver! That would be so amazing. Please let me know when….

    Caroline says:

    if you DO hit Australia, especially Melbourne, I’ll be your photog there & hook you up with all the local spots, artists, you name it!!!

    Bec says:

    bri, come visit in philly!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I think I am going to Alt! Can’t wait to see you again! It’s going to be amazing – you’re right about blogger nerd fest. ; )

    Maggie Rose says:

    I think I emailed you guys a while ago about Seattle (my poor little brain is not keeping track of this info at the moment, so I’ll have to go check). What kind of capacity do you look for in a space? 20 people? 30?

    Gaby says:

    any scholarship or endentured servitude available to fund my tuition for the nyc blogshop? will work for blogshop.


    bri says:

    yep! needs to fit about 20-25 people. not too much light so the projector can be seen. be awesome. and if it comes with tables & chairs, hallelujah!

    Xanthe says:

    Yes come to Australia Please!!!

    Lisa says:

    If you come to Australia, please please please come to Perth! We always miss out! If you don’t, I guess I could always buy a plane ticket to the east coast…

    Lisa says:

    I don’t know if the other cities do it, but check out for listings of Perth’s available spaces for this type of project.

    YES! Pretty please come to SLC.

    Stephanie says:

    VANCOUVER! pretty please!

    tasshia says:

    Yay! Come to Vancouver! 🙂

    Noémie says:

    TORONTO please please pretty please!!


    The Zhush says:

    just booked NYC so excited, hope your good with the severely tech challenged, love your aesthetic!

    katie says:

    i can’t imagine planning mini-weddings every month, i am stressed out enough just planning one! from the photos all the blogshops look amazing. maybe one day you will bring it to toronto!

    adele says:

    Come to England Bri xoxo

    Karen says:

    Hi Bri!

    My name is Karen, I’m from Brasil, but living in Berlin since 2010. I am graphic designer and I’ve been designing a lot of blogs lately, and I have to admit that most of my clients comes with your blog as the best reference!

    I read it everyday, and because of all this bloggers in Brasil, I’m also organizing a Blogshop in the end of the year. I am already graphic designer (you can check my work here ), and I would love to take part of the event. Just as a listener. I would just like to watch how you manage the workshop.

    Please, write me back if there is a chance! I would be very glad.


    Signe says:

    I can-n-o-t wait to meet you guys in Paris ;o)

    Michelle says:

    Ah this must be so exhilarating for you! I can’t wait to see the recaps for all of these. I’m in Rome right now and would love to grab one of the Europe spots, but the cash isn’t flowing over here, haha. Someday!

    Maria says:

    Seattle, please! PLEASE!!!!

    Brittany says:

    Because LA is sold out…I used blogshop as an excuse to take a trip to NYC. Just booked, so excited!

    bri says:

    amazing! so happy you grabbed one of the last NY spots!

    nicki says:

    vancouver or sydney pretty, pretty please!

    Kylie says:

    Australia! Or even better, New Zealand, but Australia is close enough. I vote Melbourne!

    Daphne says:

    Come to Amsterdam! Place to be en so many many bloggers there! 🙂

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