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yep, that’s right. we are giving away a free spot in our berlin class. because winning is fun! it’s time to learn photoshop in our 2 day workshop at the labs. read more about the class

$750 value! (travel & hotel not included) we’ll be choosing one random winner on Friday, August 12th at 9am PST. oh! and there are still a few spots left, so to reserve your spot, email blogshopla{at}gmail.com

UPDATE! WINNER! #110 A West Coast gal living in London! So happy to have you in the class!


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    bliss says:

    if you visit my blog, you will see the various ways which blogshop could help me 🙂 mainly, i could use motivation. and clearly, i could use help creating a more exciting blog overall.

    Rachel Daily says:

    This would help me so much because I’m in charge of all content for an Austin area media property and while we have insane amounts of traffic, we’re a tiny company still and all wear many hats. I have a pretty decent understanding of CS4 but it still takes me a really long time to make simple edits on our graphics and I really want to change our entire design to look awesome and modern. I’m from Austin and I’d love to win!

    Ayelet says:

    Winning a blogshop spot would be great for me because blogging has re-motivated me and gotten me out of some pretty strong funks lately-but having ugly layouts and struggling to make things look the same on the interwebs as in my mind don’t further that aim, at all. Having an excuse to visit Germany doesn’t hurt either!

    holly says:

    OMG…amazing! this blogshop would help me because i want to pursue writing/art/design/etc. and with my current job, i don’t get to do any of that. the chance to build my skill set, increase my knowledge (and portfolio!) will hopefully be just the thing i need to transition to doing all of that full time!!!

    ohhh yeah…and i love to travel 🙂

    Sarah May says:

    Creative self-expression in the form of photography and blogging is a beautiful thing. I am a perfectionist, and to do something right is to be an expert at it. Everything I know about coding, photography, and blogging I taught myself but I would love some formal-ish training on the subject.

    Sharing inspiration and spreading beauty is my purpose for blogging, and I take it very VERY seriously because I have been emotionally and spiritually touched unnumbered times by the blogs I read.

    I am a recent college graduate looking for my place in this crazy world–but ultimately I aspire to combine my love of writing, my passion for fashion, and blogging to create a meaningful project that will inspire others.

    Thanks for your time. xoxo.

    Winning a spot in this workshop would be amazing. Blogging and sharing stories through this medium has been life changing and awesome. And all I want to do is make my blog BETTER AND BETTER for my audience. This would give me the opportunity to gain better Photoshop skills and meet some serious bloggers and experts in the design/photography realm.

    Not only is Blogshop a great source for up-and-coming designers to learn more about Photoshop, but the fact that this bootcamp workshop would take place in BERLIN, come on. It would be an amazing opportunity to be exposed to designs and culture that are just not available in North America.

    Sunny Marie says:

    I think Blogshop would benefit me in three ways:

    1. I’d get a chance to meet some amazing people with oodles of design cred’ and wicked ideas, thus giving my overstimulated brain a bit of focus.

    2. Give me a much needed photoshop refresher since I haven’t really used it since CS.

    3. Make me get my blog into fighting shape for when I open my interiors and upholstery business (shooting for 2013).

    Thank you so much for giving everyone this delightful opportunity!

    Elyse Exposito says:

    Welp, after graduating with a B.S. in Advertising & PR I always wound up in the art department of all my jobs pestering designers, so I’m back in school pursuing a B.A. in graphic design. And holy moly, at 25, teaching myself Photoshop is real challenging and frustrating. This opportunity would be fantastic (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)! I’m looking to gain technical design skills I can use for life to create original and thoughtful print and web content. Oh, yah, and network, and schmooze, and say Guten Tag until I’m blue in the face. This Maryland sassy pants needs to let loose the ideas that float in her head. Please and thank you.

    blogshop would obvs help make me the blogging rockstar that i dream of becoming. , i’m mostly german and i’ve never been to the homeland 🙂

    tobe // 30 (shhhhh – don’t tell anyone else!) // kansas city

    Irene says:

    Secretly wishing there will be a “Win A Spot in Blogshop, LA!” That is, when you gals are back home. Ok, secret is out …

    I believe blogging will help me balance my life and art ( following my heart/ figuring out what i want to say to the world through printmaking, painting, photography… and one day blogging)

    I believe in quality. I want to learn from the best of the best.

    The focus in my art is not the be the biggest. It’s quality.
    And i want to make sure it is something I’m proud of years from now.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now a girl can really dream.
    Is it weird that i am nervous about submitting this? I guess nerves are good, it’s never good to be too comfortable or confident.

    Natalie says:

    Hallo! I would love to join in on this workshop for 3 simple yet incredibly relevant reasons:

    1. I love taking pictures and am something of an amateur photographer yet I have no idea how to photoshop. I need help. Please won’t you help me learn 🙂

    2. I run a blog about Berlin from my own perspective. I am a recent transplant who just moved here in April. I love taking pictures of the city but would love to maximize the potential of my creativity by learning how to make these speakers speak even louder. Again, I need help.

    3. And last but not least, I can point you to the best Doner kebab joint in the city.

    Danke! You are amazing. Please pick me.

    Vielen Dank!

    Alicia says:

    I am a (22 year old) senior graphic design student, and photography minor from Boston. At the beginning of this summer I began a photo blog. The purpose of the photo blog was a push for me to start creating more work outside of monotonous college classes. Since starting the blog I have been excited to create in a whole new way. It has been an amazing boost for me creatively and I cannot wait to continue the blog when I am abroad in London this fall.

    The blogshop class would be an amazing opportunity for me to not only travel to Berlin while I’m in London, but also a great way to take my blog to the next level. Combining my photography and design work has never really occurred to me. They have always been separate entities. This would be an exciting opportunity to advance my photoshop skills, and integrate my design and photography. I also absolutely love designlovefest! everything from the name and tagline to the fun designs and posts 🙂

    Please check out my blog:
    [email protected]

    Michelle says:

    Michelle // 22 // Orange County, CA

    What an INCREDIBLE opportunity. Blogshop would be invaluable to me, especially now that I’m building up my new jewelry business and establishing my brand identity. It’s all a work in progress, but I know Blogshop would take me to that next level and give me the ability to convey what’s in my head graphically! Plus, I’ll be in Rome during the Fall, so I’m close!

    Thank you!!

    Joani says:

    I have a blog idea that I’m dying to start ~ but I just don’t have the skills to make it look good. Blogshop could really help me get the ball rolling & avoid being one of those blogs with ok content but really ugly aesthetics — because we all know that nobody looks at those blogs anyway, right? You gotta sell it!
    ~Joani, 30, Penscola, Florida

    Shelby says:

    I love blogs. I spend waaaaaaaaay to much time reading blogs. I want my blog to be interesting/funny/inspiring and pretty just like all my favorites but I don’t know how. I live in Manchester, I moved here from Los Angeles last year when I got married so it would be a wonderful bonus to meet some new good people.

    heather says:

    i always say that you’ve got to blog for you. if anyone comes to visit, that’s a welcome bonus. but you’ve got to do what makes you happy. writing my blog makes me happy, and i love hearing how much other people enjoy reading it. photoshop is scary, especially when we’re not talking photoshop elements 😉 i’m on the right track with photoshop, experimenting with colour and shapes and treatments, but i’m no bri emery. blogshop would be an amazing opportunity to gain new skills and meet fellow members of the blogging community face to face. oh yeah, and go to berlin. blogs, beer, and sausage anyone? [heather, 29, vancouver]

    Claudia says:

    I’m so excited Blogshop is coming to Germany! I would love to take part in this workshop and meet so many people who like to blog / take pictures / create beautiful stuff. As a bonus: Berlin is really great!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    A spot in blogshop would mean the world to me. I find myself asking “how did bri do that to her pictures???”” is something that comes out of my mouth every time I visit dlf. I would love to know how to improve my type, design and pictures on my blog too. I never want to stop learning and photoshop is my white whale!
    sarah, 28, leton

    Claudia says:

    Claudia, 25, Wiesbaden (Germany)

    Jen Angotti says:

    A spot in the blogshop would teach me *much* needed photoshop skills. I am not a graphic designer which makes photoshop scary. Aesthetically, it would help my blog look more polished. Let’s also note I’ve never been to Berlin, I love to travel and never do because of my job. It would be a fantastic way to meet lots of creative people.

    stephanie says:

    Hi! I have wanted to attend the LA blogshops but have had weddings to travel to that conflict. I loved the idea of it when I first heard about it and have enjoyed watching you girls grow it and take it on the road!
    My blog. Oh how it would benefit from some real deal editing and professional/clean design work. I feel like I have a ton of ideas and a ton of photos (thanks to a recently gifted big girl dslr) but am limited with what to do with them. I would love to the chance to go to germany and see the etsy labs!

    Kaleen says:

    Well, as a boutique owner and blog writer, I desperately could use the skill of photoshop. And what better way to learn than from someone I admire! I learn so much better hands on, so blogshop would work so well for me. If I don’t win, would you at least consider coming down to the OKC/Dallas area, pretty please! (btw, i’m from OKC)

    Hanna says:

    in my opinion, a good design is one of the most important ingredients of a good and successful blog. i just started mine a month ago and i don’t know anything about photoshop so this would be the most perfect opportunity for me.
    hanna, 18, cologne, germany

    Rachael says:

    This is so exciting! I do some freelance graphic design work on the side of having a full-time job and would eventually like to grow that into a business and would love to blog as well (I have even had a URL for 3 months now and have done nothing with it!). I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get all my ducks in a row and when I do find the time, I don’t even know where to begin. I would just love the assistance of some talented ladies that I look up to every day! 🙂
    Rachael/23/Kansas City, KS

    DENISE. says:

    Hi, I’m Denise. I’m 43. I live in LA. And I’m a professional photographer. But I like to shoot, not sit at my desk and learn Photoshop. So I’d love little tidbits on how to make my personal blog more fancypants with fun layers & design tricks & handwriting fonts (how do you do that?). Plus it just always looks like so much fun! P.S. I’m married to a German, do I get extra credit? 🙂 And P.P.S. I tweeted your thingy. And P.P.P.S. To help me get a better qualification, I’d like to point out that many of the people above me in the comments here did not follow the rules. Uh huh, I play to win!

    Kailee MaRae says:

    Currently a photography student and newly published blog author. I took a class in school that touched on photoshop for a week. After that I quickly fell in love and bought it! I’d love to be able to learn shortcuts and new technique to push the boundaries of what I already know. I know these skills will help me in my creative field I’ve chosen and love. Plus going to Germany would be a blast and I do need a new stamp in my passport.
    Kailee. 22. Fairbanks, Alaska.

    Vanessa says:

    Make new friends, learn, laugh, eat, share

    Vanessa. Age 26. From San Clemente, CA

    Kia René says:

    Kia René // 22 // Charlotte, Nc ((Please come here!))

    I would use the class to make my blog, cakedculture.com, even more kick ass! Taking a blogshop class is on my 24 before 25 list!

    suzanne says:

    1. creating quality work is something that is very important to me. my photos are decent now, but nowhere near where i want them to be. getting a spot in blogshop will help me greatly improve my photo editing skills and make my blog more aesthetically pleasing.

    2. my name is suzanne, i’m 28 and live in the bay area.

    3. tweeted!

    I’m ready to take my blog and online communications to a whole new level, so from a technical perspective I need a lot of Blogshop love. From a personal level I’d love the opportunity to connect with amazing bloggers from across the world and take a breather from the daily grind to focus of learning.
    Jenifer Schaefer | 34 | Edmonton, AB Canada

    Nynke says:

    Nynke | 33 | Amsterdam, Holland
    I’m a mother of a little girl (18 m.o.) and happily married. Blogging is my new love and I would like to have some help from you guys on how to get most out of this great love! Berlin is just around the corner, so I would really want to attend! x

    Meredith M says:

    An avid fan of LOVEDESIGNFEST and a designer myself. I want to start my own blog and would love the chance to brush up on my photoshop skills! I would also LOVE to bring a blogshop here to Kentucky!

    Meredith. 24. Leton, KY

    Meredith M says:

    oops! DESIGNLOVEFEST!!! sorry =(

    Kendall says:

    Owner of eyewear boutique & hyper-local blogger excited to delight in the good life in Berlin: charming cafés, big-shot architecture and really cheap (good!) beer. Ready to fall in love with Mr. Photoshop. Why? To better communicate the vision, ideas and creativity floating in my head. Plus, those pies on the blogshop website look rather tasty!
    Kendall / Edmonton, AB, Canada / 29 years old
    Tweeted via @KendallBarber

    Hi Bri & Angela ! I’m a LA product design who is about to venture out on her own to make the children’s hospitals of the world a better, more aesthetically pleasing place. what does that mean? well, let’s just say I have eye popping, color swirling, willy wonka jealous “accessories” in the making for scary & sterile products found at the bedsides of children’s hospitals. what’s my point? well, this story is fine and dandy until I go crazy when exploring the branding side of my brain. All the designs & dreams are there, but my photoshoping skills are lacking! The lessons of BLOGSHOP can really help me brand this new biz of mine and produce exactly what I have buzzing in my head. What better place than, uh: Berlin? 🙂 thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    sorry forgot to leave my age: 25!

    Sara Holm says:

    Ohh it could be wonderful to win a spot in the blogshop course. My blog really need a makeover and I a push forward. And a weekend in Berlin on top would be crazy wonderful.
    I am 35 and live in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Oh WOWZERS!! Blogshop in Berlin?!! I would benefit in so many ways!! It will help me brush up on some photoshop skills and definitely teach me way more than I know about it!!

    Drew::25::Charlotte, NC

    Just tweeted about this OVER-THE-TOP FANTASTIC giveaway!!!
    Prayin and keeping my fingers crossed BIG TIME!!!

    Kate says:

    hi! this is simply the best give away i’ve ever seen! i would love to win this because i really want to take this blog-thang a bit more seriously and i think your workshop could really point me in the right direction! oh, and! i’m 29. my name is kate and i’m from los angeles! (and would love an excuse to go to berlin!)

    Heather says:

    Hiya! The Blogshop would be all smiles for me because I need to refresh and flourish my waning graphics skills before rolling up my sleeves to get into the interior design world! Cheerio

    Gabriela says:

    I’m very excited you open this giveaway! Ever since I heard you were coming to Berlin this semester I started thinking how cool would it be for me to participate. I’m a Colombian girl with a project to move to Luxembourg and start my communication and PR agency, I have a degree in advertising, a MA in fashion marketing and working experience with a very important italian fashion brand. I’m a huge fan of this blog for a while now and it has inspired me to open my own, but I have to be honest even though I have many good ideas in terms of aesthetics, is not always that easy to get them done. So I think this workshop will definitely improve my Photoshop skills which will be very useful for me professionally, it would be a very cool way to connect with other european bloggers. (and with you girls!!!!)

    Gabriela says:

    Oh i’m 26… I forgot to mention it

    Amanda says:

    Hi! I’m a New Yorker (23 years old) headed to RISD in the fall for an MFA in printmaking and if I won a spot at blogshop I would use all the skills there to improve the design of the style blog I’ve had with my best friend for a year. Also I’d love to improve my online art portfolio. I’ve never been to Berlin so this would be an amazing excuse to check out their music and art scene.

    Kaja says:

    Hi! I want to learn something new and meet new people that will inspire me. I would love to learn something from you because your blog and style is so unique. I love it.
    Kaja | 20 | Slovenia

    Chelsea says:

    This would be amazing!! I am 26 and from Vancouver, BC. I would love to win this because I have just started up a small baking business and although I am trying to blog I feel LOST. I have all these ideas in my mind but have no idea how to get them out onto the internet! I would l.o.v.e to learn!

    My name is Kris Hageland, I am 24 from Victoria, BC. I have been wanting to attend Blogshop since the first time it was announced! I have been resourcing every class in my available area to learn photoshop for months and have already been experimenting with CS5. If I were ever so lucky to *WIN* an entry to blogshop I would act as a sponge and take in every ounce of information I could to build an outstanding Canadian Design blog. The Rue team is my biggest inspiration and I am so impressed by the quality of work you gal’s created in the industry. Please choose me! Sincerely, Kris H.

    blogshop would benefit me while i long to meet others who can respect the differences between verdana & trebuchet. i have used microsoft paint to design 89% of my blog & feel it’s time i jump head first into the photoshop world. (though having used it to design our university’s newspaper.)
    , berlin is one of my very favorite cities in the world. & it just so happens i’m au pairing in germany at the moment. what a “Zufall!”

    fingers crossed! Anna

    Amy L. Ha says:

    Howdy Angela and Bri! My name is Amy Ha (just turned 26 in May ^.^) and I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas! Although I’ve been educated in marketing, I’m an aspiring graphic designer and photographer (ever since high school); and with a leap of faith over my fears, I’ve finally started designing two years ago (invitations, press kits, etc.). But I need a blog and a website to showcase my work!

    Blogshop would definitely be beneficial to build my freelance business (AH-HA Design) and start sharing inspiration and ideas with other designers in this region – like a wave or spiral from Fayetteville in all directions :). My new job has opened my eyes to design product packaging so I’ve had more exposure to Illustrator and Photoshop. Blogshop would round out my continuing education on designing, blogging, and web design! ~ Thanks! AH

    Colleda Monick says:

    Oh.Goodness! Two years ago my friend and I started a little caramel business…yeah, that’s right, the good stuff! Sweet, gooey, doesn’t stick to your teeth with just the right amount of salt C-A-R-A-M-E-L. Well you know what? Now we’re kickin’ it big time and are in super need of a website with a fantastically cool blog! And I have all these AMAZING ideas floating around in my head thanks to you and I don’t know how to put them down…so a trip to BRRRRRLIN would be most fabulous for helping me take my sweet goodness to a whole new level of…almost world domination!
    A 30 year old doodler, reader, caramel maker, crafter, cooker, non-profit worker, sewer, artist, hiker, dog lover and wife!
    So yeah, thanks for the golden opportunity…now for the GOLDEN TICKET!

    Liz Riden says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this opportunity! I am currently a fashion design student with a love for graphics and illustration. I am dying to learn Photoshop so I will be able to draw fabric designs, touch them up, and produce them to use for my collections! Design Love Fest has inspired me for quite some time to find inspiration and then translate it into my own creative vision. I would benefit tremendously if I had the opportunity to get a hands-on learning from the best! As a student, this opportunity would mean so much to me, and my college budget! I would use the skills learned in Blogshop to enhance my brand new fashion illustration blog, launch a hand-drawn fabric and stationary line, and create the creative branding I have been dreaming of! Winning this trip to Blogshop would not only help my work as a designer, but hopefully inspire many more people like your blog has for me!

    Fingers crossed,
    Liz Riden

    Noémie says:

    I seriously just need to get out working for a company and start doin’ it for myself! Got me a blog and a portfolio but a little bit of help will surely go a long way. I’d also love to get out there and meet people who are out trying to get this world of ours a little bit prettier too!


    Angela Inez says:

    Hello there Bri! I’m Angela {28} from fabulous San Francisco!

    {Blogshop} will help me decide if I want to go back to school for graphic design! I have a BA in Communication Studies {Chico, baby!} however my job in banking puts me to sleep. My creative outlet is my blog and etsy shop… but I need to figure out if this creative outlet is going to be more of a hobby or a full blown career. I have basic Photoshop knowledge and can’t wait to learn more!!!

    Ariane says:

    I look at your blog everyday and WOW, I’m impress and well… kind of jealous. I want to win this blogshop! I want to share the cool places that my city has to offer, but in a creative and fun way! (The goal is to make people wanna come right? And who knows, maybe a blogshop in the city afterwards!) I’m in love with Berlin, big fan of the city and the vibe out there! I don’t have a company neither am I a student in art! I’m just a girl who wants to SHARE!


    Ariane from MONTREAL!!!!!!

    Tammy says:

    There’s so many reasons to want this… 1) your blogshops seem so inspiring, I have been eyeing them since you started trying to dream up a way to go to one 2) this conviently hits right after my birthday – blogshop for my birthday, what more could one ask for? 3)Etsy is involved, how amazing is that?! 4)My blog just needs some pizazz.

    Alicia says:

    I’m just a wee bit ready for a change. I was looking up web design classes online tonight and found this! And it doesn’t hurt that Berlin is my favorite place in the ENTIRE world. Pick me!

    Bridget says:

    Oh la la!
    name: Bridget
    age: 23
    location: austin

    a) I love Bri’s mermaid locks and fashionable loveliness!
    b) I like meeting people on airplanes and international flights force people to become friends because of the loooong togetherness time!
    c) I would use it for my Austin based lifestyle blog, DUH.
    d) I am on the brink of uber cuteness in the website department, but coming up just a bit short (here is where BLOGSOP comes in, GENIUS!)
    e)Berlin? No words……….. :]

    Jenny says:

    I love taking photos, but have less of a clue than my grandma when it comes to using Photoshop. This class looks like it has enough “awesome” to make get over the hump/intimidation that has prevented me from learning this program in the past. Also I would LOVE to make all those photos I’ve taken that much better.

    -Jenny/26/San Diego, CA

    Alexa says:

    My name is Alexa and I’m 22 from San Diego, CA. I would love to improve my skill and how to be more creative for my own business! 🙂

    Ashley says:

    I really wanted to sign up for this blogshop in Berlin (so excited you guys are coming to Europe!) but since it will be only a few weeks after I am getting married and we are planning a move in January, it just doesn’t fit my budget right now 🙁
    Overall I could really use the inspiration which you girls seem to radiate, and would love to learn some design tips and tricks, as I usually just pretend like I know what I am doing. What an amazing opportunity it would be!
    ashley, 26, originally from California but living in Offenburg, Germany.

    1. So many reasons Blogshop would benefit. Let’s start: being surrounded by inspiring people, learning tricks to improve my design blog, getting challenged, learning from the best! I’d really treasure the experience.
    2. Brittany Jepsen, 29, from California but live in Copenhagen, Denmark so it’d be a hop, skip, and a jump for me. I could even try recruiting some Danes to go…
    3. Tweeting in 5,4,3,2,1…

    eden says:

    wow what an exciting opportunity! i have followed your blog for over a year now and LOVE it! you are such an inspiration for me and i would be thrilled at the chance to meet you and learn all of your tricks of the trade. i have always wanted to get serious about blogging ie stick with it but i never have the time, im not inspired by my blog design excuses, excuses i know but i feel like having the opportunity to go to your blog shop would renew my excitement and inspire me to create an amazing blog and stick with it. i also am originally from canada but living in england right now so berlin would be a lot closer then america 🙂

    eden bell, 26 from vancouver but living in southampton, england


    carly says:

    What a great giveaway, and I just happen to be in Berlin at that time! The blogshop class would be a huge benefit to me because I work with a lot of photography, but have never felt very comfortable with photoshop beyond the basics. It would help me improve my blog and my work in general! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. best, carly

    Lorna says:

    I am based in England and have been enviously reading about blogshop in the States for a while now. Germany is close enough to get to if I win a spot and I sure hope I do. My blog, projectlorna.com is starting to grow and my inability to make my pictures pretty is really getting me down. I find photoshop so confusing that sometimes I just use paint! Hopefully, even if I don’t win you’ll come to the UK soon enough because I really do need your help! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, L xxx

    Xenia K. says:

    //first.: i can’t lie: i have no special story behind! Just the fact that i love beeing creative and the best place therefor is photoshop! it would be great to meet other people who share this passion – exchange ideas – get inspired and all this in the greatest city!
    //second.: i’m a 22 year young girl from Stuttgart/Germany and i answer to the name Xenia..
    //third.: done! so lets hope now! ♥

    Sarah says:

    I am a German based in Rotterdam and I am running a blog for Lilesadi since February. I love taking pictures. I already followed a very inspiring analogue photography course but I really need some help with photoshopping my digital pictures.
    I think good photographs are the key of a succesful blog but as well for our Etsy shop.
    Have a nice day, Sarah

    Asia says:

    Asia, 29, I am based in Poland, few months ago I launched my lil stationery business but I’m still not that good in blogging although I spend so many hours watching&reading amazing blogs of others, I love it! So far it’s Illustrator my best friend, now it’s the high time to meet Mr PS:) I couldnt believe that You are coming to Berlin, its so close to the place where I live, yay! Still thinking about how to organize the amount to become your student so this giveaway is a chance for me!
    Love your blog Bri, so inspiring!!

    Alexandra says:

    I started my own personal blog this spring, after working for an online accounting company for nearly one year and learning “the ropes” of online marketing and communication for business. My creativity is overflowing, and I have so many ideas that I would like to learn how to put into action! Having the chance to attend Blogshop could truly change my future – and I would love that!!

    Alexandra, 22
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    In March I opened my very own Contemporary Art Boutique selling work by 40 new graduates (as well as a few of my very own screen prints).
    I’ve always been a very practical designer. The practicality of printmaking, setting up a new gallery and encapsulating my personality through the boutiques interior design game naturally.
    Having a website and beautiful images that reflect it, are proving tricky. Refreshing blogs/websites such as yours, A Cup of Jo and Max Wanger are daily reads and constant sources of inspiration. Berlin is the closest blogshop to the UK and I could trot over there no problem. It’d be brilliant to learn with like minded ‘stop thinking and start doing’ designers.
    Hope to see you soon!
    Hannah, 23, London, UK
    (Tweeted on personal AND gallery Twitter) (I love )

    Sofia says:

    LEARN (absorb, absorb , absorb!), SHARE, MEET creative people and have a GOOD TIME are the main reasons that motivates me going from Lisbon(Portugal) to Berlin, having your BlogShop.
    I’m a graphic designer and I’m 2 of 6 hands that runs a recent blog. It’s a window of what we organize, design, photograph and illustrate. Though I have notions of Photoshop, I’m confronting to an all different comunicating needs and criteria. Reach your followers is much different than persuade corporate clients, as I do for living. From the information hierarchy to visual catching and refreshing notions, I’m sure I have a lot to learn from you. Hope to see you soon!
    Sofia (36), Portugal

    laura says:

    blogshop would benefit me in so many ways. i would love to learn how to develop my own style of blogging things, so that it reflects me and my silly personality. blogshop would help me to become a more efficient blogger so i could share more things with my readers. and blogshop would ignite a passion in me again to blog with abandon!

    laura, 27, kansas

    jennifer says:

    the amazing opportunity that lies in your offer would best serve a special client of mine. i too am a designer and endeavor to deliver my clients not only a a web design that reflects their brand or product, but autonomy. this is often hard to do, not by design, but emotionally. to send my little chicks off into the world and have them maintain their sites with confidence and grace is hard for mamma bird. forget all the writers panic i compassionately advise on, knowing that my client has been immersed in your capable, aspirational hands, would not only buoy their sprits when it comes time to write that darn post, but sharpen their skills and allow them to move forth in a most integrous way (is that even a word?!). the confidence BlogShop will provide my client will not only satsify the need for visual delight but inspire an ease with words. jennifer, 43, austin (for client shannon, 41, austin)

    misha says:

    I think one of my challenges is not having the knowledge in certain things I want to accomplish, myself. It’s hard when you have to depend on others all the time, although, I know it’s okay to ask for a little help here and there! Winning a spot would be absolutely epic. I would learn how to create some of the things I want to be able to do, on my own! Blogging has become a serious platform for small businesses to get their creative ideas out there. I WANT TO LEARN MORE!!! I’m Misha, in Phoenix and i’m 23.

    victoria from sfbaygirl and i were talking on the phone yesterday and she told me how amazing it was and how great of teachers you were. being silly slow with photoshop i think this would be perfect.

    im lana. im in nyc. and i am 30–er–something…shh

    kristen says:

    OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING!!! I signed up for the first one and I live in texas and was going to fly in to california bc I love y’all so much but then my baby-sitter fell through and I can barely look at any other of the blogshop posts with out crying a little!! I LOVE IT!! Blogshop will fulfill my lifelong dream of learning photoshop and help me take better control of my blog (and life! HELLO!) I AM SO EXCITED I CANT STOP CAPSLOCKING!! Ok. I HOPE I WIN!! I am Kristen Barstad (not bastard. close though) and I am from Dallas, TX and I am 29….

    Sandra says:


    well, right now I am trying to enhance my freelanceresness. I am 23, live in Hamburg and work for music bands and within the sports industry. I would like to bring these two together. for me blogshop is not only a way to learn photoshop but besides to smell some innovative, entrepreneurial air which is missing very often here in Germany.

    Take care,

    Miliana says:

    Hi There!!

    I would seriously love to be part of the blogshop experience. Bri, your blog has been my fav ever since I first discovered it over a year ago and I am so amazed at all of the changes that you’ve done to it overtime. Your eye for colour, detail and good design is truly inspirational. What I always loved most about your blog, were the little personal touches you added to each post.

    (ONE) I believe the blogshop would benefit me by making me get out of my photoshop comfort zone and to really allow my personality to show through my own blog.

    (TWO) I am 27 years old and live in the lovely city of Montreal, Canada.

    Good luck to everyone, this is such a great opportunity!!!

    Mariah says:

    HELLO BEAUTIFUL LADIES OF BLOGSHOP! I had the incredible opportunity to meet Bri and the team while you were making your worldwide tour through Portland, OR. That few hours of class @ the Ace made me feel so inspired and truly gave me the confidence to be able to take the leap and do my own blog and accessory business. SInce then I have started the journey and BTWN WIND + WATER was born… . I know I still have so much to learn and I think that this opportunity to go to Berlin, have this experience of blogshop and travel would elevate me to dream bigger.

    Find what you love. Love what you find. This is blogging, fashion, leather… That is the journey I am on and feel that this incredible experience would continue the exploration! I hope I have inspired you as much as you have me….
    I am Mariah. pdx is my hood. I am 27…

    Lemonni says:

    Blogshop will definitely inspire me to try different things in my design work! And I hope to inspire others, too, with my design. There’s always something to learn from creative people like you.

    My real name is Annie. I’m a 27-year-old gal from Vancouver, BC

    Jennie says:

    Years ago I was inspired by the energy of NYC, the use of public spaces and the amazing transportation system and how it sort of unites people from all walks of life. Fast forward 5 years later, and now I work in the marketing department of a public transportation agency in So Cal looking to transform how people use public transit. A shot at this class would be amazing (!!) and would really help me shift the traditional design (that government agencies often use, zzzzzzz!!) and make it into something much hipper that hopefully, would really change public perception. Good design can truly inspire.

    Joyce says:

    YOU ROCK! I WANT TO ROCK TOO!!!(in Holland)

    Pepa Cobos says:

    I don’t know how will I go to Berlin, I don’t know how to tell my husband and children I will be leaving them alone for a entire weekend, but I have to take off, I need to be active again, blogging has inspired me but I need more Photoshop skills. I reaaaaaaaaally need your blogshop. I am from Spain but willing to be in Germany in October. ;))

    erin says:

    I love taking photos, but feel I have so much more to learn in order to bring my photos up to the same caliber as so many bloggers that I admire. Blogshop would certainly help me achieve my goal! Plus, I would surely gain even more being in an inspiring environment of like-minded individuals in a foreign city!

    Erin, 34, Sacramento, CA

    erin says:

    Oh, and I tweeted.


    Abi says:

    I am a student currently studying Fine Art and I specialise in photography and Illustration, i have an absolute passion for all things creative, and i know its what i want to do forever and ever ! I am constantly trying to learn new skills and try new things, but must admit im a little guilty when it comes to photoshop, it absolutely baffles me & as much as I try from online tutorials i am hopeless and usually have to call up a more skilled friend to help me! Gaining skills and experience in Photoshop would allow me to further my practice within photography and illustration and would hopefully push me within my work and practice. I am determined and work hard, and this opportunity would give me a great deal more confidence and hopefully help me along my way career wise! Thank-you for reading
    Abigail, 22, UK .

    Daria says:


    you are doing an amazing job and I admire the way you do it! I want to be closer to the your photo magic and learn all tricks how to add a hint of sparkling to my photo life. Except this, here are some more reasons why I want to meet you!
    – I can’t learn how you do it nowhere else. It’s unique experience and the whole thing is just amazing for me, starting from the organization and ending with the fabulous videos you are doing about your blogshops.
    – Feel the energy of the talented people, see them and have a chance to find something new about myself and my world vision.
    – Berlin is far too closer to Moscow, where I live, than USA)

    Sorry, I don’t have Twitter (((

    Daria, 26, Moscow, Russia

    UpGemini says:

    the benefit: my blog –> upgemini.blogspot.com <– would be cooler than ever!
    my name is Nico(letta), I'm 39 (ARGH I know 😛 but wouldn't be a cool gift this class??? :D) and I am from Verona, town of Romeo&Juliet!

    Corinne says:

    Oh wow! Working at establishing my interior design business, showing awesome pictures and graphics is paramount to creating a strong brand image my future clients will feel confident about.
    Photoshop is simply a must.
    Having just relocated from Berlin (sigh) to Brussels I shouldn’t have a too hard time getting there and finding a place to stay.
    Corinne, 34 and tweeting this in a second from my account @emeraldgreenint

    My husband and I own a small creative business. He’s the creative mastermind, and I’m so proud of how hard he works to make this successful! As our workload has increased his need for my creative support has increased, but his free time to teach me new skills in photoshop have almost all but disappeared. I make do with the limited things I know, but it would be the biggest treat to him to have me learn more! It would take a HUGE burden off of him, and it would mean so much to me to be able to help our my guy. I would be SO humbled and delighted to learn from you girls, and apply the things I’m taught to further develop our unique blogging presence and brand! Thank you!!!

    Karen says:

    designer, illustrator, advertiser, photographer, necessarily in this disorder.
    I was born in Brazil, and moved to Berlin one year ago searching for new experiences. This is one of them I’ve been looking for! No bla bla bla bla. I will rock with you! Let me in!
    Karen Hofstetter, 24 years.

    catherine says:

    WOWeee, what a prize! I feel like I have completely average skills and am stuck in a creative/confidence rut (read ‘rut’ as ‘pit of despair’). Winning a place on blogshop would be a complete knowledge gaining/photo taking/inspiration making/fun time. Plus I would get to come explore Berlin. I am 27 years old and reside in Scotland.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to do fun fonts and photoshop myself but, I’m getting frustrated! As an educator I value the roll of teacher and I admit I need one now to teach me how to do all this fun stuff I dream about! Hope I win!

    Rachel says:

    I would ❤ to win this BlogShop Berlin contest! Just because I do. Or, I would love to organise one in Amsterdam!!!

    Caroline C says:

    Hello! I could desperately use blogshop’s help for my own blog (not to mention the opportunity to hang with some fab people)! I lack the knowledge and confidence when editing photos so I end up hesitating or not posting photos. Because of this, I lean more toward re-posting others already wonderful photographs for fear of embarrassing myself! I’d love to fill my blog with much more original content and beautiful photos of my own.
    I’d love to attend blogshop in NY because I am local but am in college and am desperately lacking in funds. However, if I won, that would give me a fabulous reason to take the vacation that I’ve been dreaming of for so long (plane ticket as a birthday present, Mom and Dad?). What a wonderful opportunity and thanks for counting me in!
    Caroline, 21 years old, NY

    Meital Caplan says:

    Dear Design Love Fest,
    My name is Meital and I am an uber confused 20 year old currently escaping the reality of having to chose a career by running away distant lands. In my travels I have had my breath taken away countless times by not only architectural and natural beauty but also by the beauty found in each person, experience, and mistake. Blogging has always been an idea jumping around in my head but I haven’t been able to make the actual leap because of the fear that I won’t be able to illustrate my thoughts and pictures with the detail and justice they deserve. Whether or not I win this, I’ve already decided to stop being such a scardy pants and give it a go, but it would be great to know how to do it right from the very start. Hope to hear from you soon,


    Miata Jones says:

    My Name is Miata and I’m 25 years old hailing from the great commonwealth of virginia. I’m an absolute novice at this whole thing. I started a blog about 2 years ago and completely fell in love. Its the best relationship scenario. I blog almost everyday and have been looking for ways to just take it up a notch with graphics and such! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to explore my techie/artist side and add some glitter to my blogbaby! Please pick me!!

    Yvonne says:

    I need to work on my blogging designer and photoshop skills. And your blog is so much fun, who better to learn from!

    Yvonne Montoya, I’m 28 and live in Venice Beach, CA!

    nicole b. says:

    I would like to enter my husband into this giveaway. (Are boys allowed?) Jim is a super-talented photographer with some experience in digital art. I would love to see him learn from the best and start blogging as a new means of expressing his creativity and promoting his photography business. Bri – I’m trusting YOU to show him the ropes and return him to me in one piece – fully inspired with lots of stories to tell. Thanks for the chance to win. This would be an incredible opportunity for him. xo.

    [email protected]

    nicole b. says:

    I tweeted it, too! My handle is @nboddinton. Thanks again. I forgot to mention, above: Jim is 35. We live in Little Rock, Arkansas. xo.

    Meghan says:

    I would like to win because I create blog content for the small company I work for, and would like to learn how to move beyond what I’ve got going via a free blogger.com account to something more cohesive and awesome.

    Plus I would like to start my own blog, and don’t really know where to start.

    PS. I’m 27 & from Maine.

    Also tweeted this!

    wishful nals says:

    winning a spot in blogshop would be a dream come true! i don’t know the first thing when it comes to photoshop and would love to learn in such an inspiration setting. PLUS it just looks like fun. 😉

    wishful nals says:

    meant to add: i’m natalie! 26 years old from the fabulous boston!

    Ashlee says:

    I would like to attend Blogshop to get my creative business off the ground and to help build my professional portfolio. Blogshop in Berlin would be more than magical. I have passion for travel (I’m teeming to study abroad and have visited Germany once before when I was younger) and a passion for blogging/graphic design.

    Getting a creative and professional job in the graphic design world is no easy feat and I believe Blogshop will be more than beneficial in aiding me get an edge up! Also, I’m interested in maybe starting a little side business of my own while in college. Anything to help my future business and better my blog is well worth it!

    This would be a dream come true and the perfect way to spend my hard-earned summer $! <3

    Ashlee Springer. 18. Cabot, AR

    Ashlee says:

    I tweeted as well <3

    Ashlee. 18. Cabot, AR.

    I’ve been anxious for a full blogshop in Pdx. Berlin would be better! As a food stylist, my work is currently focused in traditional print media and advertising. As the online magazine industry rapidly expands, I would love to boost my knowledge and ability to develop well-designed, beautiful online content.I’m itching to have these skills to use in collaboration with other designers, stylists, photographers, and artists!

    Caroline. 25. Portland, OR

    Kristal says:

    Getting to go to one of your Blogshop classes would be a AMAZING! Although I am only 16 in know what I want in life…sort. I narrowed it down to interior designer, architecture, event planner, or graphic design. Being able to blog and express my interest would definitely really understand what i like and possible share it with other people. Not only will this help with my creativity but will benefit me in the future. Like you, to show people what your like, what you can do, and what inspires you. I would really, really, really, love to attend this blogshop and get to learn from you 🙂
    But seriously no joke, I am 16 and am very passionate on what I want to do when I get older…so serious about these interest, i have taken interior design, photography, architecture, and graphic design class! I would really hope you consider me to attend the Berlin Blogshop.

    Love, Kristal

    Laura Nelson says:

    Hello! I’m a West Coast transplant living in London and have been working as a nanny for the past six months. I’ve had a blog since my move across the pond, but it’s nothing exciting, just photos – I am not doing my DSLR justice! I start a year long Interior Design course here in London in September. I have been planning on either reworking my current blog or starting a new one that is more design oriented to post my work, ideas, and to hopefully help in starting my new career! Blogshop in Berlin would be amazingly helpful to get that up and running! All the best, Laura, 25, London

    Laura Nelson says:

    oops – typed my blog name in wrong! (what a bad first impression!)

    Daria says:

    Hi! My name is Daria, I’m 26. I’m a Moscow-based interior designer, blogger and lecturer. I would benefit enormousely from Blogshop! Firstly because it will help me make slides for my lectures as well as blog more inteteresting and exciting for my students. Secondly I hope it will make my design presentations for clients more inspiring and attractive. And one more thing. For me it’s a really great opportunity to see a new approach to teaching. You Bri are amazing and extremely positive you seem to boost with energy and good mood and I am sure that your method of teaching is something amazing! Would really love to participate.

    Angélique says:

    I am really really looking forward to spreading new colours, glitters, stripes, zig zags, and cute typographies on my little blog…

    My name is Angélique, I am 31, I live in the South of France and I am passionated.

    Did I mention I can show you, Bri, the best place to have currywurst in Berlin ???

    I tweeted here :

    bri says:

    hey laura! i emailed ya! email me for more info!!! yay!!

    Ciara says:

    Haha – everyone take a deep breathe and read the post! Congrats, Laura, this is your day!

    Bird says:

    Can one win a spot in the Feet First + Blogshop too?!?!?!?!

    Joyce says:

    TOO BAD!!! but you still ROCK! Just opened my new webshop, maybe you can have a look! Congrats Laura, lucky you!!! Enjoy Europe, Bri! Make sure you wave when flying over Amsterdam!!

    Xenia K. says:

    lucky you, Laura!
    have fun and enjoy Berlin everyone!

    Angélique says:

    Good for you Laura !
    Have fun…


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